/ Parish Council / 2013 Minutes / July 2013


DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 1st July 2013

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: Cllrs S Wellman (Chairperson), G Hodge , S Hutchings (Vice Chairs), P Chetwynd, Y Guest, K Hunt, G Lucas, J Middleton, K Reed and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were TDBC Cllrs D Durdan and K Durdan and 9 members of the public.? ??


13/136. Chairpersons Welcome.

Cllr Hutchings chaired the meeting and began by welcoming everyone.


13/137. Public Speaking.

(1) West View Park. Phil Larkham raised his concern over the amount of dog mess. He asked if signs could be installed at either end. SH advised PL that this Park was the responsibility of TDBC and therefore the Parish Council could only repeat its previous requests of TDBC to erect signs. Action. The Clerk to write to TDBC asking for signs to be installed and as a minimum to ask for a response.

(2) Flooding in West View. Phil Larkham thanked SCC Cllr David Fothergill for arranging for the removal of the steps in the ditch to the rear of West View in order to help prevent flooding. He highlighted that the ditch also needed to be dug out wider and deeper. ?Action. PC Flooding panel to meet 3 residents.

(3) Flooding in Ham Road/Lane End. Jane Withey highlighted that the residents do clear their ditches (where health permitted). JW advised that she had been talking to the Env Agency over the need for a petrol / diesel pump to replace the existing electric one. She had yet to get a quote but she hoped the PC would support her submitting an application to SCC Flooding prevention fund. It was agreed to consider this later in the meeting (see 13/145 (1).

(4) Hyde Lane and West View drains. John Saunders raised that the drains were blocked. GH informed him that this had been reported to SCC by DF.

(5) Merlyn?s Copse. Richard Birch reported a methadone bottle had been found in the verge of Merlyn?s copse and he highlighted the need to take care. Richard was asked if he had cut the grass in MC, on confirming he had he was thanked by the PC.


13/138. Vacancies on the Parish Council. SH advised there was a vacancy. He explained that if ten electors submit a request for an election to the TDBC returning officer within 14 days there would be an election; if they did not the CSM PC can then co-opt. The Clerk confirmed we were still within the 10 day period.


13/139. Apologies.

SCC Cllr D Fothergill


13/140. Declarations of Interest.

The Clerk advised that SW had an interest in the Verge opposite his house.


13/141. Minutes of the 3rd June meeting

had previously been circulated to Cllrs. Two amendments were agreed. At 13/124 (3) Recreation Park Adj Copse the Farmer is Mr Foxwell not Foxall and at 13/127 Footpaths, Worthy Lane the words ?(behind Mrs Careys)? were deleted. The minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


13/142. Matters arising from the meeting of the 3rd June.



13/143. To receive County & District Councillors? Reports.

(1) DD advised he had attended a meeting with Wessex Water. Jane Withey explained that WW had reported they had a response from Tarmac but were still pursuing compulsory purchase. JW also reported that works will still proceed. DD advised that at Cross Meadow the gate outside no 22 is in a poor state. The gate protects access to a WW manhole. Grass and Trees have over grown the footpath here and their a danger to individuals. Action the Clerk to report to the Canal and River Trust. ?DD Highlighted that 7 locations to get high speed broadband had just been announced and these included CSM.

(2) KD advised she had nothing to report.


13/144. Recreation Park.

(1) Update. CS reported that the Clerk has negotiated a new tariff for gas. This has no standing charge element so the supply could be left in place for future use if required without the need to incur a large disconnection fee or ongoing charges. Radiators and Pipe work had been removed. CS advised she had drawn up a key holder list and she would maintain it upto date. A mini pitch had now been marked up, an examination of the grass cutting had taken place and this was found acceptable and a cut has been scheduled for 8th July. Portable Appliance Testing had taken place, a bike rack and a gate (to prevent vehicular access behind the pavilion) had been purchased and is awaiting installation. The pavilion had been painted internally and externally (though workmanship had yet to be inspected).

