/ Parish Council / 2011 Minutes / October 2011

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 3rd October 2011?in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: ?D Durdan (Chairman) R Rooke, A Bishop, R Jeanes, F Bates, G Lucas, S Hutchings, K Durdan, L Davidson, K Reed and Jill Loader (Clerk).? Also in attendance were SCC Cllr David Fothergill, Russell Davis from Civil Contingencies Unit and 5 members of the public.

Public speaking time: ?T10/20 footpath was drawn incorrectly on the Rights of Way map and required changing.? Various street signs from North End corner, Cox?s Hill and Creech Heathfield were missing.? Some speeding signs were obscured by hedging.?? G Lucas agreed to carry out an inspection and report findings.?


11/789 The Chairman opened the meeting.


11/790 Apologies: None

11/791 Declaration of Interest: ?D Durdan? and K Durdan declared an interest regarding the Recreation Field, being members of SPFA. ??Re planning application 14/11/0035 ? D Durdan, K Durdan and R Jeanes declared an interest and would not vote.


11/792? Police Issues:? a)? Speeding through village from Henlade end.? b)? Another volunteer was required to help out on the Speed Watch duty.? c)? Red van in Tristram Drive causing an issue on a regular basis.? d) A New 101 non emergency number was now available to replace the 0845 number.? Always remain vigilant and report any concerns.? ?


11/793 Civil Contingencies Unit Presentation ? Russell Davis from the Somerset Civil Contingencies Unit outlined their plans to have parishes signed up to providing Emergency Accommodation Centres available in case of a large scale evacuation situation which may arise in or out of County.? Training would be available and basic costs would be reimbursed by the County.? It was necessary for the PC to review this requirement and decide whether to sign up to it or not.? Relevant information was left for the PC to review.?


11/794 Minutes from September Meeting: ?One amendment regarding attendance at point 11/782 was altered.? It was then proposed, seconded and agreed that the September minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed the minutes.??


11/795? Matters arising from September Minutes:? a)? The windmill mentioned at the last meeting was not SCC property/land.? It was not known whether any grants for refurbishment was available if the property was not listed.


11/796Planning ????




Decision Reached



Replacement of detached garage at 5 Laburnum Terrace, CSM

The PC voted to support this application.? The replacement garage was only marginally larger than the original and would not impinge upon the neighbours.



Installation of 3 rows of ground mounted photovoltaic panels north west of Adsborough Farm, CSM

The site for erection of these panels is shielded from public view by buildings and hedges and can see no reason to object to the application.? The PC voted to support the application.



Erection of first floor extension, insertion of two windows to the front and repositioning of the conservatory at Ham Orchard, Ham, CSM (amended scheme 14/11/0011)

The PC voted to object to the application.? Two previous applications have been refused.? The current application varies little from the previous applications and the issue of privacy remains.? The PC are in agreement with the comments of the Inspectorate that the proposed works would materially harm the area and local occupiers.? There also appears to be no attempt to improve the foul water drainage system. ?


11/797 Other Planning:







Erection of first floor extension at Lilyhayes, Crown Lane, CH

Permission granted



Erection of single storey extenstion to the side and rear of 10 Crown Lane, CH

Application withdrawn


11/798? CSM Recreation Field Update:? a)? D Durdan and K Durdan left the meeting at this point, due to their declared interest.? ?b) The RF working party had nearly completed the electrics works at the pavilion.? An Electrician would be required to finalise the works and provide a certificate. c)? New water pipes were being installed soon, so the new water meter could be installed.? d)? Minutes from the RF Working party were required, so full council would know what works were being undertaken and any costs involved.?? RFWP to provide minutes.? e)? The clerk stated the costs for a solicitor to send a letter to Atkins for reimbursement due to their damage to the water pipes last year would be ?100 +vat.? Additional fees of ?144 + vat per hour would be charged for further letters.? After discussion, it was agreed to send the paperwork and letters to David Fothergill for him to speak to Atkins on our behalf.? f)? F Bates stated he had sent a letter to the Charity Commission, based on P Kingman-Reed?s document requesting surrendering of the RFMC lease and other queries.? He stated the CC do not meet face to face.? The clerk requested a copy of the letter for record purposes.? g)? Youth Shelter project ? money donated by SCC for the purchase of the youth shelter had to be spent by April 2012.? All paperwork relating to the costs of this shelter were given to F Bates.? h)? Clerk to give details of the Proludic contact to F Bates.?


