/ Parish Council / 2013 Minutes / 7th October 2013

Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 7th October 2013
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.
Present: K Hunt (Chairperson), G Hodge and S Hutchings (Vice Chairs), P Chetwynd, Y Guest, D Knight, G Lucas, K Reed, C Sampson,
S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCC Cllr D Fothergill and 4 members of the public.   

13/197. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone.

13/198. Public Speaking. No Parishioner asked to speak.

13/199. Apologies. Cllr J Middleton and TDBCllr D Durdan.

13/200. Declarations of Interest.  An interest was noted in respect of Cllrs Knight and Sampson re the Old Mill planning application.

13/201. Minutes of the 2nd September meeting had previously been circulated to Cllrs. No amendments were made. CS highlighted that the reasons Adsborough residents were still strongly against the Lapthorne application was that previous development requests had been refused, it was next to the dangerous A38 and the site is outside the development limit. The minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.

13/202. Matters arising from the 2nd September 2013 meeting minutes. 13/177 The Clerk confirmed that he provided more information as requested to the flood panel about the need for a meeting to discuss the channel behind west view and that he had circulated the two planning docs to all Cllrs 13/180(3). The Clerk explained that he had requested a quotation from the DLO and details of verges cutting in the Parish but had yet to receive this 13/184 (2). The Clerk reminded the PC that the S.I.D Speed checks are taking place at Creech Heathfield (near the old Police House and the Crown Inn) and w/c St Michaels Road (near the Old Railway Bridge and the Baptist Church) this week.

13/203. Recreation Park. (1) Update report. CS reported that a number of actions had either been dealt with or where being programmed; an automatic closer is to be fitted to the toilet door, a fitting had come loose on the climbing frame (CS to report to Lightmain) on the sneek a peek puzzle, new football goal sockets had been installed, the DLO had addressed a set of sunken sockets, a key box is to be installed, the electrical heating is being installed, quotations are being sought for the referees room showers (as they are not switching off) to replace the shower buttons with qtr valves  The first payments for use of the rec field pitch are now due £20 youth team and £40 adults teams.  The items being stored in the pavilion had been reviewed and were not presenting any problems. The DWH bench is still being taken to the park by youngsters so DWH had been asked by the Clerk to fix it down in Hyde Lane (DWH have agreed to do this). Sites have been agreed for the new benches that are to be installed. Fields in Trust have offered a free plaque for the rec field and this has been ordered. It was noted the FIT registration Certificate has yet to arrive. A discussion took place on the name of the Rec Park and whether a direction sign was needed. It was agreed the name is CSM Rec Park and that a sign was required. A debate ensued about the need for additional bins and a decision was deferred to a future meeting. Other areas being considered include whether to introduce a “no alcohol” zone, to paint the pavilion floors, greater promotion of the pavilion, to replace the kitchen units (with ex display models if possible) and to rationalise and improve signing. Tarmacing the whole car parking area would cost £27,000.00 so scalpings are to be considered as an alternative prior to any significant decisions being made about the future for the pavilion. It was noted that the car park is still not large enough on Saturdays, that fly posted adverts where appearing and whether there is a need to lock the car park at times.
Action. The panel are to arrange a plaque at an estimated cost of £35 to be fitted to the PC bench, to get a quote for a new all encompassing sign, to submit a funding bid to the TDBC Parish Grant scheme, to install larger covers to the new goal post sockets and to monitor the need for locking the car park at night. The Clerk is to ask Highways to install a direction sign (to be situated close to the medical centre).

13/203. Recreation Park. (2) Adj Copses. SW reported that the owner of the second copse has yet to contact her solicitors so suggested until she did this access could not be taken forward. SW reconfirmed that the owner of the first copse is prepared to sell.
Action. At the next meeting SW is to make a formal proposal to the next PC meeting.
13/203. Recreation Park. (3) TME. SW reported that it had not been possible to meet TME since the last PC meeting. The Lease is all but agreed and will be considered at a meeting with TME next week along with any emerging issues.
Action. SW asked to ensure that TME responsibilities for fire/safety inspection are clearly included in the proposed lease.

13/203. Recreation Park. (4) Donation to the Recreation Ground. CS reported that she had spoken again to Keith Bigwood but was getting nowhere with Santander.
Action. CS to continue to pursue but the Clerk is to now drop from the Agenda.