(2) Fields in Trust. GH advised he was awaiting signing of the TME agreement as Fields in Trust had requested a copy. (3) Somerset Playing Fields. YG reported that the cheque and application form had been sent off but she had not yet had a response.

(4) Opening Day Arrangements. CS reported 32 stall holders had now booked. In addition in the marquee there would be a band and cream teas and in the arena an afternoons entertainment including a Punch and Judy Show, a karate display, Country Dancing, Zumba as well as the Methodist church running Childrens games. 200 tickets had already been sold for the evening event and they were still selling. CS explained a number of jobs still needed allocating and SW undertook to seek some boxes that can be used as bins, GH undertook to collect two pigs from Hopkins and transport them to the Maypole, JM and the Clerk to measure the field and to plan a layout, JM and KH are to mark up the pitches on the field on the Friday. GH highlighted that 8 people were needed on Friday evening 5pm to erect and on Sunday at 10am take down the marquee. To date 4 volunteers have come forward and GL and KH offered there assistance too. SH agreed to collect lights from Brandon Hire and to locate this on site with a generator. PC would provide orange sheeting suitable for use as a safety guard. KH and JM undertook to collect tables and chairs from the Methodist Church at 11am on Saturday. All Parish Cllrs where asked to request raffle prizes of local businesses.

(5) Adj Copse. SW had spoken again to Mr Foxwell who has now had second thoughts. He wants more time to think about it and then he will discuss with the owner.

(6) TME. SW reported that a number of issues which TME had raised need to be resolved.

(6) DWH. The Clerk reported that as a complete list of jobs had yet to be produced he had contacted Craig Erskine of DWH again with a view to arranging a site meeting. Whilst they had spoken and he had been reassured the site had been attended he was on Annual Leave unfortunately and could not confirm. Action. The planning panel to produce a complete list of outstanding items, the Clerk to set up a Site meeting and to write to DWH MD expressing the PC?s dissatisfaction.?

(7) Verge Ownership. The Clerk advised he had received a reply from the Chief Executive?s Office of the Highways Agency explaining that whilst the HA owned the verge the top two feet are managed by SCC Highways. The HA had advised that they did not accept the PC plan taken from the Land Registry as being the boundary of the Highway land, but had sent a plan and advised that they would pursue this as the boundary to their ownership. The HA recommended that the PC ask SCC if it would support car parking on the verge if this is what it desired as a lower cost and more easily achievable alternative to purchasing the verge.? It was highlighted that any costs to remove kerbs, changing levels and the creation of car parking spaces would need to be met by the PC. Action DF has asked SCC if the verge can be used for car parking (8) Donation to the Park. CS advised she had a spoken to Keith Bigwood who is doing what he can but hes in the hands of Santander. Action CS to continue to liaise with KB.

(7) Archery. CS, GL & YG had met with Peter Goodland to discuss his request to use the Park for archery. An area for safe use of the rec field had been identified. CS explained that PG had provided evidence of his PL insurance and archery body membership and that use would be by PG and his wife and the situation reviewed if a club is started. The Clerk confirmed he was drafting a letter to regularise use. Concern was raised at children using the nearby woodland for games and for their safety. Cllrs voted to permit PG use of the rec field for archery. Action.? The Clerk to complete the agreement for PG to use the Park for Archery.


13/145. Flooding. ?

(1) SCC flood mitigation fund. PC reported that he had obtained a copy of the application form for the SCC ?200,000 fund and that he and GL would submit an application as had been agreed at the last meeting. Additionally Jane Withey asked if the Council would support an application they were making for funding for a new Diesel/petrol generator. This was required as in the event of flooding the current electric generator in Ham Road had to be removed. The cost is not yet known. It was noted that the ringback had been repaired by WW and that SCC is unlikely to fund ditch works as these are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner and the fund would be inadequate. Action. The Council agreed to support residents of Ham Road/Lane Ends application to the SCC Fund for a new generator and the flood panel are to submit an application on behalf of CSM PC.


