/ Parish Council / 2013 Minutes / January 2013

DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 7th January 2013
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: C Sampson (Chairperson), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd, S Creighton, Y Guest, G Hodge, K Hunt, G Lucas, J Middleton (from 13/03), K Reed and S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan and 25 members of the public.? ??


13/1. Chairpersons Welcome.
Cllr Sampson welcomed everyone to the meeting.?


13/2. Public Speaking.
6 members of the public asked to address the Council.
(1) Phil Lancombe raised the amount of dog mess in the West View field. He had spoken to TDBC dog warden and requested larger signs be installed. PL advised he was not seeking a dog ban but suggested signs requiring dogs be kept on leads or owners take responsibility for their dog. PL also raised the poor quality of the grass cutting. CS confirmed that the PC had both visited and monitored the field and had reported both the dog mess and grass cutting to TDBC. She advised the PC would consider the suggestion of signing later (see item 13/15).
(2) Hugh Loxton introduced himself and advised that he was attending to answer any questions and to listen the PC ?views? on his two letters (see item 13/14 (1)).
(3) Jill Underhay reported that she had walked from West Monkton to North End and noted that on the left hand side near to Langaller the verges and field hedges had been cut and the cuttings where now strewn over the paths and ditches. She suggested that this was unacceptable given the recent flooding. Resolved. PC to examine and to ensure that the cuttings are removed as appropriate.
(4). Mr Ford highlighted that lots of cracks are appearing in the stone work on the canal bridge. Eric Chown advised that the bridge was listed and that the Canal and Rivers Trust had some responsibility for it. Resolved. PC was asked to request repairs to the bridge stone work.
(5) Mrs Delia Kingdom-Reed drew attention to her planning application (see item 13/11(3)) and advised she wished to address the objections raised by her neighbour. She felt her application did not set a precedent as both Heathfield Gardens had done that and that her development was infill and her site was unique to the village. DKR highlighted that her application was for outline permission and therefore it could not be deemed out of character and as it was her home she would ensure the build was in keeping with the existing. In addition DKR advised that landscaping would remain unchanged as the plot was self contained and access was the same. She offered should exiting Hathfield Farmhouse become a problem that she would move the bank back to improve sight lines. Finally DKR added that it was inappropriate to claim that the site was unsuitable due to the noise from the M5 as much of the village also live with that.
(6) Jane Withey highlighted the impact of the flooding on the residents of Ham and Ham Road and the condition that the road had been left in. The Clerk advised that the Env Agency had already been contacted and they are to hold a public meeting to discuss the flooding in CSM shortly. Resolved. The Clerk to inform the EA and SCC.


13/3. Vacancies on the Parish Council.
There is a vacancy to which the Council can co-opt an individual. A member of the public showed interest in being a Councillor and he explained why he was able to assist the Parish. Cllrs voted to co-opt and JM then completed his acceptance of Office. Resolved. That John Middleton be appointed as a Parish Councillor.


13/4. Apologies.


13/5. Declarations of Interest.
At its meeting on 3rd December 2012 the PC granted a dispensation to all Councillors in order to enable all Councillors to take part in the discussion on the precept at this meeting. SH declared an interest in planning application 14/12/0039 and items 13/11 (4) and 13/15 and did not vote.


13/6. Minutes of the 3rd December meeting
had previously been circulated to Cllrs. Resolved. The minutes of the meeting were agreed.


13/7. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd December.
PCSO Lynsey Gamblin of the Avon and Somerset Police sent her apologies and explained she would attend the February meeting.

