/ Parish Council / 2013 Minutes / June 2013

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 3rd June 2013 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: Cllrs S Wellman (Chairperson), G Hodge , S Hutchings (Vice Chairs), P Chetwynd, Y Guest, K Hunt, G Lucas, J Middleton and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill, TDBC Cllr D Durdan and 5 members of the public.? ??


13/116. Chairpersons Welcome.
Cllr Wellman welcomed everyone to the meeting and congratulated SCC Cllr Fothergill on his appointment as Chairman of SCC.


13/117. Public Speaking.
Peter Goodland asked if he could make use of the rec Park for archery. SW advised the PC would consider the request later.


13/118. Apologies.
Were received from Cllr K Reed. SW explained that Sue Creighton had resigned from the PC and that a vacancy existed.


13/119. Declarations of Interest.


13/120. Appointment of representatives and working party members.
The Clerk had previously distributed details of the memberships of the panels as at present (see attached). Action. The Chairman asked to defer the membership of the panels to the next meeting.


13/121. Minutes of the 13th May meeting
had previously been circulated to Cllrs. Three amendments where agreed. At 13/107 Recreation Park (1) to include radiators and boiler along with the removal of the gas supply, at 13/107 (2) to delete ‘at no cost for the community to enjoy’ and at 13/108 Planning (2) to amend the initials as shown from JH to JW. The minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


13/122. Matters arising from the meeting of the 13th May.


13/123. To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports.
(1) DF encouraged the PC to submit a bid to the SCC flood budget for a grant for improvements at North End. SCC Deadline for submission is 26th July. DF advised that TDBC had removed the old steps at the rear of West View and that this should prevent future flooding. DF confirmed that funding of ?15m for the Taunton Inner Distribution Road to open up Firepool area had been confirmed and that the new road should be in place for September 2014. DF also explained that there are 5500 children aged below 16 in Somerset who had not had a MMR inoculation; he expressed concern for their future wellbeing and encouraged their parents to get them inoculated.KH asked about a lack of grass cutting. DF responded by saying SCC had cut ?78m from its budget and had had to make some difficult choices. One of these had been to reduce from 5 down to 2 verge cuts per year GL raised the need for the grass to be cut at the junction of Cheats Road and Henlade Corner and SW raised the Hyde Lane bends on danger grounds. Action. DF agreed to report these, the Clerk to check with DLO if they could cut grass outside Merlyn's Copse up to path (path to roadway is maintained by TDBC) and to proceed if less than last year's cost and? SW to follow up tidying of areas where TDBC are responsible for grass cutting.
(2). DD highlighted that he had attended the Wessex Water meeting along with DF, GL, PC and a Ruishton Cllr. DD felt it had been a good meeting, though WW had not communicated well over the impact of a late delivery of concrete and there was upset as work had commenced earlier than had been agreed. GL highlighted that it had been agreed there was a need to tighten up the escort arrangements. DD advised that WW had written to Tarmac. If they don’t reply within 1 month the Transport Planning Order takes effect.? GL highlighted WW are in consultation with 3 other landowners.DD advised that the plan is to build the new road from the sewage works and build towards the A358. DD suggested a neighbourhood plan was required for CSM following the decision of TDBC to grant planning permission on three sites in Hyde Lane. He explained that whilst it would not stop future developments being passed it would help the process of managing them and that Mark Thomas of TDBC is available to support as required. GH questioned why at the planning meeting the Cttee had decided not to require the development at Sandhill Park to have an affordable housing element but insisted CSM’s did. GL asked if the School being full was raised and SW advised that the School had apparently written in support of the application behind the School as their need for a car park was high. DF highlighted that in his capacity as a School governor he was not aware it had been discussed. Action. DF to make enquiries of CSM School and to obtain a copy of letter.


