/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / April 2012

DRAFT Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held at 7.30pm on Friday 20th April 2012

At the Village Hall.

Present: , P Cllr S Hutchings (Vice Chairman of the Parish Council chaired the meeting, P Cllr G Lucas, P Cllr K Hunt, P Cllr Reed. Mr Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCC Cllr David Fothergill, TDB Cllr D Durdan, TDBCllr K Durdan (early part) and 23 members of the public.



Apologies were received from Cllrs Sampson, Bates, Guest and Chetwynd and their reasons for non-attendance accepted.



Minutes of the last Meeting. The Minutes of the meeting held on 15th April 2011 copies of which had been circulated, were agreed. The minutes were then signed by the Chairman as correct.



Matters Arising from the previous meeting. None.



Chairman of the Parish Councils Report. Cllr Hutching read the Chairman’s (Cllr Sampson) report in her absence. Whilst there had been a number of resignations of Councillors and PC officers (these were thanked for their services to the council and village) Simon Hutchings had now been elected vice chair, ?Yamina Guest and Paul Chetwynd had been welcomed and? Fred Bates and Kim Reid have rejoined the PC . There are currently 3 parish councillor vacancies and anyone interested in joining should contact any of the Councillors to find out more about what is involved and to attend the next PC meeting to be held on May 8th at the village hall. Steve Atria had joined as clerk earlier in the year and he was thanked him for his endeavours. Minutes are distributed promptly to the Council and? going forward these will be published earlier so that parishioners have the benefit of seeing what the Council are currently working upon. The Accounts will be on the agenda of the next meeting which is the PC AGM.



Planning & Development
During the year the Parish Council had considered 45 planning applications, with the majority of these being supported after careful consideration for their affect on neighbours or our community. A motion had been passed that allows the PC’s planning committee to consider non controversial applications outside of normal parish council meetings, in order to enable a response ?to TDBC be given more promptly thereby ensuring there are no? undue delays to parishioners planning applications. The development at Hyde Lane nears completion and ?that at Bathpool has ?commenced. The Parish Council notice boards and local press will give details of? public consultation events? regarding further works along the A38 corridor which will affect our parish as they occur. The new Dr’s surgery nears completion.



Highways, Footpaths and Pavements
The PC continues to actively support safety improvements on the roads within the parish. Work is being considered by Somerset County Council Transport to implement a shared vehicle/pedestrian arrangement at North End. Plans have also been submitted to further improve safety on the A38 at Adsborough including a 50mph speed limit with interactive signage, a pedestrian refuge at the Maypole junction and the implementation of bus pull-ins therefore avoiding the bus having to stop on the road and passengers having to walk along the verge.?
There is a petition to support the proposed improvements and parishioners were urged to sign this, in order to support the endeavours to make the A38 safer for both parishioners and motorists alike. The PC wishes to hear of any roads requiring maintenance in the parish and undertook to pass on details to the appropriate authorities. The PC are seeking tenders for the maintenance (grass keep) of the parish footpaths and Merlyn’s Copse and parishioners are asked to contact the clerk if they know of anyone that may be interested in carrying out this work.



Parish Magazine
The parish magazine has a new editor, Liz Sparkes and is distributed each quarter. She, the main distributors and the volunteers who carry out the door to door deliveries of the magazine were thanked. It is intended that future editions will include more about the activities of the PC and the village.



The ‘Web Team’ where thanked for providing an excellent resource for parishioners past and present.
All the speakers were thanked for agreeing to provide an interesting and informative insight into their work.



Recreation Ground.
The PC are currently consulting on their proposals for installing play equipment on the Recreation field and artists drawing where on display. Cllr Hutchings asked for feedback on these proposals and made it clear that the funding to build this was reliant on funding from David Wilson homes which had yet to be received. A new youth shelter has already been installed.



Sarah Ashton of Somerset Community Council
Sarah outlined the Village Agents Project. Creech St Michael along with Ruishton, Thornfalcon and West Monkton have been chosen as the projects pilot area. The project has been given 2 years of lottery funding to employ a suitably skilled individual p/t in the community as a village agent. The agent will assist vulnerable people and get answers to questions in a wide range of areas. Examples given were acquiring grab rails, dealing with problem youths, transport issues, etc. The position is currently being advertised with a closing date of May 11th. A short film of the service in action in Gloucestershire was shown. It is hoped SCC will also

finance the project after the pilot. DF advised that the pilot project would be evaluated and decisions taken afterwards



