/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / November 2012

DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 5th November 2012
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd, S Creighton, Y Guest, G Hodge, K Hunt, K Reed and S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan and 8 members of the public.? ??


12/205. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hutchings welcomed everyone to the meeting.


12/206. Public Speaking. No members of the public asked to address the Council.


12/207. Vacancies on the Parish Council. ?SH explained there is a vacancy to which the Council could co-opt. No member of the public showed interest.


12/208. Apologies. Cllrs Clare Sampson and Gordon Lucas. DD gave TDBCllr Kelly Durdans apologies.


12/209. Declarations of Interest. SH declared an interest in the planning application 14/12/0030.Several Cllrs asked the Clerk to send them blank declarations forms.


12/210. Minutes of the meetings of the Council.
(1) The Minutes of the meeting held on 17th September, a copy of which had been previously circulated and these were agreed without amendment.
(2) The Minutes of the meeting held on 1st October had previously been circulated to Cllrs. Two requests for amendment to the minutes of the public speaking had been received from the public. The first from Eric Chown who asked that the minute reflect "I was talking about the slow drain away of water at "Akeydock" (my spelling) and the fact that over the following day or two while the river levels had fallen by more than a metre, the water was still across the Creech to Ruishton road at this place, with the ditches on both (North and South) sides of the road still overflowing.? I asked whether there was a culvert from the North side of the road that would take discharges into the stream that should carry water from both ditches away. And I wondered if this stream, which I now believe flows into the River Tone below 'Lane End' near Ham, needs to be cleared out before the onset of Winter". Resolved, that this amendment be accepted.
The second request was from Richard Perry who asked “Please can you amend the minutes to better reflect my question to the PC - which was "to date, what engagement has taken place with residents located close to the recreation field, who could/will be impacted by the proposed/draft developments? In addition and if I recall correctly the answer provided by Madam Chairman (CS) was that no engagement/consultation had taken place with residents in the immediate vicinity (DWH Development) and that only Childrens' groups have been consulted - therefore please can you also amend the response from CS in the minutes?”. The Clerk advised this request did not fully accord with his notes of the meeting and he had not been able to consult the Chairperson who is currently away. Resolved, To consult the Chairperson on her return and reconsider the minutes at the 3rd December meeting.


12/211. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 17th September. None.


12/212. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 1st October.
(1)Tristram Drive. The Clerk advised that he had written to the householder with overgrowing Leylandi and Elderberry but had not yet received a response. Resolved. Clerk to draft a follow up letter and YG to visit.
(2)Former railway station in Laburnum Terrace. Abundant foliage had been reported to Network Rail and as a result had been cut back.
(3)Rec Field Dog Fouling. It had been reported to the dog warden that an owner was allowing their dog to soil the playing field daily; the warden has? visited and will be monitoring the field in future. The fouling has since stopped.
(4)Wessex Water Ham Sewerage Works. The Clerk reported he had sought, obtained and circulated a copy of the minutes from Wessex Water of the public meeting that they had held.


12/213. ?Correspondence






Dean & Dyball Civil Engineers 

Reporting that someone’s removing the 20 mph road signs down Ham Road.

See item 12/217 (1)



Various. Includes advising that the Election of Police and Crime Commissioner will start soon.  Parishes are recommended not to be seen to support any one particular candidate.  The Poll will be held on 15th November. Also warns of? “Bringing into disrepute” and “respect for others” whilst in Council Meetings or on Websites.



Keeley Rudd
Community Involvement Officer
Comm Council for Somerset

Information regarding the forthcoming Police Crime Commissioner Elections. Further information can be found at here. Invite to a Question Time panel with the candidates for Somerset in Taunton on the 6th Novr, please book places in advance.

Book here
or call the Community Council on 01823 331222


Eric R J Chown  

Email asking if there any limits to height and construction materials for fencing on the front gardens in the established housing estates within the CSM parish boundary?? If there are, can they be challenged or over-ruled by applying for planning permission by the owner or new owners of property?

