/ Parish Council / 2011 Minutes / May 2011

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 16th May 2011
?in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:? ?D Durdan, A Bishop, R Jeanes, R Rooke, G Lucas, F Bates and Jill Loader (Clerk).? Also in attendance were SCC David Fothergill and 7 members of the public.

Public speaking time:? K Nation requested that at the next APM to have the PC and United Charities Accounts available.?? E Chown reported sideways movement in the tarmac on both the railway and canal bridges.? Clerk to report to Highways urgently.

11/704? Quorum Statement? -? It was confirmed that a quorum was present at the start of the meeting.? All Declarations of Acceptance Forms had been received and signed by the Clerk and the Register of Interests from the Councillors.


11/705? Election of Chairman. ?It was proposed, seconded and unanimously voted that Dave Durdan continue as Chairman, which he duly accepted. ?


11/706? Declaration of Acceptance of Office: D Durdan signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Chairman form.


11/707? Apologies: Apologies were received from Marlon Jeffery.


11/708? Election of Co-opted Members onto the Council:? a)? Simon Hutchings was proposed, seconded and voted onto the PC.? He duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance Form.? b) Paul Kingman-Reed was proposed, seconded and voted on to the PC.? He duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance Form.? c)? Kelly Durdan was proposed, seconded and voted on to the PC. She duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance Form.?? d) At 8.00pm ? Lynda Davidson was proposed, seconded and voted on to the PC.? She duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance Form.


11/709 ?Election of Vice-Chairman:? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously voted that Ron Rooke continue as vice-chairman, which he duly accepted.


11/710 Declaration of Interest:? None



11/711 Appointments of representatives and working party members. ??It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the following officers be elected:? a) Planning Working Party ? A Bishop, F Bates, R Rooke ??b)Taunton Deane Local Strategic Partnership -? R Rooke, G Lucas, P Kingman-Reed?
c) East Community Partnership (North Curry, Neroche, Corfe, Ruishton, Creech St Michael) ? R Rooke, G Luas, S Hutchings ?d) Local Development Framework and other matters relating to Local Development -? A Bishop, ?P Kingman-Reed? e) Highway related Matters and Highway Development ? ?G Lucas, K Durdan, L Davidson ?f) Footpaths/Rights of Way ?R Rooke, S Hutchings g) Recreation Field ? F Bates, R Rooke, A Bishop, S Hutchings, P Kingman-Reed? h) Tree Warden/Hedgerow Steward R Jeanes ??i) Fly Tipping/fly posting K Durdan ?j) Environment Agency/Flooding Matters/Wessex Water/other environmental matters ?R Jeanes, D Durdan ?k) Grievance Panel. ??A Bishop, R Rooke, K Durdan l) Canal Side Car Park R Rooke, R Jeanes ?m) United Charities ? R Farrow ?n) Appeals Panel ? A Bishop, R Rooke, K Durdan o) Disciplinary Panel ? D Durdan, A Bishop, F Bates ?p) Disciplinary Appeals Panel ?P Kingman-Reed, S Hutchings, ?G Lucas? q)? Twinning Association ? R Farrow ??????7.40pm A Bishop left the meeting



11/711 Minutes from April Meeting: ?It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the April minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed the minutes.??


11/712 Matters Arising:? a) Grant from SCC for Youth Shelter had to be spent by April 2012 or returned. b) AGM for Recreation Field was on 26th May 2011 at 7pm in Village Hall. c) Clerk to report Precept/Council Tax allocation reasoning from TDBC Finance Dept. ?


11/714 ?TME Position ? a)? Clerk read out a letter from TME regarding their concerns with the sub lease and the Recreation Field lease and lack of progress.? It was agreed to have a meeting with the PC Working Party and RFMC on 2nd June to finalise the agreement issues and other concerns.?? Once known the PC would be in a position to clarify the situation with TME by the next PC meeting on 6th June.? b)? Clerk to copy TME lease for councillors.


11/715? Planning ????




