/ Parish Council / 2011 Minutes / November 2011

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 7th November 2011
?in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: ?D Durdan (Chairman) R Rooke, A Bishop, F Bates, G Lucas, S Hutchings, K Reed, K Hunt and Jill Loader (Clerk).? Also in attendance were SCC Cllr David Fothergill and 8 members of the public.

Public speaking time: ?K Nation asked the Chairman why TDBC are moving the bus stop from the Bus Station at Castle Way to the Crescent, which does not have any toilet facilities.? The Chairman stated that all buses stop at the Bus Station but Cllr Rooke replied that only First Bus stops at the Bus Station.? Dog fouling on the playing field has become a problem ? agreed to contact the dog warden. Charlton Road junction ? hedges required cutting back because of poor visibility.


11/808 The Chairman opened the meeting, after a minute silence for those involved in the M5 motorway accident on Friday, 4th November. ?The Chairman welcomed Ken Hunt the new member to the PC, who had been on the PC previously several years ago.? The Clerk received and signed the Public Register of Members Interest form and the Declaration of Acceptance of Office form from Cllr Hunt.


11/809 Cllr Fred Bates announced his resignation from the PC and left the meeting.? He would send his letter of resignation to the clerk.


11/810 Apologies: R Jeanes, K Durdan and L Davidson.


11/811 Declarations of Interest: ?D Durdan declared an interest in item 8.1 Recreation Field Working Party and planning application 14/11/0039.?


11/812 Monkton Heathfield Development Update: Ralph Willoughby Foster and Roger Mitchinson from TDBC outlined the current situation.? A copy of the Draft Taunton Master Plan and Draft Taunton Design Code was available for councillors to review.? Background to the development was provided. The prepared council response from the responses from the Published Plan (July/Aug 2011) was going to the Secretary of State in February 2012.? Housing numbers would now be around 4,500 following density discussions with developers and the result of urban initiative reports.? It was necessary to engage the community regarding the development and it was agreed to work with Monkton Heathfield PC for comments and feedback. ?Details regarding types of houses and services were not yet drawn up.? Road improvements were required to ease congestion.? Bus routes and timetables needed discussing too.? SCC Highways and Highways Agency plus the Urban Initiative Consultancy are reviewing all infrastructure and transport issues.? It was agreed to see if the developers would attend the December PC meeting to give an insight.


11/813 Minutes from October Meeting: ?One correction at point 11/799 b) now read RFMC and not PC. ?It was then proposed, seconded and agreed that the October minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed the minutes.??
11/814? Matters arising from October Minutes:? a)? Clerk had received a copy of the TME Insurance Certificate b) Proposed Bus routes and bus stop layouts - ?thoughts from Thurloxton PC Meeting ? The PC were not enthusiastic about more buses coming through the village.? The council would think about the new layout plans and would report back at their next meeting.? D Fothergill agreed to find out if the bus companies were subsidised or not. ?C)? Clerk to ask TDBC to provide dead end sign at Charlton Road junction.


11/815 Planning ????




Decision Reached



Application to carry out management work to one cedar tree included in TDBC (CSM No.1) tree preservation order 1977 at Little Havyatt (5 The Glebe), Vicarage Lane, CSM (TD122)

The Parish Council voted by 6 votes with 1 abstention, to support this application.



Erection of agricultural stock handling building at Ham Farm, Ham, CSM

The Parish Council voted by 6 votes to 1 abstention, due to an interest, to support this application.



Variation of condition numbers 2 and 14 to application 14/09/0043 for the installation of two additional windows to the ground floor at West Newton Fruit Farm, Adsborough

The Parish Council voted by 5 votes with 2 abstentions to support the application. 

On visiting the site, the Planning Committee found that the stone wall forming the north elevation had been demolished and was being rebuilt in concrete block.  Apertures for the windows to which this application refers had already been made.  Should this application be 'retrospective planning'?

The Councilors would like to know if it is the intention to face this wall with stone as shown on the plans?

In principal there are no objections subject to the above.  



Erection of two dwellings with garages at Mallow Gardens, land to the east of Mallow, Creech Heathfield (amended scheme to application 14/09/0016)

The Parish Councilors voted by 6 votes with 1 abstention to object in principal to the application.  The eastern boundary has been extended into the paddock which is beyond the Building Line and into the agricultural land. 

Has the applicant applied for the change of use of this land?  If not, then it should be before the application can be approved.

The Councilors also objected to the houses being made bigger.

It was agreed to write to Ms K Marlow to ask why there were no guidance notes on this controversial matter regarding the building line.? More guidance would have been helpful in making a decision.