TDBC Planners have advised that fencing over 1m close to highway requires Planning Permission. Details of premises to be reported to PC so SH can refer to TDBC.


Dave Graham
SCC Highways

Correspondence Speed Indicator Devices. Requesting if CSM wishes to have these.

See item 12/218 (3)


Linda Deeley

Informing the PC she is organising a Christmas fun run on Sunday 9th December starting from the Bell Inn Car Park, through to North End, through Creech Heathfield, along Charlton Road and back into Creech along the canal. She is fund raising for a charity trek to the Himalayas raising money for St Margaret’s Hospice



Strategic Land Partnerships

Advising that inconsiderate people are not picking up their dog mess when they walk along the footpath which crosses their land off Hyde Lane. Offering to install a dog bin and asks who empties them.

Dog Warden informed.
Offer declined.


Nichola Cockerham

Sent copy of SLP developer’s questionnaire. Supporting development in Hyde Lane and the building of a Scout Hut.




Real Time Information. Advising details of tax deducted must be filed online from 1/4/13.

Clerk to put in place.


Richard Graham

Sent copy of SLP developer’s questionnaire. Supporting development in Hyde Lane and the building of a Scout Hut.



Richard Hopkins Open Spaces 

Parish Litterbins. Advising the new bin will be fitted on the rec field within the next week. Apologised for the delay.



Came and Co

Insurers electronic version of Autumn Parish Matters Newsletter.



Western Power

Invite to learn about future investment proposals. Exeter Rugby Club 13th Nov or @t Bristol Science Centre on 15th Nov 9.30 am for 10-3pm.

Book here
or Tel:?? 0118 983 9466


Wessex Water

Minutes of a public meeting held on 26th September.

See item 12/212 (4)


Sharon Grant
Civic Office

Invite to the chairperson (or nominated person) to attend the Remembrance Day Parade as part of the Civic Party in Taunton on 11th November 9am St Marys Vicarage.



Strategic Land Partnerships

Informs the PC his company have held a successful consultation, wide support for a new scout hut and the merits of his site being developed against other potential sites for development in CSM.

Clerk to request more details.



Revised Waste Collection Timetables for Christmas and 2013. click here



Liz Fothergill
Taunton Dist CAB

Request for funding.

See item 12/226 (5)



Advising Precept info must be with TDBC in Jan 2013 and that the Local Government Finance Settlement is due after the Chancellor's Autumn Statement (Weds Dec 5th)

Clerk to draft in advance of Dec mtg for consideration at the mtg. For decision in Jan


Stuart Bailey, Nat Property, Highways Agency

Acknowledgement of our Letter regarding the transfer of land to the Parish Council. Advises he is investigating the matter and will contact us in due course.

See item 12/215 (5)


Nigel Rea
Customer and Communities Director
Somerset CC

  1. Inviting a representative to attend a on Tues 20th Nov workshop 7-9pm at Somerset College. A first round of Local Choices events was held earlier this year; these clarified a number of challenges and demonstrated SCC commitment to work with and help communities who want to build capacity, become empowered and take on services. This next round of events will take those initial discussions further. They will focus on Youth Services, the Community Warden Scheme and Library Services.

Clerk to book placed for Cllrs KR and SW to attend.



Safety Advice on Firework Display Organisation.



12/214. ?CSM Facebook Site. SC introduced Jo Morrison who demonstrated to the PC the Parish facebook site she had created. Tribute was paid to her work and JM was then thanked. It was noted that it complimented the excellent village Website.