11/799 TME Agreement: ?a) F Bates stated he had revised the old TME agreement and made some changes, which the PC discussed and agreed.? He had met with TME and they had accepted the draft agreement on 28 September 2011.?? F Bates stated he had spoken to David Greig at TDBC and was told the agreement was legal and if both sides were in agreement it was appropriate to get signed.? It was agreed the Clerk would find out who should sign these agreements and the legality before proceeding.?? b)? TME Water Meter ? TME had not paid for any water since they had been at the field.? At the September meeting it had been agreed TME would make a donation to the RFMC based on an estimate of how much water they had used over the last 8 years.? c)? TME would take over the old water meter once the new one had been installed.? d)? Clerk to obtain a copy of TME?s insurance certificate.?


11/800 Adsborough A38? Group Update:? A Bishop outlined the points raised at the Adsborough Neighbourhood Watch Meeting held on 19th September 2011.? A letter to the local MP ? Ian Liddle-Granger was being sent to see if he could help and to review other options to try and resolve the speeding and problems along the A38 at Adsborough. The group also agreed the PC could keep any remaining money earmarked for the A38 project for any future activity for now.?? Bus Stop Layout: A Revised option concerning the lay out of the bus stops at Adsborouh were shown and discussed.? It was agreed to let Thurloxton PC look at these options too and obtain their thoughts at their next PC meeting in November.? If approved, then these would be presented to SCC Highways for their comments.


11/801 Clerks Report: ?a)? Planning for Play ? both R Rooke and S? Hutchings were booked on this workshop on 12th November ? more details to follow.? b)? Allotments Update: ?Nick Birch had sent an email regarding land at Lipe Lane and whether it was acceptable for Ruishton interested parties to join with CSM.? After discussion, it was agreed to see if land next to the Recreation Field could be used as it was in the parish.? Also, if the land at Lipe Lane was suitable to find out the costs and length of lease available.?? There were no issues with Ruishton joining forces. c)? Agreed to obtain the licence from PSMA to allow the footpaths maps to go onto the website legally.? d)? North end culvert will be cleared in October/November once vegetation stops growing by TDBC.


11/802 Accounts:? Bills to be paid: ?a) It was proposed, seconded and agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks salary ?462.65 Clerks Expenses ?39.25, Telephone Reimbursement (Feb-Aug) ?63.07, St Michael?s Church ? burial grounds maint. ?685.00.? b)? Notice boards ?- it was agreed to defer this decision until the next meeting.


11/803? Highways: ?a) The Clerk read out the responses from Highways relating to the issues reported at the last meeting.? After discussion, it was agreed that Gordon Lucas would contact Graham Warnecke and arrange a meeting to drive around the parish to discuss the issues raised, along with David Fothergill. ?


11/804? Rights of Way: ?a)? Footpath Maintenance Issues: ?The clerk had spoken with A Pipe who apologised for not carrying out the footpath maintenance to date or replacing the bridge at Merlyn?s Copse.? He agreed that these outstanding works would be completed within the next two/three weeks once all materials had been delivered.? b)? Draft Tender documents for Footpath Maintenance and Merlyn?s Copse -? after some slight amendments to these documents, they were approved.? Clerk to make changes and send out.


11/805? Correspondence: ?a)? Notice of Parish Council Election ?- 3rd November -? councillors were asked if they had been approached or knew of any person interested.?? No person had come forward to date.?


11/806? County Councillor Report:? a)? Footpath from Northend towards the village had passed the first stage with Highways.? Awaiting costs.? b)? Creech St Michael would remain in its current Division.? c) New museum in Taunton was very good and worth a visit.
District Councillors? Reports: ??Nigel Finch had been nominated for the Chairman?s Award for Service which was taking place on 20th October.


11/807 New Matters to be carried forward:? a) Notice board quotations to discuss.? ?


The meeting closed at 9.45pm.? The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday 7th November and Monday, 5th December 2011.??