PCSO Stephen Chapman of the Avon and Somerset Police.
SC explained that he was part of the local team along with PCSO Lyndsey, two PC’s and their Sergeant. He provided contact details and encouraged parishioners to make contact with him. The Police rely on citizens to keep them informed of what is happening in the village. For Emergencies only use 999.
SC spoke on “Cold callers”. He advised considering not opening the door to them. He suggested that as all sellers must have photo id they be asked to show it. There had been a local case in Ruishton recently where he and six colleagues had responded within 6 mins to a call. He had spoken to them and their company and as two had no ID they where told not to continue calling and the remaining two callers agreed to cease.
SC advised that the Police Force had acquired some bicycles and that these would be stored and used locally, including along the canal path.
In response to a member of the public who asked what action should be taken if a lorry heavier than the 18 ton bridge limit is seen using the bridge. He advised that details of the vehicles owners and license number should be reported to him. He may then take a number of actions including raising with SCC Highway engineers or if persistent with the Traffic Unit who can take action against the company involved.
Cllr Reed expressed her concern about the speeding by the village shop and asked if he would support a 20mph speed limit. SC advised they were no longer being put in place. He would encourage community police watch to be out there at busy times. DF suggested a speed strip be requested so speeds could be determined.
Further questions included what action should be taken if a driver is seen using a mobile telephone whilst driving (SC advised to report details to him) and had crime increased in the village.SC advised it had not. Recently an arrest had been made for starting a fire and a warrant issued for an arrest following a burglary.
SC advised that he would stay and make himself available to answer questions after the meeting.



Carol Francis of the Devon and Somerset Fire Service.
CF spoke on safety in the home. She advised that 50/60% of fires are caused by unattended cooking. She suggested buying an inexpensive timer and keeping it with you are prone to distractions. If anyone is concerned about an individual they should advise CF so she can provide support. 17% of Fires are caused by electrical items, particularly TVs, tumble driers and washing machines. She recommended not leaving analogue TVs on standby overnight and regularly cleaning filters in driers to prevent build up of inflammable fluff. 10% of fires are caused by smoking. CF advised that a glass or ceramic ashtray should always be used and emptied carefully and smoking in bed avoided at all times. Other dangers Carol highlighted included putting clothes dryers too close to open fires, taking care in the use of candles by keeping away from furnishings, not leaving them burning unattended and standing them on glass or ceramic. She also recommended avoiding placing glass ornaments in places on sunny days where the sunlight may be magnified and poor handling or storage of electric blankets. CF informed the meeting that the Fire Service holds once a year on a specified advertised day an electric blanket inspection service in Taunton, that the most vulnerable people can still have a home visit and for those with hard of hearing an assessment with the sensory loss team can be arranged to see if they will finance a special alarm. Carol advised residents to have an escape plan on how to get out of your home in the event of a fire and highlighted that a working fire alarm (which should be checked once a week) will give 20 mins notice in the event of a fire thereby allowing an escape by normal exits. In response to a question about carbon monoxide CF recommended having one close to any appliance that burns gas. She highlighted that whilst they won’t go off if its gas itself that is leaking it will if carbon monoxide is given off. She then highlighted the merit of routinely changing batteries each time, perhaps, when the clocks change.



Tony Murray of the Doctors Surgery Patients Group
Tony advised that he chairs a new patients Group which was set up three months ago to be the voice of patients. The new medical centre should start to open on a phased basis in august. A 100 people had attended a recent open day and it was intended, once open, to hold further open days. The new surgery was larger, would offer more services, better parking and an independent pharmacy (which would deliver to patients who are incapacitated).



Nigel Finch of Somerset Web Services.
NF designed the new website 5 years ago and runs it at no cost to the parish. He encouraged everyone to make use of it. Nigel explained that it is updated daily and he highlighted some of the key features (PC agenda/minutes (since 2005), some 250 pictures (many of CSM in 1920’s), links to the Gazette, news, crime figures, bus timetables, bridge closures, what’s on, the “about” page (which is packed with details of history), the hall of fame (which recognises local unsung heroes). He thanked Eric Chown for comprehensively listing the hundreds of people buried in the church yard and for helping to keep the site upto date.



Jerry Wilkins of the Taunton Model Engineers
JW explained his club had run the model railway on the recreation field for the past ten years? They give passenger rides and have an additional? site in Vivary Park in Taunton. He advised TME had raised ?650 for charity. His club has H&S concerns over the proposals for play equipment to be sited on the recreation field. TME are keen to maintaining their close relationship with the PC and offered to help overcome these at their next meeting to be held on Tuesday 24th April which Cllr Hutchings is to attend.
Meeting finished at 9pm.