13/204. Planning. Applications received: (1). The Council considered the following applications.
Date Ref Application Outcome
16/09/2013 14/13/0036 CHANGE OF USE OF ANNEXE TO PROVIDE HOLIDAY LETTING ACCOMMODATION AT THE OLD MILL, NORTH END, CSM No observations on the provision of Holiday letting but the PC has a concern over car parking.



13/205. County & District Councillors’ Reports. DF explained that Jane Withey had been reassured by Wessex Water that they were still planning to develop the new road to the Ham sewerage works. WW has prepared the compulsory purchase orders but have yet to implement them. DF informed the PC that SCC is currently consulting on the future of Childrens Centres at present and views can be expressed on their website online. The SCC Flood risk Manager is looking to address the state of the stream by the Myrtles Cottage bungalows. DF advised that the speed limits on the A358 are to change from Monday, October 21: The maximum speed on the Toneway and the A358 at Hankridge will go down from 50 to 40mph, the 30mph limit on the M5 junction will be increased to 40mph and the 30mph zone will start a short distance further along the A358 before the Blackbrook Tavern. He also explained that TDBC had brought the Brewhouse lease, that the WW1 VC holder in Somerset would have been commemorated with a pavement plaque but there was no pavement where he lived. DF advised he had been asked to identify two further schemes by SCC in his ward for consideration for highway improvements in CSM in addition to those at North End and Adsborough that he had submitted in past years. DF explained he was not aware of further progress with either but that he was to meet with Julia Moore of TDBC shortly to discuss access to CSM from A38 relief road and that he was concerned that the developers where trying to avoid building the relief road.

13/206. Accounts. (1) Payment approved. The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, the Clerks Expense’s £251.86, HMRC £194.45, B Gas (Pavilion electricity 1 8 13 – 1 9 13) £39.64, Glasdon U.K Ltd (Bench and Dog Waste Bin £613.92, Devon and Som Fire Prot Ltd (Extinguisher Mnt) £16.50, Nigel’s Window Cleaning Bus shelters £45.00, Porter Dodson Solicitors TME Lease £553.00 and a redraw of the cheque to  Somerset County Scouts for use of Marquee £200.00.

13/206. Accounts. (2) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Other income received and banked; Creech Allotments Society £540.00 Rent of Field, TDBC Grant £2155.00 (£315 Burial Ground, £1840 Rec Field), Bank interest from Santander £3.85 on 2nd Sept and £3.73 on 1st October and Tone Youth £60 for use of pitch (7/9, 14/9 and 21/9). Parish Post Advert Income for 2013; Parish Magazine adverts S & C Bly t/a Fitness League £50.00

13/206. Accounts. (3) Risk Assessment of Assets. The Clerk reported that the RA of the Councils Assets had been completed by Cllrs and himself during the month and he thanked those involved. Whilst no problems had been indentified it was evident that the benches and four notice boards would benefit from a new coat of preservative.
Action. It was agreed that the Chairman ask the caretaker to rub down and paint the benches and four notice boards with a coat of preservative. The Chairman to extend Insurance policy cover to the two new benches and dog waste bin  and to double check that cover was on a “new for old basis”.

13/206. Accounts. (4). External Audit. The Clerk reported that as a result of the expenditure on the play equipment that Grant Thornton the PC external auditors had increased the extent of their work. They had asked more questions about the PC financial arrangements and the procurement process undertaken. As this had extended beyond the normal period for the audit GT had sent a letter explaining their work was ongoing which the Clerk advised he had fixed to the garage notice board and copied to PCllrs. The Clerk anticipated the audit fee would also be increased as a result of their additional work.

13/207. Highways. (1)  Damaged Fencing at North End. The Clerk reported that he had undertaken two enquiries of land registry but that the strip of land upon which the damaged fencing sat appeared not to be owned by either the adjacent field owner or Highways. If the PC wished this village access to be tidied up in the absence of identifying the two drivers that had damaged the fence it would have to do assume responsibility to do it. The Clerk had accordingly obtained a quotation for the work from N. C. Fencing.
Action. It was agreed to instruct the Clerk to accept the quotation from N.C Fencing to repair the damaged fence.

