/ Parish Council / 2012 Minutes / September 2012

DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 3rd September 2012 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: C Sampson (Chairperson), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd, G Hodge, K Hunt, G Lucas, K Reed, S Wellman and S Creighton (from item 12/163) (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill and 29 members of the public.


12/161. Chairman Welcome. Cllr Sampson welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained the Councils practice on public speaking.


12/162. Public Speaking.
(1 ) Village Agent. Carol Parker introduced herself. She can be contacted on 07870577925 cparkerva@somersetrcc.org.uk Carol asked if anyone needs support e.g. is lonely or in need of help to contact her so that she can assist free of any charge as required.
(2) Wessex Water, Ham Planning Application. Richard Jeanes asked if a date could be set by which the new access road would have to be completed by as part of the Ham planning decision. Jane Withey thanked the PC for organising the Public meeting on the Ham application and Parishioners for supporting.
(3) Lapthorne, Adsborough Planning Application. Several parishioners spoke. Rachel Buttell highlighted that Adsborough was a historical hamlet in open countryside, that the application conflicts with the TDBC Core Strategy Policy DM3 and that there had been lots of precedents for refusal. Ken Fletcher explained in detail why the Lapthorne application contradicted the Gypsy and Traveller Site Selection Criteria Policy and the Policies to protect open countryside. Ann Bishop highlighted the dangers of the Adsborough site access and the A38. Roger Stoakley objected on the grounds of the impact on Adsborough natural drainage systems. Moira Smith explained the Lapthorne application was not sustainable as Adsborough has very little infrastructure. Tudor James spoke on behalf of a family in Thurloxton highlighting that the number of residents at Lapthorne could grow, that buses are few, that the A38 is a dangerous road and the application would destroy the hamlets nature, it being set in open countryside outside of the settlement boundary. He also advised that a previous owner of Lapthorne had enquired about planning 23 years ago for a bungalow in the grounds but like Mr James himself, was informed no new building would be permitted in Adsborough.
(4) Henlade Scouts. Barbara Williams Group Scout Leader for the Henlade Scouts advised the Council of the poor state of the Scout Hut and asked if the Scout could site a new pavilion on the recreation ground in Hyde Lane.


12/163. Vacancies on the Parish Council. ?There are two vacancies which the Council can co-opt two individuals. A member of the public showed interest in being a Councillor and she explained why she was able to assist the Parish. Cllrs voted to co-opt and SC then completed her acceptance of Office. Resolved. That Sue Creighton be appointed as a Parish Councillor.


12/164. Apologies. Cllr Y Guest.


12/165. Declarations of Interest.
(1) The Localism Act. CS explained that this new legislation required the Council to adopt a new Code of Conduct and to update some of its standing orders. Details of two different model Codes (one from the Nat Assoc of Local Councils and the other from Somerset Assoc of Local Councils) had been previously circulated to Councillors for consideration. The Council noted that whilst it could draw up its own code Councils have been recommended not to do that as breeches are then made much more difficult to deal with.? Resolved. That the Council adopt the NALC based Code of Conduct, to make amendments to its standing orders and that requests for dispensations would be subject to a written request in advance to the full Council, made via the Clerk.
(2). Declarations of Individual Members. CS explained she lives in Adsborough and that TDBC had not consulted her opinion on the Lapthorne application. She had taken advice from the Somerset Council for Local Councils (SALC) who had advised she could request a dispensation to the Council in advance of the meeting asking for to be able to speak on the application. Resolved. That CS be granted a dispensation to enable her to speak on the Lapthorne, Adsborough application but not to vote unless a casting vote is required. SH declared his interest in the Allotments.?


12/166. Planning.
(1) Applications received. SH Chaired this agenda item.






4/40/12/12/0006 (nb SCC is the Planning Auth)



It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to object to this application. A public meeting had organised by the council on the 29th August 2012.Cllrs endorsed the parishioners concerns and in particular Cllrs restated that the long standing and promised alternative access road be in place prior to the commencement of works.




It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to object to this application. Cllrs highlighted the danger of the site access/A38 road, that Adsborough is NOT part of a strategic urban extension but is an open countryside area outside of a defined settlement, that? similar nearby planning requests for development? had been opposed by planners, that there is a lack of need in this specific location, that the site is NOT sustainable and it is NOT well related to local services? or well served by infrastructure, the adverse impact on the environment and the impact of the development on the existing community.




