/ Parish Council / 2013 Minutes / 4th November 2013


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 4th November 2013

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: K Hunt (Chairperson), G Hodge and S Hutchings (Vice Chairs), P Chetwynd and G Lucas (Parish Councillors).

Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCC Cllr D Fothergill , TDBCllr D Durdan and 3 members of the public.   


13/216. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone. He explained that there was an opportunity prior to each meeting to ask questions but that once the meeting had started members of the public are not to interrupt and can only contribute if invited to do by the Chairperson.


13/217. Public Speaking. No Parishioner asked to speak.


13/218. Apologies. Cllr Y Guest, D Knight, J Middleton, K Reed, C Sampson, S Wellman (Parish Councillors).  


13/219. Declarations of Interest SCC Cllr D Fothergill left the room for item 228 (5) C.A.B.


13/220. Councillors designated areas of responsibilities. KH advised that he had spoken to all PCllrs and had agreed responsibilities as set out in the attached schedule. These where then agreed.


13/221. Minutes of the 7th October 2013 meeting had previously been circulated to Cllrs. No amendments were made. The minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


13/222. Matters arising from the 7th October 2013 meeting minutes.

13/206  Insurance. The Clerk confirmed that he had arranged for the PC insurance to be updated to reflect the additional items purchased and the removal of the notice board at North End. He had checked that the policy was on a “new for old” replacement basis.

13/207 New Village sign. Highways had queried the site for the new village sign so had been requested to meet with the Highways panel; a meeting has been fixed. A site for the requested direction sign to the park would also be agreed.

13/202.  Verge Cutting.  As SCC had reduced its verge cutting from 5 to 2 cuts a year the Clerk had asked the DLO how much it would cost to cut the verges in Cooks Close, North End, St Michaels Rd, Arundells Way, an area of grass between the village centre and North End and Heathfield Close. The DLO had quoted £108 per cut.

13/202 Speed Indicator Device (S.I.D) checks. Highways had sited S.I.D in two location in the village at Creech Heathfield (near the old Police House and the Crown Inn) and w/c St Michaels Road (near the Old Railway Bridge and the Baptist Church) at the beginning of October. The results showed that many drivers were exceeding the speed limits and PCllrs expressed their concerns.

13/214. Waste Bin adj to Hyde Lane bus shelter. The Clerk explained that he had contacted TDBC to request that a bin be sited adjacent to the bus shelter in Hyde Lane. TDBC have offered to install a waste bin at a one off cost of £395 and that TDBC would then empty the bin free of charge in future.

13/214.  Filing Cabinets. SH had removed two cabinets from the village hall upstairs Cttee room as had been requested.

Action. The Highways Panel are to meet Som Highways to agree sites for the new village sign and a direction sign to the rec ground. It was agreed that the Clerk order a new waste bin from TDBC at a cost of £395, to ask TDBC to undertake two additional cuts p.a of verges at £108 each and to ask SCC Highways what action they proposed to take on speeding motorists following the S.I.D speeding tests and to ask that a missing repeater sign be reinstated.


13/223. County & District Councillors’ Reports.

(1) DD highlighted that the forthcoming TDBC consultation on future development in CSM (between 31-10-13 to 12-12-13) and an exhibition is due to take place on Tuesday 3rd Dec at 3.30pm-7pm in the Village Hall Cttee room. DD advised that TDBC had no further housing development land proposed for CSM beyond the additional three sites already given planning permission. KH asked if the result of the previous consultation held some 9 months ago was available.SH expressed his concern that if a developer could bring forward a further site and could evidence it was sustainable then it was likely that TDBC would grant planning permission. He suggested that raised the question whether the consultation was worth undertaking.


A meeting has been called by Wessex Water for 11th November at 6.15pm at the Ham Sewage works to talk about the new access road from the A358. DD advised that the edges of Ham Road had been repaired and that a road sweeper had backed into the ditch. Though the sweeper has been pulled out a pipe that runs across the Ham Road was left blocked with mud. DD reported that a 30 mph sign opp farmers fields is frequently being knocked over. DF questioned whether the sign was needed as speed limits are usually signed at the beginning and end of the restricted area of road. Several PCllrs suggested if it is required to reduce speeding traffic that the sign be resited a little further along the highway (away from gateway opposite).

Action. The planning panel to examine the consultation papers and to report back at the next PC meeting and the Clerk is to ensure that there is a clear statement that no further houses are planned for CSM.


13/223. County & District Councillors’ Reports. (2) DF paid tribute to the work Ruth Farrow had done for the Parish and that he had been delighted she had been nominated for a SCC Chairman’s Award and that he had been able to present the award to her.


DF reported that right of way T10/20 had been strimmed. DD suggested that the lower stile step had signs of rot.


DF highlighted that bus route 27 was not subsidised by SCC and was therefore a commercial route. Despite this SCC had called Webberbus in and told them of the need to improve the service. The Clerk explained he had written to Webberbus following complaints from a number of parishioners and a letter of apology along with a commitment to improve had been received from Webberbus.


