/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / October 2012

DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 1st October 2012

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: C Sampson (Chairperson), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd, S Creighton, Y Guest, G Hodge, K Hunt, G Lucas, K Reed and S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr Kelly Durdan (part) and 10 members of the public


12/185. Chairman Welcome. Cllr Sampson welcomed everyone to the meeting.


12/186. Public Speaking.
(1) Flooding. ?Eric Chown advised that the floods of the previous week had highlighted a problem with the culverts which needed resolving, particularly the north one at Ham.
(2) Grants. Mrs Chown asked why the church had not received its grant this year. The Clerk advised a grant had not been requested. Resolved. The Clerk to speak to Moira Alexandra.
(3) Planning. Alan Trowell asked what is to happen in the field behind the School and asked if Hyde Lane is to be closed.
CS explained this would be addressed later on the agenda (see 12/195 (3) and (4) and that no planning applications had been received to date and until one was the PC could not comment. His anxiety was noted.
(4) Wessex Water Ham Sewage Works. Jane Withey advised that a meeting had taken place last week and asked if the PC could follow up on a couple of promises WW had made. JW advised that WW had started permitted works and she asked the PC to get updates on the new road and works.
(5) Rec Field. Richard Perry asked what is planned for the recreation field. CS explained that consultations had taken place with various organisations in the village and that the PC was currently undertaking a tender process in order to procure play equipment. CS invited Richard to stay on and listen to later discussion on all aspects of rec field.


12/187. Vacancies on the Parish Council. ?CS explained there is a vacancy to which the Council could co-opt. A member of the public showed interest but did not want to be co-opted at this time.


12/188. Apologies. None.


12/189. Declarations of Interest. CS explained she lives in Adsborough and therefore declared an interest in the Lapthorne application.


12/190. Minutes of the meetings of the Council.
(1) The Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd September, a copy of which had been previously circulated, were agreed with one amendment at minute 12/172 (2) Footpath T10/21.? The minute to now read ‘it appears that the footpath will be consumed by the large development at Creech Heathfield. It was confirmed by the Planning officer on 17th Sept that this was NOT the case.’ ?The minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as correct.
(2) The Minutes of the meeting held on 17th September had previously been circulated to Cllrs. A copy was also sent to the TDBC Planning Officers who had responded making comments which whilst not material had only just been received and circulated. CS proposed that agreement to the minutes be considered at the next Council meeting in order to give time for reading. Resolved. That the minutes of the meeting held on the 17th Sept be considered at the Councils November meeting.?


12/191.? Matter Arising. KH highlighted that it was Leylandi as well as Elderberry that where overgrowing in Tristram Drive. Resolved. The Clerk to write to the householder.


12/192. Correspondence






Audit Commission

Notifying PC that Grant Thornton UK LLP will be the External Auditor for 5 years from 2012/13.

Annual Audit fee anticipated to be ?200.
(currently ?285).


Jean Adkins
Executive Cllr, Housing Services TDBC

Allocation of new Housing in Hyde Lane. Replying to the PC enquiry as to why Parishioners were not prioritised for the new houses.

The Clerk has replied to Cllr Adkins advising ?that the PC expects Parishioners to be given priority to housing developments in CSM. The Clerk to request a reply and to ask TDBC for an updated housing needs survey.


Queen Elizabeth II Fields Trust

Asking the PC to pass ownership of the Rec Field over to QEII Fields in Trust organisation in perpetuity.

Repeated request. Cllrs voted to retain the rec field and not pass it over to the Trust.


Hugh Loxton

Seeking support and information regarding the fly tipping that had taken place on his land.

CS advised that the Clerk had signposted Mr Loxton to TDBC. PC advised that he had asked TDBC to remove rubbish on adj highway and had asked PCSO to monitor Flytipping on his land.


Rural Youth Project

Offering their services to put on activities for young People locally.

PC decided not to take up the offer.



Outlining proposals to change the accreditation criteria required to achieve Quality Council status.



Pete Austin

Notifying that the footpath (known as cowleaze drove) which starts by the old viaduct on the Creech to Henlade road and runs east towards Ham is very overgrown. The footpath alongside the golf course which goes from Charlton lane to Durston area isn`t much better.

PC advised that Cowleaze Drove is not in the Parish. PC had tried to speak to Mr Austin but was not returning calls. Clerk to write.


Strategic Land Partnerships

Seeking a meeting so as to share details of a 35 house plus possibly a new scout hut development off Hyde Lane.

PC Planning Panel has met SLP. See minute 12/195 (4).


Ken Maddocks

Election Flyer seeking support in the forthcoming election to be Police and Crime Commissioner for Avon and Somerset.

Elections take place on 15th November.


