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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 6th June 2011 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:? ?D Durdan, A Bishop, R Jeanes, F Bates, P Kingman-Reed, L Davidson, S Hutchings, K Durdan and Jill Loader (Clerk).? Also in attendance were SCC David Fothergill, M Jeffery and 20 members of the public.

Public speaking time: G Warburton stated he had obtained a pick up stick for litter.? Overhanging trees around Maypole area required cutting back.? Pedestrian signs could not be seen due to overgrowth.? Policeman recently recorded a vehicle travelling at 120mph along A38.? Crematorium needed a better area for meeting/leaving after a funeral.? It was understood a ?caf?? area was being considered and if PC agreed to write a letter of support to TDBC.? ??There was still one vacancy for a Parish Councillor if anyone was interested.? K Fletcher agreed to speak at the Adsborough Bus Stop - item 8.


11/726 The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


11/727? Apologies: R Rooke, G Lucas ? their non attendance was accepted.


11/728 Declaration of Interest:? R Jeanes ? planning 14/11/0011 and 2006 (0016), K Durdan ? planning 14/11/0014 and 0011, D Durdan? planning 14/11/0011 and /2006 (0016) and /0014 and Durstan Tree Surgeons quote, S Hutchings declared interests relating to Durstan Tree Surgeons quote and Recreation Field Management Committee and P Kingman-Reed to the RFMC.? ?Where necessary the Parish Councillors did not vote.


11/729 Minutes from May Meeting: ?It was noted there was no 11/713 minute which was a typing error.? ?It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the May minutes be adopted as correct.? The Chairman signed the minutes.??


11/730 Matters Arising:? Adsborough bus shelter was reported in poor condition with plant growth obstructing the seating area.? Clerk to contact contractor.?


11/731 Planning ????




Decision Reached



Erection of? single rear extension at 46 Arundells Way, Creech St. Michael

The PC working party supported this application as it was a single storey extension at the rear of the building and would not in anyway impinge of anyone?s privacy and does not affect the appearance on the road.? The PC supported this application.



Removal of internal Wall at Northend Farm, Creech St. Michael

The PC working party had no objection to this application subject to Listed Building consent.? The PC supported this application.



Erection to the ?front, two storey side extension and single storey rear extension at 39?Ryesland Way, Creech St Michael

The PC working party could not see any problems with the extensions to the side and rear of this property.? They did not support the front extension as previously reported as this would bring the front of the property right up to the pavement and outside of the building line of the road and alter the character of the road.? The PC objected to this application.


14/11/2006 (0016)

Installation of external oil tank and boiler to the east of Langaller Manor Farm, Langaller, Creech St Michael.??

The building is a listed building and the PC were given to understand that the Listed Building Authority had been contacted and raised no objection. Subject to that being correct the PC had no objection to the application.
The PC supported this application.



Erection of first floor extension, insertion of two windows to the front and repositioning of conservatory at Ham Orchard, Ham. Creech St Michael

The PC working party had looked again at this property and agreed with the comments as set out in the letter from Mrs Bruce refusing the original application.? It was also noted there was no proposal to improve the sewer arrangements.
The PC objected to this application.



11/732 Other Planning matters: None reported.


11/733 Allotments Update:? Jane Birch from the Allotments Working Party outlined where they were to date with finding allotments in CSM.? Initial interest showed 50 people were keen to have an allotment.? Various pieces of land had been identified and anyone who knew of any other potential sites could they let the group know.? A meeting with the Allotment Association representative had taken place and had given the group important information about setting up and running an allotment scheme.? An allotment site at Middlezoy was very well run and the group wanted to run CSM scheme in a similar way.? Nick Birch continued by stating it was early days with regard to obtaining land.?

They did not want to upset any residents.? He handed out a leaflet explaining all the areas of concern and future ideas of running an allotment.? It was agreed that a public meeting should be held once plans had been drawn up and the allotment group were in a position to finalise details.?


