/ Parish Council / 2011 Minutes / September 2011


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 5th September 2011 ?in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: ?D Durdan (Chairman) R Rooke, A Bishop, R Jeanes, F Bates, G Lucas, S Hutchings, K Durdan, L Davidson, K Reed and Jill Loader (Clerk).? Also in attendance were SCC Cllr David Fothergill and 2 members of the public.

Public speaking time: ?E Chown would send the clerk a copy of the public sector mapping agreement license to be able to put the official footpath maps onto the website with permission and for discussion at the next meeting.


11/769 The Chairman opened the meeting.


11/770 Apologies: None


11/771 Declaration of Interest: A Bishop declared an interest in planning applications 14/11/029 and 14/11/027.? D Durdan? and K Durdan declared an interest regarding the Recreation Field, being members of SPFA.



11/772 Outgoing Parish Magazine Editors Presentation:? Michael and Helen Phillips were thanked for all their work in producing the quarterly parish magazine.? They were presented with a card and garden vouchers worth ?100 as a thank you from the PC.?



11/773 Civil Contingencies Unit Presentation ? Deferred until October meeting.



11/774 Minutes from July Meeting: It was proposed, seconded and agreed that the July minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed the minutes.??


11/775? Matters arising from July Minutes:? a)? Pot holes outside Vets on path? b)? Hedges in Ham to cut? c) Only one Bridleway in Ham recognised? d)? Adsborough ? TDBC responsible for clearing sides of road, so drains will work effectively.


11/776 Minutes from August Meeting:? It was proposed, seconded and agreed that the August minutes be adopted as correct.? The Vice-Chairman signed the minutes.?


11/777 Matters arising from August minutes:? None?



11/778Planning ????




Decision Reached



Erection of Agricultural storage building at
Langaller Manor Farm, North End, CSM

The PC voted to support this application as there would be no impact on the landscape as the building will blend in with other farm buildings, and is far enough away from the listed building so as not to interfere with its setting.



Erection of single storey extension to the side and rear of 10 Crown Lane, CH

The PC voted to object to this application as they feltl it constitutes overdevelopment of the site, is not in keeping with other properties in the area and there would be considerable loss of light to the neighbouring property.



Erection of single storey orangery at Charlton House, Charlton , CSM

The PC voted to support this application as they did not consider the garden room to seriously impact on either the existing building or its surrounds.



Erection of first floor extension at Lilyhayes,
Crown Lane, CH

The PC voted to support this application as there was no real impact on the surrounding area or on immediate neighbours.



11/779 Other Planning:







Application to fell 4 sycamore trees and 1 oak and to carry out management work to 1 oak tree at Top Cottage, Coombe, West Monkton

Grant permission



Erection of double garage at North End Villa, CSM

Grant permission



11/780? CSM Recreation Field Update:? a)? D Durdan and K Durdan left the meeting at this point, due to their interest.? ?b)? F Bates reported the Working Party had met with the remaining RFMC members to discuss the way forward.? After discussion it was agreed that F Bates would meet with the Charity Commission to get agreement to surrender the lease and let the PC become Sole Trustees.? c)? F Bates agreed to liaise with Peter Lacey at SALC and Ken Marsh from SPFA and work with the document P Kingman Reed had put together prior to this death.? It was important to get this resolved urgently so development plans could be started.? d)? It was agreed that the clerk could obtain the necessary death certificates of the previous trustees which amounted to ?9.50 each.?


11/781? TME Agreement: The existing TME agreement between the RFMC and TME was not valid, even though it appeared to work successfully.? It was agreed in principle to draw up a new agreement between the PC and TME urgently to resolve the outstanding situation.? F Bates and R Rooke agreed to arrange a suitable meeting with TME to discuss.?


11/782 Clerks Report: ?a)? Bus Shelter Cleaning Tender ?The draft contract for cleaning the PC bus shelters was approved with the following amendments:? Quotes to include both bi monthly and quarterly cleaning times/costs.? Contract to commence in January 2012, and any removal of rubbish to include vegetation.? Clerk to invite contractors to tender.? b)? Diamond Jubilee Forum ? F Bates. K Durdan, K Reed to agree who will attend this forum at TDBC on 26th Sept.?? c)? Planning for Play workshop ? 12 November run by Barnardos ? S Hutchings and R Rooke agreed to attend.? d)? Community Council for Somerset AGM 24 Sept ? K Reed/L Davidson to attend..? e)? SALC AGM ? 24 Sept ? no attendees? f)? Notice of Vacancy for a Member following the death of P Kingman-Reed had been placed on the notice boards.?? Councillors to advertise this vacancy by word of mouth ? deadline 23rd Sept.? g)? CPRE AGM on 8th October at Cothay Manor ? no attendees.


11/783? Accounts:? Bills to be paid: ?a) It was proposed, seconded and agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks salary ?462.65 Clerks Expenses ?47.20, CSM Village Hall rent ?63.00, Nigels Window Cleaning ? bus shelters ?45.00, SLCC Enterprises Ltd for Clerk to attend seminar ?48.00.? b)? 2nd Quarter Accounts were approved. ??c)? R Rooke signed the bank reconciliation dated 26 Aug 2011.


11/784? Highways: ?a)? D Fothergill agreed to find out when the surface dressing from North End to the Old River Bridge would take place.? b)? Pot hole on pavement outside Vets in Hyde Lane still an issue.? c)? Find out when TDBC going to clear out the culvert at North End? d)? Overgrown trees and verges from Hyde Lane development to motor way bridge required attention.? e)? Adsborough ? visibility leaving south junction poor ? hedges required attention. ?f)? Issues raised by G Warburton for Highways to report.?


11/785? Rights of Way: ?a)? Footpath Maintenance Issues: ?R Rooke reported the contractor had not carried out the maintenance on the footpaths to date.? Clerk to write to ask when this was going to be carried out and the bridge in Merlyn?s Copse repaired.? b)? Footpath Maintenance Contract Tender ? it was agreed to draft a tender document for the maintenance of the footpaths and a separate contract for Merlyn?s Copse to present at the next PC meeting.?


11/786? Correspondence: ??a)? Electoral review of Somerset ? D Fothergill outlined the situation regarding the proposed changes to the boundaries being reviewed.? Somerset were due to reduce their number of Councillors from 58 to 55.??? North Curry which included CSM would probably stay the same due to the existing electorate numbers.? b)? Chairman?s Awards for Service to the Community ? it was agreed to nominate Nigel Finch for his continued work with the website.


11/787? County Councillor Report:? a)? M5 J25 had restrictions during evening times for 5 weeks commencing 10/11 Sept.? b)? DF agreed to find out whether SCC own the land occupied by the windmill by the Maypole.? ?District Councillors? Reports: ?Loose manhole cover outside Vicarage Lawns.


11/788 New Matters to be carried forward:? a)? ?Adsborough A38 project ? put together a set of accounts to date for 19th September meeting for A Bishop.? b)? Obtain quotes for two notice boards for Thurloxton and Adsborough for discussion at next meeting.? c)? Clerk to invite Police to October meeting.?


The meeting closed at 8.47pm.? The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday 3rd October and Monday,?? 7th November 2011.??