Mrs Perryman

Notified PC of a dense bramble area at the green in West View, in addition areas of the old metal fencing by Alexandria Close bungalows was dangerous.

TDBC contacted and agreed to do remedial works on both. GL reported work done.


David Fothergill

Offer to provide a Portable defibrillator in CSM.

To be sited in The Bell.
Training available on ts use.


Creech, Ruishton and Thornfalcon Benefice

Confirming tree works are programmed to avoid damage to War Memorial.

In response to PC Risk Assessment.


Rachel Buttell

A request for funding on behalf of the residents of Adsborough and Thurloxton and surrounding parishes to support the objection of the application at Lapthorne, Adsborough.?

Request not agreed.
PC did however agree to appoint a consultant at a cost of ?200 to advise the Chairman in readiness for when she gives the Councils views at the TDBC Planning Cttee. See minute 12/195 (2).


The Planning Inspectorate

Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power station. Notifying that the Panel of Examining Inspectors have completed their examination of the application.

Findings are to be sent to Sec of State within 3 months.


Wessex Water

Details of vehicle movements associated with the works in Ham.

See minute 12/195 (1).


SCC Highways

Setting out parameters for overhanging trees.



Andrew Gadd

Further to meeting, asking if the PC would object to a Planning Application to rear of the School site.

See minute 12/195 (3).


Mayor Terry Hall

Poster for the “forget me not walk” in aid of ‘beat blood cancer’ to be held at County Cricket Ground 21st Oct 1.30pm. Email tforgetmenot@btinternet.com for details.

Poster on Garage notice board.????????????????????

(2)Additional correspondence. Received between issuing of agenda and the meeting:


R Mitchinson

Confirming that no decision has been taken to close footpath T10/21 as part of the Monkton Heathfield Development.

Welcomed by PC.


Heidi Leonard SCC

Details of shuttle bus that will run whilst Burrow Bridge is closed for two weeks from 2nd October 2012

For details tel
0845 345 9155


Somerset Community Council

AGM invite on 25th Oct 2012

PC is not a member.


Adrian Prior-Sankey

A flyer and poster introducing Total Advocacy.

Poster on garage notice board.


Michelle? Easton
Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) SW.

Membership promotion flyer.

Copy passed to Parish Mag Editor.


Richard Leigh
Principal Water way Engineer
Canal & River Trust, 

Advising that the riding of horses is not permitted along this length of towpath. The towpath is designated a Public footpath and Traffic Free Cycle Route. The surfacing hasn’t been designed for use by horses.
As it is a public footpath the surfacing is the responsibility of the Local Authority (Somerset County Council) and is managed by their Public Rights Of Way Team.

Noted. Mr Hartnell to be informed by GL and Horse riders informed as seen.


Rachel Fenton

Complaint about the car parking at the school and in Hyde Lane. This was sent in response to the Clerks letter seeking information on who is parking in front of the Rec Field gate.

Copy sent to SCC Highways and TDBC Planners. Ack sent.


Phil Stone

Email confirming receipt of CSM PC letter communicating decision not to buy Canal car park and advising that the Somerset Waterways Development Trust is to purchase on the same terms as it had been offered to the PC.



Kali Martin
SCC Highways

Advising that the verge at North End by Merlyn’s Copse is part of the roundabouts sight line and fencing should not be moved.



A E Cooke
Hon Sec

Enquiring how the TME agreement is proceeding and complaining about the state of the pavilion and general aspect of the rec field.

See Agenda item 12/194.


(3) Weeds. TDBCllr KD raised that she had a letter from Laurence Gregg raising the number of weeds growing generally. She was taking this up with TDBC. Resolved. The Clerk to raise with TDBC.
(4) Foliage is growing abundantly at the former railways station in Laburnum Terrace to the extent it is causing concern. Resolved. The Clark to write to Network Rail.


