/ Parish Council / 2011 Minutes / 4th July 2011


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 4th July 2011

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: D Durdan, A Bishop, R Jeanes, F Bates, P Kingman-Reed, R Rooke, G Lucas, S Hutchings, K Durdan and Jill Loader (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC David Fothergill, E Chown and 5 members of the public.

Public speaking time: 15 Cooks Close had an overhanging tree causing debris along the pavement, which requires attention.

11/743 The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

11/744 Co-Option of Member: Kym Reed was proposed, seconded and voted onto the PC. She duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance Form.

11/745 Apologies:– L Davidson.

11/746 Declaration of Interest: R Rooke stated he was not on the RFMC and was only had an interest in the PC Recreation Field Working Party. F Bates made a statement he was not on the RFMC and only had an interest in the PC Recreation Field Working Party. P Kingman-Reed and S Hutchings declared an interest with the RFMC.

11/747 Minutes from June Meeting: There were two sentences removed from the June minutes and initialled. It was then proposed, seconded and agreed that the June minutes be adopted as correct. The Chairman signed the minutes.

11/748 Matters Arising: None

11/749 Parish Magazine Editor: Helen Phillips informed the meeting that a new Editor had been found, namely Elizabeth Sparkes. She would be working closely with the Phillips to help produce the August Parish Magazine. The Phillips had enjoyed their time as editors and wished Liz and the PC every success for the future. The Councillors thanked Helen and Michael for all their hard work and efforts. They thanked Liz for stepping in and wished her luck. The clerk would circulate the Phillips notice letter to the Councillors. The appointment was approved.

11/750 Planning




Decision Reached



Minor amendment to Permission 4/14/09/0042 for alterations to buildings for collection and bailing of recycling materials at Langdon Depot, Walford Cross, Taunton TA2 8QP (GR 327740 – 127825)

The councillors voted to support this application. The pylons had been brought to the attention on the previous application.



To fell 4 sycamore trees and 1 oak and to carry out management work to 1 oak tree included in TDBC (CSM no1) Tree Preservation Order 1981 at Top Cottage, Coombe, West Monkton (TD231)

The Planning Working Party agreed the works should be carried out to minimise any possible danger to persons from wind and storm damage that might occur. The PC voted to support the application.



Erection of double garage at North End Villa, CSM

The proposed garage does not impinge on any other property or interfere with neighbouring properties. The PC voted to support the application.

11/751 Other Planning matters:







Erection of first floor extension, insertion of two windows to the front and repositioning of the conservatory at Ham Orchard, Ham, CSM, as supplemented by letter from applicant dated 6.6.11

Refused permission



Erection of extension to the front, two storey side extension and single storey rear extension at 39 Ryesland Way , CSM

Permission granted



Erection of single storey rear extension at 46 Arundells Way, CSM

Permission granted



Removal of internal wall at Northend Farm, CSM

Permission granted



Demolition of single storey extension to side and rear of office building, removal of panel fence, extension to side of workshop and alterations to access and parking arrangements at Bigwood & Partners, Walford Cross Garage/Green Briars, Walford Cross

Permission granted

11/752 Context Construction – Proposed Eco Dwelling Plans: It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to reply to this letter stating the PC could only comment on plans once an official planning application had been received from TDBC.

11/753 Queens Diamond Jubilee: It was agreed to put a working party together to produce a questionnaire to find out what parishioners would like to do to celebrate this event next year. The WP consisted of Cllrs K Durdan, F Bates, P Kingman-Reed and K Reed. It was agreed to arrange a meeting to discuss ideas.

11/754 Recreation Field Committee: Cllr D Durdan proposed an outline structure relating to the Recreation Field having had discussions with SPFA. The proposal was to have the PC as the overall Trustees to the RF. A Management Committee would manage and maintain the area. This would satisfy the Charity Commission. It was suggested S Hutchings be Chairman, P Kingman-Reed Treasurer with M Jeffery, B Rowlinson also on the committee and any other representatives/teams using the RF. The TME should have a separate agreement directly with the PC as Trustees. It was necessary to continue to have ‘grass route’ sports ie football, rugby and cricket in order to qualify for any potential grants. Money from the PC precept, TME etc would be given to the RFMC to enable them to manage the area.

Some of the councillors did not wish to vote on this structure immediately. After discussion, it was agreed to arrange a meeting with the PC, Peter Lacey from SALC and Ken Marsh from SPFA to find out all the relevant information and to ask any questions before agreeing to this structure. Clerk to arrange meeting.

11/755: Change of Date of Meeting: The Clerk would be on holiday from 22nd July until 31st July. It was agreed to move the PC meeting from 1st August to the 8th August and would cover any planning applications and finances only.

11/756 Clerks Report: a) New mobile library times – from August four weekly (Friday) at VH car park – see SCC website for more details. b) Reminder to councillors re submitting their expenses form from election if not already done so. c) Electoral Review of Somerset letter issued – for information and timings d) Som Local Authorities Civil Contingencies Unit – agreed to find out what sort of information they were looking for. e) Adsborough Bus Stop – clearing of debris completed by Cllrs D Durdan and S Hutchings. Agreed to find out when this bus stop would be cleaned next, and to inspect it. Agreed to draft a specification on cleaning the bus shelters to send out to contractors to tender. f) Reminder regarding Councillor Training on 2nd August at 7pm in Burrowbridge. g) Adsborough Signage response was read out and basically stated the signs were for information only and are placed correctly. h) Agreed to purchase £100 National Garden Scheme vouchers for Mr & Mrs Phillips as a thank you for being the Parish Magazine editors. Clerk to purchase for September meeting.

11/757 Accounts: Bills to be paid: a) It was proposed, seconded and agreed to pay the following invoices: Clerks salary £462.65 Clerks Expenses £96.25, Moore Stephens – External Auditor £342.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning £45.00, SALC – Councillor Training £125.00, Garden Vouchers for Mr & Mrs Phillips (out-going editors) £100. b) Insurance: It was proposed, seconded and agreed to use Came & Company insurance company for their 3 year long term agreement quote of £702.35. c) Cheque Signatories: It was agreed to put Richard Jeanes and Kym Reed onto the bank mandate cheque signatory list. Clerk to send off once necessary documents are received.

11/758 Highways: a) G Lucas needed to do a walk round to check areas. b) Pavement at the Vets in Hyde Lane had a hole in it where someone had twisted their ankle. c) Ham: Hedge from notice board for ¼ mile had not been cut, even though either side had. d) Adsborough – clearing of lane sides to enable drains to work effectively – clerk to find out whether SCC or TDBC are responsible for this. e) Maypole area re overhanging tree branches – been checked by Highways – no issues – come back again if there are further problems and they will contact landowners.

11/759 Rights of Way: a) Footpath T10/20 – broken stile had been reported. b) Maps showing the stated footpaths would be put onto the notice boards for public information once received. c) There were no bridleways currently listed in CSM.

11/760 County Councillor’s Report: a) D Fothergill had presented a proposal for a footpath/painted walkway along Northend as highlighted at the last meeting under the Local Scheme Consideration form. Details were handed out. b) The Olympic Flame was coming to Taunton/Somerset and the Government were paying for it. c) The Taunton Museum would be open in September following the refurbishment. District Councillor’s Report: a) The TDBC Local Development Framework had been accepted at full council recently and covered the period from 2011 to 2028. This would be available on line to review.

11/761 New Matters to be carried forward: None

The meeting closed at 9.00pm. The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 8th August (planning only) and Monday, 5th September 2011.