/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / December 2012

DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 3rd December 2012
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd, S Creighton, G Hodge, K Hunt, G Lucas and S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill (to 12/240), TDBCllr D Durdan (to 12/240) and 20 members of the public.? ??


12/242. Chairpersons Welcome.
Cllr Hutchings welcomed everyone to the meeting.


12/243. Public Speaking. ??????????????????????????????????????
13 members of the public asked to address the Council.
(1) Eric Chown explained that he had contacted Webber bus following the flooding and that they had agreed to develop a contingency plan for the route when they can’t run normal services
(2) John Saunders asked who cleans the ditches. DF advised SCC Highways, the Highway Agency and landowners. JS advised that the silt extracted had been put on side to dry but had then been left. He had spoken to TDBC as it should only be left a week and before it was removed it had been washed down from the bank causing flooding
(3-4) Phil Larkham and Terry Smith also advised they had been flooded. DF advised that the Highways Agency was responsible for the drain from the motorway down to West View. Eric Chown explained that this is called the River Preen. GL advised he had asked Highways to clear the North End culvert and DF confirmed they had checked it, that there is wood put there to ensure the culverts flush through and that adjoining landowners were responsible for either side of the banks. DL advised half the culvert appeared blocked. Resolved. GL and PC to examine and report on the flooding
(5) Phil Lancombe asked why dogs had been banned from Merlyn’s Copse. SH advised the Parish Council had been undertaking a programme of management and would consider his request. Resolved. To respond to this at the next meeting.
(6-10) Linda Concreve, Anni Venn, Paul Lambert, Gary Knight and Steve Pike expressed their objections to planning application 14/12/0032 outline application for the erection of a bungalow in the garden of 8 Heathfield Close, CSM on the grounds that Crown Lane road access ?is a single track with no passing places, that the developments would create additional traffic, on safety grounds, that there is inadequate parking planned that it would create an unwelcome precedent and inappropriate density. It was noted that this was a drove way.
(11) Simon Steele-Jenkins of Strategic Land Partnership advised he had come to answer any questions as he represents the owner of the land at Hyde Lane (see planning agenda item 12/247 (1) below)
(12-13) Barbara Williams and Adrian Wilbey of Henlade Scouts who explained they supported the SLP planning application as it provided their preferred site for a new Scout Hut for local young people.


12/244. Vacancies on the Parish Council.?
SH explained there is a vacancy to which the Council could co-opt. No member of the public showed interest.


12/245. Apologies.
Cllrs Sampson, Reed and Guest.


12/246. Declarations of Interest.
CS had submitted a dispensation request to enable all Councillors to take part in the discussions on the precept. Resolved. To grant the dispensation to enable all Councillors to participate in the precept determination discussions at this meeting and at the next meeting on 7th January. GH declared an interest in planning application ?14/12/0036 ?


12/247 Planning.
(1) Developer led Applications.








The PC unanimously agreed to ask TDBC to put this application on hold until road access into and out of the village has been improved (including widening, adding a footpath and installing lighting), the overcrowding in the School has been dealt with and a guarantee is provided confirming that those with housing need in the Parish have priority to the low cost houses built. The PC welcomes the offer of a site for a Scout Hut.