12/215. Recreation Field.
(1) Update on play equipment and a MUGA. SH advised that following an evaluation of the nine companies that had responded to the PC Pre Qualifying Questionnaire (PQQ) that the Invitation to Tenders had now been issued. These are due in by the 13th November. The contract is to be awarded before Christmas and the play equipment installed by Feb 2013. The PC will now need to visit reference sites. Resolved. After considering quotes the PC appointed Porter Dodson Solicitors and Francis Clark Accountants to act on its behalf and the independent Play Inspection Co? to undertake an safety inspection post installation but prepayment. All three to be funded from within project monies.
(2) The initiative to improve and manage the site. KR reported work had been done to thin the trees and a new waste bin has been installed.
(3) To consider the appointment of a caretaker. Consideration was given to the appointment of a caretaker who principle duties would be to maintain and enhance the Rec Field though this could ?include other similar duties to the benefit of the Parish. It was noted (see penultimate item 12/213) that SCC are about to commence a Community Warden scheme and the two had an apparent synergy. Resolved. KR and SW to attend the SCC event and report further; particularly on the availability of funding.?
(4) Reinstatement of the verge used as a site office. The Clerk has spoken to David Wilson Homes who had cleared and levelled the site but he had not had a decision yet on whether they would replant the bulbs that had previously existed. Resolved. The Clerk to follow up with DWH.
(5) Ownership of verge. (see? item 12/213). Stuart Bailey of the Highway Agency had written acknowledging the PC request, that they are considering the request and he will advise of their decision in due course. ?
(6) to learn of the outcome of the meeting with Henlade Scouts. YG advised that no further meeting had taken place with the Scouts and that they are considering several options locally for a new Scout Hut. These include the Rec Field, Fishpool Copse and a site off Hyde Lane.
(7) The panels review of the budget. Whilst the Clerk had provided details of finances of the recreation field to the panel it felt the priority was to encourage greater use by young people of this wonderful field. KH noted that the costs of the football pitch had yet to be calculated or a pitch hire fee set. A discussion took place about the need for this, the past decisions of the Council and whether they still reflected the Councillors views and the difficulties of appropriately allocating costs to the pitch in particular rather than the site in general. The Clerk reported that a villager had rung that day making enquiries about the availability and costs of an u11 football team who would like to play regularly on the rec field. Resolved. SH/SW to find out what other pitches cost, YG to speak to other clubs about how they arrive at their charges/cover their costs and SH to speak to the villager about the youth team playing on the field.
(8) No car parking signing on the field gate. The clerk advised he had asked KSigns SW Ltd to install the sign along with two small ‘no dog’ signs at Merlyn’s Copse.
(9) Donation to the Recreation Ground by Gwyneth Bryant. CS has yet to ask the undertakers who the beneficiaries of the collection were and to ascertain who had distributed.
(10) TDBC Community Play Grant Scheme for 2013/14. Resolved. The Clerk to find out more about the Scheme.


12/216. TME. The panel had met and decided it wished to proceed with the agreement with TME with some amendments and as a draft lease had now received from the Solicitors a meeting could now be held with TME. Resolved. An additional meeting of the PC be held on Monday 19th November to which the Clerk is to invite TME so that mutually acceptable arrangements can be reached based on the new lease document.?


12/217. Planning.
(1) Wessex Water Ham Sewage Works. The Clerk had obtained and circulated a copy of the minutes of the public meeting held by WW. SH reported that he had attended the SCC Regulation Cttee mtg. It had not gone well as they had sided with Wessex Water. DF explained that the Cttee had been told about the five buildings but not the traffic or buildings being built under permitted rights. To the positive DF had been advised that WW are to file for planning permission for a new road as this was needs to be in place before a compulsory purchase order could be issued.
(2) Lapthorne, Adsborough. TDBC has yet to make a decision or set a date for the planning mtg to consider this application.
(3) Applications;







Erection of single storey extension to replace conservatory, conversion part of garage to form ancillary accommodation and erection of extension to garage at 2 West View, CSM

SH declared his interest and did not vote. It was proposed, seconded and agreed to support this application as the existing conservatory is being replaced and the neighbours are far away so should not impact upon on them.



Prior notification for the erection of agricultural storage building to the west of the barn at West Newton Fruit Farm, West Newton, CSM

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application along with a request that the sheeting be coloured green in order to blend into the countryside better.



Display of 12 No. Signs in the area of Bridgwater Road, Monkton Heathfield (retention of part works already undertaken).

