/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / July 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 2nd July 2012 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: C Sampson (Chair), P Chetwynd, G Hodge, S Hutchings, K Hunt, G Lucas, K Reed, S Wellman [from 12/128], (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan and members of the public.


12/126. Chairman Welcome. Cllr Sampson welcomed all to the meeting.


12/127. Public Speaking. No members of the public asked to address the Council. DF raised on behalf of a villager the condition of the playing field behind West View/Paddocks Close as dogs are being allowed to foul the area. CS reminded the PC that TDBC had already been asked to cut more frequently. Resolved. That the Chairman monitors the field for the next month and then advises the PC of her findings.


12/128. Vacancies on the Parish Council. Cllr Bates had submitted his resignation in writing so there are now three vacancies. He is to be thanked for his work. The Council can co-opt upto two individuals. A member of the public showed interest in being a Councillor and he explained why he was able to assist the Parish. Cllrs voted to co-opt and SW then completed his acceptance of Office. Resolved. That Steve Wellman be appointed as a Parish Councillor.


12/129. Apologies. None.


12/130. Declarations of Interest. SH declared an interest in the allotment project and KR explained she and others had objected to the allotment site suggested previously. It was noted that the Council as a whole would be making decisions and not individual Cllrs. Cllr K Reed declared her interest in two planning applications by LAT Access at the Former Paper Mill Site (Nos 14/12/0019 and 0020).


12/131. Localism Act. The Clerk explained that this new legalisation had been introduced from the 2nd July would require the Council to adopt a new Code of Conduct and some amendments to Standing Orders. The act brought new standards and introduced a criminal offence of not declaring a pecuniary interest. Resolved . That the Clerk circulates draft codes, that Councillors consider these and at their august meeting make decisions in order to agree a new code and that the new CofC/SO be effective from the Sept meeting.


12/132. Minutes of the last meeting. The Minutes of the meeting held on 11th June, a copy of which had been previously circulated, were agreed with two amendments. At 12/115 (1) the request for a speed strip should refer to being outside the village shop and not in Hyde Lane as also stated and at 12/124 The caravan is sited opposite Lashford Farm, not National Farm. The minutes were then signed by the Chairman as correct.


12/133. Matters Arising.
Allocation of the Housing in Hyde Lane. GH reported that he had made enquiries of SHAL Housing Ltd who had explained that the allocation of properties had been under the Home finder Somerset Choice based lettings system (which is points based) and that there was no agreement in place to prioritise villagers. DD advised that Leslie Webb of TDBC had sold the development to CSM PC on the basis that the houses would be for villagers. Some Parish Councillors agreed. Resolved. That the Clerk and KH write to Councillor Jean Adkins, Executive Councillor for Housing Services of TDBC in strong terms asking why Housing Allocation priority had not been given as promised to parishioners.
Static Caravan at Charlton Bridge Farm Stables (Opp Lashpool Farm). The Clerk reported that he had spoken with John Hardy the TDBC planning enforcement officer and had been advised that this larger caravan is to replace the existing touring caravan (which has yet to be removed) as a rest room. As it is not connected to services or is being used residentially it does not require planning permission. JH is keeping this under review.
(3) Horse riding on the canal towpath. A discussion took place as horses continue to be ridden, however the individual concerned had yet to be identified. Resolved. Individual Councillors are to try and identify who the rider is.
(4) Change of Bankers (Current Acc only). The Clerk had acquired the forms needed to open an account with HSBC as agreed at the last meeting and he advised that he would be liaising with those Councillors who are bank signatories regarding its completion.
(5) External Audit. The Clerk advised that he had sent off the Annual Return and Accounts following the internal audit to Moore Stephens for their external audit but he had yet to receive their report.
(6) Donation to the Recreation Ground by Gwyneth Bryant. CS had spoken to the Funeral Directors who did not have contact details of the Executors. The Clerk had written to her sister but the letter had been returned endorsed no longer at this address without a forwarding address being provided. CS advised she was going to try the registrars next to see if they hold Executors details.
(7) Wessex Waters planned Improvements to Ham Sewage Works. GH advised that he had been informed that the planned public meeting to be held by Wessex Water to explain the improvements had been postponed to a date towards the end of July which had yet to be fixed.