13/146. Appointment of representatives and working party members.

The Chairman shared his proposed memberships for the panels (see attached). This includes a new panel for Communications. This would have responsibility for the Website, Facebook and Parish Post. CS thanked those involved in supporting these. A discussion took place on the need for the membership of Disc/Appeal Panels to be different Cllrs to those on the Personnel Panel and SW explained that they would be but there also needed to be flexibility in order to have the right people involved at the right stage. SW explained that the extent of the two Vice Chair?s duties have yet to be agreed. Action.? SW to identify Cllrs to serve on the three remaining panels and to determine the Vice Chair?s responsibilities. The Council to formally respond to these proposals at its august meeting.


13/147. Planning.

(1) Planning Compliance/Core Strategy. SW reported that SH and he had met with Cllr Mark Edwards of TDBC and officers earlier this evening. ME had take on board the four areas of compliance the PC were concerned about and had undertaken to respond. SW advised he had asked why developers where being allowed to build everywhere. It had been explained that Nat Policy Framework overrides TDBC core strategy and that if a developer can explain how a site is sustainable then Planning permission has to be granted. It was noted that this applies to even the unpreferred sites shown in the core strategy. It had also been explained that the 250 houses envisaged by TDBC in their 5 minor rural development centres are a minimum and that it was always envisaged that CSM and Cotford would get the bulk of these. CS explained that she and SH had spoken to the School Headteacher who had told them that there was room for another classroom on the School site. SW explained he had also raised the application at Bishops Hull where 8 large houses are being built with no social housing but at TDBC suggestion the developer had increased the social housing element in CSM to compensate, the closure of Hyde Lane and the lack of a footpath on Hyde Lane. DD highlighted the efforts that Adsborough had undertaken to object to a recent application there but in CSM this had not happened; he explained it is Government Policy to build increased number of houses following a shortage accrued over many years and he highlighted the recent difficulties a fire appliance had experienced in Hyde Lane by Rockets Cottages. Action. ?KH and GL to draft a letter for input by SW to Mr Pickles, Sec of State for Communities and Local Government.

(2) Applications received. Action. The Council agreed to delegate to the Planning panel the consideration of the following applications. (Note from Clerk: The panel has since met and has made the following observations;
























A decision to be taken at August PC meeting


13/148. Accounts. ?

(1) Invoices agreed for payment.? The Clerk?s and Caretakers wages, Clerks exp?s ?56.10 and other invoices due Quality Services Printers (Taunton) Ltd? (CSM Post) ?495.70, Brandon Hire (Hire of 4 porta loos for Open day) ?216.00, Clare? Sampson (Reimb for cycle rack from ESE Direct) ?205.68,? Clare Sampson (Reimb for gate for Park from Bartletts) ?196.66, British Gas (Pavilion Electricity) ?110.47, B Howe (Int Audit Fee) ?233.60, Wessex Water Pavilion water standing charge (7/12/12-12/6/13) ?8.73, Came and Co Ins (Parish Insurance Incl Rec Park (19/7/13-18/7/14) ?1775.50, G Booth (Int/Ext painting of Pavilion) ?1400.00 and Simon Hutchings (Reimb for keys and print cartridge) ?66.49 were authorised (G Booth subject to prior inspection of the pavilion).

(2) Monies received and banked. Other income received and banked; HMRC (Vat refund for 1/1/13-31/3/13), ?38,440.33, Shahs painting and decorating services ?25 (Donation towards a memorial bench for the Park). Santander (Bank interest) 59p. Parish Post Advert Income for 2013; Parish Magazine adverts Nat Trust ?55.

(3) Insurance.? It was agreed to renew the Councils (incl Rec Park) Insurance Policies with Came and Co.