13/207. Highways. (2) North End Verges. The Clerk confirmed that the PC Insurance Co where prepared to insure the grass cutting by Volunteers at North End providing the PC had undertaken a risk assessment. The Clerk circulated a draft RA.
Action. That KH/GH/SH/Clerk be delegated powers to consider and agree the risk assessment.

13/207. Highways.  (3) Village sign. The Clerk reported that the sign had been ordered from SCC as instructed for Hyde Lane  however following a site visit the Engineer had advised that due to its width the sign would need to be situated closer to Hyde Lane cottages than requested. PC/GL offered to meet the Highways Engineer if they need a further site visit.
Action. The Clerk to ask SCC to site the new sign the other side of Hyde Lane bridge. As close to the motorway bridge as would be permitted.

13/207. Highways.  (4) Grit Bins. The need for additional grit bins was considered and two sites, one at the top of Queensdown and one at Pushdonkey Lane where identified.
Action. The Clerk to ask Highways whether they would grant permission for grit bins to be sited at these two locations.

13/208. Footpaths and Rights of Way. PC advised that a car transporter was parking on the pavement at the crown inn turning at Creech Heath field, that a missing marker post (footpath 10/21) was to be replaced the following week and that three lots of fly tipping had been reported (at the Aqueduct/new estate in Hyde lane and at North End).
Action. PC to inform the PCSO in order she can take action to prevent the car transporter parking on the footpath.




13/209. Flooding. The Clerk informed the PC that all three bids for funding made to the SCC Flood prevention fund within the Parish had been successful. This would provide for a new diesel pump in Ham Road, works in Merlyn’s Copse and an increase in the discharge capacity of the stream and culvert at North End.
Action. Mr Birch was authorised to commission the Tree surgery works in Merlyn’s Copse and the Clerk was instructed to write to SCC advising that the PC as landowner had granted permission for the works at MC to take place.

13/210. Website.  Mr Birch, a member of the public present with an interest in this matter was asked to leave the room by the Chairman whilst this item was discussed. CS reported she had considered two options, an offer by Mr Birch to build and host the website for a minimum of two years free of charge and an offer by the existing provider Somerset Web Services to write and operate a new website at cost, both wef end of Nov. The Chairman advised that SWS had informed him that they would also be prepared to continue with the existing website at cost. A discussion of some depth ensued about the benefits and disadvantages of each option.
Action. The PC decided to accept the offer from Mr Birch. Mr Birch, SWS and CS were thanked by the Chairman.     

13/211. Merlyn’s Copse. The Clerk advised he had arranged for a notice to be placed in two editions (12/9 & 19/9) of the Somerset County Gazette asking if anyone wished to make representation prior to the PC considering the future of the Copse. He reported that no one had come forward and therefore providing the PC arranged an appropriate tender such as sealed bids to the Clerk or a independent third party it was able to consider selling the copse if it so determined. After some discussion the Chairman proposed a sale of the Copse and this was agreed. KH advised that he wished to setup a working party to agree details of the sale process. SW reminded the PC he had approached Greenslade Taylor Hunt but they had not given a valuation and that the Council would be well served by knowing the Copses value. CS reminded the PC that the Parish Post deadline is 1st Nov if an advert is to be included.
Action. SW/GL to serve on the panel which is to make a recommendation on the sale process to the Nov PC meeting.

13/212. Hearing Loop. KR proposed the purchase of a portable hearing loop at a cost of £1,500.00.
Action. KR to get a quotation from another supplier in order that the PC can make a decision at its Nov meeting on which to purchase.

13/213. Dog Waste bin at North End. The Clerk advised that the bin had now arrived from the suppliers.
Action. The Clerk to inform the contractor to collect and then install the dog waste bin at the site of the old notice board at North End.

13/214. Correspondence.
Action. SH offered and it was agreed that he remove the two empty filing cabinets from the upper cttee room at the Village Hall and to dispose of them.

13/215. New matters to be carried forward. (1). The Chairman distributed his proposals for membership of the working parties and panels. He asked these be considered and advised that decisions would be taken at the next meeting.  (2)  A member of the public Mr Mansfield asked if he could assist the Council at all in its consideration of Planning Application 14/13/0036 at the Old Mill (see item 13/204 above). The Chairman explained that the PC had already discussed this and had a concern over car parking.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.40pm.

Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meetings will take place on Monday, 4th November and Monday 2nd December 2013 (both at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room; beginning at 7pm). 

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net