It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed to support this application.


(2) Creech Heathfield (Monkton Heathfield) Development. The Clerk confirmed that Taunton Deane Borough Councils Senior Planners Roger Mitchinson (Planning Strategy Lead) and Tim Burton (Theme Manager for Planning) had agreed to the Council request to attend to update and answer questions on this strategic development. He suggested an additional meeting of the Council be held in order to give opportunity for Parishioners and Councilors alike to ask questions. Resolved. That an additional PC meeting open to the public be held on 17th September in the Village Hall lower Cttee room commencing at 7pm.


12/167. Minutes of the last meeting. The Minutes of the meeting held on 6th August, a copy of which had been previously circulated, were agreed without amendment. The minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as correct.


12/168. ?Matter Arising.
(1) SCC Chairman Award. KR suggested a local resident for a SCC Chairman’s Award. KR and the Clerk had drawn up the nomination papers. Resolved. To support the nomination.
(2) Canal Car park. The Clerk advised Cllrs that he had not had a response from SCC since he had written communicating the Parish Councils decision not to proceed with the purchase of the canal car park. Resolved. That the Clerk ask SCC to acknowledge the Council decision.
(3) Playing Field to rear of West View/Paddock Close. The Chairman reported she had been monitoring the field to see if dog fouling was continuing. She found that there were signs on the posts, that the grass was very badly cut (that this had been previously reported) but there was no immediate sign of dog mess. SH advised he had opened the bin there and found the bins full of dog waste in plastic bags and that in so doing he had stood in some dog mess. Resolved. That the Clerk ask the dog warden if she can visit and make suggestions to improve the situation.
(4) Canal Towpath. A discussion took place on whether horses were still being ridden on the tow path and whether that was permitted. Resolved. The Clerk was asked to make enquiries of British Waterways Canal Trust to establish if horse riding is permitted on the canal towpath.


12/169. Correspondence







Loc Govt Boundary Commission

Proving a summary of the outcome of the completed electoral review of Somerset. www.lgbce.org.uk


Various July

The Planning Inspectorate

Re Hinkley C. Notification of various measures.



Valerie Gaskell

Offered to distribute the Parish Magazine in Ham as and when required.

Noted. Would be asked as required.



Details of training for Councillors on new code of Conduct requirements.

Attended by most Councillors.


SCCllr D Fothergill

Proposed footpath at North End, CSM. An update on the LTP scheme suggestion for 2011/12. the report states The concept of ‘Shared Space’ and its adoption by SCC was agreed by the Cabinet Member pending the exploration of design parameters (commissioned) and the litigation consideration of this departure from Standards ? ongoing. Consultation and bespoke implementation at Pilot locations to follow initial designs available September. Showing a start date for works of Feb 13.

Welcomed by the PC.


Barbara Williams
Henlade Scouts

Enquiring if the Parish Council has any land or knows of anyone who has a parcel of land that could be used for the Scout Hut.

The Scouts attended the?mtg


Lianne Souter Rights of Way Officer

Notification of temporarily closure wef 30th July 2012 for 21 days of? public footpaths T10/25 (part), T 12/10 and BW 19/13 (part) in the Parishes of Creech St Michael, Durston and Lyng from Charlton Bridge running generally north easterly to its junction with Main Road.

Now reopen.


Delia Kingman-Reed

Notified PC that she was recently refused planning permission by TDBC. She asked before deciding whether to lodge an appeal against the decision by TDBC whether she can have an opportunity to discuss the proposal with the Parish Council in order to gain the PC support for a reapplication.

V Chairman met.


Somerset Waste Partnership.

Invite to P. Cllrs to a FREE half-day event to be held on Saturday 29 September from 9.30am at the Canal side, Marsh Lane, Bridgwater TA6 6LQ to encourage greater recycling.



C Morse

Notifying agreement to CSM PC co-opting a replacement member.

Notice boards updated.


Richard Graham Henlade Scouts

Letter requesting Support.

The Scouts attended the mtg.


PJ Francis

Copy of a letter sent to TDBC planning for PC’s information. Asking Planning if installing steps would require planning permission.

Clerk to reply.


