/ Parish Council / 2011 Minutes / December 2011

Minutes .of the parish council meeting held? at 7pm. On December 5th. 2011 in the lower room of the Village Hall.


Present.? D.Durdan [Chairman ], R.Rooke, A.Bishop, G.Lucas,S Hutchings, K.Hunt, R. Jeanes, K. Durdan, L.Davidson. and J. Loader [Clerk].


Public Speaking Time.?? R.Rooke asked the clerk why the public speaking time was put on to the minutes, as it was understood that as it was discussed outside the meeting.? It would not be minuted.


[1]. 11/832. The Chairman opened the meeting.


[2]. 11/833.? ?Apologies.? K.Reed.


[3].11/834.?? New Councillor update.? It was announced that an election would take place.


[4].11/835.?? Declarations of interest.???? D. Durdan and K.Durdan declared an interest in the recreation field.? Ann Bishop declared an interest in the planning application at 10, Crown Lane.


[5]. 11/836.? Minutes.? R Rooke asked the Chairman why the previous month’s minutes had been published in the Gazette before they had been adopted.? The Minutes incorrectly stated “K Nation wanted to know about the provision of toilets at the bus station where Webbers Buses stopped.” whereas they should have read “K Nation asked the Chairman why TDBC are moving the bus stop from the Bus Station at Castle Way to the Crescent, which does not have any toilet facilities.”? The Chairman stated that all buses stop at the Bus Station but Cllr Rooke replied that only First Bus stops at the Bus Station.”? The Clerk began to leave the meeting this point; she walked to the back of the room.? After a few minutes she returned to her seat.


[6]. 11/837. Matters Arising.?? Item 11/817.? Cllr Bishop said that both Cllr Rooke and herself had given explanations as to why they left the meeting in November.? Cllr Rooke had stated that he was leaving at that point because of what happened at the beginning of the Meeting when Cllr Bates resigned.? He would attend the next meeting.? Cllr Bishop had handed her written statement to the Clerk to aid accurate minuting, saying she was leaving the meeting because, as the 3rd member of the Recreation Field Working Party, she was extremely upset by the way the Panel had been treated, after all the hard work the Working Party had put in.? She would consider her future as a Parish Councillor.? Cllr Bishop asked that the Minutes be amended.


[7]. 11/838.? The two planning applications 14/11/0045 and 14/11/0044 were discussed? 14/11/0045 was supported by the council
14/11/0044 was objected to. With one abstention.


[8]. 11/839.?? Allotments. Nothing to update.


[9]. 11/840? Queens Jubilee. Nothing to update.


[10]. 11/841.? West Monkton Development.?? It was announced that a meeting was to take place on December 12th for Parish Councillors to attend.


[11].11/842.? Accounts.? It was proposed secondly and unanimously agreed that the following cheques be paid: Clerk’s Salary - ?462. 65,  Clerks expenses - ?94. 61, QSP - ?300,
?97 SALC, ?25 St Margarets Trust.


[12]. 11/843. Risk Assessment.? No problems to report.


[13]. 11/844. Salt Bags. It was decided to purchase two large salt bins to place in the village.


[14]. 11/845. Parish Maintenance Team . We are still awaiting the position regarding the insurance cover.


[15].11/846.? Civil contingencies.??? Ongoing.


[16]11/847. The clerk gave her report.


[17]. 11/848.? Christmas / New Year Meal for the Parish Councillors were not decided.


[18] 11/849. The Recreation Field Management Comm.? A vote was taken and it was decided to reinstate the Recreation Field Working Party and to take the recreation field back into the Parish Council.? Notice would be given a.s.a.p. to the Charity Commission.


[19] 11/850. Resignation of F.Bates.?? Cllr Hunt asked the Chairman why Cllr Bates had been branded by the Clerk in writing as having told an “untruth” at the November meeting, resulting in Cllr Bates’ resignation.


[20].11/851.??? Highways? G.Lucas said there was nothing to report at this time.


[21]. 11/852.? Rights of way . The clerk was still awaiting some estimates for grass cutting etc. for 2012.


[22] 11/853. ?County and District Councillors reports.?? D. Fothergill said time was running out on the grant for the youth shelter. It was decided to order it immediately.?


[23] 11/854. Correspondence.? It was decided to donate ?25 to St. Margaret’s Hospice.


?The next Parish Council Meeting? January 3rd 2012