/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / June 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 11th June 2012 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: C Sampson (Chair), F Bates, P Chetwynd, G Hodge, S Hutchings, K Hunt, K Reed, (Parish Councillors). Mr Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were TDBCllr D Durdan and members of the public.

12/107. Chairman Welcome. Cllr Sampson welcomed all to the meeting.


12/108. Public Speaking. No members of the public asked to address the Council.


12/109. Vacancies on the Parish Council. There are two vacancies. No members of the public showed interest in becoming a Councillor.


12/110. Apologies were received from Cllrs G Lucas and Y Guest their reasons for non-attendance were accepted. Apologies were also received from SCCllr D Fothergill.


12/111. Declarations of Interest. SH declared an interest in the allotment project. The Chairman explained that the Clerk had updated his declaration of his voluntary interests with the 1st Wellington Scout Group, Court Fields School and Wellington Youth Centre. As SCC where reducing funding of the Youth Service the Clerk had now become a Director of Wellington Community Support Services; a Community Interest Company which is being established to ensure and oversee Youth and family services can continue to be provided in the Wellington Area. Whilst there was no conflict with the Clerk role from these voluntary commitments the Clerk and Chair wish to ensure these are fully disclosed and known of. KH declared he drives voluntarily for SCC on 3 days a week.


12/112. Public Transport. The Chair introduced Pete McNaughton, Operations Manager of Webberbus Ltd who had been invited to attend as a result of Councillors concerns about bus services in the Parish and comments that had been raised by Mr Warburton. PMcN thanked the Council for inviting him and raising their concerns with his company. He agreed that Webber bus performance had not been upto scratch. He was addressing under resourcing, providing retraining and explained how tracking would benefit the service; he was confident that performance would be improved. He explained the difficulties his company had in using the bus station in Taunton and advised there were no discussions taking place to overcome this that he was aware of. His company had asked SCC if they could put their time table and service numbers on bus stops but no response had been given to date. CS highlighted Mr Warburton’s concerns about the bus stops at Thurloxton and explained the Parish Council was seeking improvements there which included addresses the safety and positioning of the bus stops. Resolved. That the Webberbus company be granted permission to put their time table and route numbers on the Parish Council owned bus shelters, that the Council continue to push SCC for the safety enhancements requested on the A38 at Thurloxton/ Adsborough and that Webber bus look at the viability of running hourly services throughout the day.


12/113. Allotments. KR introduced Nick Birch who along with SH and herself had been looking for suitable sites for allotments within the Parish. Two sites had now been identified and both had landowners willing to proceed. There are approx 60 people seeking Allotments. She explained how they would operate on a self financing basis and be managed by the allotment holders who would have their own Committee. Resolved. That the Council facilitates the provision of an initial 20 allotments on a self funding basis and act as guarantor (subject to a satisfactory business case first being produced). That we email existing people on the ‘waiting list’ & advertise in the Parish Mag to update the list of potential allotment holders. The ambition is to add further plots at a later date.


12/114. Minutes of the last meetings. The Minutes of the meetings held on 8th May and the 24th May 2012 (the latter with some grammatical amendments) copies of which had been previously circulated, were agreed. The minutes were then signed by the Chairman as correct.


12/115. Matters Arising. (1). Speeding in outside Village Shop. The Clerk to request the installation of speed strips. (2) Merlyn’s Copse. KR had spoken to Somerset Wildlife Trust about how best to manage the site. They do not manage sites themselves preferring owners to operate within their private and community nature reserve network. They would then guide the PC on how to manage it. Cllrs expressed their desire for children and the school to be able to make use of the area. KR questioned why the fencing within the Copse left some of the area fenced inside and other parts outside. Resolved. For the PC to join the free Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve Network, for the Clerk to ask SCC Highways if they would have objections if the PC were to move the fencing to the Copse boundary and for KR to place an advert in the Village Magazine calling for volunteers to help maintain Merlyn’s Copse as a Nature Reserve. (3). Donation to the Recreation Ground by Gwyneth Bryant. CS had spoken to the Funeral Directors who had agreed to provide contact details of the Executors and these are awaited. (4). Western Power had lopped the trees near their cables on the Rec Field. (5) Broken fence at Langaller. Resolved. SH volunteered to repair. (6). Councillor were reminded to send thumbnail of themselves for uploading to the village website to the Clerk.