DF explained that cabinets for high speed broad band and fibre optic cables are currently being installed across CSM.


DF advised that its Heritage Services are to be transferred into a not for profit Heritage trust in order that it can attract other forms of funding. GL asked if charges for admission would then be levied however DF assured him that was not the intention.


DF informed the council that SCC had been holding talks with the internal drainage boards about them taking responsibility for some of the ditches around Ham so that floodwater can go into their rhyne network. If successful the Drainage boards would then take on maintenance of the ditches.


DF he had nothing to report on progress on the A38 at Adsborough, the North End virtual footway or the Access onto the West Monkton relief road.

Action. PC to examine and report as necessary the lower stile step  T10/20.


13/224. Parish Plan.  The Clerk outlined some of the benefits to the Parish that stems from planning ahead and suggested that the Parish Council takes the lead in the development of a Parish Plan. The plan would not just be about new housing developments but would include all aspects of the Parish’s life. In particular the ability to influence the developments that are to take place, the creation of further opportunities to listen and agree future aims with Parishoners, to review the services the PC should provide and the creation of a vision of how CSM should be. He suggested a small group be established to lead the development of a Parish Plan.

Action. The Clerk is to advertise in the Parish post for interested individuals to work alongside some PCllrs (and the Clerk) to lead the development of a Parish Plan.


13/225. Recreation Park. (1) Update report. CS had provided a report in which she advised that new heating had been installed in the pavilion, that she was in debate with Lightmain regarding the cost for broken footholds on climbing frame and fixing on ‘Sneak and peak’ and a quotation had been requested of the DLO to roll the pitch, a final cut, to cut around the edges and mound and the grass in car park area. CS advised that the sockets and caps for goal posts had been installed by TDBC and they are the same that are used all over the Deane at their pitches with no problems having been reported with their use. CS had also reported that the pavilion has been left in a poor state following a recent hiring on the 3rd Nov.

Action.  KH is to talk to DK regarding the socket caps and DK is to allocate the list of jobs to be done to the Rec Park panel.


13/225. Recreation Park. (2) Adj Copses. A discussion took place on merits of the proposal to purchase the adjacent copse. It was noted that there would be maintenance costs, that the proposal would expand the park, that it could facilitate TME to extend and that additional s106 money would accrue to the Parish as a result of the new housing.

Action.  SW is to make a formal proposal to the next PC meeting.


13/226. Recreation Park. (3) TME. KH reported that a meeting with TME had taken place.  The Lease is now all but agreed and it is the intention to conclude the lease before the end of March 2014.  

Action.  KH/SW to arrange modifications to the draft lease.


13/227. Planning.

(1). Planning. The TDBC Consultation on future development in CSM (31-10-13 to 12-12-13) and their Exhibition will take place on Tuesday 3rd Dec at 3.30pm-7pm in the Village Hall Cttee room.


(2) Appeal received. Lapthorne, Adsborough. Ref 14/12/0015. The PC support for rejection of this appeal is currently being developed and will be sent shortly to the Inspector.


(3) Applications received. The Council considered the following applications.














13/228. Accounts:


(1) To approve payment of the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, the Clerks Expense’s £118.20, HMRC (Tax Due on Salaries) £194.45, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 1-9-13 to 1-10-13) £59.60, British Gas (Gas Standing Charge at Pavilion 25-6-13 to 23-9-13) £58.22, Grant Thornton Ext Audit Fees £720.00, Grove Electrical (Installation of Pavilion Heating) £1241.23,  Ian Pike £410.00 (Install North End dog waste bin, Rec Park cycle racks and gatepost and repairs to Adsborough bus shelter), Land Registry £80.00 (Charges for registering Rec Park as a Field in Trust),

N Chapman £330.00 (Fencing repairs at North End) and reimbursement of Caretakers expenses £81.65.






(2) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; TME Rent (1.4.13-31.3.14) £1100.00,  Taunton North Youth Club £40 pitch fee (sept), Parish Post Advert Income for 2013; M Tucker t/a CSM Motor Co £85.


(3) Accounts. The Clerk had circulated a bank reconciliation report for the period 1/4/13 to 30/9/13 prior to the meeting. The Council’s receipts for the period 1st April 2013 to 30 Sept 2013 are £70, 691.54 and its expenditure for the same period is £16,259.30. The report was then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record.


(4) External Audit. The Clerk reported the completion of the external audit for 12/13 by Grant Thornton. It was noted that this year there was a significant increase in the audit fee stemming from the extra work they had undertaken as a result of the PC increased expenditure that year on play equipment. This should revert next year.

Action. The Clerk to develop a Internal Control statement.


(5) Taunton and Dist CAB. A request for a grant was received and discussed. It was noted that there is currently an extended period of austerity and that the PC had learnt from their excellent presentation at the APM that advice is available to everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, nationality, disability or religion and that 168 people in CSM and Ruishton have used the service during the past year. A decision was taken to enable the PC to determine a grant based on it merits.

Action. The PC agreed to make a grant of £500.


(6) St Michaels Parish Church.  The Clerk reminded the PC of the importance of the Church and the burial ground to the Parish.