13/8. Flooding. KH raised that the ?Bridgwater MP Ian Liddell Grainger had stated that the Rivers Parrett and Tone had not been dredged. He had said that there used to be drag lines to enable this but the Env Agency had removed them and as these Rivers silt up quickly they now only have capacity to take one third of the volume of water that they used to have. Mr Loxton added that they had not been dredged since 1995 and informed the PC that during the twenty years he had farmed his land it now flooded much more quickly having gone from rarely wet to being quickly under 3 feet of water. He had arranged a meeting with the Canal and River Trust on Thursday 10th Jan to look at the culverts under the canal at the bottom of worthy lane and the railway bridge as he feels they need substantial investment. He highlighted that the speed of the water is a factor and that work needed to be done to the culverts before the situation got worse. HL highlighted the error David Wilson Homes had made with the attenuation pond by creating the exit too large resulting in water escaping too fast. PC advised he had met Highways to look at North End and Langaller. DF informed the PC he had met with Highways today and that they had looked at West View and North End areas and spotted a list of problems that would need to be addressed. GL advised he had visited Merlyn’s Copse and that two trees there needed to be removed as they were too close and therefore creating a swirl. The Clerk advised he had passed correspondence to EA, Highways and TDBC. The EA had advised they will be holding a public meeting soon and TDBC planners had advised that when considering planning application they followed EA advice regarding flooding. DF advised that SCC will be moving from emptying gulley’s twice a year to a system of higher risk gully emptying; with the ?high risks gullies being done more frequently. DF highlighted the need to ensure high risk gullies are all identified.. Resolved. To encourage parishioners to ensure ditches are kept clear where possible particularly in Langaller and at the rear of West View. The Clerk to write to the Taunton MP to request a meeting in order to raise the PC concerns over the flooding and ?its support for the need to take action, both on the Rivers estuary dredging and more locally, including the failure of the defence scheme at Ham Road, flooding at West view and the culverts in Worthy Lane. KR to arrange the removal of two trees and stumps at Merlyn’s Copse and the Highways panel to ensure all high risk gullies are identified.


13/9 Recreation Field.
(1) Update on the project to install play equipment and a MUGA. CS advised that the tender process was now complete and that the contract had been awarded to Lightmain. A meeting is scheduled for next weds 9th to agree layout and the work programme.? TDBC had been kept informed, had agreed the process and confirmed that the monies they held on the PC behalf would be released once TDBC parks inspect and an satisfactory independent ROSPA inspector had cleared the work as safe. CS highlighted that the VAT payable is greater than the PC balances so the scheduling of bills would be managed. Resolved. The Clerk to ask TDBC to pass the interest on the sums held on its behalf to the PC.
(2) to decide whether to appointment a caretaker. CS had previously circulated proposed terms. Resolved. To recruit a caretaker for a fixed term 6 month contract with a review at 5 months and the potential to extend the term or to make permanent with 5hrs p/week to be spent at the work place. CS, KH and GH to recruit.
(3) to learn of the progress to the PC request to reinstate former site office on verge. The Clerk advised he had tried to contact David Wilson Homes but that no one had yet returned his calls and he was aware that builders have an extended Christmas holiday. SW advised that DWH had revisited the site and reseeded. Resolved. The Clerk to urgently get DWH to resolve these remedial works.
(4) the ownership of the verge. The Clerk advised he had yet to hear further from the Highways Agency. Resolved. The Clerk to ask the HA to expedite this matter
(5) to consider the TDBC 2013/14 Parish Play Area Grant Scheme Resolved. The Rec Field panel to decide on weds.
(6) ?"Memorial" benches. Having decided to permit memorial benches the PC considered the details of acquiring them. SC suggested as there is such a range of benches prices, sizes and quality that the PC stipulate a style or size of bench and then approve requests to help overcome these becoming too expensive. Resolved. That the Playing Field panel and SC approve requests for memorial benches made and that SC be authorised to ask local businesses if they wished to buy a memorial bench.
(6) Donation to the Recreation Ground by Gwyneth Bryant. CS advised that spoken to Nigel Ford the Undertaker and that he had kindly agreed to examine his records to see where the proceeds of her collection were distributed to.
(7) CSM Rec Field Man Charity. KH asked if all the funds held by the charity had now passed to the PC. CS advised that the Clerk had been trying to get in contact with last remaining Trustee so that he can assist him to comply with the responsibility of that role but had been unsuccessful to date. Should he be unsuccessful the alternative was to contact the Charity Commissioners direct but there was a desire to offer assistance locally first.? Resolved. The Clerk to speak to the Trustee forwith and if unsuccessful to take to the CC.
(8) Gas Meter. SW advised that the failed meter had finally been replaced by British Gas? the boiler? service could not take place as it was faulty. Unfortunately a radiator was split and the heating is out of order. Resolved. It was noted that the PC needs to make a decision on the future of the pavilion, until it does it was not felt to be worth spending money on a replacement and therefore? the pipes would need to be drained before the temperature drops below freezing.