Paul Harding

Council Tax Support. Advising that Council Tax Benefit is replaced with Council Tax Support from 1/4/13. Asked for PC to display a poster on consultation. Details at http://www.tauntondeane.gov.uk/benefitconsultation

Poster on notice board.


Eric Chown

Various points re telephone box being repainted, website and notice board access.

EC and the Clerk are keeping access to garage notice board under review.


Carole Neenan

Thanking the clerk for making representations to BT with the result that the telephone box has been repainted.



Andrew Gadd
Gadd Properties

Request to meet the Chairman to outline planned development proposals for site on land behind the School.

V Chairman to meet. PC to understand access.


Sally Vickery Rights of Way Officer SCC

A thank you for your reporting the loose bottom step of stile T 10/9. Advising that she will have a look when in the area.



R Rooke

Complaining that the PC had failed to resolve British Gas invoicing him for the Pavilion.
Note; Chairperson replied 22/8/12. The Clerk had previously written, emailed and spoken to BG but BG had not actioned. BG have now confirmed that they will amend their records ?

Mr Rooke added at the meeting that the continued invoicing by British Gas was causing him distress and that he would instruct a solicitor if they continued.


Cllr C Sampson.

Request for a dispensation asking to be permitted to speak on planning item 14/12/0015 in the interest of local residents.

Granted. See 12/165 (2)


12/170. Rec Field.
(1) Procurement and installation of Play Equipment. SH and the Clerk had met with David Carpenter, Procurement Specialist from Southwest One and reported that he is advising and assisting the PC with the procurement process. The first (PQQ) stage was close to be issued. Resolved. That the Clerk issue the PQQ that week by posting a notice on the myTenders website.
(2) Former David Wilson Site Area. The Clerk advised that he had spoken to David Wilson homes and that they had agreed to tidy the site where the site office had been located.
(3) Container. The Council welcomed the news that the container used for storage had now been removed.
(4) Former Rec Field Cttee Charity. It is noted that the responsibility for the former charity rests with the sole remaining Trustee. The Clerk had offered assistance. Resolved. The Clerk to follow up with a repeated offer to help him close the Charity.
(5) Donation to the Recreation Ground by Gwyneth Bryant. CS advised that more needs to be done to contact the Executors to the estate as they had moved from the area.
(6) Budget. An initial statement of costs and income has been drawn up by the Clerk for review by the Rec Field Panel. It was noted that one of the two teams that play regularly there will not be this season and that another team had expressed an interest in playing there. Resolved. Rec Field Panel to meet to review costs/income of the field and to recommend charges.
(7) Grants. CS explained that YG had looked at getting grants and that both Viridor Credits and the Lottery had confirmed that the Council/Rec Field was eligible. A clear plan would have to be in place of what is wanted. YG feels we should get equipment in first and then look at upgrading or replacing the pavilion. SH added developers may make a contribution too.
(8) Henlade Scouts. The Group has 60 members from the locality and had asked earlier if a new Scout Hut could be sighted on the rec field. Councillors expressed support for the Scouts and asked if the existing pavilion would be suitable if refurbished. Barbara Williams advised that it was too small.
GL suggested a new pavilion be built to be used jointly. Resolved. That the Rec Field panel meet with the Scouts and examine their plans and makes a recommendation to the next meeting.


12/171. TME.? The proposed lease documentation is currently being reviewed by Solicitors. CS advised that SW would be leading the liaison with TME on behalf of the Council in future. SH added that the TME had a new chairman. SW reported that cars are being parked in front of the rec field gate with the results that TME had been prevented from accessing the site. Resolved. The Clerk to leaflet nearby houses asking them to keep the gate clear, to get a sign put on the gate and to ask the solicitor to obtain plans of the site from the land registry.