It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to object to this application. The PC is very concerned about the safety on the A38 and it feels the signs will distract drivers. It is noted the signs are already in place and the applicant should know permission should be applied for in advance. Some signs are on highways verge and SCCllr Fothergill was asked to arrange their removal. With other developers also likely to want signs it is felt there are too many signs. It is not clear from application whether signs are two sided or not.

(4) Further applications. The Clerk advised that since issuing the agenda several more planning applications had been received and that these would be considered at an additional meeting of the Parish Council ?to take place on Monday 19th Nov.


12/218. Highways.
(1) A38 Adsborough. DF reported that he was getting positive signals within SCC that work will be going ahead. It was noted a double fatality had tragically occurred.
(2) Salt Bins. The panel had met and decided to procure 7 black grit bins for the following locations. 1. Mill Lane (end by Bridges).2. West View triangle of grass. 3. Arundel's Way (by notice board). 4. Dillions Road/St Michaels Road Junc, 5. North End (by notice board). 6. Adsborough in front of ‘Godfreys’, 7. Maypole PH (On SCC advice next to the new notice board). ?DF suggested the bins be post coded to reduce the risk of their being stolen. Resolved. The Clerk to procure and arrange delivery to SCC for filing and siting.
(3) Speed Indicator Devices. SCC had written asking if the PC would like a SID. To meet the required deadline of the? end of Oct the Chairperson having consulted the Highways panel had advised SCC that the PC would like a SID and for it to be rotated between 5 sites. The suggested locations are 1. On the main road through Creech Heathfield heading towards Creech St Michael near to the Crown Inn turning 40mph limit applies.2. On the main road into CSM from Langaller where the 30mph limit begins just before the mini roundabout (Next to Merlin’s copse). 3. Between the railway and canal bridge on the way into CSM 30mph applies. 4. Next to the Baptist Church tracking traffic on the way out of the village heading towards Henlade 30 mph applies. 5. On the road to Creech Heathfield from CSM next to the Old Police House 40 mph applies. It was noted that SCC scheme only provided for a SID where a speed limit of 30/40mph applies.
(4) To consider whether to ask Highways to implement a 40 mph zone from the motorway bridge into CSM. KR explained that having spent a lot of time at Merlyn’s Copse she had become aware of the high speed of motorists approaching the roundabout at North End and suggested asking Highways to reduce the limit to 40mph. DF explained that in considering a revised limit the Highways Authority always consult the Police and ask if they would enforce the proposal. As they have limited resources the Police rarely do and therefore the Highways Authority decline the proposal. DF suggested a speed strip be installed instead as a first step. ?Resolved. To accept DF offer to ask SCC Highways to install a speed strip approaching the roundabout at North End.
(6) Missing repeater sign by old Police Station. PC raised that this sign had been missing for some time. Resolved. DF agreed to report the missing sign to Highways.

12/219. Footpaths and Pavements
(1)Footpath that goes from Charlton lane to Durston. PC advised that Mr Austin had advised that the Golf Course had now cut the 30 yards that had become overgrown.
(2) Tristram Drive. It was noted that the Clerk had written to the householder with the overgrowing Leylandi and Elderberry and that he and YG are to follow this up at matters arising (agenda item 12/212 (1)).
(3) TDBC Footpath meeting.? PC had attended and noted that the PC can have a strimmer and training provide at half cost (?60) should it wish.?
(4). North End. DF advised that SCC will start installing a footpath scheme over 30yards at a cost of ?20 000 in Feb 2013. ?DF left the meeting 9pm.


12/220.? Merlyn’s Copse. KR reported she had attended with GL and that they had one tree that was causing a sightline problem trimmed back and another that was diseased removed. KR advised the chippings are being left to dry before being used as pathing material. KH advised the water was too high and the culvert must be blocked. KR advised she had this in hand and a branch blocking the stream had now been removed. Resolved. KR to arrange for the H culvert to be rodded and two pedestrian gates to be procured when in stock and SH to repair broken fencing.