13/10. TME. GL and SW advised that they had met with TME who were very positive having made a large investment over many years. A rolling five year lease was discussed. There was considerable debate on this and wether a more frequent renewal was in the best interest of the Parish. TME had again raised the question of rec field status but had been advised that the PC owned the field, that the Charity did not have the authority to grant subleases and that the lease that had been illegally issued had expired and would not be renewed. TME had explained the background to the current layout and their longer term aspirations which are to remain on the site and to develop it further as funds permit. Resolved. That GL, SW, KH continue their negotiations with TME and bring a proposal to council and that the PC needs to further develop its longer term plans for the rec field.


13/11. Planning.
(1) Wessex Water Ham Sewerage Works. Wessex Water have advised that all landowners have been contacted concerning the proposals for a new road from an access adjacent to the Tarmac Works at Henlade. WW have advised that Tarmac have not responded formally to requests to use their access on a temporary basis for the use of construction traffic however Tarmac have given access to enable WW to complete their environmental surveys which have now been done. WW have submitted the planning application. In the meantime, WW have asked that the first point of contact concerning any traffic issues should be the dedicated phone number and / or e-mail address (07974 443548; tauntonhamdwf@bbrcel.co.uk) that have been set up for this purpose. Using the phone number in particular will enable the site team to react immediately. JW highlighted that there had always had been an intention to continue towards the Ham works when the site had been opened. KH reminded the PC that WW had said that they would use compulsory purchase powers if required. Resolved. To support WW planning application to SCC for a highway from adj to the Tarmac works down to the Ham Treatment works.
(2) Adsborough, Lapthorne. CS advised this application has yet to be determined by TDBC.
(3) Applications received:








Following a visit the PC agreed to SUPPORT this application which is on an infill site.




Following a visit the PC agreed to SUPPORT this application which replaces an existing conservatory. ?the application is for a similar development to a neighbours and is to be sited to the rear of the property without adverse impact to neighbours


(4) Solar Panel Farm at Higher Knapp Farm 24/12/0039. The PC had been alerted to this application by residents of Ham who would see the installation despite it being outside of CSM Parish if it were to proceed. The PC had not been sent details of the application and had not been asked to comment upon it by TDBC. North Curry PC have objected. Resolved. The PC voted AGAINST this application as it is being built in open landscape and will have an adverse impact, the additional traffic that will impact on this Parish and the additional water runoff that will be created. It supported the comments made by North Curry PC (copy enclosed) submitted in 29th Nov 2012. The Clerk to urgently draw this objection to TDBC as it is due to be considered by Planners on Weds 9th Jan.
(5) Planning Compliance. Three cases where raised with the PC. (5.1) High field, North End, CSM where no feedback had been given to a request to TDBC for a visit had been received. The site appears to have undergone changes over the years and the PC is not sure all have planning permission. The garden appears to have been extended by cropping the adj field and moving of gates and a proposed extension could be being built on agricultural land. It also appeared that two families are living here, one in the barn and one in the house. (5.2) That at Worthy Lane cottages a barn seems to have been converted without planning permission and it looks like its occupied and (5.3) at Woodcross Farm, Foxhole Lane, CSM eight ships containers have appeared without permission. Resolved. To raise these with the Planning Enforcement Officer at TDBC.