12/171. Highways.?
(1) Hedgerows. Cllrs lamented the overgrown state of the hedgerows and banks generally and at Creech Heathfield particularly. DF explained that TDBC had to make budget cuts and this meant there are now two cuts per year.
(2) Footpath between Queens Down and Tristram Drive. A resident had complained about the elderberry which is growing over the boundary from No 18 Tristram Drive. Resolved DF offered to indentify the owner who would be responsible for cutting back.
(3). Creech Heathfield hedge. The hedge by the sign is overgrowing.
(4) Speeding outside Village Shop. The request for speed strip has been submitted and SCC highways have advised this has been referred to their Traffic engineer.
(5) North End (Merlyn’s Copse) Fencing.? The Parish Council request of SCC to be able to move the fencing closer to road has been referred to Kali Martin Area Highways Engineer for a decision.
(6) Grit bins.? SCC have confirmed the suitability of five of the seven sites suggested by the PC ; 1. Mill Lane (end by Bridges). 2. West View triangle of grass. 3. Arundells Way (by notice board). 4. Dillions Road/St Michaels Road Junc 5. North End (by notice board). 6. At Adsborough and Thurloxton sites SCC had suggested spots away from the A38 as the salt sprayed by their gritters would clear there. The PC is to purchase the bins and arrange delivery to SCC for filling and siting. Resolved. The highway panel was asked to decide the number of bins, at what sites and from which supplier the bins are to be purchased.
(7) Speeding in Hyde Lane. SCC have advised that three speed humps are to be installed in the new estate.?
(8). Ragwort. SCC advised that most of the ragwort has now been pulled on all the main roads and from North end up to the A361 & A38.
(9) Hedge in Charlton Rd. SCC have advised they will monitor to ensure it is not allowed to overgrow.
(10). New Bridge. GL reported that the bridge was rusting through. Resolved. DF agreed to report to SCC and will liaise with GL
(11) Adsborough A38. DF advised that SCC had accepted schemes including this one. A significant sum ? had been set aside for works and the scheme was now in planning.
(12). North End pavement. DF advised SCC was looking at creating a pavement in Feb 2013.
(13) Width limit. PC advised that a large scaffolding lorry had been seen going through the village. This would have been over the 14T weight limit and the 6’ 6” width limit. Resolved. The Clerk to ask LAT if this was one of their Lorries and is so ask that they ensure they used smaller Lorries.


12/172. ?Footpaths.
(1) ?T20 Creech Heathfield. The hedge is overgrown by Down House and stinging nettles are causing walkers to have to trespass onto neighbours land. Resolved. SH to indentify the landowner and then the Clerk to ask if the hedge can be cut on the other side of his drive.
(2) T10/21.? It appears that the footpath will be consumed by the large development at Creech Heathfield. This was confirmed by the Planning officer on 17th Sept. Resolved. The Clerk to raise this with SCC ROW Team.


12/173. Newsletter. CS advised she could not contact the Editor having visited emailed and telephoned. Resolved. That SC and CS lead the publication of the next issue urgently and that a strategic look will take place with an editorial team being put in place.


12/174. Allotments. SH abstained. KR advised that the agreement had been cleared by the solicitor and are ready to be signed at a meeting with the Creech Parish Allotment Society to be held tomorrow 4th Sept. KR was congratulated on successfully bringing this project to a successful conclusion. DF handed over to the Clerk a cheque for ?500 from SCC to assist the establishment of the Allotments.


12/175. Merlyn’s Copse. KR advised that spraying had been completed, that logging would take place next Saturday and that on Tuesday 11th Sept these would be made into chips to form the pathway surface. Resolved.? That a chipper be hired at a cost of ?156, that? SH? removes the tree in the stream to prevent flooding and that KR obtain quotes for gates and padlocks.


12/176. Accounts
(1) invoices to be paid. Salary ?847.93, HMRC for Tax due on Clerks Salary ?211.98,? S Altria for? Misc & Travel Expenses? ?54.25, CSM Baptist Church for Hire of Hall ?25.50,? Moore Stephens? External Audit Fee ?342.00, Porter Dodson Solicitors for Legal work on Allotments ?493.00 , SALC for Councillors Training ?60.00, Nigel’s Windows for Cleaning the Bus Shelters ?45.00 and to Creech St Michael P C to enable the opening of a new Current Account with HSBC ?100.
(2) Income received. ?450 for use of the rec field during 11/12 and a further ?72 for its use in Aug 12 from Neil Robertson, Creech Cougars Football Team.
(3) Risk Assessment of Assets. The assets had been inspected during the month and whilst no unacceptable risk were found it was felt prudent to address a branch on a tree which is ?too close to the war memorial, that the notice board at North End is in need of replacement and that the bank behind the bus shelter at Adsborough was causing nettles and other vegetation to grow inside the shelter. Resolved. The Clerk to speak to the Church Wardens about the tree and to get quotations for the replacement notice board and for the removal of the grass bank at Adsborough.
(4) External Audit Report. The Clerk reported that the annual Audit Letter had been received and that the Council finances had been given a clean bill of health.
(5) Accounts Reconciliation. A reconciliation for the first three months of the year to the bank accounts had been previously circulated by the Clerk. The Council’s receipts for the period 31 March 2012 to 30 June 2012 are ?29,615.08 and the expenditure for the same period is ?9,056.67. The reconciliation was signed off by the Chairperson.