12/193. Recreation Field.
(1) Update on play equipment and a MUGA. CS Advised that nine companies had responded to the PC Pre Qualifying Questionnaire (PQQ). The PC will now evaluate these so those who met the PC criteria could be invited to tender. The equipment will be installed by Feb 2013.
(2) The initiative to improve and manage the site is to be advanced at a meeting to take place at the Rec Field on 6th Oct.
(3) Highway Verge outside Rec Field. The Clerk advised that David Wilson had cleared the verges that they had used as a site office after a request by the PC. He also advised that the verge was owned by the Secretary of State for Transport. Resolved. The Clerk to ask David Wilson to seed with grass and replant the bulbs that previously existed and to request the Sec of State to transfer ownership of the verges to CSM PC.
(4) Henlade Scouts. YG advised she had met with the local Scouts and that they were now looking at three sites. Resolved. A further meeting is to take place with the Scouts to see their plans.
(5) Budget Review. The Rec Field expenditure and income statement will be considered at the meeting on the 10th Oct.
(6) Parking. The Clerk advised that he had placed a temporary laminated sign on the gate requesting that cars are not parked in front of the gates and that he had hand delivered 45 letters to adjacent house asking for details of those parking in front of the gates to be removed. He also had a obtained a quotation from K Signs to produce and fit a sign for ?80. Resolved. The Clerk to procure a sign fitted from K signs.
(7) Safety. ?KR reported Young people had been found on the roof of the pavilion. PC suggested the trees shielding the rec field be thinned to improve sight of pavilion. It was recognised there is a need to balance thinning with removing the trees as they shield the pavilion from neighbouring homes. Resolved. KR to obtain quotations to thin the trees and authority delegated to the chairperson and vice chair to agree to a reasonable quotation to undertake works.
(8) Dogs. The PC heard how one woman allows her dog to soil the field daily. Resolved. The Clerk to inform the dog warden.
(9) Donation to the Recreation Ground by Gwyneth Bryant. CS reported that she had spoken to Mrs Freeman who had advised that there was no donation of ?200 from the estate of Mrs Bryant. A suggestion was made that perhaps the donation was from the collection at the funeral. Resolved. CS to speak to speak to the undertakers to ask who the beneficiaries of the collection were and to ascertain who had distributed.


12/194. TME. CS advised that a letter had been received on the 28th Sept enquiring how the TME agreement is proceeding and complaining about the state of the pavilion and general aspect of the rec field. The Clerk explained that the legal documentation is with the Solicitor for review and was expected back shortly. A discussion took place about the number of villagers who took part in TME, the impact their operations had on the potential use of the field and the amount of land they used. Resolved. The PC to meet to review what it is seeking to achieve with the field? and then to decide how TME fits in. The Clerk to acknowledge the letter and to inform the Solicitor to pause her review of the legal documentation.


12/195. Planning.
(1) Wessex Water Ham Sewage Works. Councillors PC, KH, GL, KR and SW reported that they had attended a public meeting called by Wessex Water. The Cllrs felt the tone of the communication from WW was poor. WW had advised that they can’t get agreement from Tarmac or its owners Lafarge to use access for the new road at the concrete works site before Christmas. GL advised he suggested they ask for a meeting with the Chief Executive. David Elliott, a Director of Wessex Water had attended and it appeared he was surprised a new access road had been promised but had not been delivered and that he appeared surprised that it had not been escalated to his level previously. DF had asked if WW could preplan so progress could be made faster than otherwise would be the case. No progress had been possible with the Solomon’s Hollow route from North Curry. WW had started work at Ham under permitted rights; only the kiosk now applied for required planning to be granted and this is due to be considered at the SCC Reg Cttee on the 1st Nov 2012. In answer to a question from DF Dave Elliott had confirmed that the Regional Sludge Centre proposal would not go ahead without the new road. DF will follow up the meeting with a conversation with Dave Elliott shortly in order to ensure WW deliver on their promises and commitments. Resolved. The Clerk to obtain a copy of the minutes of the WW meeting.
(2) Lapthorne, Adsborough. CS advised a resident had asked for a grant to help fund the villagers defence against this application. Having take advice from SALC and TDBC it is clear the PC does not have the authority to make such a grant. We can however take legal advice in order for the PC to present its decision at committee. Resolved. To employ a planning specialist from Clarke Wilmot to advise the PC on this application at a cost of ?200.
(3) Proposed development by Gadds, off Hyde Lane (to rear of School). SH advised that he had met Gadds who had outlined their plans to build 60 houses and would provide the school with a car park and a new hall. DF advised that the school now had 242 pupils and was in excess of capacity of 240, It had lost its ICT suite in order to create a new classroom. The plea from the School is for the PC to support so that they can have a new hall. GH advised he was concerned about access at present; if another 120 cars where added this would deteriorate further. SW highlighted that other developers also wanted to build off Hyde Lane and that it was not suitable for increased volumes of vehicles. PC suggested the traffic could exit by the Recreation Field. GL felt sight lines where poor and that there would be children around. SH suggested that though the School would get a hall in the longer term this may seem short sighted as the school would then be land locked. KH asked who owned the School. DF advised it’s was owned 50% by the Church and 50% by SCC. GL stated he was not happy with planner’s proposals to close Hyde Lane to motorised traffic. With increasing numbers of children and two more possible developments there is a need for the route through to the rugby club and potentially Brittons Ash to remain open. Resolved. That the Clerk writes to TDBC asking that Hyde Lane be retained for vehicles use via the Rugby Club.
(4) Proposed development by SLP, off Hyde Lane (to rear of Medical Centre). GH advised the panel had met with SLP who wanted to build 35 houses on half of their field. The remaining half would be donated for the benefit of the village. GH advised no commitments had been given. SW highlighted to the PC that TDBC intended to survey the Village within the next two years in order to establish if a site in CSM would best meet their requirement for development outside their core strategy. DF reminded the PC that in addition to the 4000 houses at Monkton Heathfield TDBC are seeking 1700 houses to be built on one of five settlements. SW felt SLP where pressing on in order to submit their application first. KH highlighted the need for infrastructure for children. It was recognised there was a need for a debate on which is the best of these sites to develop and that this should take place when formal applications are received.