Future meetings: 8th May 7pm - Annual Parish Council Meeting. 11th June - Parish Council Meeting.



Minutes of a Meeting held at 6.30pm on Friday 20th April 2012
in the Village Hall.

Present: ?S Hutchings (Vice Chairman of the Parish Council Chaired the meeting), G Lucas, K Hunt, K Reed and Steve Altria (Clerk).



12/73. ?Public Speaking. No members of the public asked to address the Council.



12/74. ?Apologies were received from Cllrs Sampson, Bates, Guest and Chetwynd and their reasons for non-attendance were accepted.



12/75. ?Declarations of Interest. No declarations where made.



12/76. ?Planning. ?The Councillors considered the following applications and decided;






ERECTION OF CONSERVATORY AT 1 CARAY GROVE CREECH ST MICHAEL. To support this replacement conservatory.



To advise TDBC that as this was an adaption to a listed building they would support the decision of the Conservation Officer (whose decision had yet to be advised)



12/77 Correspondence ?
The Clerk advised the following correspondence had been received;






Sheet 2009 -13/165 providing an outline of the National Planning Framework (NPPF).



Temporary Road closure notice for Knapp Road, North Curry on 8th May 2012 to allow pole renewal works to be undertaken.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 7pm.



Future meetings: Annual Parish Meeting ? Friday 20 April 7pm.? This meeting is for all electors ? doors open at 7pm ? meeting starts at 7.30pm.? 8 May - Annual Parish Council Meeting.11th June - Parish Council Meeting.




Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 4th April 2012
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: C Sampson (Chairman from 12/54), S Hutchings (Vice Chairman from 12/56), G Lucas, K Hunt, P Chetwynd, K Reed (from 12/55) Y Guest (from 12/55) (Parish Councillors). Mr Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCC Cllr David Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan, TDBCllr K Durdan (part), TDBC Parish Liaison Officer David Grieg and members of the public.?



12/53. Public Speaking. No members of the public asked to address the Council.



12/54. Chairman. The Clerk opened the meeting and asked Councillors to consider appointing a Chairman. Resolved.? That Cllr Sampson be appointed Chairman of the Parish Council.



12/55. Vacancies on the Parish Council. There are five vacancies. The Council can co-opt upto three individuals. An election may be required if sufficient citizens come forward. Two members of the public showed interest in being Councillors and explained why they were able to assist the Parish. Cllrs voted to co-opt and they completed their acceptance of Office. Resolved. That Kym Reed and Yamina Guest be appointed as Parish Councillors.



12/56. Vice Chairman. The Chairman asked Councillors to consider appointing a Vice Chairman. Resolved.? That Cllr Hutchings be appointed Vice Chairman of the Parish Council.



12/57. Apologies were received from Cllr F Bates and his reason for non-attendance was accepted.



12/58. Declarations of Interest. Cllr Chetwynd declared his interest in a planning application he had made.



12/59. ?Minutes of the last Meeting. The Minutes of the meeting held on 5th March 2012 copies of which had been circulated, were agreed. Councillors congratulated the Clerk on the quality of the minutes and the introduction of resolutions. The minutes were then signed by the Chairman as correct.



12/60. Matters Arising from the previous meeting. None



12/61. Working Group Memberships. Councillors considered their working arrangements. Resolved That the memberships of Groups be Planning Cllrs Hutchings, Bates and Chetwynd, Rec Field Cllrs Hutchings, Bates, Reed and Guest, Highways and fly tipping Cllrs Lucas, Hunt and Sampson. Footpaths. Cllrs Hutchings and Chetwynd, Complaints and Grievances Cllrs Reed and Chetwynd, Grievances and Complaints Appeals Cllrs Sampson and Hutchings, Disciplinary Cllrs Bates, Guest and Hunt, Disciplinary Appeals Cllrs Sampson, Hutchings and Lucas. ?Cllrs Sampson and Hunt to oversee that nothing is forgotten from the previous minutes. PC represented by R Farrow at the Twinning Association and United Charities.
That membership of other Groups be agreed as required.



12/62. Recreation Field. Somerset Activity and Sport Partnership are visiting to assist their development of a Somerset Sports Facilities and Playing Pitch Strategy. The gas meter is not showing a reading. A discussion took place about dogs being on and fouling the pitch and enforcement. Cllr Hutchings reminded the Council that ?119000 and ?68200 were due to be paid by David Wilson Homes under the S106 agreement to TDBC which is to be used to fund improvements. Consultation was currently being undertaken with the School and preschool children. DF suggested Councillors examine the new equipment at Hatch Beauchamp and near Asda in Taunton. DD also suggested French Weir Park and offered to provide books with ideas. Resolved that the Clerk raise the issue of dog fouling with Environmental Health and investigate the existence and/or possibility of a byelaw being in place, that he resolve the Gas metering issue and that he undertake the administration associated with the Field (including informing the Charity Commission). Cllr Hutchings to check with TDBC to ascertain the S106 monies had been paid and to lead a working party to review the play equipment and come back at the next meeting with a range of ideas having also consulted the Police and the Parishioners’ at the forthcoming APM.



