/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / August 2012

DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 6th August 2012 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd, G Hodge, K Hunt, G Lucas, K Reed, S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill and members of the public.


12/148. Public Speaking. J Withey raised her concerns about the impact of the planned works at Wessex Waters Ham Treatment works, particularly on the highway where 140 additional lorry movements per week of upto 42 ton lorries were envisaged over 15 months. F Bates asked why the Parish Councils minutes and the agenda where not on the public notice boards. At Cllrs request the Clerk advised Mr Bates that these had been posted on 6 notice boards for over a week previously (Note from Clerk these were actually posted on the 20th July).


12/149. Chairman Welcome. Vice Chair Simon Hutchings in the Chairman’s absence welcomed all to the meeting.


12/150. Apologies. Cllrs C Sampson (Chairman) and Y Guest.


12/151. Declarations of Interest. KR declared her interest in planning application 14/12/0024 and SH declared his interest in planning application 14/12/0024 and the Allotments.


12/152. Minutes of the last meeting. The Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd July, a copy of which had been previously circulated, were agreed with three amendments. That Cllr G Lucas had attended the meeting, that Cllr K Reed had declared her interest in two planning applications by LAT Access at the Former Paper Mill Site (Nos 14/12/0019 and 0020) and at 12/132 the caravan is sited opposite Lashpool Farm, not Lashford Farm. The minutes were then signed by the Chairman as correct.


12/153. Allotments. SH abstained. KR advised that the Allotment Society had held its first Meeting of potential Allotment Holders on 13th July 2012 at which 16 potential allotment holders had attended and a further seven had sent apologies. To be known as the Creech Parish Allotment Society the Committee members are: Chair ? Michael Berryman, Secretary ? Rachel Mathias, Treasurer ? Margaret Penn, Chris Ellis, Jill Nightingale, David Sheppard. The CSM PC is to lease land at Creech Heathfield from the landowner and in turn rent it to the Allotment Society. The Allotment Society would manage the site, pay CSM PC its rent and collect its income from the allotment holders, both those who had come forward now and those who would like an allotment in the future. The project is now at the solicitor’s stage. A fee of ?400 had been agreed. It is envisaged the documentation will be signed later this month. Resolved. That the fee be met by the PC with half recoverable from the Creech Allotments Society (payable over 5 years) and that DF help the Society to submit a grant application for ?500 funding.


12/154. The Localism Act. The Clerk explained that when this new legislation had been implemented on the 1st July the Government had abolished the Standards Board for England and amended the standards regime that was in place. The Code of Conduct had been abolished and Councils are now required to adopt a new Code of Conduct and to update some of its standing orders. Details of two different model Codes (one from the Nat Assoc of Local Councils and the other from Somerset Assoc of Local Councils) had been previously circulated to Councillors for consideration. The Council can draw up its own code but Councils have been recommended not to do that as breeches are then made much more difficult. Resolved. To encourage all Councillors to attend the training currently being offered by SALC and to postpone a decision until the PC meeting in September by which time it is hoped Councillors will have been trained.


12/155. Emergency Centre. The Council considered the SCC Civil Contingency Teams request for assistance in the event of an Emergency. Resolved. That the Clerk advise SCC it was not in a position to provide the support required.


(1) Payments and Income received. Payments
made: Clerks Salary ?370.12, HMRC Tax on Clerks Salary ?92.53, Clerks Misc & Travel Expenses ?92.32, I S Pike for Merlyn’s Copse Maint ?450.00, CPRE Annual Membership ?29.00 and SALC Standards Training ?40.00 Monies received and banked. None prior to the meeting. KR passed to the Clerk a cheque for ?450 for use of the rec field during 11/12 and a further ?72 for its use in august. The Clerk advised that the charges had not yet been set for the new season as he had yet to ascertain the costs and that he had this in hand for the next Council meeting. In the interim he would bank the cheque and if required an adjustment can be done subsequently.
(2) Risk Assessment. The Clerk asked the Council how it wished to undertake its annual risk assessment. Cllrs agreed to share the task with the Clerk on a voluntary basis (Clerk has details).


12/157. Planning. (1). Applications received:









To support the application with the proviso that the solar panels are reduced in height by widening and lowering the proposed installation e.g. instead of panels being double height, the panels are located singly over a wider area (e.g. behind the existing boundary fencing).




To support the works which the PC believes will enhance the property.
The PC voted unanimously to support the application.


(2). Monkton Heathfield Development. The Council discussed the update it had received from TDBC. Councillors had many questions which remained unresolved. Resolved. That a senior member of the TDBC Planning team be invited by the Clerk to update the PC on this major development within the Parish. (3) Wessex Water Ham Sewerage works improvements. A lengthy discussion took place over the proposed work by Wessex Water. The concerns centering over the access arrangements for the considerable number of lorry movements over 15 months of these works, the further phase of works and the inadequate consultation that had taken place by Wessex Water during the previous month. Resolved. That the Clerk set up a meeting for two weeks time with Wessex Water. Also to be invited are the local residents (via J Withey), SCC High Ways, SCCllr Fothergill, Ruishton Parish Council and Jeremy Browne MP. (4). GH raised that when visiting planning sites he had nothing to establish his credentials as a Parish Councillor. He asked if an ID Card could be made available to Cllrs on the planning panel. Resolved. The Clerk to investigate what other PC’s have in place and to propose a solution.


12/158. Canal Car park After the discussion that had taken place at the July meeting the PC had decided to review whether it wished to purchase the Canal car park. KR asked who would be responsible for the access road. DF advised the PC would be beyond the railway bridge and that the bridge was the responsibility of Network Rail. Resolved. To withdraw from the decision to purchase the canal car park.


12/159. Salt Bins. DF advised that salt bins where available to be purchased via SCC Highways for ?140. Cllrs identified seven potential sites; 1. Mill Lane (end by Bridges). 2. West View triangle of grass. 3. Arundells Way (by notice board). 4. Dillions Road/St Michaels Road Junc, 5. North End (by notice board). 6. At Adsborough by one of the junctions with the A38. 7 On A38 behind Maypole PH. Resolved. That the seven potential sites identified by Parish Councillors be shared with SCC Highways for their acceptability of siting, that the salt bins be coloured green and that the PC makes a decision on which sites and number of bins it purchases at its Sept meeting.


12/140. AOB. (1). Bus shelter at Adsborough. KR raised the amount of vegetation around the Shelter. Resolved. That the Clerk ask I Pike to quote for removing and a decision to be taken at Sept meeting. (2) SCC Chairman Award. KR suggested a local resident for a SCC Chairman’s Award. Resolved To support the nomination by KR and that she and the Clerk draw up the nomination papers.


The meeting closed at 8.25pm.


The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday 3rd September and Monday, 1st October 2012


E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net