12/221. Portable Defibrillator.KR advised 22 parishioners had attended training and the Defibrillator was now in the Bell PH. The landlord had generously offered to take the unit to houses as required. PCllrs expressed their appreciation to DF for this project.


12/222. Parish Magazine. SC explained a team of volunteers had now come forward to create an editorial team. SC advised it is hoped the next edition would feature some articles in colour and that an appeal would appear offering the opportunity to donate a bench in the memory of a loved one.


12/223. Housing Needs Survey.
The Clerk advised that following the TDBC Planners recent visit and the information given that Creech St Michael is one of? five villages that has been indentified to take between them 1700 additional houses over the TDBC planning period he had asked TDBC Housing Officers if they could do a Housing Needs Survey. TDBC had informed him that these can be commissioned by Parish Councils at their cost. Cllrs restated their view that they wish to see future development providing low cost housing and that priority for these homes should be given to local people from the Parish so they can remain living in the Parish. KH suggested using the Parish Magazine as an alternative to using contractors and offered to write an article/survey for the next edition. Resolved. KH to examine conducting a HNS through the Parish Magazine.


12/224. ?No Called Calling Zone. KR had spoken to the Police about creating such a zone after she had learnt West Monkton and Stoke St Gregory are. Callers can be quite persuasive and some forcible. If the scheme was agreed to signs would be put up and it would be legally enforceable (bar church and political Groups). Resolved that KR takes forward making the Village a “No cold calling zone’.


12/225 North End Noticeboard. At the last meeting GL had offered to consult on whether the notice board was still required or not as it had become opaque and was in need of replacement if it is still required. Eric Chown had written advising when it was originally installed it was outside a shop and he suggested if it is to be replaced it is now better placed on the verge across the road by the seat as this would be seen by more parishioners. Resolved.? GL to give feedback on the need for and siting of a replacement notice board at North End at the next meeting.


12/226. Accounts.
(1) Invoices to be paid. SR Altria Clerks Salary ?598.48, HMRC Tax due on Clerks? ?Salary ?149.62, SR Altria Clerks October Expenses ?77.11 , Gus Mc Williams for Tree Cutting at Rec Field and Merlyn’s Copse ?165.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co for Cleaning Bus Shelters ?45.00, Mrs K Reed reimbursement of hire cost from Yeovil Plant hire for use of a chipper ?156.00, Quality Service Printers for Printing the Parish Magazine ?195.00,Devon & Somerset Fire Protection Ltd for the Annual Rec Field Pavilion Extinguisher Maint Contract ?16.50, Creech St Michael Village Hall for use of premises for CSM PC Mtgs ?230.
(2) Monies received and banked. ?25 from Taunton Handyman Services for a Parish Magazine advert.
(3) Accounts Reconciliation. A reconciliation for the first six months of the year to the bank accounts along with detail of expenditure against that expected were circulated by the Clerk. The Council’s receipts for the period 31 March 2012 to 30 Sept 2012 are ?30,741.54 and the expenditure for the same period is ?16,480.03. The reconciliation was signed off by the Vice Chairperson.
(4) Adsborough Bus Shelter. The Clerk had asked Ian Pike to look at the site. IP had advised that there was already a small retaining wall in place and apart from the possible need to repoint the wall in places he would dig out the bank as he had originally quoted for. Resolved. To accept IP quotation to remove the adjacent bank to the bus shelter.
(5) Taunton and Dist CAB. Resolved in recognition of the important work the CAB does,? its increasing workloads at a difficult time and the reduction of funding it was agreed to award a grant of ?500
(6) CSM Parish Church. In recognition of the valuable work the PCC of the Parish Church does in maintaining the Parish Church and Burial Grounds it was agreed to award a grant of ?1000.


12/227. To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports. No reports were made.


12/228 Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting? (1) The Clerk was asked to invite the Police to update the PC on their work at the Dec meeting.(2)The Clerk to ask TDBC for a grant towards the rec field and burial grounds.?