SH introduced TDBC Planning Officer Bryn Kitchen. BK had been invited to explain how planning schemes being received from developers at different times should be evaluated given TDBC minor planning development policy and to respond to the PC desire to ensure highways issues are addressed and enough School places are provided in advance of any developments.? BK explained that TDBC is obliged to determine applications as they are received and the Government was encouraging TDBC to do this promptly. He advised that if the PC wishes to have its view on an application considered as part of the TDBC decision making process then the PC needs to advise TDBC of its views on the applications as they are submitted. Ruth Farrow Chairperson of the CSM School Governors advised the PC that the Schools Planned Admission Number had already been increased last year to 240 in eight classes and that currently there are 242 pupils. She advised that the development at West Monkton would provide for three additional classrooms at West Monkton School. Pupils from further developments off Hyde Lane would be additional pupils who would need to be accommodated in CSM School. RF explained that the School already had age split classes. It was acknowledged that this causes challenges. RF advised that any money received from developer S106 money for education would go to SCC to be ring fenced for CSM School but they would decide what goes where at the School. SSP confirmed there would be contributions for both education (Secondary ?92,000 and Primary? ?85,000) and to improve the Highways ?277,000 as well as others; such as for play and community hall provision. It was noted these sum s would not be adequate on their own. BK advised there would also be funds for play equipment; this is likely to be ?52,000 though he added that these figures where starting points as TDBC would decide the actual figures when they determined the application and that there can be some flexibility on occasions so that something could be afforded by switching funds between categories. A discussion took place on the impact of further building had on flooding. BK explained materials specified would allow some absorption rather than simply cause runoff and that attenuation ponds would also be provided; it was noted that the pond adjacent to the new Health Centre was empty throughout the flood suggesting a problem. A dialogue took place on how best to guarantee that those in the Parish with a housing need had priority for any low cost housing to be built. RF reminded Councillors that though TDBC had promised this last time in the event those with a need had not registered their need and the low cost houses went to other from within the Deane who had. AW explained that the Scout Group was full with local children and he explained the difficulties the Scouts have with their accommodation. SH confirmed the PC was supportive of the Scouts and would take their need into account. Conversation turned to highways issues. BK explained that he had not yet had a view from highways on this application. The PC was reminded that previously planners had advised that Hyde Lane may be closed beyond the cottages. It was identified that Hyde Lane is narrow and is used extensively both by school pupils enroute to the secondary school and as an access to and an exit from the village which becomes vital in periods of flooding. The PC suggested the lane is in need of widening, having a foot path and lighting being installed before further development can take place whilst the sum being provided could only be a contribution and with no guarantee it would actually be spent on Hyde Lane. DF advised that the PC to make it priorities known and to repeat these at each opportunity. ???????????????????????
(2) Wessex Water Ham Sewage Works. Resolved. The Clerk to obtain from WW and circulate an update on the provision of an alternative access route.
(3) Lapthorne, Adsborough. TDBC has yet to make a decision or set a date for the planning mtg to consider this application.
(4) Applications;








The Parish Council voted to object to this application. The application would create a precedent at this location which the PC does not want in the village. In addition the Parish Council noted the application does not provide for a garage and anticipates that a subsequent application would be likely.




The PC unanimously supported this application.? The porch replaces an existing canopy; it has brickwork to match the existing property and has no adverse visual impact when viewed externally.




The PC unanimously supported this application as it replaces an existing conservatory to the side and is largely to the rear in filling a gap in the building and as the neighbours are not obstructed nor are there windows in the build overlooking them.


12/254. Minutes of the meetings of the Council.
(1) The Minutes of the meeting held on 1st October had previously been circulated to Cllrs. A request for amendment to the minutes of the public speaking had been received from the public but held over for consideration until the Chairperson had reviewed the request. That had now taken place and the Chairperson had agreed to partially accept the requested amendment from Richard Perry.
Resolved. To accept the minutes of the meeting of the 1st October along with the request previously agreed from Eric Chown at the meeting of 5th November and an amendment to the public speaking minute which would now read “Richard Perry asked what is planned for the recreation field and enquired what consultation had taken place. CS explained that the PC is currently undertaking a tender process to procure play equipment and that consultations had taken place with various organisations in the village and that neighbours of the site, like all parishioners, were welcome to comment and were invited to do so as part of the overall consultation process that were undertaken. CS invited Richard Perry to stay on and listen to later discussion on all aspects of the field”.
(2) The Minutes of the meeting held on 5th November had previously been circulated to Cllrs. Resolved to agree these minutes without amendment.?
(3) The Minutes of the meeting held on 19th November had previously been circulated to Cllrs. Resolved to agree these minutes with two amendments (1) The PC observations on Planning Application 14/12/0036 outline application for residential development of 35 no. Houses, scout hut, recreational open space and associated works at land south of Hyde Lane, CSM to read “to ask TDBC to put this application on hold until road access in and out of the village is improved and the overcrowding in the School has been dealt with. A request has been sent to TDBC Planners to work with the Council in order to evaluate the merits of various applications seeking to be permitted under the TDBC plans for development sites outside of major schemes” (2) The PC observations on Planning Application? 14/12/0033 construction of pedestrian access to include 10 no. Step stairwell and 1m high metal railings at Fairview, North End, CSM to read “the PC agreed (with one abstention) to support this application but to request a change of colour of the materials to a dark red or brown to enable this to blend better with the neighbour's stone wall”.