12/134. Recreation Field.
(1) Playground Equipment. SH explained that the Tender documents had been prepared in draft and that the Clerk is to assist further. Landscape Architects may cost around ?5, 000.00 to undertake the tender process which it is hoped can be avoided. David Carpenter of Southwest One is advising. The tender will be on a supply and fit basis though DC is keen alternative equipment can be proposed in order that the PC can consider any such proposals. CS made it clear tender acceptance criteria was not just about cost but about durability and quality. This was agreed.
(2) Rubbish Bin. GH reported that the cost of a suitable replacement bin was around ?350 plus a further ?150 if an internal fire extinguishment device is required. Resolved. Working Party to ask TDBC if they have a spare bin or will source one more reasonably; any procurement to be in liaison with the Clerk.
(3) General Status. CS advised that the PC had let in 1980 for thirty years the Field to the CSM Rec Field Charity No 1075320. This lease had not been renewed in 2010. In December 2011 the PC had decided to manage the field directly; this effectively terminated the need for the charity. The PC would now support the sole trustee to close the Charity so that he can meet his responsibilities. In Sept the PC would now need to formalise the management of the field going forward. CS explained she had taken advice from Somerset Assoc of Local Councils and they had advised that we should set up a subcommittee with delegated powers and a membership made up of representatives of the PC and the field users. CS envisaged that this subcommittee would take the operational decisions required but that major decisions would be reserved for the PC. Resolved. That YG advise users of the proposals for the future management of the field and the Clerk obtains a copy of the Land register to clarify boundaries.
(4) Pitch Lining. A discussion took place over who is to white line the field in future. It was noted that a grant is given by TDBC. The discussion highlighted the need for the new management arrangements to be developed. Resolved. That the Clerk along with KR produces a draft budget as a step towards determining the charges to be levied.
(5) Removal of container. Resolved that YG arrange removal asap.
(6) Site Improvement. GH raised that the verge next to the Rec Field that had been used by David Wilson Builders is in a poor condition and in need of some reinstatement. SH advised that the working party is to meet to agree further improvements. He hoped volunteers could repaint the outside and repair the drainage down pipes/fascias. PC highlighted the need to remove the ragwort by weed killing. Resolved. That the Clerk write to DW Homes asking them to improve their former site area and that the working party be given a budget of upto ?400.00 in order to paint the outside of the pavilion, to replace the fascias and guttering, to remove the ragwort and any other misc improvements identified.
(7) Locks. SH advised that the replacement of the lock as part of the planned improvements had yet to be done.
(8) Fencing. Resolved to examine once the immediate improvements had been completed.
(9) Resolved that YG investigate grants available to refurbish/rebuild pavilion and liaise with users to see what pavilion facility is required


12/135. Agreement with TME. CS explained that Cllr Bates had worded an amendment to the draft agreement and now that he had left he is to be asked by the Clerk to provide that wording. CS then advised she had spoken to both SALC and the Parish Liaison officer and they both recommended legal review of the proposed agreement in order to ensure that the Councils interest is protected. The Clerk explained that he had got two quotes. Resolved. That the PC employs Porter Dodson Solicitors to review the proposed lease with TME, that the Chairman, Vice Chair and Clerk are to sign the agreement, that the Councils costs be recovered within the rent cost over time and for the Clerk to ascertain, notify to and collect all sums due from TME.


