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10/447 Medical Centre – Proposed External Pharmacy Application   
E Webb informed the PC of the application for an external new pharmacy she had received from PCT, who requested our views.  After discussion, it was agreed to write to Dr Moyse and PCT informing them of our support of his surgery and keeping the dispensing doctor services within the new medical centre.   Dr Moyse would be speaking at the Annual Parish Meeting on 16th April too. 

10/448  Matters of Report  
A)  R Farrow informed the meeting the Head Teacher at the Primary School was leaving.  It was agreed to write a thank you letter to him.  B)  Bus Stop at Adsborough – had been cleaned, and it was agreed to write to TDBC to ask if they would turn the shelter around, which would help keep the shelter clean.  C)  Parking problems at the primary school was still an issue.  It was agreed to write to SCC Education Committee requesting the need to resolve this problem by purchasing some land to build a suitable car park area.  D)   Parking issues in West View – still ongoing – agreed to contact Police again to come and control the traffic, especially at school drop off and collection times. E) Car parking on pavement by the bungalow near Zion church is illegal.  F)  Pavement by the railings at the shop is very un-level and slopes away.  A problem for people on motorised chairs to drive on.  G)  Rocketts Close hedge had been cut back.  Agreed to send a thank you letter.  H)  Agreed to put a notice in the Parish Magazine requesting hedges to be cut back if close to public pavements.  I)  There was no fencing around the pond at the new medical centre development.  Agreed to contact the Contractors.  J)  Noted there was graffiti on pavilion and 30mph signs in Hyde Lane.  K)  Fun Weekend at the Recreation Field was planned for 19th & 20th June.  There would be a car boot sale, as well as 2 Charity Football Matches and lots of other activities.   L)  The Parish Magazine would now be issued as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and would be out a little later in the month.

10/449 Naming of Hyde Lane Spurs Request – from TDBC.
After discussion it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to submit the following names:  Meredith, Leighton and Sweetings to TDBC Street Naming and Numbering Dept.

10/450 Accounts: Bills to be paid:   a) It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:  Clerks Wages £445.95, clerks expenses £72.70, clerks phone £22.29, SALC £512.89, Quality Service Printers £370.99, M Phillips – Editor’ s expenses £260.00, Traditional Window Cleaning £45.00, TDBC – Recreation Field Grass Cutting £1,627.70.   b)  The PC unanimously agreed to use Bryan Howe again for the internal audit process.  His hourly rate remained at £30.00.

10/451 – Rights of Way update   a) Footpath T10/5 (part) – Rights of Way will not be pursing the diversion order due to a number of objections received.   b)  Footpath T10/7 – the PC had no objections to the deletion of part of this footpath.  It was agreed the path should go up Vicarage Lane.   c)  T10/23 – the manhole cover had a steel bar over this which was not fixed.  R Rooke agreed to contact Rights of Way to try and improve this situation.   

10/452 Correspondence: 






Taunton Transition Town

A sustainable future awareness event request

PC were not interested in attending.  Clerk to write to A Greenslade who had shown an interest in the event to inform her of the decision.


Somerset Co-Operative Services

Enterprise company willing to help struggling businesses

PC were not interested in pursuing this.  Cost for company to provide a presentation is £154.00.



Proposed Nuclear Power Station at Hinkley Point – any comments

PC wished to make no comment.


10/453 Parish Council Grant Award Policy -  It was agreed to accept the draft Grant Award Policy with one amendment.  The amount available as a grant would be £100 for the year.    

10/454 SCCllrs Report  A)  D Fothergill presented a cheque for £4,975 to the PC for the Youth Shelter project at the Recreation Field.  The PC thanked him.   B) SCC would not be taking part in the Olympic Torch Tour around Britain due to the large expense for running it.   District Councillors Report:   D Durdan stated TDBC were issuing black recycling bins from 26 April around the parish.  

10/455 Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting:  None
The meeting closed at 9.29pm. The next two parish council meetings will take place on Tuesday, 4th May and Tuesday, 1st June 2010.