12/255. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 5th November.
EC was asked if he had a reply to his planning enquiry agenda item 12/250 (4) concerning fencing on open plan estates and he confirmed that he had.


12/256. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 19th November.
(1) The old medical centre. The Clerk was asked what name had been decided. He advised that the PC recommendation had been communicated timely to its owner but a decision had yet to be made.
(2) Notice boards. In order to address the need for a replacement board at North End and to improve access to the notice board in the Village centre GL suggested that the old notice board at North End be removed, that the board currently in Arundel Way be relocated to North End (alongside the bench) and that the large board at the garage be resited in Arundells Way. The Clerk reminded the PC that the current notice board at Arundells Way was left open and utilised by Parishioners to advertise community events. DF advised the PC would need to get Highways agreement to a board in a new location. Resolved. The Clerk to get quotations.
(3) Tristram Drive. The Clerk was asked what was happening to get this pathway clear. The Clerk advised that he had written again to the householder with overgrowing Leylandi and Elderberry but as it had been agreed that the letter would be hand delivered he was not aware if that had been done yet. Resolved. YG (KH also offered) to visit.


12/257. Correspondence







Informing the PC that The Council of The National Association of Local Councils have decided to set up a Smaller Councils’ Committee which will include 3 representatives from smaller Parish Councils. Any member interested should complete a nomination form by Monday 3rd December. Elections will take place on Tuesday, 11 December 2012.

Nomination forms are available from SALC tel 252515.


Richard Perry

Thanking the PC Rec Field Panel for meeting him on the 6th October 2012 and for allowing him to express his concerns regarding the proposed playground development.



R Rooke

Sent the PC a copy of his letter to British Gas informing them yet again that he should not be invoiced for the Pavilion Gas supply at the Rec Field

The Clerk coincidentally had spoke to BG the day before receiving the copy letter in order to further check that BG had correct billing address and BG has since sent a written guarantee that Mr Rooke will not get any more correspondence.


Avon & Somerset
Police Lynsey Gamblin

Apologies for not attending the PC meetings in the last few months and advising she can’t attend on the 3rd Dec as invited but will attend the Parish Council in the new year.




Society of Local Council Clerks

E Newsletter



Creech Parish Allotment Society

Proposing an amendment to the Tenancy Agreement

Carried forward to next meeting.


South West Ambulance Service Trust (SWAST)

Advises that an External Defibrillator boxes for Community Public Access Defibrillators can be purchased through SWAST at ?650 plus VAT per External Box.

It was noted batteries last 4 years and the equipment had been issued last week.


SCC Highways

Advising that a decision on whether to install a Speed Indicator Device in CSM will now be made in December. The PC has requested installation to be rotated between five sites within CSM.

SCC have yet to decide which Parishes are to have these.


Sharon Warner

Thanked the PC for the work it was doing to provide play equipment and advised she is looking forward to her children being able to use to equipment in preference to her children having to play in Meredith Close.



Wessex Water

Advises of intention to construct new sewers in CSM in order to alleviate sewer flooding to a number of properties in Laburnum Terrace and Mill Lane.  To do this we will have to partially close a lane on St Michael Road (North of Creech Bridge) and Ham Lane to the south of the river Tone.  Advises there will be future discussion with parties and that St Michael Road is due to be re-surfaced in 2013 and Wessex Water aims to construct the new sewer before this occurs to avoid a road embargo.

Clerk asked to get an update from WW on the access road and project.