13/12. Finance.
(1) Invoices to be paid
Clerks January Salary ?598.48, HMRC for Tax due on Clerks Jan Salary ?149.62, Clerks December Expenses ? 67.75 Quality Service Printers for Creech Post Colour Printing ?449.00, British Gas Pavilion Electricity ?64.27 C. Sampson? for Reimb of Webhosting Fees ?26.35,? TDBC Provide and install bin on Rec Field ?300.00,? Wessex water Rec Field water ?11.21,? Wybone for 7 Salt bins ?1,145.76, Frances Clark for Rec Field Contract Financial analysis ?1,320.00.
(2) Monies received and banked; Parish Post Advert Income for 2013 Rachel Neill ?60, Creech Barn B&B ?60, Monkton Elm Garden Centre ?110, Mr & Mrs Parkhouse ?60, N Barnes t/a Nigel’s Window Cleaning Co ?20 and Dave Baker ?60. Further income received that day but yet to be banked Y Shah ?60 Advertising and Western Power ?6.86 for Wayleave on rec field pole.
(3) Precept 2013/14. A letter from Mrs Nation was acknowledged by the PC. It was noted that some projects had not proceeded as planned during the year but that these had been compensated by projects being undertaken that had not been planned. Resolved. To agree the draft precept circulated at the 3rd December meeting. This is a Council Tax standstill for parishioners but would require an expected ?2500 draw on balances pa to achieve the level of planned spend.
(4) Insurance.? The former Rec Field Man Cttee had taken a separate insurance policy out on the Ground (but with the latest premium paid by the PC). This was now? due for renewal and a quotation had been obtained from the PC Insurers Came? for ?214.44 with a pro rata premium from 16th February 2013 to 19th July 2013 of ?89.30.? Resolved. To extend the PC insurance with Came to cover the rec field and to insure the appointment of a caretaker, the purchase of 7 salt bins and the new play equipment are also covered and that the cover is to ?5m.


13/13. Highways.
(1) North End Footway. DF explained that he is currently undertaking consultation on the proposed virtual footway that is proposed. He encouraged further views to be expressed to him. In due course he will present these wide range of views to the SCC engineers and to the PC. Several Councillors endorsed the need for a footway but also recognised the need not to frustrate drivers. A discussion took place about having a build out to create a ‘pinch point’ but it was recognised that the sight lines did not exist to permit this.
(2) North End Speed of traffic. DF advised that at the request of the PC he had requested speed strips to be installed in order to indentify the speed of traffic approaching the North End roundabout from the motorway. It was noted that the findings are an average speed of 40/41mph well under the 60mph limit.
(3) A38 Adsborough. No further progress to report.
(4) Salt bins. 7 Salt bins have been installed. A request had been received to procure and site two further bins in Tristram Drive and Queensdown. Resolved. GL to examine the request to procure two additional bins and to report back to the next PC meeting.
(5) Speed Indicator Devices . The Clerk advised he had made enquiries of SCC and had been advised that a decision had yet to be made on the PC request for a SID.
(6) Hyde Lane. Proposed closure of part of Hyde Lane (past cottages). CS advised that SCC had agreed with TDBC to this closure without recently consulting the PC. This was contrary to the advices of TDBC Planners who had advised that no decision had been taken and that they would consult before a decision was made. DD advised that the PC historical position had been to support as this avoided CSM becoming a rat run when the development at West Monkton. Resolved. The Clerk to write to the Leader of TDBC asking for a meeting quoting this as an example of lack of poor communication. (7). Issues identified to be reported. (7.1) Canal towpath. It was noted that horses from the stables were being used on the canal towpath and that the old touring caravan was still on site despite having been replaced by a larger static style caravan for day use by stable staff. Resolved. The clerk to inform the Enforcement Officer at TDBC. (7.2).LAT Access. A large lorry had been seen to go over the weight limit. Resolved. The Clerk to write to the owner. (7.3) Coxes Bungalow. Resolved. SC to visit and ask the owner to cut the overgrown fence back. (7.4). Pot holes. It was noted that there are increasing numbers emerging. DF offered to report to SCC any brought to his attention. Resolved. YG to advise DF of potholes she had indentified in Arundells Way and JM to report potholes he had seen in Cooks Way.


13/14. Pavement/Footpaths
(1) High Path in St Michaels Road. JH raised that this was treacherously slippery and in need of a clean. Resolved. The Clerk to request a clean from TDBC
(2).Tristram Drive. YG advised she had visited the home owner and that she had taken action by having the trees cut back and that the surface is not her responsibility. A letter received that day was read to the PC. This was then discussed but the cause was felt likely to be the roots of the trees in the garden. Resolved. DF to raise with Highways and to then liaise with the home owner if appropriate.
(3) Charlton Road. A car is being regularly parked by the telephone Box and that the footpath was slippery. Resolved. The Clerk to inform the PCSO re this parked car and to request TDBC to clean this section of footpath.
(4). 83 West View. GL reported that the footpath outside is deteriorating. Resolved. DF to report to highways.