Action. The PC agreed to make a grant of £1000.


13/229. Highways  Updates:

(1) A38 Adsborough, North End Virtual Footway and Access to CSM from the Monkton Heathfield relief road projects.  DF reported that he had no further information to give at this time. 

(2) Ham Sewage Works New Access Road. A meeting of the Wessex Water (Ham) Sewerage Works project is scheduled for monday 11 November 6.15pm at the Sewage Works.

Action. GH,GL,PC to attend the Meeting at Ham Sewerage Works and to report back to the December PC meeting.

(3) Installation of lighting and speed calming in Hyde Lane. The Clerk reported that Highways had confirmed in writing that speed calming measures would be introduced in Hyde Lane in the next couple of months. 

Action. The Clerk and DF to make enquiries of SCC Lighting on the progress of replacing the street columns in the DWH estate and the erection of some lights that are missing and to report back to the December PC meeting .

(4) Damaged Fencing at North End. The Clerk reported that repairs had been undertaken.

(5) Verges. At item 13/222 the PC had decided to meet the cost of two verge cuts. 

 Action.  The report on the risk assessment for volunteer grass cutting was carried forward to the Dec meeting. The Clerk was instructed not to make any payments in the interim.

(6) Grit Bins. The Clerk reported that Highways were pleased to grant permission for grit bins to be sited at the top of Queensdown and at Worthy Lane as the PC had requested.

Action.  The Clerk to order two additional bins from Wybone Ltd at a cost of £283.46 (excl vat) and to arrange for them to be filled and sited.

(7) Railway Bridge. PC raised that the railway bridge (No MLN160-10½) was choked with weeds. The Clerk advised that he had recently been informed  by Network Rail that they had visited and cleared them.

Action. The Clerk to arrange for Network Rail to clear weeds from the Railway Bridge.


13/230. Footpaths and Rights of Way.

PC advised that a marker post was missing at Langaller on ROW T10/21 and that SCC did not want pay for a replacement until nearby development takes place. It was reported that the overgrown hedge at Creech Heathfield blocking the marker sign had now been cut back. DD highlighted that maize had been planted to the field boundary by the motorway T10/20. DF suggested the PC recruit volunteers to manage the footpaths.

Action. PC to examine footpath T10/20 and DF to provide the Clerk with details of a Parish footpaths volunteer scheme.


13/231. Transport. As reported at item 13/223 the unreliability of the 27 Service had been raised with Webberbus.


13/232. Website. CS had provided a progress report confirming that the project was on schedule for the PC to have its new website up and running by 1 Dec. All content had been received, a  hosting/web maintenance agreement had been drafted and was with Adrian Birch and the Clerk for review, the Home page design is in progress with Jo Morrison, test/checks are due to commence  on the “test” website and the Email addresses will be converted over soon. Later this month the PC  will email existing website advertisers asking if they want to continue, invoicing will be brought in line with Parish Post (Jan 2014) online so that just one invoice goes out for both Parish Post and Website in order to minimise  admin.


13/233. Merlyn’s Copse. KH reported that GL and SW are in the process of acquiring valuations on the Copse so it was agreed to carry forward to the December meeting the determination of the proposed sale process and receipt of an update report on the prevention works.

Action. SW and GL to provide valuations, to recommend a process for sale of the Copse and to report on the progress on flood prevention works.


13/234. Hearing Loop. KR had previously circulated details of several mobile hearing loop systems.

Action. A decision on this item was postponed to the December meeting.





13/235. Parish Post. The next edition is about to go the printers and would be distributed before December.


13/236. North End.  The Clerk reported that the installation of a Dog waste bin had taken place, Env Health had been informed and that arrangements had been made with the DLO to empty it at a cost of £2.49 a disposal.


13/237. Parish Council Meeting Dates 2014. The following dates were agreed; Jan 6th , Feb 3rd, March 3rd,  April 7th, May 12th (Annual Council Meeting), June 2nd, July 7th, August 11th (Planning), Sept 1st , Oct 6th, Nov 3rd and Dec 1st.

Action. The Clerk to make arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting.


13/238. Correspondence. No further matters were raised.


13/239. New Matters to be carried forward.

(1) PCSO. PC asked that the PCSO be asked to a future meeting. PC also raised a safety concern that cyclists were not always using lights and walkers were being seen in dark clothing now that the dark nights had set in.

(2) Precept. The Clerk proposed that Councillors inform him of changes/new spending that is likely to take place in the 2014/2015 year over the next two weeks so that he can draft a precept statement to be presented at the PC Dec meeting so that Cllrs can consider it in time to make final decisions at the January 2014 PC meeting.

Action. PCllrs to notify the Clerk of changes to next years spending during the next two weeks. The Clerk to invite the PCSO to the PC meeting and to submit a draft precept to the Dec PC meeting.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15pm to the Public and Press in order to consider staff matters.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meetings will take place on Monday, 2nd December 2013 and on Monday 6th January 2014 (both at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room; beginning at 7pm). 


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net