12/176. County Councillors Report. DF advised that he had nothing further to advise. KR asked if he could obtain funding for the siting of a defibrillator in the village. DF advised he had just sought funding for 5 in other villages and that if any of those withdrew then CSM could replace them.


12/177. Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting.
(1) Defibrillator. KR asked that this be an agenda item.



12/178. Staff Matters. The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20pm to the Public and Press in order to discuss staff matters.

The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 1st October 2012 and Monday 5th November 2012 at 7pm

E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net



DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 17th September 2012
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: C Sampson (Chairperson), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd, S Creighton, Y Guest, G Hodge, K Hunt, and S Wellman. (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill and 6 members of the public.? ??


12/179. Chairman Welcome. Cllr Sampson welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that the Councils will allow members of the public to raise question at items 12/182(1).


12/180. Apologies. Cllrs G Lucas and K Reed.


12/181. Declarations of Interest. SH declared his interest on the Allotments.


12/182. Planning. (1) CS explained that Taunton Deane Borough Councils Roger Mitchinson (Planning Strategy Lead) and Tim Burton (Chief Planner) had been invited to update and answer questions on the large development at Creech Heathfield/West Monkton. She explained that this was an opportunity for Parishioners and Councilors alike to ask questions about TDBC plans for this major development and then asked RM and TB to update the meeting on the present position.


RM advised that the Councils core strategy was now in place for the period to 2028. This provided for major development at Monkton Heathfield. He acknowledged much of it is in Creech Heathfield but as it was the Monkton Heathfield side of the motorway that it was clearer to describe it as Monkton Heathfield. RM explained that six years ago a spatial strategy had been conducted and though never formally adopted provided an evidence base. TDBC had initially drawn a red line around the area to be developed which is anticipated will provide 4500 houses, 20 hectares of employment land, a community centre with shops, a school, open space and in the medium term, a park and ride. The Planning Inspector had agreed TDBC reasoning was sound so, from the first week of Sept 2012, this was now part of TDBCs Core Strategy, albeit within the next 12 week period a legal challenge can be made.


RM explained that of the 4500 houses to be built 1000 have planning permission. The remaining 3500 are outside the local plan, sited either side of Greenway, around Proctors Farm and around Langaller. It was noted that the major development site does not go over the motorway. In December 2011 agents for the developers Redrow and Persimmon Homes met with CSM PC. It had been hoped that a supplementary planning document explaining how the site would be developed and how it would look at the end of the day would be produced, however whilst now reconciled this has been delayed by the developers having a falling out earlier this year. The developers had much to talk to the community about through this could not extend to major reductions; there needs to be compromise on both sides.


RM hopes to still talk to the PC before Christmas. He is still awaiting a SCC Highways input; this has been agreed in principal but detail/options have yet to be communicated. Currently c327 houses are being implemented along with the eastern relief road of the original 1000.


CS then invited Questions. KH asked how much traffic was going to be generated and what the impact would be upon the Creech Castle traffic lights? TB explained that the design encouraged people to work and shop local, that he hoped we could get a bus transit system in place in order to create a self contained community, including in time, a park and ride. TB advised that the Developers will be undertaking a full assessment for planning with the Parish Council and that SCC had asked TDBC what the Borough priorities are and that these included transport, routes with CSM and the motorway junction.


Doug Lowe, Chairman of Ruishton Parish Council asked if 2900 houses could be built before the park and ride is built what would happen in the interim. He suggested they would add to the existing rat running through CSM and Ruishton. He referred to the meeting held on 21/7/2011 at Monkton Village Hall. RM responded by explaining SCC would wish to stop such rat running if brought to their attention and that a traffic assessment would be conducted before the 1000th house was built.