11/734 Bus Stops at Adsborough: ?K Fletcher gave his thoughts to the bus stop and footpath plans from SCC.? An interim measure was required.? The SCC plans were designed as best practise to bear in mind safety but costly.? After discussion, it was agreed that SCCllr David Fothergill would speak to Highways to find out if any road side ?planings? could be used to create a footpath, as this had been done at Henlade P&R and Bishops Hull.?? SCCllr D Fothergill also reported he was still trying to get the bus route to go through Thurloxton village.?? A38 Signage at Adsborough:? A letter from SCC Highways was read out regarding the positioning of the new signs.? After discussion, it was agreed to contact Highways again to find out when the audit will take place and would the independent representatives visit the site.? Clerk to find out whether the signs are sited at the correct distance, inline with Neil Brant?s report.?


11/735 Recreation Field Committee: A lengthy discussion took place regarding the position of the RFMC following their AGM on 26th May, and the two agreements tabled ? Agreement A had been approved at the PC meeting of 7 March 2011 and Agreement B had been put together by Cllr PKR for the PC & RFMC to discuss.?? The RFMC consisted of PC members and football team members.?? The Chairman read out a response from Tonya Meers at TDBC Legal and Demographic department, who had read Agreement B, AGM minutes and other paperwork to address where everyone stood legally.?? The PC needed to agree whether to continue negotiations with the RFMC regarding the agreements, or to take back the responsibility of running the Recreation Field.?? ?If the PC wanted to continue with a management committee, various members needed to declare an interest.?
Confusion had arisen as to why the 2nd June meeting had been cancelled by the PC at short notice.? Cllr D Durdan stated it had been cancelled because some of the RFMC members had been incorrectly voted on, and there were too many members with an interest.? Cllr PKR thought there was a better way to achieve the improvements of the Recreation Field by having a more balanced Agreement in place, rather than Agreement A which was biased towards the PC, and this was why the RFMC had not signed this document.?

Further discussion took place with questions raised as to who would prepare a business plan and manage the site with the S106 funds.? Where did the RFMC stand as it was a Registered Charity.? TME stated they needed to know where they stood, as they had supported the Fun Day and had the local school on site and felt part of the Recreation Field and Creech, and had an agreement in place with the RFMC.? It was finally agreed to have an extra ordinary meeting of the PC and RFMC to motion whether the PC take back in house the management of the Recreation Field, or to continue talks regarding the Agreements and to finalise this.??


11/736 Clerks Report: ?a) Bridge movements at Creech Bridge BWB27 had been reported to British Waterways to investigate. b) Eric Chown required councillor?s short report about them selves and photograph for the website.?


11/737 ?Accounts:? Bills to be paid: ?a) It was proposed, seconded and agreed to pay the following invoices:? Clerks salary ?462.65 Clerks Expenses ?61.66,? Village Hall ?58.50, Community Council for Somerset ?35.? It was agreed to defer the Insurance renewal premium until July, as the clerk was waiting for an additional quote for comparison purposes.? ?


11/738? Highways: a) Blocked drains in Adsborough and silting along road to report.? b)? Northend-? priority vehicle sign request to follow up.?


11/739 Rights of Way: a) Quote for Merlyn?s Copse ? replacement of footbridge.? Clerk to find out whether the quote included hand rails on the bridge.? ??If so, the cost of ?690 was approved.? ??


11/740 County Councillor?s Report:? The Election boundaries are under review.? Approval of ?31m of funding for faster broadband speed has been given and would be completed by 2015.?


District Councillor?s Report:? a) The Conservatives had taken over the leadership administration of the council in spite of there being no overall majority.?? b)? Wessex Water had tabled two roads to get to the sewage works now the Tarmac Road had been closed.? c)? Queens Diamond Jubilee ? ideas that Ruishton PC were planning were mentioned so councillors could give some thought for what CSM could do.


11/741 New Matters to be carried forward:? Queens Diamond Jubilee ? ideas for celebrations
The meeting closed at 9.30pm.? The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 4th July and Monday 1t August (planning only) 2011.??