/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / January 2012

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Tuesday 3 January 2012
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present:? R Rooke, A Bishop, S Hutchings, G Lucas, K Hunt (Parish Councillors) and Mrs T Habberfield (Temporary Clerk).? Also in attendance was SCClr D. Fothergill and members of the public.? Apologies were received from TDD Cllrs D Durdan and K Durdan.


12/01. Election of Chairman.? The Clerk asked for nominations for Chairman.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that R Rooke be Chairman.? The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was signed and countersigned by the Clerk.


12/02. Public Speaking:? Clare Sampson said that endeavours continue to get the A38 at Adsborough improved and in this context she would be grateful for a copy of notes relating to meetings on 30 March and 14 April 2010.? SC Councillor D Fothergill said that he would provide a copy of these documents.? Members of the public also said:? It is important public meetings regarding the Llangaller development are advertised well, and regarding public meetings the main hall is normally available on Fridays only. It is important to guard against the village becoming even more of a rat run.? The fence by Merlin’s Copse on the Llangaller side requires repairing but it does not belong to the PC and it is not known who the landowner is.?


12/03.? Chairman’s Welcome:? The Chairman said that the Clerk Jill Loader had left suddenly in December and letters of resignations had been received from P Cllrs D Durdan, K Durdan, L Davidson, Kim Reed and R Jeanes.? These matters would be discussed at a later date pending the taking of professional advice.? Vacancies will be advertised in due course.? As a result of the recent election Clare Sampson had returned unopposed; she would officially assume her duties on 4 January at 12 midday.? The February meeting would now take place on Tue 7th February instead of Mon 6th.? The PC had agreed to purchase salt bins but it is not known if these had been ordered by the Clerk before her departure, but efforts would be made to find out.? The Chairman added that a great deal of rubbish was strewn around the village after a recent storm, and Parishioners would be reminded to keep the village tidy through the Newsletter


12/04. ?Apologies:? Apologies were received from TDD Councillors D Durdan and K Durdan.


12/05.? Declarations of Interest: the Chairman reminded members of the Code of Conduct and asked them to speak up if they have any interests to declare regarding agenda items.? No declarations were made.


12/06. ?Minutes of the last Meeting: It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed that the Minutes were correct.? The Chairman signed each page of the Minutes, countersigned by the Clerk.?


12/07.. Matters Arising from the prevous meeting:? M. 22: it is not known if the Youth Shelter which SCC are subsidising had been ordered but efforts will be made to find out and ensure it is ordered before the March deadline.? M.18: discussions regarding the Recreation Field would take place at the next meeting.? M.21. an estimate had been received for grass cutting which would be discussed at the next meeting.


12/08 (a) planning:? O7.12.11.? 14/11/0047.? Erection of ground floor and first floor extensions, change from flat roof to pitched roof and alterations to the roof line of the current garage at Ham Cottage, White Street, Ham, Creech St. Michael. An application for 2 dwellings was submitted late in 2010 but was turned down.? This application is for a single dwelling.? The planning working party’s opinion was that the work would improve the appearance of the property.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support the application.? 07.12.11.? 14/11/0048.? Erection of combined covereded car port/bin store / bike store and garages to serve no’s 1 and 2 St. Michaels Cottages, Vicarage Lane, Creech St Michael.? ?The planning working party were concerned about the lack of space within the garages and the probability that vehicles would be obliged to back on to the highway due to a lack of turning space.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to oppose the application.? 16/12/11.? 14/11/0049.? Erection of detached garage at Highgrove,? Creech Heathfield.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support the application.? 21/12/11.? 14/11/0051.? Installation of two dormer windows to the front elevation of 3. Crown Lane. Creech Heathfield. ?It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support the application.


12/08(b) Other Planning Matters.? Notice of consent has been received for the removal of a tree in Vicarage Lane which had been subject to a Tree Preservation Order.


12/9.? Monkton Heathfield Development.? A Bishop said that on December 12th a meeting took place with the developers, Mr Tim Burton and Roger Mitchinson.? Also present was Sarah Hamilton-Foyn from Pegasus planning Group.? Embarrassingly and disappointingly, only 4 Parish Councillors attended.? Two people came from Gloucestershire to present the meeting.? Cllr Bishop put forward the idea of forming a Development Panel comprising those Councillors who attended, i.e. Cllrs Hutchings, Lucas, Hunt, Rooke and Bishop.?


12/10.? Accounts.? The Chairman said no bills can be paid at present as there are insufficient signatories to sign cheques. ?He and Cllr Bishop would be attending Santander on 4th January in order to rectify this.? Cllr Bishop is a signatory at present and Clare Sansome said that she would be happy to become a third signatory, along with the new Chairman.? It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Mrs Habberfield would charge ?15 per hour as temporary Clerk on a self employed basis.? This amount was to include any expenses she might incur, such as fuel.?


12/11.? Recreation Field.? Water meter is on site and installed.? It was agreed that a thank you letter should be written to M&M Contractors who carried the preparatory groundworks.? Monies are still outstanding from Creech Cougars football team.


12/12.? Highways.? Nothing to report


12/13.? Rights of Way.? It has been reported that horses are being ridden along the towpath and the riders are also taking a vehicle along the towpath, causing damage.? British Waterways have been informed.? Fencing at the canal car park requires mending, and SCC D Fothergill said that this belongs to SCC.


12/14.? County and District Councillors Report.? SCClr Fothergill said he is aware the PC has difficulties at present, and wishes to assist where he can.? The bus stop in Castle Way is not being moved.? It was clarified that Mrs Habberfield is working on a self employed basis as temporary Clerk.? Parish Councils are now responsible for employing permanent Clerks and liaising with Inland Revenue.? He said he would chase up queries re width restrictions going through the village. Website requires updating and the Webmaster would be doing this on his return from holiday.


12/15.? Correspondence Received.? A thank you letter from St Margaret’s Trust for the ?25 donation; SPFA request for ?19 subscription - this will be carried forward to the next meeting; letter from Local Works asking for a donation ? it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that no donation will be made.


12/16.? Matters to carry forward to the next meeting:? SPFA subscription; Civil Contingency; letters of resignation from Parish Councillors, payment of outstanding bills; estimates for grass cutting, appointment of main distributor for magazine.


The meeting closed at 8.20pm.