12/136. Highways.
(1) A38 Adsborough.
CS asked SCC Cllr DF for an update on the scheme. DF advised that it was still being deliberated alongside other schemes within SCC.
(2) North End pavement. DF advised that this project was to be advanced shortly by SCC.
(3) Verges at Ham and at Adsborough. DF and the Clerk both advised by SCC that these two sections of verge had been missed by the contractors and that they will now be cut before the 28th July.
(4) Ditch/verge erosion
in Charlton Road. SCC have advised that they intend to do work in the near future beyond Greenacres.
(5) The hedge between the Viaduct and New Bridge is overgrown forcing pedestrians to walk around. Resolved. SCC to be informed
(6) Ragwort. Concern over the amount of ragwort growing in the Verges was expressed, particularly at Durston. Resolved. SCC to be informed
(7) The hedge between the telephone box and Doctors Surgery is overgrown. Resolved. TDBC to be informed.
(8) A361 Burrowbridge is going to be closed from 10th Sept for two weeks in order to enable work to be carried out.
(9) Hedge at Charlton Road. PC had spoken to the owner who had agreed to cut but this has yet to be done.
(10) The grass on the river bank footpath between Bull St and Ham Bridge T10/6 which was too high has now been cut following the PC request.
(11) Footpath T10/21 between Langaller Road and Green Lane, Brittons Ash
. As nothing had been seen to modify or extinguish the footpath and builders are on site the Clerk had made enquiries of TDBC planning and they had advised him that footpath is believed lost as a result of the detailed planning permission for the eastern relief road. Resolved. The Clerk, PC and KH to write to TDBC (copy to be sent to all Councillors and DF) to ensure the footpath is retained.
(12) Stile in Worthy Lane. DD advised that the bottom step of this stile (by the telephone box) was loose. Resolved PC to report to SCC.


12/137. Correspondence.







Play Equipment Project for Hyde Lane, CSM advising European Union Tender will need to be undertaken to ascertain best value.

Contrary to previous advices and tender process will delay installation.



Employment and Housing Land Supply Review 2012.

Looking for details of Land availability. Deadline 20/7/12


Chairman of SCC

The Chairman of Somerset County Council, is seeking nominations for the “Chairman’s Awards for Service to the Community”.

No nominees were identified at the PC meeting.



Closure of A361 at Burrowbridge for 2 weeks commencing 10th Sept in order to enable work to be carried out on the bridge.

Diversion signs will be in place.


Connecting Devon & Somerset Broadband

Newsletter to keep members of the public and businesses updated on progress with the Programme for faster broadband. link;  http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=1415d22716954dd0403e82f8a&id=c683635d4b

For information. Faster broadband to be delivered by 2015


SCC Civil Contingencies

Explanation of the ‘Emergency Accommodation Centre’ Project and request for the CSM PC’s involvement.

CSM PC to consider at August meeting and then to reply.


Lisa Takle

Enquiring if the consultation on Play equipment to be installed at the Rec Ground had consultation with the preschools and the occupiers of new Houses in Hyde Lane.

Extensive consultation including the School children and preschools has taken place as has wide consultation within the Community.



12/138. Accounts.
(1) Payments and Income received. Payments
made : Clerks Salary ?370.12, HMRC Tax on Clerks Salary ?92.53, Clerks Misc & Travel Expenses ?140.81, British Gas Rec Field Pavilion electricity ?103.97, Chairman Expenses ?12.97, L Davidson Parish Magazine Flyer Printing ?37.41, Quality Service Printers Parish Magazine Printing ?195.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Bus Shelters Window cleaning ?45.00, Wessex Water Rec Field Pavilion Water ?11.30, I S Pike Notice Board maintenance ?80.00, IS Pike MC Copse and footpaths Main ?685.00, Came and Co Parish Insurance ?697.83. Monies received and banked; Western Power Rec Field Pole Wayleave ?6.62 and Parish Magazine Advertising income totalling. ?500.
(2) Risk Assessment of Assets. The arrangements for the Risk Assessment are now to be agreed at the August meeting.
(3) Noticeboard. A discussion took place about the siting of the main notice board at the garage. There are new owners selling Vans and there was concern that these may obscure the board. If so the board could be moved alongside the pavement. Resolved. Clerk to monitor.


12/139 Planning (1)





(nb SCC is the Planning Auth)


This application was noted. Nb The PC is not a consultee.



It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.



It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.

(2). Planning Panel. Resolved. That GH will join the Planning panel. (3) Monkton Heathfield Development. Resolved. To defer discussion and to agree the Councils response to the update from TDBC at the august meeting.


12/140. Newsletter. The latest edition had been edited by Liz Sparks and delivered by Linda Davidson’s team of volunteers. Both were thanked. The Chairman advised that the Editor does not wish to continue but we are not aware of the response to the advert which appeared. The Clerk advised that there is no statutory requirement to produce a newsletter The Clerk advised that almost all the income for advertising had now been received and he was thanked for this. CS reminded the PC that having collected income from advertisers we must continue to publish for this year.