12/196. Highways
(1) Laburnum Terrace.? GL raised that this had already been discussed at 12/192 Correspondence (4) above.
(2) Surgery Sign. GL suggested the Highways surgery sign outside the old health centre could be repositioned close to the Vets. Resolved. DF agreed to organise.
(3) Canal Bridge. KH advised that a long crack had appeared at the southern end of the bridge and that this suggested it could be subsiding. Resolved. The Clerk to inform Highways.
(4) A38 Adsborough. CS reported a double fatality had tragically occurred by the fruit farm. DF reported he had raised with SCC and that the Police had not given this a lot of publicity while details were clarified.


12/197. Footpaths and Pavements. The house at Tristram Drive with overgrowing Leylandi and Elderberry had already been discussed at agenda item 12/191.


12/198. Parish Magazine. CS reported that the Editor had resigned. CS had (with support) finalised this issue. To date ?428 had been spent; ?400 on a printing and ?28 on a flyer. Full year costs should be around ?828 whereas ?1250 had been received from advertisers making net contribution to the Parish of ?400 pa. Going forward GH wife had kindly volunteered to do the IT collating and it is hoped an editorial team of volunteers could be recruited. A suggestion was made to put the advertising rate card in the next edition.


12/199. Allotments. KR advised the allotment holders had been busy and all was well. CS and KR had undertaken a risk assessment and it was evident that the PC would need to continue to support the society.


12/200. Merlyn’s Copse. KR advised that the trees had been cut and the logs chipped to create a pathway. It was noted that some logs had been stolen prior to their use (this had been reported to the police) and that some logs remain stored by the contractor. GL highlighted that one tree by the culvert was blocking the view towards Langaller upto Creech Heathfield and he suggested it be removed.KR advised that the next steps are to open up to the light more and to clean the ditch. She has obtained a quote of ?150 to dig out the silt and store it on the bank prior to being used to build up the path close to the bridge in due course. ?KR advised that a pair of 3’ gates were priced at ?144.16 from Mole Valley Farmers and she suggested that Silks price for their installation. Resolved. KR to arrange for Silks Garden Services to remove the silt from the stream at a cost of ?150 and to install two pedestrian gates at a cost of ?144.16 plus installation.


12/201. Defibrillator. DF announced that he agreed to finance a defibrillator in CSM at the Bell Inn. A flyer had been posted advising that training is available for those interested who live or work nearby; and in addition an open evening will take place on the 12th October. CS thanked DF on behalf of the village. KR explained that if anyone rang 999 from the village and if it's appropriate, they may be asked to get and obtain the defibrillator from the Bell. DF Advised he was also looking at the possibility of a further defibrillator for the Maypole at Adsborough.

12/202. Accounts.
(1) Invoices to be paid. Clerks October Salary ?598.48, HMRC Tax due on Clerks October Salary ?149.62, Clerks September expenses ?83.59 and? Ian Pike Grass Cutting at Merlyn’s Copse? ?200.00
(2) Monies received and banked; ?40 from Creech Parish Allotments Society and ?50 from A Watson for a Parish Magazine advert
(3) Adsborough Bus shelter. The Clerk has consulted I Pike as requested as to whether the bank should be dug out or if the PC was better off periodically spraying the weeds. He had advised digging out the bank. SH suggested he put up a small retaining wall to prevent the soil from slipping back into the bus shelter; this could be post and shuttering. Resolved.? The Clerk to obtain a revised estimate from I Pike to dig out bank and install a post and shuttering retaining wall.
(4) North End Noticeboard. The Clerk reported that the glazing had become obscured making notices difficult to read and one of the doors had warped making it difficult to lock and that it had already been repaied. He had obtained an estimate from Fitzpatrick Woolmer (the supplier of the notice boards at Adsborough and Maypole) for ?1100 plus ?150 for I Pike to install. Resolved. GL to ask those living in the vicinity if they wish to retain a notice board and to investigate an alternative more suitable site.?


12/203. County & District Councillors’ Reports. DF reported 10 Salt bags are available from the Depot per Parish. CS asked the Highways panel to arrange collection alongside their deliberations on the procurement of salt bins.


12/204. Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting. None.

The meeting ended at 9.45pm

The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 5th November and Monday 3rd December 2012 at 7pm

E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net