CS explained that original documentation had shown that the eastern relief road would be built before the houses and asked if that was still the case. TB referred to the legal agreement reached with SCC. The developers had asked for a variation which provided for a phasing of the construction and it being built from the south upwards rather than from north down as originally envisaged. The current position is that Hyde Lane would not feed into the relief road but would provide a cycle/pedestrian link in order to stop rat running but later it could be added if residents don’t wish to lose that access to the village.


Eric Chown asked what would happen if there was flooding in Ruishton, North End and Ham as there had been in the past? He suggested this route would be needed as to access CSM. RM agreed to examine this. Mick Humphrey asked what the existing planning permission granted provided for. ?RM advised a new road to take the traffic off the A38 to create a village centre to run between the new roundabout at Bathpool through to Langaller. TB added that there were options as what happens to the north and asked what was wanted north of Langaller Lane.


DF asked if Bridleways and footpaths were being preserved. RM explained that an order was needed to close a footpath bridleway and therefore he believed so. KH advised that the PC had been informed T10/21 would be stopped up. TB agreed to take this away and to examine this adding this was Green Lane, which would still be there. RM advised he too thought Green Lane would remain.


DF asked if any S106 Developers money would accrue to CSM. RM advised none would as it was required to pay for play space on the development and that these were located in the West Monkton area of the development.


DF then highlighted that the School had a capacity of 240 and had 241 pupils; 1 over capacity. The School was currently clearing its ICT suite so it could use it as an additional classroom. DF advised that the expectation was that every 6 houses would provide a pupil so the initial 350 houses would produce 70 children. He asked where they would be sent to either West Monkton or CSM Schools and when a new school will be built.


TB advised he could not recall the number of houses that would need to be reached before the School was built. RM advised one or two temporary classrooms would be added to West Monkton School and definitely not at CSM. TM offered to make available a copy of the legal agreement with the developers.


KH advised that developers were bringing forward a scheme to build on the land at the rear of CSM School. RM advised any application would be reviewed and that he recalled a meeting some three years ago of the PC at which it made it clear they wished the village to grow and it was agreed it was a? good site but that there would need to be a car parking drop-off points at the School. KH asked for this to be remembered when any applications came forward in the future at this site.


Roy Bulgin of Ruishton PC asked if in Hyde Lane the road between Hyde Lane Cottage and Brittons Ash was closed would the Hyde Lane through to the rugby club remain open? TB confirmed it would to which RB replied that this would give a route out of CSM.

RM explained there would be around 800 houses on Greenway Farm and these would be north of Langaller but he did not know which Parish these were in.


KH asked how many houses had to be built before the eastern relief road is completed. TB advised 350 and that it must be completed within 2/3 years and that there was no need for further permissions.


CS Asked about social housing. The PC had been assured that villagers would be given priority to the Hyde Lane housing but they had not. TB advised this was a matter for future negotiation. He suggested the PC speak to Jo Humble at TDBC to get the local survey and to ask to get it updated. KH asked what the percentage was for social housing in the new developments. RM advised this target was 33% but the core strategy stated 25%.


CS asked if the new Community Infrastructure Levy will come to CSM PC. TB advised this would provide a “meaningful proportion” to local communities. TDBC was still working out what its CIL charges would be. KH advised that when the developers met with the PC in December it had promised the PC a Parish Office. So there is money around. TB confirmed he remembered that.


Mick Humphrey asked where he could get a copy of the plans and see the house types etc. RM advised that though this would all come in time at present only the master plans where on the website. He reassured MH and the PC that every application that comes in will have opportunities for input. He explained that developers on a site of this scale will be holding exhibitions, consulting etc. The area had been split logically into housing, employment etc but the detail of ?everything else e.g. play areas has yet to be determined. MH then asked how this would be advertised. RM advised we would use the Parish Magazine, notice boards etc


PC asked if the government are planning to reduce social housing and if so how would this impact. TB advised that Government had not introduced a three year holiday but that they had simply agreed that developers could negotiate on social housing which is what they do at present! PC asked if the developer would be building large industrial units that local people could not get into. RM said it was too early at present as the current developers are house builders, they will need to find partners. TDBC will agree the sites, ensure the roads service them etc. TB added it was not for planners to determine who builds the units.


