/ Parish Council / 2011 Minutes / August 2011

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 8th August 2011 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: ?R Rooke, A Bishop, R Jeanes, F Bates, G Lucas, S Hutchings, K Durdan, L Davidson, K Reed and Jill Loader (Clerk).? Also in attendance were 2 members of the public.

Public speaking time: ?None


Cllr R Rooke announced that Cllr Paul Kingman-Reed had passed away suddenly at the weekend.? A minute silence was held.? It was agreed to write a letter of condolence to Mrs Kingman-Reed from the PC.


11/762 The Chairman opened the meeting.


11/763 Apologies: D Durdan, SCC Cllr David Fothergill


11/764 Declaration of Interest: None



11/765 Planning ????




Decision Reached





Conversion of single dwelling to form two dwellings, erection of ground floor and first floor extensions, a change from flat roof to pitched roof, erection of detached garage, alterations to the roof line of current garage at Ham Cottage, White Street, Ham CSM



The Planning Working Party visited the site and inspected the property.? The property was originally two cottages which had previously been altered to make one dwelling but the works never completed.? The existing owner is restoring the dwelling back to two properties.?
The original footprint of the second property will be extended and be in line with similar extensions to other properties in the area, or intrude into other people?s views or cause problems with the flood risk zone.?
The PC voted unanimously to support the application.



11/766 Monkton Heathfield Development:? Mike Marshall did not attend the meeting where he was going to explain the current situation regarding the outline to the development.? After discussion, it was agreed to invite Mr R Willoughby-Foster to the November meeting to give an update on the current situation.???


11/767? Accounts:? Bills to be paid: ?a) It was proposed, seconded and agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks salary ?462.65 Clerks Expenses ?52.75, Quality Service Printers ? two editions ?600.00, M Phillips ? Editor?s expenses ?130.00, British Gas ? Electricity for Recreation Field ?51.83, CPRE membership ?29.00, Wessex Water ? Recreation Field ?413.02,? L Davidson ? expenses for Diamond Jubilee Questionnaire ?39.80.? b)? Wessex Water Bill ? PC agreed to pay this final bill due to the situation with the RFMC Treasurer passing.? This money would be reimbursed back to the PC in due course.? c)? Aitkin update ? no response or reimbursement of money had been received to date.? It was agreed to send a solicitor?s letter.? Clerk to find out cost for doing this.? d)? S Hutchings to take an up to date electricity meter reading.? e)? It was agreed the Clerk could attend the SLCC Devon meeting on 6th September and share the costs with Crowcombe and Fitzhead PC at approximately ?19.00 per council.


11/768 New Matters to be carried forward:? ?Vandalism at Recreation Field (TME)


The meeting closed at 7.43pm.? The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday 5th September and Monday, 3rd October 2011.??