/ Parish Council / 2010 Minutes / May 2010

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held at 7pm on Tuesday 4th May 2010
?in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:? E Webb, R Farrow, A Bishop, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas, D Durdan, T Carter, F Bates, Simon Cooper, Kim Cooper and Jill Loader (Clerk).? Also in attendance were TDBC Cllr K Durdan, and 5 members of the public.

10/456 ?Election of Chairman. ?Two councillors were nominated for the position of Chairman.? After a signed ballot vote, it was recorded that D Durdan was elected as Chairman, which he duly accepted. ?D Durdan thanked E Webb for all her support and contribution as Chairman over the years.?

10/457? Declaration of Acceptance of Office: D Durdan signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Chairman form.

10/458 Election of Vice-Chairman:? Two councillors were nominated for the position of Vice-Chairman.? After a signed ballot vote, it was recorded that Eileen Webb was elected as Vice-Chairman, which she duly accepted.? R Rooke congratulated E Webb.?

10/459 ?Apologies: Apologies were received from SCCllr David Fothergill.


10/460 Declaration of Interest:? None


Public speaking time : ??None.??


10/461 Appointments of representatives and working party members. ??It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the following officers be elected:? a) Planning Working Party ? A Bishop ? Head of Planning, E Webb, T Carter and F Bates ?b)Taunton Deane Local Strategic Partnership -? R Rooke, G Lucas?
c) East Community Partnership (North Curry, Neroche, Corfe, Ruishton, Creech St Michael) ? nominate a representative when there is a meeting ?d) Local Development Framework and other matters relating to Local Development -? E Webb, A Bishop, T Carter and F Bates? e) Highway related Matters and Highway Development ? R Farrow, G Lucas ?f) Footpaths/Rights of Way ?R Rooke, G Lucas g) Recreation Field ? S Cooper? h) Tree Warden/Hedgerow Steward R Jeanes ??i) Fly Tipping/fly posting R Rooke ?j) Environment Agency/Flooding Matters/Wessex Water/other environmental matters ?R Jeanes, D Durdan ?k) Grievance Panel. ?E Webb, A Bishop, T Carter l) Village Hall K Cooper ?m) United Charities ? E Webb ?n) Appeals Panel ? A Bishop, R Rooke, R Farrow o) Disciplinary Panel ? E Webb, D Durdan, A Bishop ?p) Disciplinary Appeals Panel ? S Cooper, T Carter, G Lucas? q)? Twinning Association ? R Farrow


10/462 Minutes from April Meeting: ?It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the April minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed the minutes.??

10/463? Matters Arising:? a)? The clerk had not received a reply to date from Martin Hills at SCC Highways regarding the A38 road marking changes.? b)? The clerk had not received a reply from Neil Brant at SLR Consulting regarding the letter to the Police.

10/464? Minutes of the Extra Ordinary Meeting ? 19th April 2010:? One amendment to the minutes to state 38+ was made.? The minutes were then proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed the minutes.

10/465 CSM Recreation Field Update ?a)? It was agreed TDBC Leisure Development Team could use the playing field on 28th July between 2pm and 4pm for their children’s activity afternoon. ?The Recreation Field Committee would be asked at their meeting on 12th May.? b)? There was an issue with the Gas bill recently received following the meter being read.? The new bill issued was over ?3,000 which was excessive.? The clerk was liaising with British Gas to try and resolve this issue.?

10/466? Planning




Decision Reached



Erection of one 11kw twin bladed wind turbine mounted on free standing 18m mast on a concrete base at Lashpool Bungalow, Charlton, CSM

The PC voted unanimously to support this application.



Change of use of land and construction of temporary waste transfer station ? sent by TDBC Planning Department.? (Already received details from SCC and responded after Extra Ordinary Meeting on 19th April 2010).

The PC voted unanimously to send a copy of the letter sent to SCC regarding opposing this application.? It was understood TDBC had rejected this application.


10/467 Planning complaint: ?The clerk informed the meeting she had received a complaint from an applicant regarding how the PC had handled his application.? It was agreed all applications should be dealt with in a professional and unbiased manner, and no personal comments to be made in future.


10/468 ?Other Planning matters







Erection of detached dwelling and garage within garden of Chants, Creech Heathfield, as amended by plans received on 18 March 2010.

Permission granted



Erection of general purpose agricultural building on land adjacent to Model Cottages, Adsborough.

Permission granted


10/469? Matters of Report: ?a)? Pot holes in Hyde Lane.? b)? Fly posting is illegal and should be removed. c) Footpath T10/1 stile broken.? d) 30T lorry went down West View ? agreed to report back to clerk if this continues to stop cut through from building site.?

10/470 ?Accounts:? Bills to be paid: ?a) It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:? SLR Consulting ?587.50, Clerks salary ?445.95, Clerks overtime ?68.89, Clerks Expenses ?73.84, Telephone ?21.53, Village Hall ?54.00, Traditional Window Cleaning ?45.00.?? b)? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to approve the 2009/10 year end accounts previously circulated.? c)? It was agreed to add D Durdan on to the cheque signatory form and remove Ruth Farrow.? Clerk to obtain form from A&L Bank.

10/471? Rights of Way: a)? It was agreed to purchase a dog bin for Ham by the new bridge at T10/5 footpath.? b)? R Rooke would be attending the Rights of Way meeting on 17th June. ?c)? T10/7 Footpath ? R Rooke to contact RoW regarding the diversion order. d)? T10/20 finger post replacement was under review at RoW. ?

10/472? Correspondence





Decision Reached


TDBC Strategy

Corporate Strategy 2010 ? 2013

Available for viewing at libraries, Dean House and website hhtp://www.tauntondeane.gov.uk.? Do we require a hard copy?

A hard copy was requested for those who did not have a computer.



Changes to Rights of Way Team

Date to attend a meeting to find out more information regarding these changes.? Numbers needed.

R Rooke would be attending.


Unlock Democracy

Request for a donation towards the ‘A Vote for Democracy’ guides printing costs

Does the PC want to donate towards this publication?

It was agreed not to donate towards this publication.


10/473 County Councillor’s Report:? Nothing to report. ??District Councillor’s Report ? Speed cameras had been out recently.?? Ruishton Lane would be closed for 4 weeks from 1st June.

10/474 ?Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting: ??Primary school parking issues.


The meeting closed at 8.23pm.? The next two parish council meetings will take place on Tuesday, 1st June and Monday, 5th July 2010.??