/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / February 2012

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Tuesday 7 February 2012
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:? R Rooke (Chairman), A Bishop, S Hutchings, G Lucas, K Hunt, C Sampson, F Bates, P Chetwynd (Parish Councillors) and Mrs T Habberfield (Temporary Clerk).? Also in attendance was TDBCllr K Durdan and members of the public.? Apologies were received from SCCllr Fothergill and TDBCllr D Durdan.?


12/17. Chairman’s Welcome.? The Chairman opened the meeting.? It was agreed that Cllrs Hunt and Sampson would work together to ensure pending matters are brought back onto the Agenda as appropriate.?


Public Speaking:? A request was made that up to date Agendas and Minutes be posted on the Website, and this was agreed.? PC Gamblin said Ruishton Parish have had 4 car break-ins and 3 lead thefts.? The finger post at Charlton Road saying “Charlton Road” should also say “no through road”.? There is a road sign missing at the bottom of Dillons.? These matters will be reported to SCC.


12/18.? Co-option of new Parish Councillor(s)? Fred Bates and Paul Chetwynd indicated they were interested in being co-opted as Council members.? These gentlemen left the room.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Fred Bates and Paul Chetwyn be co-opted onto the Council, and they were invited to take their seats.? They signed their Declarations of Acceptance of Office and Public register of Members Interests.? .


12/19.? Declarations of Interest: the Chairman reminded members of the Code of Conduct and asked them to speak up if they have any interests to declare regarding agenda items.? No declarations were made.


12/20. ?Minutes of the last Meeting: ?12/11.? “and has been installed” was substituted for “but not yet installed”.? It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes were correct.? The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes, countersigned by the Clerk.? Amended versions of the November and December 2011 were proposed, seconded and approved by 6 votes with 2 abstentions.? The previous unamended minutes would remain in the book with a line scored through them.


12/21.. Matters Arising from the previous meeting:? 12/02 ? SSC report that the fence is the responsibility of the landowner.? Efforts would be made to find out who this is.? 12/14 - regarding the bus stop moving to the crescent, SCCllr Fothergill had reported that the bus stop in Castle Way is not being moved.? Other than First Bus, buses stop at Castle Way.? 12/03.? Salt Bins ? it is still not known if these have been ordered; if not, they would be ordered during the summer.? 12/07. ?Recreation Field Youth Shelter ? this has been ordered.? S12/07.?


12/22.? Recreation Field/Taunton Model Engineers:? There has been a frozen pipe in the toilets.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the pipes would be lagged.? There is difficulty in finding the stopcock ? a concrete slab will be put in place to mark the stopcock site.? All is clear on the electrical system certificate.? TME Agreement: a meeting would be arranged with TME.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Cllr Bates be appointed a member of the Recreation Field Working Party.


12/23.? Highways.? Cllr Lucas said notice had been received from SCC that an 18 ton restriction is to be placed on the railway bridge in CSM from both directions ? to apply to all vehicles of 18 tons and over apart from emergency services.? Graham Warnock of Somerset Highways has put the following items on his worksheet: clearing of the overgrowth between the viaduct and the River Bridge; cutting the overgrown hedge at White Street.


12/24.? Correspondence.? (1) Email from SCCllr Fothergill asking if the youth shelter has been ordered, if not would the Council presenting the money to the school for a project.? It was agreed that the money is still required for the youth shelter.. (2) Email from Alan Govey advising that on 15 January 12 trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order were cut down at Llangaller.? Mr Galley of SCC said that the landowner had not been informed of the TPO and therefore no action would be taken.? SSC agreed to inform the PC regarding TPOs in the future.? The area would be replanted with trees and a hedge.? (3) Miss Imogen Mansfield sent a letter asking for sponsorship of her dancing career.? A letter would be written to her stating that unfortunately the PC does not have the power to sponsor individuals within the Parish.?


12/25.? Accounts:.? Cllr Bishop said that strenuous efforts had been made with Santander to get the new signatories installed but had no success to date.? It was agreed that if the bank had not responded satisfactorily by the end of the week then the Chairman would write to Santander and D Greig would send guidance as to the wording.?? The Chairman had paid an overdue account and members signed a statement to say that ?2454.79 is owed to the Chairman by CSM PC.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to thank the Chairman for his actions in protecting the reputation of the PC.


12/26: Footpaths and Pavements. A complaint has been received about a loose stile at the end of Worthy Lane (T1013 or T1011).? This has been reported to the Footpath Officer.? The bus shelters require cleaning and estimates have been requested.? It was suggested that the most recently used contractors are asked.? Grass Cutting.? There was some discussion as to whether Merlyn’s Copse requires cutting each month.? Only one estimate has been received for grass cutting and more are required.? A notice is to be put on the website that the Council is inviting quotations and the matter will be raised at the next meeting.?


12/27.? Newsletter:? A new distributor is required because the present one is no longer able to do it.? An appeal will be placed on the Website and Councillors Hutchings, Sampson and Lucas will collect the next edition from Belvedere Road.


Clerk’s report:? Regarding the search for a new Clerk, a number of applications have been received and a shortlist made.? It was agreed that the Chairman, and Cllrs Bishop and Sampson would conduct the interviews with T Habberfield also in attendance, at 2pm on Monday 20th February at the Village Hall.? This panel would select the successful applicant.


12/28(a)? Planning Applications received:






Erection of conservatory to the rear at 1 St Michael Cottages, Vicarage Lane, CSM.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.



Erection of agricultural storage building for storage of feed and implements at land to the rear of The Barn, Charlton Rd, CSM.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application provided a stipulation is made that the building is to be used for agricultural purposes only.


12/28(b)? Other Planning Matters:? It was proposed, seconded and agreed by 7 votes with 1 abstention that Cllr Bates be appointed to the Planning Panel.


12/29.? Annual Parish Meeting:? This will take place on Friday 20 April.? The police have will have a stall.? Tim Burton and Roger Mitchinson of TDBC will make a presentation on the housing development between CSM and Walford Cross.? Redrow will also be in attendance.?


12/30.? County and District Councillors Report.? TDBCllr K Durdan reported that there is a damaged manhole cover in Crufts Meadow.? She requested that copies of Agendas and Minutes be forwarded to herself and Cllr D Durdan as a matter of course.


12/31.? Matters to carry forward to the next meeting:? Grasscutting, Youth Shelter at the Recreation Field.

The Chairman closed the meeting to the Public and Press in order to discuss staff matters.

The meeting closed at 10.25pm.


Future meetings: Mon 5 March, Mon 2nd April,?? Annual Parish Meeting ? Friday 20 April.? This meeting is for all electors ? doors open at 7pm ? meeting starts at 7.30pm