Decision Reached

3.5 11


Demolition of single storey extension to side and rear of office building and removal of panel fence.? Extension to side of workshop and alterations to access and parking arrangements at Bigwood and Partners, Walford Cross Garage/Green Briars, Walford Cross

The Planning Committee visited the site and could see no good reason to object to the demolition and extension proposed.  The alternations will make good use of what has become a semi-derelict building and will not impinge on any other residential or business premises.  The extended workshops will provide additional employment in the locality.

The Parish Councillors voted with 4 votes to support this application.  Two members expressed an interest and did not vote.  One Parish Councillor was absent at the time of voting.?



Erection of extension to replace conservatory at Sunny Dale Cottage, CH ? meeting held on 26.4.11 by Planning Committee

The Parish Council support this application as it is strictly a replacement of old but with a properly felted flat roof to assist with drainage from existing roofs.   



11/716 ?Other Planning matters







Installation of air source heat pump adjacent to outbuilding and installation of 2 solar panels on land at Lashpool Bungalow, CSM

Permission granted



Change of use of land from agricultural to domestic for construction of a tennis court and erection of tennis store at Heathfield House, CH

Permission granted



11/717? Bus Stops at Adsborough: ?It was agreed to defer this item to the June meeting.?


11/718? Clerks Report: ?a)? Allotments update:? The Allotment contacts had had a meeting with the Allotment Association contact.? An article in the parish magazine requesting any interest had been published. Next step was to speak to the Dillons Road residents for their reaction.? Agreed to discuss in more detail at the June meeting.? b)? Councillors Training ? to agree dates with clerk, so she could book spaces.? Cost was ?25 per person.? Non attendance would have to be paid by councillor and not the Parish Council.?? c)? Compost scheme ? to publish idea on website, following Bratton Flemming success.? d) National Citizen Service scheme for young people to be posted on to website.?


11/719? Queens Diamond Jubilee - ?It was agreed to place an article on to the website for residents to come up with any suggestions and ideas for celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee.? The PC would be a co-ordinator for the event.?? E Chown to publish details.


11/720 ?Accounts:? Bills to be paid: ?a) It was proposed, seconded and agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks salary ?462.65 Clerks Expenses ?108.10,? Village Hall ?47.50, Durstan Tree Surgeons ?460, Traditional Window Cleaning ?45.00, British Gas Electricity for Rec Field ?148.24, B Howe ? Internal Audit ?186.40.?? b) Year End Accounts: ?It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to approve the 2010/11 year end accounts previously circulated.? c)? Internal Audit - The clerk read out the report from the Internal Auditor.? Various points were raised and answered.? It was agreed to carry out the recommendations during the year.? ?Risk Assessment:? It was agreed that G Lucas and K Durdan would carry out a risk assessment of the assets around the village.? Clerk to issue list.


11/721? Highways: a)? Cheats Corner to Henlade cross roads ? verge requires cutting more, b)? Trees overhanging in Hyde Lane, c)? Environmental Agency have not carried out clearing the River Bridge, d) Walford Cross intersection requires cutting? e)? K Durdan to report name of property where hedge is overgrown at Northend.


11/722 Rights of Way: a) Quote for Merlyn?s Copse ? work has already commenced, so quote was accepted.? It was agreed to issue tenders for footpath maintenance in January 2012 for responses and to approve at March meeting.? ??


11/723 Correspondence





Decision Reached



Area Meeting ? 9th June at West Monkton VH

Anyone wishing to attend

Paul Kingman-Reed agreed to attend.


11/724 County Councillor?s Report:? D Fothergill stated SWP were closing 4 tips and reducing opening hours.? This may cause more fly-tipping around the area.? Please report any fly-tipping to both TDBC and SCC who would be monitoring the situation.?? District Councillor?s Report:? Nothing to report, as the Annual Council Meeting was being held on 19th May.?


11/725 New Matters to be carried forward:? None.?? It was noted that only A5 notices are to be placed on the notice board at Arundells Way.??? K Durdan to find out who the Scout contact was so a thank you letter could be sent for the village tidy up the Scouts had recently carried out.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.? The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 7th June and Monday, 4th July 2011.??