12/141. Canal Car park. CS reminded the PC that in Sept 2010 a decision had been taken to purchase the car park from SCC. In Jan 2011 a figure of ?2000 plus legal costs estimated at ?500 had been agreed. The Clerk advised that he had made enquiries of SCC and had been advised that the sale documentation was still in the queue for asset disposal. A lengthy discussion ensued during which the positive and negatives of the PC owning the car park where rehearsed; the liability for maintenance and costs that ownership would bring, that the council did not want to encourage the undesirable activity that took place there on occasions, that the precept could be reduced if the purchase did not proceed as planned and yet it evident that it attracts many users. DF made it clear that SCC would sell the car park, if it was not the PC that purchased it who would and what impact would that have for the Parish? DF also made it clear the ownership of the access road to the car park would need to be confirmed as part of any sale. DD suggested an Information Centre could be sited there. Resolved. To defer a decision until the next meeting and that the Clerk asks what else the car park could be used for.


12/142. Allotments. KR advised that over 20 Parishioners had restated their interest in having an Allotment and that a 1 acre site had been identified at Creech Heathfield. Alan Cavill of the Nat Allotments Society had supplied a form of standard lease. Leases will be landowner with Parish Council, Parish Council with CSM Allotment Society, CSM Allotment Society with each allotment holder. The next step is to have a meeting with the potential allotment holders to ascertain that site was suitable and set up an Allotment Society electing officers. Resolved. To proceed with the project; for the Clerk to obtain quotations from two solicitors to review the Lease on behalf of the Council and that the lowest cost be instructed, that the cost of the legal review be recovered over time from the allotment holders through their rents and that KR arrange a meeting with the potential allotment holders.


12/143. Merlyn’s Copse. KR reported that now the growth had been cut back she had organised for a tree surgeon Gus McWilliams of Spaxton to examine the Copse. There is an urgent need to remove some deadwood to safely allow the three volunteers that had come forward to work and the public to access the site. He had quoted ?475 for the three to four days of work which would include spraying off the weeds and using the dead wood in chip form on the paths. KR asked what the Councils policy was on allowing dogs to access the Copse. SH confirmed he will repair the fencing once the tree work has been done. The Clerk is to ensure SCC reply on whether the Council can move the fencing out to the highway. Resolved. That dogs be banned from Merlyn’s Copse, that KR instruct Gus McWilliams Tree Surgeon to undertake the required tree work, that KR obtain quotes for signs including ‘no dogs’ and for two pedestrian gates and the Clerk to liaise with SCC with the aim of being able to move the fencing.


12/144. District Councillors Report. DD advised the new Doctors surgery will open on the Monday 6th August. An open day is to be held on 11th August between 2-4pm. He understands that the old medical centre would revert to the owner D Bowthorpe. SF spoke on the number of motorists spending on the A358 as they pass the new park and ride. A meeting had taken place with the Police and Highways. SCC are considering having a new fund to promote health and well being. Each Councillor would have ?10,000.00 to allocate to projects. DF said he was keen to support the purchase and installation of defibrillators but he would welcome alternative bids.


12/145. Boundary Commission Review Outcome.
The final recommendations are different to both the Boundary Commissions’ and SCC proposals. In essence the North Curry Division is divided into two with Creech St Michael, Stoke St Gregory, North Curry and Durston joining with West Monkton, Monkton Heathfield and Cheddon Fitzpaine whilst Ruishton would join the Blackdown ward that stretches across to Wellington East.


12/146. Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting. Resolved. That the agenda items for the next meeting include the Canal Car park, to agree the response to TDBC on the developments at West Monkton, the new Code of Conduct/amendments to the PC Standing Orders, Allotments, Emergency Centre, Risk Assessments and procurement of the Salt Bins in addition to any Planning applications.


12/147. The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm to the Public and Press in order to discuss staff matters.


Future meetings: Monday, 6th August and Monday 3rd September 2012 - Parish Council Meetings.


Steve Altria, Clerk, Creech St Michael Parish Council