The meeting ended at 9.50pm

The next parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 19th November, Monday 3rd December 2012 and Monday 7th January 2013 all beginning at 7pm.

E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295.
Email clerk@creechstmichael.net



DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 19th November 2012 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: C Sampson (Chairperson), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd, S Creighton, Y Guest, G Hodge, K Hunt, G Lucas, K Reed and S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were 8 members of the public.? ??


12/229. Chairpersons Welcome.
Cllr Sampson welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained the order that the? Council business would follow.


12/230. Public Speaking.
Two members of the public asked to address the Council.
(1) Simon Steele-Jenkins of Strategic Land? Partnership who advised he had come to answer any questions as he represents the owner of the land at Hyde Lane (see planning agenda item below). He advised he had a positive consultation with the Scout Group that had come out of the public consultation. He advised his scheme offered allotments but he could offer money for another project instead as he did not wish to cause any conflict with the existing allotments. SSJ highlighted the difficulties with traffic in Hyde Lane and explained this mainly occurred at the School, in common with most schools, at the? start and end of the school day. The answer he suggested was not to provide more parking but to encourage more to walk to and from the school; in line with SCC Policy. Finally SSJ advised he could have put up more than 35 houses on the 6 ? acres site but as the TDBC strategy requires more than 50 and upto 100 houses and as CSM performs better than the other four communities that had been identified this he felt was the right number.
(2) Barbara Williams, Group Scout Leader of Henlade Scouts. BW thanks the PC for offering a site for a new Scout Hut on the rec field. She advised that she was here to state her Groups support for the SLP development as that would give them their own premises on their own land; as a result this was their preferred site.


12/231. Apologies. None.


12/232. ?Declarations of Interest.
PC declared an interest in the planning application 14/12/0029 at Charlton Coach House.


12/233. Planning. ?
The PC is aware that in addition to its major development sites such as that at Creech Heathfield/West Monkton TDBC is also looking to see 1700 houses being developed in minor schemes from within five potential village locations, with CSM being one. ?The PC is aware that there are four potential sites being favoured within CSM by developers and three developers have already come forward with their schemes and there is a further one yet to come. The first application has been received (14/12/0036 from Strategic Land Partnership below) and the PC has been asked to comment on the first development by TDBC before the others have been received. The PC has yet to learn from TDBC wether CSM will be one of the communities it will require to provide the 1700 houses and if so? how many houses will be required. The PC discussed this application at some length and recognised that improved highways access from the motorway bridge in Hyde Lane to Hyde lane cottages? and then onto the realigned A38 or bypass (Eastern Relief Road) (incl a cycle walkway) needs to be completed before any of the 4 sites are considered. ?Similarly it views that additional provision should be in place at CSM School prior to any of the applications being considered. (The School is at over capacity already). The PC renewed its view that whilst affordable/sheltered housing proposals were welcome its believes a first priority should be given to those with a housing need within CSM over that to others within TDBC area. Only once the village need is met should others be considered. ?The PC is also keen to maximise the “planning gain” to the Parish and whilst welcoming the offers including this offer of a site for a Scout Hut the PC would prefer to understand the full extent of what each scheme will provide. The outcome below sets out the PC resolution and it has advised TDBC that it should not grant any of the applications permission until the road access and school capacity issues have been fully addressed. ?








To ask TDBC to put this application on hold until highways issues are resolved and the overcrowding in the School has been dealt with.
A request has been sent to TDBC Planners to work with the Council in order to evaluate the merits of various applications seeking to be permitted under the TDBC plans for development sites outside of major schemes.