KH asked if there is a disincentive to build social housing. RM explained that the money they offer to a land owner will reflect the housing being built so the profit is 15/20% across the development. KH thought this contradicts the developer’s statement. RM explained that financially they would make more profit by negotiating with the land owner or get in the past grants.


DL asked what the trigger was for starting the employment land. RM advised there was, TDBC are keen to ensure a dormitory is not built. He explained the park and ride would be near Walford Cross in order to take the traffic from the Bridgwater direction. DL enquired where the traffic would come from.RM it would come via the eastern relief road .As the site was not adj to the motorway exit it would not appeal to the major companies. He advised that it is more likely to be local employers.


DF asked if there would be any impact on Adsborough. CS enquired whether there was any planning gain money to improve commuter’s access. TB advised that CIL funding could be used.


PC asked when the M5 junc 24a would be built. TB advised that the Highway Agency had objected to this. They want strategic traffic on the motorway not local traffic. HA feel Taunton has three junctions already at present so whilst not saying never it was unlikely.


RB believed there was lack of joining up between SCC Highways and the HA. He drew attention to the Henlade Park and ride being rarely full and in order to get it full TDBC would need to close more town centre car parks. He added there needs to be a Junc 24a and it would be a cheap option. TB repeated that the HA are only interested in moving traffic along the motorway.


EC advised that the bus infrastructure in the Town Centre is poor as there were no proper facilities in the Town Centre, particularly when compared to Exeter. TB advised TDBC was looking to provide improve access on the Bridgwater to Wellington route. SCC would like to make North Street a bus dropping off place but their plans had to be put on hold due to finances. TDBC would like to see improvements too. DF queried wether the Town Traders are against closing car parks. RM responded that the reality is you don’t stop in North Street. There is a misplaced concern to pedestrianising North St which stems from the elongated nature of the shopping area.


SW asked if the Core Strategy had now been adopted and that this provided 4500 houses what would happen if a developer says he wished to build say 500 elsewhere. RM explained that in addition to the major planning sites identified in the core strategy the Council had identified a further 1700 across the Deane would be built at smaller non strategic sites of between 15 in villages to 400 in Taunton. These will only be built if a market exists.


EC asked about the old market site. RM advised that though brown field sites do take precedent the reality is that Greenfield sites would also be needed. TB said that Crest Nicholson had approval for 300 houses at the Old Goods Yard at Firepool and that there was no developer at present for either the old Cattle Market Site (600 houses) and also at Tangier.

RM said these won’t stop other development proposals coming forward for CSM. As the major site physical relationship is with West Monkton the minor rural centres such as CSM, Churchinfold and Milverton would have 1 or 2 sites over the plan period. Within a year or two TDBC would have indentified these having looked at the capacity of the village to absorb more houses before deciding where to site any more houses.


CS asked whether there was any land allocated for Gypsy/Travellers.RM advised no as they need to be in small developments in sustainable locations.


KH advised that a survey had highlighted that 60% of traffic using the M5 J25 went into Taunton whilst 40% accessed the motorway. He wondered whether a new road could feed direct into Taunton or perhaps to Wellington. RM felt these would be too expensive.


CS thanked RM, TB and those who asked questions.


(2) Applications received








The PC unanimously decided to object to the application as a window overlooked the adjacent property and because the PC has concerns over the road access and parking, including adversely impacting upon other users of the lane.


12/183. Date of Parish Council meetings in 2013. The PC noted the dates for the meetings in 2013;

Jan 7th
Feb 4th
March 4th
April 8th
26th April (Annual Parish Meeting: Friday 7 for 7.30pm)
May 13th (Annual Council Meeting)
June 3rd
July 1st
August 5th (Planning)
Sept 2nd
Oct 7th
Nov 4th
Dec 2nd


12/184. Accounts.
(1) Invoices to be paid.? SR Altria Reimbursement of hire cost of a wood chipper for use at Merlyn’s Copse ?156.00. John Miller for rent of Field at Creech Heathfield ?500.00 and Silks Garden Services for tree work at Merlyn’s Copse ?339.00.


(2) Income received. Creech Parish Allotments Society ?40.


The meeting finished at 8.45pm.


The next two parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 1st October 2012 and Monday 5th November 2012 at 7pm


E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net