/ Parish Council / 2010 Minutes / March 2010

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 1st March 2010 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:  E Webb (Chairperson), A Bishop, F Bates, T Carter, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas, D Durdan and Jill Loader (Clerk).  Also in attendance were SC Cllr David Fothergill, M Jeffery, K Fletcher and eight members of the public.

10/421 The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

10/422 Apologies:   None

10/423  Declaration of Interest:  None
Public speaking time :  PC A Andrews asked the meeting if there were any issues which required addressing.  None were reported regarding criminal acts.  It was noted that people were parking too close to the road junctions at both ends of West View which was illegal and obstructing.  The police would keep an eye on the Bell Inn, now it was closed for any issues. 


10/424  Minutes from February Meeting: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the February minutes be adopted as correct.  The Chairperson signed each page of the minutes.  

10/425  Matters Arising:  The Clerk gave an update on issues reported at the last meeting.  Clerk to chase up Highways regarding Rockets Close overgrown hedge.

10/426  Chairperson’s Report:  It was noted a sponsored walk by Keith Beatty on Sunday 9th May from the hospice to Langport needed helpers to hand out information about  the hospice for an hour or so.  Anyone wishing to help should contact Elizabeth at the Medical Centre.   

10/427 CSM Recreation Field Update:   
a)  Youth Shelter Funding:  After discussion it was agreed to find out when the Hyde Lane funding would be available.  A plan of the play area and position of the youth shelter was needed, before the PC agreed to any funding.  Other funding organisations were being contacted, and requests sent in.   £4975 had already been promised via the County Community Fund by David Fothergill.   The Youth Opportunities Fund was also being contacted.   b)  Fun Day date change may be necessary due to the World Cup coinciding.  c)  The Clerk informed the PC the pros and cons to the Fields In Trust agreements.  Agreed the PC would review and discuss at the April meeting any concerns and thoughts.

10/428  A38 Adsborough Traffic Study Report from SLR Consulting
a)  The Clerk updated the meeting that all reports had been sent to SCC.  After discussion it was agreed that Neil Brant, Martin Hills, David Fothergill and Anthony Trollope-Bellew should meet to discuss the SLR report and SCC’s designs.  Afterwards, Neil Brant would meet with the PC working party, John Williams and Kelly Durdan to discuss the next steps.   c)  David Fothergill informed there was a Connect Three group meeting on 4th March, regarding traffic developments from Bridgwater, Taunton and Wellington.  This project may allow more funding to be available which could help our cause.  d)  A Bishop handed over cheques totalling £1,445 from the Adsborough Residents.  The clerk would bank these and keep a log of who had contributed.  Clerk to write a thank you letter. 

10/429 Planning Applications




Decision Reached



Application to carry out management work to one mulberry tree included in TDB (CSM no 2) tree preservation order 1988 at Mulberry House, CSM (TD440)

The PC voted unanimously to support this application



Change of use from offices to dwelling at Greenbriars, Walford Cross,Taunton

The PC voted unanimously to support this application



Erection of detached dwelling and garage within garden of Chants, CSM

The PC voted unanimously not to support this application.  They felt the large house and additional garage would be over-development of the plot.  The existing house Chants would be overshadowed by the new development.



10/430 Accounts: Bills to be paid:   a) It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:  Clerks Wages £445.95, clerks expenses £86.58, clerks phone £21.19, Martyn Nelson locksmith £67.33, St Margaret’s Hospice £25, Canal Warden Service £50.  The British Gas gas bill was on hold until an accurate meter reading had been taken, as the amount seemed very high.    

10/431  Matters of Report  a)  Footpath T10/5 (part) – Rights of Way reporting back regarding who will maintain this section.

10/432 Correspondence: 







Agenda for meeting on 4th March

Clerk to attend on behalf of CSM PC

10/433  Parish Council Grant Award Policy -  The clerk had issued a draft grant award policy and asked the councillors to read this policy and raise any issues and suggestions at the next meeting. 

10/434  SCCllrs Report  -  D Fothergill stated SCC were having zero increases in funding and were taking £19m out of the revenue budget and £25m out of the capital budget.   There were 25 teams working on the pot holes around the county.   The Park & Ride entrance at Henlade would be resurfaced w/e of 14th March.  District Councillors Report:   D Durdan stated TDBC were increasing the council tax budget by 2.5%.  Green bins were now costing £42.00.

10/435  Chairman:  E Webb thanked the Parish Councillors for all their help.  She stated that May 2010 would be the last year of the term of this Parish Council, and she hoped to be able to complete the final year of this council as Chairman.  She had been on the PC for 32 years, and hoped the Parish Councillors would support her in May.

10/436  Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting:  None
The meeting closed at 8.45pm. The next two parish council meetings will take place on Tuesday, 6th April 2010.  The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Friday, 16th April and the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 4th May 2010.