Cllr C Sampson

Request for a dispensation asking for all the Councillors to be permitted to take part in the discussions and to agree the precept interest of local residents. Also applies to 7/1/13 meeting.

Dispensation request agreed.



Details of the Government response to localising support for Council Tax policy update.

This is a complex technical document that will require debriefing (yet to be received).


12/258.? Recreation Field.
(1) Update on play equipment and a MUGA. SH advised that Tenders had now been received and these are currently being evaluated. The contract remains on course to be awarded before Christmas and the play equipment installed by Feb 2013. The PC has conducted reference site visits. Porter Dodson Solicitors and Francis Clark Accountants are supporting the procurement and the independent Play Inspection Co will undertake a safety inspection post installation but prepayment. It was noted TDBC agreement to the PC choice of contractor had yet to be obtained; the Clerk advised that as the Chairperson and himself had kept TDBC informed throughout the process and had agreed each stage with them he envisaged this being forthcoming once asked. Resolved. To delegate the decision to appoint the contractor to the playing field panel following the evaluation of the tenders.
(2) To consider the appointment of a caretaker. KR and SW had attended the SCC event to commence a Community Warden scheme however they felt this would not be suitable for a caretaker appointment. Resolved. To explore further the appointment of a p/t caretaker who principle duties would be to maintain and enhance the Rec Field though this could include other similar duties to the benefit of the Parish.?
(3) Reinstatement of the verge used as a site office. The Clerk has spoken to David Wilson Homes who had cleared and levelled the site but he is still waiting for a decision on whether they would replant the bulbs that had previously existed. Resolved. The Clerk to write to DWH advising that the clearing had not been done well enough, that as the grass seed had been scattered but not raked in it had got sodden and had been killed off, that the walkway surface to right of the recreation Ground was poor (by the bollards) and that the speed humps needed installing.
(4) Ownership of verge. The Clerk advised that Stuart Bailey of the Highway Agency had telephoned further acknowledging the PC request and that he had explained they are still considering the request and that he will advise of their decision in due course. ?
(5) The panels review of the budget. SH advised that to work out the cost of a football match it was reasonable to accept that the grass cutting and insurance have to be paid for regardless and in effect only white lining and the charge for a short use of the pavilion were attributable. Decisions need to be made about how to attribute costs before we can agree the costs of the pitches. It was noted that 2/3 teams were the maximum to avoid over use. It had also been indentified that other pitches are charged in the region of ?30/35 per game (incl white lining).
(6) No car parking signing on the field gate. The clerk advised that KSigns SW Ltd had installed a permanent sign and that it is still in situ.
(7). Donation to the Recreation Ground by Gwyneth Bryant. CS has yet to ask the undertakers who the beneficiaries of the collection were and to ascertain who had distributed.
(8) TDBC Community Play Grant Scheme for 2013/14. The Clerk explained that match funding was available on a competitive basis with other Parishes to fund upto half of the cost of equipment. Teenagers are the priority this year (2013/14) and the fund had a total of ?20,000.00 available. He asked that if Councillors intend to bid then the match funding should be provided for in the precept being proposed for next year. ?
(9) Memorial Benches. SC advised that she had put a notice in the Parish Magazine asking if anyone would like to put a memorial bench on the recreation field. The next step is to select a standard bench and to address who would own them, how they can best be securely fitted and who would insure and maintain them. Resolved. SC to bring forward proposals.


12/259. TME. TME raised the existence of the Playing Field Management Charity.? SH advised that though the Charity did still exist it had just one trustee, that the Management Committee had no legal right to have sublet part of the field to TME, that the agreement had expired and that as the legal owner the PC was now working with TME to issue a new Lease once terms had been agreed and that was the only way forward.? TME suggested that a small number of Councillors meet with TME representatives to discuss the points they have, to agree terms and to bring back the document for PC agreement shortly. Resolved. SW, KH and GL agreed to meet with TME and discuss proposals for subsequent PC agreement and documentation by Porter Dodson Solicitors.