(4) Audit. The Clerk reported that the Internal Auditor had undertaken his audit and as he was satisfied with the accounts they along with supporting information had now gone to the external auditors Grant Thornton within the statutory timescales for their external audit. The Int Auditor had also written separately suggesting seven improvements however six of these are already being undertaken. The Clerk had shared the letter on its receipt along with his comments to Councillors. Action. ?A possible over claim of VAT ?102.99 the Int Audit had highlighted is to be examined by the Clerk and the outcome of the Ext Audit being undertaken received.

(5) RFMC Second Bank Account. The Clerk confirmed he had now had a reply from Lloyds Bank saying they had passed his letter onto the Account signatory. Action. The Clerk to attempt to identify the account signatory and to them ask that all remaining sums are paid over to the PC.


13/149. Highways.

(1) Langaller, Green Lane. PC had spoken to SCC Footpaths Officer and requested a marker be installed however this is deemed a low priority as there are few users. SCC are hoping the developers will improve.

(2) Worthy Lane. PC advised that the SCC Footpaths Officer had walked the footpath at top of Worthy Lane T10-10 and was content for this year with the path between the potato crop.

(3) Hyde Lane Grass Verge. It was noted that this verge, the crescent, had been cut last week and was still in the ownership of DWH.

(4) Dog bin for North End. The Clerk reported the cost of a procuring a dog bin exceeded the budget the PC had set and therefore he had asked TDBC if there was a good second-hand one available. Installation would be approx ?100. Action. The Clerk to follow up with TDBC.

(5) Damaged Fence North End. The Clerk reported that the owner had advised his land boundary is inside the stream and therefore the fence, being on the outside, is on Highway land. Action. The Clerk to ask Highways to remove the fence.

(6) Highways Schemes. No update on A38 Adsborough (DF), North End (DF) Access to Creech St Michael from Monkton Heathfield ( DF), and Wessex Water (Ham) Sewerage Works projects (GL/PC), ?installation of traffic calming in Hyde Lane were available.


13/150. Transport. A letter had been received highlighting the use of West View by a Taunton School coach. It is understood it is used by the CSM School to take local children to swimming lessons as the coach cannot turn around at the School. It waits until ready to pickup the children. Concern was expressed that the local bus cannot pass safely where it parks. Action. The Clerk to report to the PCSO to resolve.


13/151. Chairpersons Charity.?

SW advised he had given this further consideration and had decided not to pursue the idea further. This was agreed.


13/152. Website.

CS advised that 6 months notice of termination of the current arrangement with Somerset Web services had been given. An offer to continue at a one off cost of ?2000 (plus VAT) with a ?300 pa charge has been received from SWS with c?780 pa advertising being received. It was noted the website has over 900 pages and that Adrian Birch from North End Farm has offered to assist with hosting and continuing a CSM Parish Website and that Nigel Finch has kindly offered to indentify who might wish to buy the site by mid august.? Action CS to continue to progress discussions with any decision to be post receiving NF suggestions in mid august.


13/153. Merlyn?s Copse.

The Clerk explained that he had been asked to get a copy of the deeds but had difficulty using the Land Registry website service and had asked the PC solicitors to assist; however they too were struggling. He would continue to liaise with them. AB offered to assist and also highlighted the need to remove the trees incl roots that were limiting the flow of water within MC. Cllrs were confident the Copse is owned by the PC as it had been maintained since the early 1970s.Action. AB to get three quotes for removing the trees for the PC to consider and the Clerk and AB to obtain a copy of the Land Registry.


13/154. North End Notice Board.

SH reported that he done repairs but not replaced the glazing so notices still could not be read. Action. PC and GH to remove the notice board completely.


13/155. Parish Post.

No update.


13/156. Correspondence.?

Cllrs restated their desire that correspondence is to be circulated and only placed on the agenda as an item if requested.


13/157.Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting. None.


The meeting ended at 10.05pm.


Future Meetings;

The next parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 5th August 2013 (Planning mtg) and on Monday 2nd September 2013 (both at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room; beginning at 7pm).?


E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net