12/63. Highways. It was noted that since notifying SCC of the potholes on the old river bridge that SCC ?had completely resurfaced the bridge. A Max Weight Warning sign at Hyde Lane (by the Bus stop) would be soon be covered by an adjacent hedge. It was suggested that the sign be better located forward or backwards along the street. Cllr Chetwynd raised that a new post had been installed at North End Corner without a sign. Resolved. To take up DF offer to investigate the purpose of the empty pole and to raise relocating the sign with SCC. A38 Adsborough Hill. Cllr Sampson advised that DF had been previously asked to submit this scheme to SCC and that he had advised that having a consultant’s report would assist the case. ?Resolved. That Cllr Sampson instruct SLR Consulting to provide the required report and plans at a cost of ?1090+VAT.



12/64. Correspondence. (1) Somerset Association of Local Councils (SALC) offering Chairmanship Training and a training course for Clerks on “Preparing for End of Year and Accounts Update”. (2) SHAL Housing has issued an Invitation to attend the opening by J Browne MP. of their joint scheme with Knightstone Housing at Hyde Lane? on 20th April. (3) Avon and Somerset Police requested help to identify any bonfires or fireworks on the Creech St Michael side of the M5 motorway on the evening of the 4th November 2011. (4) The Community Council for Somerset had held a village Agent Introductory meeting on the 29th March at the Village Hall. The aim was to improve access to services. (5) Mr Chown had copied the Council into correspondence he had sent to TDBC asking them to address the damage that saplings growing on the canal bridge are causing (6) SCC Waste Policy Officer wrote on the 27th March to advise that the Somerset Waste Core Strategy Development Plan document had been submitted to the Secretary of State.(7) Mr Warburton had sent to the Council a copy of his concerns over a number of public transport issues locally he had sent to SCC Resolved: (1) That Cllrs Sampson and Hutchings attend the SALC Training (2) That Cllrs Hutching and Hunt attend the SHAL Housing event. (3) That the Clerk inform the Police that neither the Council nor the public in attendance are aware of any bonfires on 4th November evening. (4) Community Council for Somerset are to explain the Village Agent scheme at the APM. (5) That the Clerk write to British Waterways and that DF raise with SCC the bridge damage. (6) The Waste Core Dev Strategy doc can be found on the SCC website at www.somerset.gov.uk/mineralsandwaste (7) Councillors are to consider public transport at their next meeting.



12/65. Accounts. The clerk advised of the payments due. Discussion took place regarding request for payment Resolved. to make the following payments: Quality Service Printers - ?195 as payment for printing the parish magazine; SALC for ?20 for Clerks training; Mrs T Habberfield - ?742.50 for Temporary Clerk duties; Clerk - ?115.21 for expenses as per detailed schedule submitted; Clerk - ?462.65 Feb and March Salary; HMRC - ?115.66 Tax due for Feb and March on Clerks Pay; Clerk - ?370.12 for April salary; HMRC - ?92.53 Tax due on Clerks April Salary; Chris Prince - ?233.80 for electrical work at the Rec Ground; Cllr Hutchings - ?652.77 reimbursement of the Rec Field insurance he had paid. The Councillors decided not to join the Community Council and asked the Clerk to query a TDBC invoice sent for emptying the dog litter bin. Bank Signatories. It was noted that with the resignation of Cllrs that the Council is left with just three Bank Signatories. Resolved to add Cllr Guest to the list of signatories (with any three of four to sign). Auditor. DG advised that the external auditor Moore Stephens would cease as external auditor from the end of the financial year 12-13. Resolved to retain Bryan Howe as Internal Auditor.



12/66. Planning. Cllr Hutching advised that the planning working party had visited onsite the following application and explained why they recommended that the PC support this;





(AMENDED SCHEME TO 14/10/0032)

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.

