/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / March 2012

Minutes of a Meeting held at 7pm on Monday 5th March 2012
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: Cllrs R Rooke (Chairman to item 12/37), A Bishop, S Hutchings, G Lucas, K Hunt, C Sampson (Chairman for this meeting from 12/37), P Chetwynd (Parish Councillors). Mr Steve Altria (Clerk) and Mrs T Habberfield (Temporary Clerk).? Also in attendance was SCC Cllr David Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan, TDBCllr K Durdan and members of the public.?


12/32. Apologies were received from Cllr F Bates and his reason for non-attendance was accepted.


12/33. Chairman’s Welcome. The Chairman opened the meeting. He introduced the new Clerk.
Resolved.? That the Clerk communicates the Councils best wishes for a full recovery to Cllr Bates.


12/34. Public Speaking. No members of the public asked to address the Council.


12/35. Vacancies on the Parish Council. There are three vacancies. Two members of the public showed interest in understanding more about the work of a parish councillor.


12/36. Declarations of Interest. the Chairman reminded members of the Code of Conduct and asked if there were any interests to be declared regarding agenda items.? No declarations were made.


12/37. Vice Chair. The Chairman proposed that Cllr Bishop be appointed as vice chairman.? This was not carried. The Chairman advised the Council of his decision to resign as Chairman and as a Parish Councillor and he left the meeting. The Council considered how best to proceed.? Resolved: that the meeting continue with Cllr Clare Sampson being asked to Chair the reminder of the meeting.


12/38. ?Minutes of the last Meeting. The Minutes of the meeting held on 7th February 2012 copies of which had been circulated, were agreed with one amendment at 12/24. The Email advising that on 15 January 12 trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order were cut down at Llangaller had been sent by Alan Covey (not Govey as had been minuted).? The minutes were then signed by the Chairman as correct.


12/39. Matters Arising from the previous meeting. 12/25 ? Cllr Bishop advised that she had successfully organised with Santander the additional signatures on the Councils Bank Account.


12/40. Recreation Field/Taunton Model Engineers. Cllr Hutching reported that the new youth shelter had been installed, that insurance was in place and that the gas meter was not showing a meter reading. Cllr Bishop advised that the previous clerk had advised the Gas Board of this by email on the 26th Nov 2011 and that she also had received a gas bill.? The Clerk advised that correspondence had been received from the Somerset Activity and Sport Partnership who would like to see the Pitch and changing rooms to assist them with their development of a Somerset Sports Facilities and Playing Pitch Strategy. Resolved: that Cllr Hutchings resolve the Gas metering issues and to host a visit of the SA&SP


12/41. Highways. Resolved: that Cllr Hunt joins Cllr Lucas to manage Highway matters.? Cllr Lucas raised his concern over a lack of safe passage between North End, Wisteria and Dunkins Cottages as there was no pavement. With the Chairman’s agreement SCC Cllr Fothergill advised the Council that this was one of two “shared space” schemes currently being examined by SCC Highway Engineers. He explained the challenges to address as the traffic and pedestrians share the same space and the options for resolution have carefully considered. Cllr Lucas also highlighted that a No thorough road sign was missing at the end of Charlton Lane, that a road name sign outside Dillon’s House on the junction of North End was also missing and that potholes on the old river bridge had formed.? A new cover is required to address surface water between Crufts Meadow and the canal.? British Waterways are establishing who the owner is. ?A38 Adsborough Hill: Cllr Sampson advised that the A38 Adsborough Resident’s Working Party had met with SCC Cllr David Fothergill on 21st February at which he agreed to submit the Adsborough A38 proposed road scheme as one of this year’s Local Transport Planning scheme submissions. A copy of the submission report was circulated and discussed. The key recommendations are that a 50mph speed limit from Walford Cross to Thurloxton Fruit Growers with repeater signs, backed up by two speed activated flashing 50 mile signs, one at either end of the hill are to be employed in conjunction with an island pedestrian refuge north of the upper (northern) turning to Adsborough and two bus lay bys be created at the Maypole junction. Resolved: (1) that the Clerk write to the appropriate authorities drawing their attention to the highways deficiencies raised and request that these be addressed. (2) that the Clerk write to SCC Cllr David Fothergill advising that the PC are fully supportive of these A38 submission/report proposals and that he also forward the report to Thurloxton PC and North Petherton Town Councils with a suggestion those Councils consider the proposals.


12/42.? Correspondence. (1) Strategic Land Partnerships seeking a reply to their earlier letter concerning their development proposal for Hyde Lane. Resolved: that the Clerk advise SLP to contact TDBC regarding planning proposals. (2) Somerset Waste Partnership ? Details of the Waste Collection arrangements for Easter and May Holidays. (3) Ordnance Survey ? a copy of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement which has been put in place. (4) The Clerk advised the was aware that SCC had sent a letter to Cllr Rooke but he was not aware of the subject matter. (Note from the Clerk.? The letter is a copy of the sealed Traffic Regulation order and final notice regarding the recently introduced 18 tonne weight restriction.)??