12/116. Recreation Field. (1) Locks. SH advised that Abel Ltd had visited the site at his request and had recommended additional locks. These would be multi Yale locks to ease access. Resolved to have these fitted in due course as part of the planned improvements. (2) Play Equipment. SH advised the PC that TDBC had now written stating that a European Tender was required for this work. A discussion took place about this process and the need to ensure that the PC requirements where specified very clearly. Resolved That the PF working party take the Tender exercise and purchase forward. (3). Booking Process. KR had spoken to the teams and got contact and current usage agreement details. Resolved the Clerk write to users explaining that a new booking process will be introduced in time for the next season and that costs/charges will be reviewed at the next meeting of the PC and communicated thereafter. (4). Site Improvements. PC had cut borders. Resolved. The working party to organise the disposal and removal of the shipping container and for suggestions for improvement to be submitted for consideration at the next PC meeting. (5) TME. FB explained that an agreement had been reached in principle and that it was based on a standard tenancy document. It was noted TME had their own electricity meter but that water was a sub meter of the Councils supply. TME will reimburse the PC half the standing charge and for the water used on receipt of an invoice. The tenancy wording was agreed with an amendment to reflect this. Resolved that FB invite TME to attend the next PC meeting in order to sign the agreement, that TME make a donation to the PC in respect of water used previously and to provide evidence of adequate insurance being in place and that the Clerk invoice TME for rent and water in future. (6) Fencing. The Clerk advised that he had written to TME about the concerns identified at the periodic inspection with the fencing of their area and that he had a reply confirming that these had either been dealt with or they will be addressed in June. In their reply TME had also raised questions on the Rec Field fencing and the sites rubbish collection arrangements. Resolved. That the Clerk writes to TME advising that their comments are noted and to advise that the PC is in the process of improving the area. (7) Waste Bin. Resolved. That the working party chooses and procures a suitable replacement for the fire damaged bin and that arrangements be put in place for it’s emptying.


12/117. Highways. (1). A38 Adsborough. CS advised that SCC Cllr DF was supporting the scheme within SCC however there are over 100 competing schemes. Helpfully North Petherton PC had also supported the improvements and it was noted that they also want a 50 mph speed limit introduced. (2). Vehicles are parking across the foot path outside of the garages between Tristram Drive and Crufts Meadow. Resolved that the Clerk advise SCC. (3) Maintenance. The Clerk reported that a number of issues had been reported to him earlier today and that he had a response from County Highways on the issues that had been raised at that the last meeting. The issues raised today are that the grass on the footpath on the river bank between Bull St and Ham Bridge T10/6 was too high. That the hedge in White Street from Lane End Corner to where the water goes under (150/200 metres) is protruding. He had been posed the question why did SCC not cut all the grass verges in Ham? SCC cuts from the flood bank to the side of village but not though the village. The hedge is growing out into the road at Old Ham Wharf Farm. Another Hedge causing problems is across the road from the front of Broadway and Mill Rest Bungalows in Ham. Resolved that PC examine these and instigates action as required. The SCC Engineers responses are that the Sewer by the Bus Stop in Hyde Lane is the responsibility of Wessex water. The path between Queens Down and Tristen Drive which is uneven as a result of the tree roots raising the path has no repairable defects at the present time, Highways will be looking into getting the root problem solved to lessen further damage but as the trees are private this can take time. The sign that has been put up again at Vicarage Lawns despite this having been previously been taken down should be ignored. The manhole covers in Creech Heathfield Rd opposite Dwelly Drove House are in need of replacement due to rust and these will be done in the next week. Regarding the concern expressed over the visibility at the end of Charlton Road as the hedge needs cutting back there is no problem with the visibility at this junction, he had admitted Exeter cannot be seen, but you can see any traffic coming along the main road. The finger post which should read “No through road” remains missing at the end of Charlton Road. Please approach the District Council to incorporate the No Through sign into a Charlton Road new street name plate. The old concrete fence posts that were removed from the old footpath at the bottom end of Worthy Lane when the tarmac was laid have been abandoned in the grass on the other side are on private property, Resolved. That the Clerk contact Wessex Water regarding the sewer in Hyde Lane and TDBC requesting the no through road sign.