13/14. Correspondence. ( 1) For decision.






Marvin Nicholls

Showing his interest in becoming the recreation ground caretaker should such a position be created.

See minute 13.9 (2).
A caretaker position will be created and widely advertised


Alan Miles

Asks the PC to consider at Adsborough Bus Stop (North Bound) the rubbish strewn around, that the bank is overgrown with brambles and that the lorry No entry sign obscures the pedestrian’s vision so the bus driver has difficulty seeing users. At the South Bound bus stop highlight that the hedge is overgrown and at the brow of Adsborough Hill the on the right hand side bank going northwards needs to be cut back further as it obscures drivers vision when crossing the A38 from Adsborough.

The Chairperson has acknowledged the letter and the Clerk has raised its contents with SCC. The Clerk to write to owner of the hedge by the bus stop. Highways to consider the sign relocation but had declined to cut verge more frequently.


Hugh Loxton
For W.H. Loxton and son,
Lodge Farm

As the farmers and owners of land at the end of foxhole lane attached to worthy lane, he raises their increasing concern at the additional planning permissions being granted by Taunton Deane Borough Council and suggests that the runoff water will be picked up by the stream that runs from Walford Cross via North End and on to the culverts under the Taunton Bridgwater canal and subsequently onto their farmland when flows exceed the canal culvert capacity. He has farmed the fields adjacent to the culverts for some twenty years and he remembers only occasionally losing a few square metres of crops in the wettest part of the lowest 7 acre field. Whilst he appreciates we have had a wet summer and autumn, the constant sudden flooding of his field and parts of its neighbour, to a depth of up to 1 metre, followed by its subsequent gradual draining away each time, tells him only one thing: The capacity of the culverts under the canal is now being exceeded.

See also subsequent letter. Sent onto TDBC, SCC and the Env Agency by the Clerk.
TDBC had advised they followed EA advices when considering planning applications. EA advised they would hold a public meeting shortly in the village. HL meeting Canal Trust.


John Middleton

Putting himself forward as a Parish Councillor.

The PC decided to co-opt JM as a Councillor.


SCCllr David Fothergill

Providing details and plans for a proposed virtual footway at North End.

See minute 13/13 (1) above.


Hugh Loxton
For W.H. Loxton and son,
Lodge Farm

Advising he has done some further research and suggests that a fully functioning under field stone drainage system was damaged by the archaeological test digs prior to development.? The area is now completely waterlogged as a result of the high rainfall event, a situation he has never seen before. Had the drainage system been fully intact, then the flooding at West View and North End would have been significantly worse since water from those meadows would have dispersed far more quickly into the drains under the M5 and then into the ditches and tributaries feeding the North End stream. Suggests that the capacity of North End stream and its ditches were not correctly assessed prior to the granting of the planning for the Hyde Lane developments as well as the outline planning proposed on all the other land throughout the catchment of that stream.? Turning to the consultation by David Wilson homes regarding the proposed development of new site behind the School he feels that what I saw was completely unacceptable to anyone living within the valley carrying the North End Stream and its tributaries as well as anyone who might wish to purchase the proposed houses. He comments extensively on the DWH comments forms highlighting that they are a series of loaded questions and suggests that DWH have made an elementary mistake in the design of the system at Creech Medical centre by making the exit pipe too large.

See also earlier letter.
Sent onto TDBC, SCC and the Env Agency by the Clerk.


SCCllr David Fothergill

Providing details and plans for consultation on the proposed Virtual footway at North End.

Is seeking to consult as widely as possible with the local users on its layout.

See minute 13/13 (1) above.
Consultation underway see the CSM website.


SCC Highways

Apologises for not consulting the PC over the proposal to close Hyde Lane past the Cottages, advises that it would become a cycle way and footpath as part of the new Housing development and confirms that Hyde Lane though A38 past the rugby club would be kept open and flood works done as required. Also note the PC objection to closing of Hyde Lane.

See minute item 13/13 (6) above. PC to raise with TDBC.


Mrs Nation

Letter re precept. Urges the PC to reduce the Precept for 2013/14.

See minute 13/12 (3) above. Precept set with no increase for Parishioners.