12/43. Accounts. The clerk advised of the payments due. A discussion took place regarding the recreation field committee funding contributing to the cost of the Youth Shelter. ?Resolved. To make the following payments: Cllr R Rooke: ?2454.79 - reimbursement for Notice boards; Cllr A Bishop: ?268.94 - expenses (including placing advertisement for Clerk); Nigel Barnes: ?45 - Window Cleaning; Lightman Co Ltd: Youth Shelter - ?8160.00; Cllr A Bishop ?4.64 - reimbursement of telephone calls; Jill Loader ?142.57 ? final pay and expenses. That the Clerk ensures that the PC receives from the CSMRFC the agreed contribution of ?1170 and that the VAT paid be recovered.? Clerk’s Contract: S Altria left the room. Resolved: S Altria is to be appointed on SCP19 ?9.253 per hour wef Wed 22 February 2012 with a salary review to take place wef 1st October 2012. His contract would be for 50 hours pcm with any additional hours to be agreed in advance with the Chairman. A mileage allowance and telephone and home expenses would be paid in line with national conditions.


12/44. Planning Applications received.? Cllr Bishop advised that the planning working party had visited onsite the following applications and explained why they recommended that the PC support these applications.









ERECTION OF EXTENSION TO THE REAR OF THE LAWNS, CHARLTON ROAD, CREECH HEATHFIELD. It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.



12/45. Footpaths and pavements: Cllr Chetwynd reported that the base step was loose on a stile at 10/13 worthy lane. Cllr Hutching reported that he had received a quote for cutting of footpaths. Resolved: that Cllr Hutching notifies SCC of the need for the stile repair and that he forwards to the Clerk the quotation received.


12/46. Dog Fouling. Resolved: Cllr Hutching to research if there is a byelaw preventing dog fouling on the recreation field and to seek to bring forward a bylaw to prevent dog fouling if not.


12/47. Newsletter. Cllr Sampson advised that she and Liz Sparks had ensured that copies of the tender contracts for Merlin’s copse, maintenance of footpaths and magazine distribution had been included in the Newsletter. Cllr Bishop advised she had placed the same information on the website.? Resolved: that Cllr Sampson arrange the distribution of the newsletters when received to sub distributors.


12/48. Clerks Report. Steve Altria introduced himself and explained he was looking forward to working with Parish Councillors and Parishioners to the benefit of the Parish


12/49.? Annual Parish Meeting.? This will take place on Friday 20 April at 7.30pm. It was confirmed that the Village Hall had been booked. The Developers were no further forward with their plans so had declined an invitation to explain their proposals. A short discussion then took place on items that would be of interest to the villagers this year. Resolved: that Cllr Sampson would lead a working party along with Cllrs Hutching and Hunt to organise the meeting.


12/50.? County and District Councillors Report. SCC Cllr David Fothergill (DF) congratulated Cllr Sampson on having chaired the meeting well. The youth shelter was in place. He explained that the Boundary Commission had been examining the electoral divisions as a result of plans to reduce the number of Councillors on SCC from 58 to 55 (within Taunton Deane from 12 to 11). The proposal was to split DF area into two. The bottom half stretched surprisingly from Ruishton, Stoke, Corfe, Churchstanton through to Sampford Arundel and onto Rockwell Green. The top half sensibly included Creech St Michael with West Monkton. Representations can be made until April 9th on the Boundary Commission’s proposals. DF also explained that parishioners could help the parish gain high speed broadband earlier by registering their interest at www.connectingdevonandsomerset.co.uk .The plan is to have Superfast broadband (>24mbps) to at least 85% of the area by 2015.Cllr Lucas asked DF if there was any progress on having 30mph painted on the road within the 30mph limit at Henlade. DF explained that despite 700 drivers being caught speeding under traffic regulations for a 30mph zone signage could only be placed at the start or end of the zone. TDBCllr D Durdan (DD) reported that TDBC had agreed a zero rate increase in the Council Tax for the 2012/13 financial year. Devon and Somerset Fire Brigade had set a 3% increase. DD advised that planning training was available on 27th March, 14th June, 18th Sept and 18th December and that on the 24th March the Patients Participation Group is to hold a coffee open morning between 10 and 12 noon so that the plans for the doctors’ centre can be examined. DD also informed the Council that the area behind ASDA has been given a ?400,000 makeover with grants from Viridor and others. 1000 yards of track for BMX and climbing frames had been installed. Cllr Lucas asked what was happening with the Fire Brigade Regional Control Centre in Blackbrook Park Avenue. DF explained that whilst it was costing ?5000 a day there was now no requirement for it and it was a white elephant.


12/51.? Matters to carry forward to the next meeting.? Resolved: that the Clerk explain to all Councillors the requirements for appointing a new Chairman before the next meeting

12/52. The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30pm to the Public and Press in order to discuss staff matters.
Future meetings: Parish Council Mon 2 April.? Annual Parish Meeting ? Friday 20 April.? This meeting is for all electors ? doors open at 7pm ? meeting starts at 7.30pm.? 8 May - Annual Parish Council Meeting.