/ Parish Council / 2010 Minutes / November 2010


Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday, 1st November 2010
?in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:? D Durdan (Chairman), A Bishop, F Bates, T Carter, S Cooper, R Farrow, K Cooper, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas and Jill Loader (Clerk).?? Also in attendance were SCC D Fothergill, PS T Crowter and 3 members of the public.

Public speaking time: ????

10/555 The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

10/556 Apologies: ?E Webb, TDBC K Durdan and Marlon Jeffery.? Their reason for non attendance was accepted.

10/557 Declarations of Interest:? R Rooke declared an interest regarding the Merlyn?s Copse quote and did not vote.

10/558 Minutes from October Meeting ? It was proposed, seconded and agreed the October minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed each page of the minutes.?

10/559 Matters Arising from the October Minutes ? 10/554 Saplings from Woodland Trust ? R Farrow stated the school would like the saplings for their grounds but wanted to know the types.? F Bates would liaise with her once more details were known.? The PC were pleased the school wanted these.??? B)? Clerk to follow up letter to Atkins regarding the water leak damage.?

10/600 PACT Issues -? PS Tony Crowter attended the meeting and various issues were discussed.? It was agreed to put on the PACT agenda? a)? Illegal parking of cars on pavements around the village.? b)? To monitor drinking and use of drugs taking place at the canal side car park.? ?The next central PACT meeting would take place at Taunton Police Station on 7th January 2011 at 7pm.? A representative from the parish council was welcome to attend.? Future meeting dates would be sent to the clerk.? PS Crowter agreed to follow up the various queries that had been raised.? He reminded everyone to always report incidences however minor.?

10/601? Planning







Erection o f two storey extension to side at Mill Cottage, North End, CSM (revised scheme to application 14/10/0017)

The Parish Council voted unanimously to support this application


14/10/0025 REX

Erection of extension at 2 Anns Orchard, CSM (application to replace extant permission 14/07/0038)

The Parish Council voted unanimously to support this application


10/602 Other Planning







Temporary change of use of part beer garden to erect temporary pre-fabricated unit as pharmacy on land at The Bell Inn, CSM

Permission Refused



Erection of 4 dwellings on plot 81-84 comprising of 3 terraced houses and 1 flat over garage with associated vehicular access, parking and hard and soft landscaping at Hyde Lane, CSM

Permission granted



Prior notification of agricultural development for extension and re-roofing building at Worthy Farm, CSM

Work can commence without TDBC planning permission


10/603? Recreation Field Update:? a) ?The councillors had received copies of the minutes from the meeting held on 18th October regarding a new agreement between the PC and Recreation Field Committee.? Draft agreements were issued to the councillors for them to review, prior to the meeting on 15th November between the PC and RFC to come to a mutual agreement regarding this issue.? The RFC had also received draft copies of the agreement.? b)? TME?s water supply was coming off the RFC water meter and they owed money to the RFC.? c)? New water meter quote ? still waiting for WW to reply to the request.?


10/604 Clerks Report - ?a) Pharmacy Licence Appeal ? no outcome regarding this issue was known to date.? It was agreed to invite Dr Boulder to attend the December PC meeting to find out when the new Medical Centre was going to be built and to remind the surgery of the PC?s support.? B)? TDBC only supply perch seats for bus stops which was not suitable for the Hyde Lane shelter.? C)? Planning Training presentation to be copied for all councillors. D) Agreed the clerk could attend the Thoughts on Budgeting and General Financial Clinic on 18th November run by SALC.? PC agreed to pay for course fee of ?20.00.? e)? Hedge issue along North End/Worthy Lane would be discussed with Highways on 8th November meeting.?? f) Hedge issue in West View would be reviewed next month. ?G) Agreed to put an article in the Parish Magazine regarding responsibilities for both residents and councillors regarding hedge trimming.?


10/605 A38 Asborough Works Update:? Response from Martin Hills at SCC Highways hoped the white lining and signage would be carried out before Christmas.?10/606 Accounts:? a) Bills to be paid:? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks Wages ?445.95, clerks expenses ?67.48, Nigel?s Window Cleaning Co ?45.00, Jennifleurs Studio ?20.00 and British Gas Electricity bill for Recreation Field ?118.18.? b) Precept 2011/12: ?It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to accept the draft precept for 2011/2012 which totalled ?19,635.00.? This included ?1,000 for the May 11 elections.? C)? Additional Cheque Signatory: It was agreed unanimously that Ann Bishop to be put onto the cheque signatory list.? Clerk to arrange for paperwork.? D)? A Bishop had carried out the bank reconciliation up to September 10.? Agreed R Rooke would carry out future bank reconciliations. ??


10/607 Rights of Way update ?a) ?Merlyns Copse quote ? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to accept the quote from Durston Tree Surgeon to supply and fit a new gate and rails for ?460.00.?? ?
10/608 Highways ? Meeting with Highways, D Fothergill and G Lucas was planned for Monday 8th September at 2pm to drive around the parish highlighting issues. ?G Lucas to report back actions at the next meeting.


10/609 Correspondence







Public Notice ? Publication of proposals for new executive arrangements for TDBC ? Section 33 of Local Government Act 2000

Councillors notified where they could inspect the Proposal document - ??via Tonya Meers.??


10/610? Somerset Website Meeting ? This was planned for Monday, 8th November at 7pm in the village hall.? Councillors were asked to attend if possible.?? Nigel Finch wished to discuss options regarding the website and wanted PC?s views.?


10/611? SCCouncillor Report ? SCC cutbacks - D Fothergill stated that what had been printed in the local newspaper was correct and many services would be reduced. ??District Councillors Report ? nothing to report. ?


10/612 New Matters to Report: ?none.?


The meeting closed at 8.27om. The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 6th December 2010 and Tuesday 4th January 2011.??