11/816 Other Planning:







Installation of 3 row of ground mounted photovoltaic panels north west of Adsborough Farm, CSM

Permission granted



Erection of a single storey orangery at Charlton House, Charlton CSM

Permission granted



Conversion of single dwelling to form two dwellings, erection of ground floor and first floor extensions.? A change from flat roof to pitched roof, erection of detached double garage, alterations to the roof line of current garage at Ham Cottage, White Street, Ham, CSM

Permission refused



Erection of agricultural storage building at Langaller Manor Farm, North End, CSM

Permission granted



Erection of first floor extension, insertion of two dormer windows to the front, alterations at the rear to form additional first floor accommodation and repositioning of the conservatory at Ham Orchard, Ham, CSM (amended scheme 14/11/0011)

Permission granted



Replacement of detached garage at 5 Laburnum Terrace, CSM

Permission granted



11/817 ?8.30pm - Cllrs R Rooke and A Bishop left the meeting with no clear explanation as to why. The meeting was still a quorum.? ?The remaining councillors discussed the following:


11/818 ??CSM Recreation Field Update:? a) CSM Recreation Field Report ? Cllr S Hutchings handed out a short report of what had been happening at the Recreation Field.? It was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting. b)? PC Working Party for Recreation Field. ?In view of the working party members leaving the meeting (except S Hutchings) the following was suggested: The WP be disbanded for now.? The RFMC needed more members.? Cllrs K Hunt and K Reed agreed to help out.? The clerk agreed to help out with the Treasurers role.? It was agreed to find out from the Charity Commission what the benefits were of staying with the CC and also to find out how to leave the CC legally.? A separate meeting of the RFMC to agree a way forward was required.? c)? TME Agreement:? This was not discussed at the meeting.


11/819 Parish Magazine: The clerk read out a proposal from the new editor Liz Sparkes regarding increasing the advertising rates and standardising the advert sizes to 4.? After discussion the proposal was agreed. These rates would take effect from January 2012.


11/820 Accounts: Bills to be paid:? a) It was proposed, seconded and agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks salary ?462.65 Clerks Expenses ?57.07, St Michael’s Church ? burial grounds maint. ?315.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning ? bus shelters ?45.00, Durston Tree Surgeons ? footpath maintenance ?425.00 and Merlyn’s Copse ?690.00, British Gas ? Electricity Bill for Rec Field ?100.94.? b)? Notice boards? - After discussion, it was agreed to purchase 2 x A2 red cedar recycled plastic notice boards for ?1,828 + delivery and vat for Thurloxton and Adsborough.? Clerk to place order with Fitzpatrick Woolmer.? c) Draft Precept for 2012/13 ? The Councillors reviewed the draft precept at the meeting. After discussion, it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to set the precept at ?23,275 for the forthcoming year. ?


11/821 Asset Register Risk Assessment Update: Cllr G Lucas reported he had checked the seats around the parish.? Only the seat at North End by the funeral directors required two bolts replacing.? It was agreed to contact British Waterways regarding the 2 benches along the canal, which required repairing.? K Durdan to carry out a report for the remaining items on the asset register.?


11/822 Allotment Update: Cllr K Reed gave a brief update on the position of obtaining the land at Henlade for the parish allotments.? It was agreed to discuss this in more detail at the December meeting.


11/823 Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations:? It was agreed to defer this until the December meeting.


11/824? United Charities Trust:? Phil Dunstan the charity’s secretary wanted clarification that he could remain as secretary, and Ruth Farrow could remain as a trustee, in spite of her no longer being on the PC.? The clerk had received the official documentation which stated the trustee had to be appointed by the PC but need not be a member of the Council.? The PC approved to keep all appointments as is. ?


11/825 Clerks Report: ?a) PSMA License ? clerk had obtained the licence.? She would contact Nigel Finch to find out what was required to put these footpath maps/links to the CSM website.? b)? Footpath T10/20 ? removal of the section which stopped at the M5 motorway had not received an official notification for removal.? It was agreed to find out from Rights of Way how to get this amended.? c)? Salt Bags ? the extra salt bags had been collected by S Hutchings.? He agreed to put two bags down at Coombe, following a request from a resident.?


11/826 Highways: ?a) Clerk to contact Highways ? Bridge & Culvert department to get the culverts at North End cleared on both sides.


11/827 Rights of Way: a) Cllr K Hunt agreed to help out with any issues.? b)? Clerk to report a tree across the steps on T10/20 footpath. ?


11/828 Civil Contingencies Unit: Agreed to defer this until December meeting. ??


11/829 Correspondence: ?






Consultation on Somerset’s Draft Countrywide Parking Strategy ? SCC

Consultation runs from 31 Oct to 20 Jan ? visit www.somerset.gov.uk/transportstrategy or telephone 0845 345 9155 or post Transport Policy, C7 County Hall, Taunton TA1 4DY

To read and make any comments.
Deadline 20 January 2012



11/830? County Councillor Report:? a)? Proposed footpath from North End towards the village ? no further update from Highways.? b)? Atkins/Water Leak refund ? no response to date.?? c) To find out if there is a weight limit on the bridge in village. ?District Councillors’ Reports: ??Nothing to report.


11/831 New Matters to be carried forward:? Salt bins.? ?

The meeting closed at 10.00pm.? The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 5th December 2011 and Tuesday, 3rd January 2012.