The Chairman explained that an application by Cllr Chetwynd for the conversion of an outbuilding at GREENACRES, CHARLTON ROAD, CREECH HEATHFIELD to form ancillary accommodation to the main dwelling had been received from TDBC after the last Parish Council meeting. Acting in good faith following the resignation of two members of the planning panel and the hospitalisation of the remaining member of the panel the remaining Councillors had examined the application in order to ensure a reply was submitted within the 21 days period. The Cllrs had decided to support the application. DG advised that in such cases there were three options open to the Council; To call an additional meeting of the PC, to apply to TDBC planners for an extension of the 21 day period and for the Council to agree, in the case of non-controversial applications (such as porches) that the decision can be delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the planning panel.? Resolved that the planning panel make decisions on future non controversial applications in consultation with the Clerk when they fall to be considered between meetings and that an extension to the time period be requested to enable the Council to consider two applications just received at an additional meeting to be held on 20th April.



12/67. Footpaths. The landowner of the footpath T10/20 at Langaller was being required to maintain it despite it not being used as it had been cut off by the building of the motorway. DF advised that SCC had still got it registered as a footpath and therefore the owner of the land needed to apply for an extinguishment order. Resolved. There is no further action that the PC can take. Footpath T10/21 between Langaller Road and Green Lane, Brittons Ash ran though where the builders are and nothing had been seen to modify or extinguish the footpath. DF advised that TDBC would have to consider the footpath as part of the builders planning application. Resolved. The Clerk make enquiries of TDBC. Cllr Hutching had received a quote for cutting of footpaths which he passed to the Clerk.



12/68. Parish Magazine. Cllr Sampson advised that the Parish Magazine had been distributed. The deadline for the mid June edition is the 15th May. Resolved. PC to ensure more editorial content be included on PC and TDBC activities and that the PC advertise the opportunity for co-options.



12/69. Annual Parish Meeting. The Clerk reported that the Police and Fire Services had confirmed attendance. The Police had asked if a specific topic was required and ‘Cold Calling’ was suggested. DG advised no specific signing was required internally at the APM and that it was a meeting of the Parishioners which the PC Chairman chaired.? Resolved the Clerk to ask representatives from the allotments and TME if they would like to speak at the APM and for Cllr Reed to ask the Church Ladies if they would like to make the teas.



12/70. Boundary Commission DF explained that the BC had been examining the SCC electoral divisions. DF advised that SCC had now come up with cross party supported counter proposals which he outlined and recommended. It was noted that these placed Creech St Michael with Ruishton and that West Monkton (without the new development which would be in CSM) be linked to Staplegrove.? Resolved The Clerk to inform BC of the PC support for SCC proposals.



12/71. County and District Councillors Report. DF was asked if there was any progress on having 30mph painted on the road within the 30mph limit at Henlade and that new signs had been installed at Corfe in a similar situation. Resolved DF to raise the 30mph sign painting on the road with SCC. Cllr Guest raised the need for a pedestrian crossing in the centre of CSM. DF advised that there is a poor sightline which presented problems. Cllr Reed suggested a 20mph limit. DF said that these are unenforceable, he was aware the problems of cars speeding and drivers being distracted but parked cars were helping to slow traffic down. Resolved DF to research options and for CSM PC to consider further at its next meeting. DD advised that an event was being organised at the County Cricket Ground for that arrival of the Olympic Torch flame procession on the 21st May. Tickets are available from the TDBC Offices or the Tourist Info Centre. TDBC had brought out the Government restrictions that had formerly applied which required it to return half of Council Housing rent collected to the Government each year and which had prevented it from building new Council housing. As a result TDBC would recommence building new council houses. DD was asked if the new Houses in Hyde Lane were principally being occupied by local people as originally intended. Resolved that the Clerk ask TDBC what the actual local allocation had been.?



12/72. Matters to carry forward to the next meeting. ?(1) The wooden railings at the field at Langaller are broken.? Resolved. DF agreed to investigate who had given David Wilson Homes permission to place a sign in the grass verge by the stream at Langaller as this would identify the owner of railings so he can be asked to repair them. (2) A quotation for the installation of two notice boards at Adsborough was passed to the Clerk. Resolved The Clerk to obtain a further quotation and two quotations for the maintenance of the three other notice boards. (3) Cllr Lucas asked if a listing of Trees with preservation orders on them could be obtained. Resolved The Clerk to obtain from TDBC. (4) Fencing adjacent to the five bar gate at Merlin’s Copse is missing. Resolved that Merlin’s Copse be an agenda item for the next meeting. The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20pm.



Future meetings: Annual Parish Meeting ? Friday 20 April.? This meeting is for all electors ? doors open at 7pm ? meeting starts at 7.30pm.?8 May - Annual Parish Council Meeting. 11th June - Parish Council Meeting.