(2) Correspondence For information





Somerset Community Foundation

Details of Emergency Relief grants of ?250 being operated on behalf of SCC for those who have suffered flooding. Tel 01749 344949 or ask the? Clerk for an application form.


Strategic Land Partnership

Further details and explanations in support of their planning application in Hyde Lane.



Webberbus apologises for delays that occur during flooding explained if the bus is delayed for any reason the delay will persist that day.


Porter Dodson Solicitors

Advices to the PC on TME agreement.


PCL Planning for David Wilson Homes

Invitation to a public exhibition held on the 11th December 2012 to express views on the development being planned for land at Hyde Lane behind the primary school ?


Maria Charlton

Wrote expressing that the amount of housing is becoming overwhelming.


Stuart Lewis
Wessex Water

Updating the PC on progress to an alternative access to Ham sewerage Works. Contact concerning any traffic issues with current works should be to the dedicated phone number and / or e-mail address (07974 443548; tauntonhamdwf@bbrcel.co.uk)



Technical advice to the PC re Precept


Alan Johnson

Emailed asking if cold calling included religious callers and asked about free enterprise.


Graham Warburton

Asking if the PC can help obtain the official name of the road that runs between "The Maypole" and the "Olde Green Dragon" at Thurloxton. The road is called Porters Road.


13/15. Merlyn’s Copse.
KR advised that a dog ban was already in place and that the signs reflected that. The PC considered Mr Lancombes comments (see 13/2 (1) above) concerning the field behind West View and Merlyn’s Copse.
It was noted that the failure by some dog owners to clear up after their dog had been reported to the Dog Warden. Resolved. To allow dogs on leads in MC and the West View field, to install new signs reflecting this and to relocate the
existing no dogs signs at MC to the rec field.


13/16. Creech Parish Allotments. CS proposed a change to the agreement with the Allotment Society to reflect the insurance arrangements that had been put in place. The PC are covered by its own Insurance. The Allotment Society have taken out their own Insurance which also cover the allotment holders. Resolved. The PC agreed this change to the agreement with the allotment society.


13/17. Parish Post. CS advised that the Xmas edition was issued timely with a splendid colour cover and that the team were working well together. The next edition would be issued in march and had a mid feb deadline for content. Resolved. To support the further use of colour in future editions.


13/18. Housing Needs Survey. KH supplied a questionnaire. He highlighted it now needed an introduction being added. CS asked if TDBC had been asked if it was acceptable to them. The Clerk highlighted the need to encourage parishoners to register their housing needs. Resolved.? The Clerk to circulate the draft survey to all Councillors for review.


13/19. No Called Calling Zone. KR highlighted that there had only been one objection (see 13/14 (1) above) and therefore the Police deem this initiative to be supported. As costs are shared between the Police and CSM PC the cost to the PC is ?73.50 for the signs required. KR confirmed the zone would include Adsborough and advised that Highways would be asked to agree their locations. Resolved. To support the NCCZ Police initiative and to pay ?73.50 to the Police as the PC contribution to the cost of providing signs.


13/20. Notice boards. A quotation for removing the old notice board at North End, the board currently in Arundel Way being relocated to North End (alongside the bench) and that the large board at the garage be resited in Arundells Way had been obtained by the Clerk. DD suggested the doors be taken off the board at North End and it be left in situ and for the Clerk to use laminated notices in future. Resolved. GL to examine the notice board at North End and to see if removing the doors is the best way forward.


13/21. County & District Councillors’ Reports.
(1). West Monkton developers signs. DF advised that Highways had looked at these and had confirmed to him that all are sited on private land.
(2) SCC Debt. DF informed the PC that SCC had repaid ?60m debt and that the interest payable had been reduced by ?15,000.00 per day as a result.
(3) Fire Control Centre at Blackbrook Park Ave. KH asked how much this building is costing. DF advised this is a Home Office responsibility.
(4) Flooding Grants. DD advised that he had supported two residents to get grants.


13/22. Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting
(1) PCSO to attend the PC meeting.
(2) The private parking sign at Vicarage Lawns. Resolved. DF to ask Highways to establish if signs should be removed.
(3) Donations to charities. The meeting ended at 9.40pm.



The next parish council meetings will take place on Mondays, 4th February?and 4th March 2013 beginning at 7pm.


E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net