/ Parish Council / 2011 Minutes / April 2011

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday, 4th April 2011
?in the CSM Village Hall, Creech St Michael


Present:? D Durdan (Chairman), A Bishop, F Bates, R Jeanes, K Cooper, S Cooper, R Rooke, G Lucas, T Carter,
R Farrow and Jill Loader (Clerk).?? Also in attendance were SCC D Fothergill, TDBC K Durdan, and 8 members of the public.

Public speaking time: ??A question was asked regarding why the precept for next year was 34% higher than last year.? The Chairman explained the increase was due to the proposed planned purchase of the canal side car park with legal costs and maintenance, plus on-going maintenance costs for the Recreation Field and costs for a possible election in May.?


11/686 The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


11/687 Apologies:? None ?


11/688 Declarations of Interest:? None.


11/689 Minutes from March Meeting ? It was proposed, seconded and agreed the March minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed each page of the minutes.?


11/690 Matters Arising from the March Minutes ? none


11/691 Planning







Erection of single storey extension and detached garage at 13 Homefield Close, CSM

The Planning Committee inspected the site and could find no reason to object to the application.  The location of the proposed garage and the proposed extension should not intrude into any of the neighbouring properties.

The Parish Council voted unanimously to support this application.



Change of use of land from agricultural to domestic to construct a tennis court and erection of tennis store at Heathfield House, CH.

The Planning Committee inspected the site and conferred with the occupier.  They could find no reason to object to the application.

It is proposed to allow the existing hedge bordering the boundary with the road to naturally increase it's height and be thickened at the base on the property side with additional planting which will greatly reduce the visual impact of the fencing surrounding the court.

The Parish Council voted with 9 votes to support the application with one abstention due to an interest



11/692 Other Planning







Construction of vehicular and pedestrian access with erection of wall and gate at Hill Cottage, St Michael Road, CSM (retention of works already undertaken) (as amended)

Permission Refused



Erection of dormer extension to rear at 29 Dillons Road, CSM

Permission Granted



11/693 Parish Magazine Editor/Webmaster Update ? a) No Editor had been appointed to date.? Notices had been put up and on the website.? Councillors asked to continue to ask anyone who may be interested.? b) Webmaster ? Eric Chown had been appointed as the new webmaster/publicity contact for the parish, following a meeting on 29th March.? This was a voluntary position where he would obtain up to date information for the website and magazine from all the clubs and societies around the parish.? He was thanked for taking on this role and everyone hoped it would be successful and satisfactory role.? A generic email address was being created:? Publicity@creechstmichael.net for anyone wishing to send information to Eric.


11/694 A38 works at Adsborough update ? All the agreed works at Adsborough had been completed.? The PC agreed to write to SCC Highways stressing the need to move the No Lorry signs from the southern entrance further away from the actual junction, to allow better vision for drivers leaving the junction and giving lorry drivers more notice they couldn?t turn in to this lane.?? The clerk was asked to photocopy the letter received from Highways back in December, which had stated the position of the signs, as not everyone had received a copy.


11/695 Code of Conduct - Cllr K Cooper expressed her concerns regarding the importance of abiding by the Code of Conduct, which she felt had not been done at the last meeting when discussing the Adsborough works.? It was important to maintain professionalism at all times and for the Chairman to stop emotional and personal comments being made, which the council had been pulled up a couple of times over the last year.?? The Chairman agreed everyone should remain calm and remember the roles of the Parish Council and not allow it to get personal. ?


11/696 Recreation Field Lease Update: a) The draft agreement had been given to the Recreation Field Committee for their comments.? It was agreed to find out when the RFC would be meeting to try and resolve this agreement before the APM on 15th April.? Cllr S Cooper agreed to speak to Marlon Jeffery to find out when a meeting could be made.? b)? It was agreed to find out when the ?4975 from SCC via David Fothergill had been received by the PC.? It was reminded that this funding had to be spent within two years otherwise it had to be returned to SCC.


11/697Clerks Report ? a) Hyde Lane road changes date not known yet.? b) Speed strips through village has been requested c) Charlton Road sunken road ? works noted by Highways to be repaired by end of April d) Allotments ? email read out informing PC of the progress on finding suitable land was underway e) Agreed to complete the SCC survey expressing the need for faster broadband f) Agreed to purchase a dog bin for Bull Street ?310 +vat and an empty charge of ?2.42 +vat per week g)? Agreed to place notices regarding the SWP recycling centre changes.


11/698 Accounts:? a) Bills to be paid:? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks Wages ?512.75 (including back pay), clerks expenses ?69.17, TDBC for ground maintenance for the Recreation Field ?1,678.79, SALC membership ?524.76, QS Printers (Spring magazine) ?300.00, TDBC Grit Bin for Village Hall ? to be refunded by Village Hall ?105.75, TDBC Ham Dog Bin empty for year ?111.60.? b)? Internal Auditor ? it was agreed to continue to use Bryan Howe as the internal auditor for this year.? Hourly rate remained at ?30.? c)? Draft Year End Accounts:? the clerk had issued draft year end accounts for 2010/11 to enable the existing PC to approve them, rather than a new PC who had no history of expenditure and income.? The PC proposed, seconded and unanimously approved the year end accounts.? Bank balance of ?41,918.71 which included ?5,000 earmarked towards children play equipment and ?4975 from SCC for the Youth Shelter.? This gave a reserve of ?31,943.71.? d)? Agreed to ask Peter Lacey from SALC to attend a meeting cover all the services they provide from our membership.?


11/699? Highway Issues:? a) British Network Rail had contacted G Lucus regarding the overgrown bush in Labunham Terrace.? b)? Environmental Agency to be contacted regarding the? debris in the river at the Old River Bridge.? c)? White lines to be painted through village on list for next financial year.? D) ?Pot hole had been repaired at the River Bridge.? ?


11/700 Rights of Way ? a) ?Cllr Rooke informed the PC there had been changes to controls and contacts at Rights of Way. Sally Vickery was still the contact for CSM.? b) R Rooke would be stepping down as footpath liaison officer in May. ?c)? The quote for works at Merlyn Copse to be discussed at the next PC meeting.


11/701 Correspondence






Alzheimer?s Society

Attend a PC meeting to inform parish of their services / provide information of other clubs etc

Send details to Over 60?s and Pop-Ins, Doctors Surgery, Vet and the two churches in the village for information.?



Minerals and Waste Local Development Framework:? Preparing for consultation

Given details for viewing:? www.somersetconsults.org.uk



11/702 SCCouncillor Report ? a) ?D Fothergill stated that SCC would not increase their borrowing of money, which had not been clearly stated on the March minutes.? b) Mobile Library ? routes being reworked after 12th April. c) ?3m of money was available from the Government for pot holes.? d)? Reponses needed to help with the Broadband project.? e)? The Roman coins found were being displayed in the Taunton Museum.? f)? The Heritage Centre was now open and tours were available.? g)? D Fothergill asked where the precept money for the new David Wilson Homes was going.? Clerk would find out from TDBC.? District Councillors Report ? nothing to report.


11/703 New Matters to Report: ?Clerk to find out when the deadline for Planning Applications would be as the next APCM was not until 16th May which would be after the three week timeline.?

The meeting closed at 8.25.


The Annual Parish Meeting is on Friday, 15th April 2011 with doors opening at 7.00pm and the meeting to start at 7.30pm.


The Annual Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 16th May 2011 where a Chairman will be elected and the new Parish Council will take office.?? ?