/ Parish Council / 2011 Minutes / January 2011


Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Tuesday, 4th January 2011?in the Baptist Church, Creech St Michael

Present:? D Durdan (Chairman), A Bishop, F Bates, R Farrow, S Cooper, K Cooper, R Rooke, G Lucas and Jill Loader (Clerk).?? Also in attendance were TDBC K Durdan, R Willoughby-Foster from TDBC and 2 members of the public.

Public speaking time: ??K Nation asked whether a short report of PC meetings could be put into the Somerset Gazette on a regular basis. ??

10/633 The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

10/634 Apologies: T Carter, R Jeanes, SCC D Fothergill and M Jeffery.? Their reason for non attendance was accepted.

10/635 Declarations of Interest:? None.

10/636 Minutes from December Meeting ? It was proposed, seconded and agreed the December minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed each page of the minutes.?

10/637 Matters Arising from the December Minutes ? a) hedge in West View had not been cut.? G Lucas to speak to owners.??? b)? A38 @ Adsborough ? no further news on works had been received to date.?

10/638 ?Report from R Willoughby-Foster ? TDBC Core Strategy Department ? Monkton Heathfield Development -? Mr Willoughby-Foster provided an update regarding the Monkton Heathfield Development, which already had part planning approval and why this development had not commenced.? He stated there was a window in time to possibly allow changes to this development following a recent report carried out by consultants and that it was important to involve local communities who knew the area better and could help to improve the plans. More detailed plans were being drawn up to help communities understand these better. ?Various meetings were to be held in the future and it was agreed the PC would attend these meetings, as well as informing other local groups for their input.? ?


10/639 Casual Vacancy Update ? The clerk reported no one had contacted her regarding this vacancy.? It was agreed to not co-opt a new member, as the elections were due in May.? It was agreed to place an article in the parish magazine explaining how to become a parish councillor and what it involved.?


10/640 Planning







Erection of single storey extension to front and two storey extension to side at 39 Rylesland Way CSM

The Parish Council voted unanimously to support part of the application.  The councillors agreed to the two storey side extension, but voted against the front single extension.

The councillors felt the front extension was over development of the site, it reduced the open space that is allocated to the area, as the extension came right up to the pavement, encroaching the walkway.



Erection of first floor extension with roof alterations and dormer windows to front elevation and repositioning of conservatory at Ham Orchard, Ham, CSM

After discussion it was agreed to defer the decision until the February PC meeting, due to areas of concern that required discussing with the planners.


10/641 Other Planning







Erection of garage/agricultural machinery building at Walford Gate, Walford Cross

Permission granted



Erection of extension at 2 Anns Orchard, Creech St Michael (application to replace extant permission 14/07/0038)

Permission granted



Demolition of garage and erection of single storey extension at Highgrove, Creech Heathfield

Permission granted


10/642? Parish Magazine Future: ?Minutes of the meeting held on 13th December had been circulated.? It had been a positive meeting with ideas and issues resolved between the parish magazine and website.? A vacancy for a webmaster was required to co-ordinate advertisers, groups and getting up to date information.? It was agreed this would suit a student.? ?This position would be advertised in the next magazine and on the website.


10/643 Recreation Field Lease Update:? a) It was agreed to have this meeting between the Recreation Field committee and PC on either Monday, 31st January or 28th February.? Clerk to arrange.?? b)? It as agreed to up date the Recreation Field information on the website under Organisations.?


10/644 Clerks Report - ?a)? The Clerk had passed the Certificate in Local Council Administration in December. b)? The clerk had received a reply from David Greig stating he thought the maintenance grants for next year would be available.? It was agreed to discuss this at the February meeting.? c)? Canalside Car Park ? the clerk had received an email stating the cost to purchase this piece of land was ?2,000 with legal costs of around ?500.? It was agreed to contact John Williams at TDBC to find out why public owned land was being sold at such a huge cost, which would have to be put into the precept.? d)? A letter from Ken Fletcher regarding the A38 works was read out.? It was agreed to contact SCC Highways to find out the answers to the questions raised.?


10/645 CSM United Charities Trustee -? After discussion the councillors voted unanimously for Ruth Farrow to become the new trustee, following Eileen Webb?s death.?? Clerk to inform Phil Dunstan the secretary.


10/646 Accounts:? a) Bills to be paid:? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks Wages ?445.95, clerks expenses ?118.00,? Nigel?s Window Cleaning Co ?45.00, Nigel Finch for renewing the domain name for the website ?24.64.?


10/647? Highway Issues a)? Laburnham Terrace ? overgrown vegetation over railings ? contact British Rail. b) Ask Highways for a dumpy bag of salt for West View.?


10/648 Rights of Way ? a) ?Funding for new kissing gates ? after discussion it was agreed to part fund for new kissing gates along T10/12.? ?300 would be given subject to RofW sourcing the balance from other areas. ??








Citizens Advice Bureau

Bureau Funding fro 2011/12

After discussion, it was unanimously agreed to keep the S137 budgeted money towards the purchase of the canal side car park.


Community Council for Somerset

Funding of the charity

After discussion, it was unanimously agreed to keep the S137 budgeted money towards the purchase of the canal side car park.


Unlock Democracy

Yes to Fairer Votes

After discussion, it was unanimously agreed to keep the S137 budgeted money towards the purchase of the canal side car park.


10/650 New Year?s Dinner ? ?Clerk to confirm numbers and menu choices to The Bell Inn for Monday, 17th January for 7.00 for 7.30pm.?


10/651? SCCouncillor Report ? ?Nothing to report.? District Councillors Report ? Nothing to report. ?


10/652New Matters to Report: ??a)? Village Hall Mix Up - Kim Cooper informed the meeting that she did not take over the role as chairman to the village hall until 21st January.? She would be discussing the matter over the mix up of not informing the clerk the village hall would be closed on 4th January and any other groups which had not been told.? b)? Agreed to write to Gary Birch thanking him for allowing the PC to use the church for the PC meeting at such short notice.? c)? Write to David Wilson Homes regarding the rubbish along Hyde Lane and the trip hazard along the lane where the new road joins the old.? ?

The meeting closed at 8.45pm. The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 7th February and Monday 7th March 2011.??