12/260. Highways.
(1) A38 Adsborough. DF reported that plans are to begin being drawn up next week.
(2) Salt Bins. The Clerk had ordered the 7 black grit bins for the following locations. 1. Mill Lane (end by Bridges).2. West View triangle of grass. 3. Arundel's Way (by notice board). 4. Dillions Road/St Michaels Road Junc, 5. North End (by notice board). 6. Adsborough in front of ‘Godfreys’, 7. Maypole PH (On SCC advice next to the new notice board). ?Resolved. On their receipt the Clerk is to arrange collection, filling and siting delivery by SCC.
(3) Speed Indicator Devices. SCC had written advising they would be now making their decisions in December. CSM had asked if it could be rotated between? 5 sites. The suggested locations are 1. On the main road through Creech Heathfield heading towards Creech St Michael near to the Crown Inn turning 40mph limit applies.2. On the main road into CSM from Langaller where the 30mph limit begins just before the mini roundabout (Next to Merlin’s copse). 3. Between the railway and canal bridge on the way into CSM 30mph applies. 4. Next to the Baptist Church tracking traffic on the way out of the village heading towards Henlade 30 mph applies. 5. On the road to Creech Heathfield from CSM next to the Old Police House 40 mph applies. It is noted that SCC scheme only provided for a SID where a speed limit of 30/40mph applies.
(4) Defects. GL advised that he would report to SCC Highways a pothole at the junction of Sycamore Close and Mill Lane and that he had already reported a missing finger post at Cheats Road.


12/261. Footpaths and Pavements
(1) North End. GL reminded the PC that SCC are to start installing a footpath scheme over 30yards at a cost of ?20 000 in Feb 2013.
(2) St Michaels Road. PC raised that the hedging was growing out at one point causing the steps and pavement to become too narrow. Resolved. SH to identify the owner and inform the Clerk who will write to the home owner. ?


12/262. ?Merlyn’s Copse. The Clerk advised that the stream had now been dug out. SW advised that the no dog signs may be seen as the Council not liking dogs. Resolved. To review at the next meeting if the Councils ban on dogs in MC should be relaxed.


12/263. Parish Magazine. SC explained that the team of volunteers was working together well and the latest edition had now been produced complete with a splendid colour cover. This is being now distributed and is being well received. A request was made for the font being used to be reviewed in order to make it easier to read.


12/264. Housing Needs Survey.? KH advised that he has this in hand.


12/265. ?No Called Calling Zone. Resolved that as KR is taking forward making the Village a “No cold calling zone’ she update the PC at the next meeting on progress.


12/266. Accounts.
(1) Invoices to be paid. Clerks December Salary ?598.48,? HMRC Tax due on Clerks December Salary ?149.62,? Clerks November Expenses? ?197.88 ?Gus McWilliams for removal debris from MC stream? ?140.00,? I S Pike for digging out bank behind Adsborough Bus Shelter ?150.00, K Signs (SW) Ltd for providing and fitting signs for Rec Field and MC.??????????? ?114.00 and the Society of Local Council Clerks Membership Renewal for 2013 ?127.00 .
(2) Monies banked. ?20 from M Lockton and ?40 from Masterplumb for Parish Magazine adverts and TDBC Grant of ?2155 (Playing Field ?1840 and Burial Ground ?315).
(3). Precept. The Clerk circulated the draft precept. He explained that it was based on a standstill payable by house holders in the Council Tax with a draw on reserves of ?2,500; in effect a net reduction for Parishoners as inflation could normally be expected. He acknowledged that some projects planned had not proceeded but also recognised that some unplanned projects had been delivered too and the costs of each effectively cancelled each other out. The Clerk went through each budget line explaining the current spend, likely year spend and the forecast for the year. He asked Councillors to reflect on the year ahead, to identify any individuals that they may wish to undertake and to be prepared to make a decision at the next Council meeting on 7th January on the precept. Resolved. The Clerk was thanked for an excellent draft precept and asked to establish from TDBC how much a PC should retain in reserves. ?


12/267. To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports. No reports were made.


12/268. Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting? None.?

The meeting ended at 10.45pm

The next parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 7th January and 4th February 2013 all beginning at 7pm.

E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net