12/118. Wessex Waters planned Improvements to Ham Sewage Works. GH reported that he had attended the recent project meeting and the work is planned to commence in October. WW are hoping to access via the tarmac site but will need to proceed if access cannot be negotiated. WW intend to hold a public meeting to explain their plans later this month in the Village Hall. The Clerk advised that he had been notified by SCC Cllr DF that they had submitted a planning application numbered 4/40/12/0006 for works but he had yet to receive the normal formal notification from the Planning Authority.


12/119. Footpaths. (1) Footpath (T10/21) PC reminded Cllrs that at the last meeting this footpath had been reported as needing attention. He can advise that it is the responsibility of West Monkton PC. (2). Path by the Preschool. The Clerk advised that he had asked Ian Pike at the Chairman’s request to quote for clearing. The work has been completed at a cost of ?25. (3) Footpath Grass cutting (and Merlyn’s Copse). The Clerk advised that the work was in hand believed completed but that he had yet to receive an account from Ian Pike or to visit the site. (4). Horse riding on Canal Footpath. The Clerk advised that he had spoken to the adjacent field owner who had assured him that the two people authorised to use this field would not have ridden on the Canal footpath. He had also spoken to SCC who was most concerned and keen to stop horses being ridden on the towpath in order to protect the paths surface. Councillors noted further use had been taking place and undertook to inform the Clerk who that might be.


12/120. Correspondence.






The Planning inspectorate

Hinkley Point C

An additional member has joined the Examing Authority.


Eric Chown

Canal Bridge 27

Advised he had an informative reply from British Waterways in response to his notifying work was required on bridge. Elder bushes cut back but not sure if treated. Wisteria will be allowed to remain.


TDBC Housing

Hyde Lane Housing.

See below*.


Som Waste Partnership

Revised Schedules for B/H collections.

BH Mon collections as normal. No collections on BH Tuesday. Collections on the remainder of week will be one day later than normal.


R Rooke

Pavilion At Rec Ground utilities

Further request to amend bills being sent to his address. British Gas continues to send them despite the Clerks letters to BG. Meter reading has been taken and notified.


Audit Commission

Consultation on proposal to appoint Grant Thornton UK LLP as External Auditor wef 1st Sept



Devon and Somerset Fire

Fire Safety Advice re Jubilee Celebrations



BT Payphones

Informing the Clerk that a request to repaint the red telephone box in CSM has been passed to their repainting contractors.

In response to complaint on website Clerk has contacted BT who has added the request to their contractor’s schedule. It was noted no guarantee that the kiosk will be painted this year was given. 



Sect 106 Monies in respect of Play equipment for Hyde Lane, CSM.

Confirmation monies have been received



Sect 106 Monies in respect of Play equipment for Hyde Lane, CSM.

Advising that EU procurement process would have to be undertaken.


SCC Transport

New Online Bus timetable www.somerset.gov.uk/timetables



Neil White

I hope you can give me some ideas for the local community as I am to Run Espana, which will see me run 100 kilometres across Andalucia raising at least ?2000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Assoc

Request for ideas of increasing fund raising support within the community.
PC cannot financially support.


DJFothergill SCCllr

Condition of Play area between Paddocks Way and West View and Merlyn’s Copse.

Forwarded to TDBC as their Playground. Contract just let to maintain MC.


Avon and Somerset Police

Increasing trend of vehicle crime relating to the theft of catalytic converters from vehicles parked overnight.

Encourage reviews of car parking security.



Term Lighting Maint contract awarded to SSE Contracting

Repairs fault line no 0845 6010939


A Halstead

Speeding of Cars in new Estate in Hyde lane

Requested PC asks SCC for traffic calming
Resolved to support and Clerk to raise this with SCC



Update on the Council Planning proposals for the West Monkton/CSM Area

Information provided on this major development.
To be fully considered at July CSM PC Meeting



Advising that the Planning training due to take place on 14th June had been rescheduled for 5th July

Planning panel to note.