12/234. TME.?
Mike Johns (Chairman), Phil Mortimer (Treasurer), Nigel Gettings (H&S) and Andy Cooke (Secretary) representing ?the Taunton Model Engineers attended to discuss with the PC the terms of a new lease to continue using part of the Recreation Ground. Mike asked why the PC had issued TME with a new lease. CS advised that the old agreement was not legal (as Recreation Field Management Committee in their agreement did not have the right to sub-let) & the RFMC - TMC lease had expired. The PC had been advised by the Som Assoc of Loc Councils that a legal lease should be put in place this time around. PC Solicitors Porter Dodson had been consulted and drafted the lease for agreement. MJ advised he found the agreement confusing and preferred a license similar to the one TME had with TDBC in order to use its similar operation at Vivary Park and offered a copy of the TDBC license for PC consideration. The PC recommended TME to instruct their own solicitors to assist them and that they consider the draft and once having consulted its members and committee then arrange to meet with the PC again. TME requested a twenty year lease at an annual rent of ?1,100 pa (with 5 yearly revisions) for the existing area they occupy or more. Both parties restated their commitment to work together with TME seeking to enable its 120 members (of which 6 live locally) to play trains and to give people a chance to ride on them for fun. ?Whilst the PC made clear it must ensure any agreement at the Rec Field is in the best interest of the Parish as the Rec Field was gifted to the PC for the benefit of the parish and it's residents. Areas discussed included TME wish to create a second station as a destination, the merits, safety concerns and limitations on development of the Rec Field pavilion and parking if a full circuit was implemented, the merits of level crossings, the scope to reduce the amount of land being used so that other facilities could be provided by the PC at the rec field, the need for clearance between the trains and the pitch when running, the need for car parking and fencing. Also discussed where the PC plans for installing play equipment early in the new year, its aspirations for the pavilion and the payment of rent. TME expressed concern that a RICS member being involved in rental reviews CS confirmed the agreement stated this would only take place if TME and the PC could not reach agreement themselves.? TME indicated they would not contribute towards the agreement costs as they would incur their own legal expenses.

12/235. Planning. ?Applications;








The PC agreed (with one abstention) to support this application but to request a change of colour of the materials to a dark red to enable this to blend better with the neighbour's stone wall.




PC declared an interest and left the meeting.
The Council agreed to support the erection of a chimney to this previously converted barn.




The PC agreed unanimously to ask TDBC to look at this application as it was felt that the location of the extension was not totally on land that formed part of the domestic dwelling and garden area.




The PC agreed unanimously to support this application.
The plot is a large one and the extension would improve neighbours privacy.


12/236. Previous planning application.
CS advised that the neighbour of an applicant (see table below) had contacted her as a member of the public had reported to her that the PC had said there had been no objections. The neighbour wished to make the PC aware she does object as it would cut the light out from her kitchen window. The PC noted a 6’ fence was already in place and that no objections had been made to them at the time the application was considered. The PC agreed the response to the application was based on its merits. ?




Outcome reported to meeting on the 5th Nov.




SH declared his interest and did not vote. It was proposed, seconded and agreed to support this application as the existing conservatory is being replaced and the neighbours are far away so should not impact upon on them.


12/237. Housing Needs Survey. ?
A discussion took place to clarify how this is being taken forward. It was agreed to take a two strand approach. Resolved. SC to do an article for the Parish Magazine to make local people aware of the need to register on the TDBC and the Housing Associations lists. KH is doing an article and survey questionnaire for distribution throughout the parish to enable the Parish council to collate information from local people therefore formally recording their needs.? The results of the survey would be used by the PC when responding to future developments in the parish.


12/238.? Precept.
The Clerk advised that he was planning to bring a draft precept to the next meeting. He asked that Councillors let him have details of any forward proposals they wished him to include in the draft precept.


12/239.? Old Medical Centre.?
The owner asked for suggestions for a new name for the old medical centre. A suggestion was made to call it the Tacker Sweeting Centre (subject to owner and the family agreeing)


12/240.? Signs.
GL reported he had arranged for the sign outside of the old medical centre sign to be moved to sign the vets.


12/241.? Notice board.
GL had noticed that a parked vehicle at the garage had blocked the notice board. He would give some thought to where the board could be repositioned to and would make a proposal at the next meeting.

The meeting ended at 9.10pm

The next parish council meetings will take place on Monday 3rd December 2012 and Monday 7th January 2013 all beginning at 7pm.


E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net