*A discussion took place on the Allocation of the Housing in Hyde Lane as there had been a clear belief that Parishioners’ would have priority in the allocation of these homes. The Clerk had asked TDBC how many parishioners had been allocated a house but had been advised that house allocation was a matter for the Housing Associations involved; SHAL and Knightstone. Resolved. GH undertook to make enquiries of SHAL. Cllrs asked that TDBCs misinformation on occasions be a subject for their next meeting. 12/121. Accounts. (1) Clerk’s wages and expenses, invoices to be paid and income received. Resolved. To pay I Pike for Installation and Maint of Notice boards ?643, SR Altria Clerks Salary for June ?370.12, HMRC for Tax due on Clerks Salary ?92.53, SR Altria Clerks Misc & travel Expenses ?93.65 and BJ Howe Internal Audit Fees ?226.40. Income Received since last meeting Santander ?2.85 interest and various payments totalling ?950 for Parish Magazine Advertising. (2) Internal and External Audit. The Internal Audit had been completed and the Councils financial records and its Receipts and Payments Account 2011/12 had been found to be in good order. Some suggestions for improvement had been made; Qtrly Budget Monitoring, earlier invoicing of Advertising income for the Parish Magazine and reclaiming of VAT, greater monitoring of risks and the inclusion of an statement of assets in the notes to the accounts. These have either been done or put in hand. The Clerk explained that the Annual Governance statement was an important reassurance from the Parish Council to the External Auditor that the Council had a sound system of internal controls in place. Resolved. That the accounting statements and the governance statement be approved and agreed and that the Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2012 be submitted to the External Auditors. (3) Risk Assessment of Assets. The Clerk circulated a list of the Councils Assets. The Chairman asked that Councillors review the listing for completeness as at the next meeting the Council would need to agree its arrangements for risk assessment. Resolved. Cllrs to notify the Clerk before the next meeting of any additional assets. (4). Insurance Renewal. The Clerk recommended renewing its Insurances with Aviva as recommended by Came & Company. This was queried as the cover had been agreed for three years with Aviva from 2011 and therefore did not need authorisation. It was noted that the Clerk had extended the cover for the new notice boards and the youth shelter. As the latter was covered on the Recreation Fields Insurance Policy it is to be removed. Resolved. The Clerk to notify the insurers of the amendment to cover, to acquire a revised invoice for the premium renewal and to arrange for the sum due to be settled. (5) New Bank A/c. The Clerk recommended that the Council spread its risk by banking with two rather than a single bank. The Chairman added her experiences of the existing bankers and felt they had been unresponsive. The Clerk was asked who he personally banked with and he advised Nat West. Resolved The Clerk to make arrangements to open a current account with HSBC Bank and in due course to close the Santander current Account. (6) Reconciliation of Bank A/c to receipts and payments Account. The Clerk provided reconciliation and details of the transactions for the year to date. Total funds as at the 10th June 2012 stand at ?64,738.74.


12/121. Planning.






It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.

It was noted that TDBC have provided a written update on their proposals for development in the CSM/West Monkton Area. Resolved. To consider the report at the next CSM PC mtg and then to respond to TDBC with the Councils views.


12/122. Newsletter. The Chairman advised that the latest edition was at the printers. The Editor does not wish to continue and an advert will appear in this edition. It is hoped that someone will come forward to be a new editor. The Clerk had written a report on the Councils activities. Resolved. CS to organise deliveries, the Clerk to make enquiries of SALC to see if having a newsletter is mandatory and Eric Chown be asked to publish an advert on the village website.


12/123. Canal Car park. Resolved. That this item was carried forward to the next meeting. 12/124. District Councillors Report. DD advised the Environment Agency was responsible for Bull Street (see minute 12/117 (3) above). DD advised that Ridgeway had taken over the Handyman Service and that they were now offering gardening and decorating at an in increased cost of ?15 ph (up from ?10).


12/124. New Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting. Resolved. It had been noted that someone opp Lashford Farm in CSM had moved into a large caravan. DD advised that the TDBC enforcement officer was aware and is to look at this matter. Resolved. That the Clerk write and ask the enforcement officer requesting to keep the Council informed of his enquiries.

12/125. The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.40pm to the Public and Press in order to discuss staff matters.


Meeting finished at 9.40pm


Future meetings: Monday 2nd July 2012 7pm ? Parish Council Meeting, Monday, 6th August ? Planning only and Monday 3rd September 2012 - Parish Council Meeting.


Steve Altria, Clerk, Creech St Michael Parish Council