13/124. Recreation Park.
(1) Update. CS and YG led a discussion on the cost of the evening tickets for the open day 13th July. There will be entertainment, a marquee, security and a hog roast by the Maypole PH (meat to be served along with buns and salads). Considerable discussion took place on the need to ensure villagers participated, would get good value and the need to have an enjoyable evening to help foster a community spirit. It was noted that the event would be heavily advertised, ??that a bar run by volunteers would be open and there would be income from traders. Action. The panel to sell tickets priced at ?2.50 each. ?
(2) Insurance. CS explained that the Councils Public Liability Insurance had been checked by the Clerk and would cover the event. The Temporary events license issued is personal and CS would be responsible for the legal running of the bar. There would be security and in the event of a problem the police would be called.
(3) Adj Copse. SW had spoken to Mr Foxall who has agreed in principle to a right of way between the two copses. He is a tenant of the field and would prefer to meet and agree details of access and then to agree with landowner. Action. SW to meet with Mr Foxall.
(4) TME. SW reported that he had met with Alison Stock Partner at Porter Dodson (the Councils Solicitors) to discuss proposals and had agreed a way forward based on a Lease. AS will make amendments to the original draft lease proposed based on discussion held to date and will then meet TME Solicitors to iron out any issues. Once the solicitors have agreed the documents will then be signed off. The Lease would be for 5 years with negotiations on renewal being commenced at 4 years stage. Action. The lease once agreed to be circulated with 48 hours notice to Cllrs to review prior to sign off.
(5) DWH. The Clerk confirmed he had invited Craig Erskine from David Wilson Homes to a site meeting as he had been requested but CE had not responded or taken up the request. SW highlighted that there was some planning anolomies in addition to be addressed. CS suggested that the PC writes to the Chief Executive of DWH highlighting all the issues and asks for them to be addressed timely. Action. Planning panel to produce a list of issues within seven days and for the Clerk to then write to DWH.
(6) Verge Ownership. The Clerk advised he had written to the Chief Executive of the Highways Agency expressing the PC concern at the lack of progress in actioning its request to acquire the verge outside of the Park but had yet to receive a reply. Action. The Clerk to write to the Minister for Transport within seven days.
(7) Archery. A discussion took place on Peter Goodlands (see Public Speaking above) request to use the Park for archery, in particular around safety. PG offered to attend the open day on the 13th July and run a “have a go” facility with the aim in due course of creating an archery club and with money raised going towards the cost of the event. Action. CS, GL & YG to meet with PG.
(8) Donation to the Park. CS advised she had a copy of the youth football team bank statement and had given this to Keith Bigwood as it is likely he is a signatory. Action CS to follow up with KB.
(9) Protection of the Park. GH informed the PC he had submitted an application to “Fields in Trust”. This would still allow in the future for a pavilion to be built. SW suggested a legal review of the documentation and CS suggested David Grieg of TDBC be consulted too. YG advised that FIT was suggested by Debbie Arscott, TDBC Leisure officer to protect the park, Ruishton PC is close to signing with FIT and DD confirmed Longrun Meadow already had. Action. SW, GH and the Clerk to sign documentation once reviewed and agreed.? At this stage the clerk left the meeting having taken ill. The following notes were taken by CS.


13/125. Planning.
(1) Planning Compliance.? SW reported that the planning panel are due to meet Cllr Mark Edwards of TDBC regarding the application of the core strategy at CSM, as part of this meeting they hope to address the issues raised in the planning panel's letter regarding non compliance at Highfield, Charlton Bridge Farm Stables and Woodcross Farm despite ME having indicated planning compliance was not to be his key area of responsibility. SH reported he has sent many emails following this up which have been taken on board by the Leader of TDBC John Williams.


(2) Applications received









?Whilst outside of parish
boundaries, the PC
unanimously decided to?
support this application.


13/126. Accounts.
10.1 Invoices agreed for payment.?
Clerk’s and Caretakers wages and? Somerset Playing Fields Assoc Memb Fee ?10, Accounts were approved with addition of a payment to Councillor P Chetwynd of ?70.00 for reimbursement of expenses incurred in cutting the grass at Merlyn's Copse. As the Chair had not reviewed the expense breakdown for ?69.09 from the Clerk payment was deferred until breakdown had been reviewed.
10.2 Monies received and banked. For use of the Park Creech Cougars FC ?456, Santander Bank Int 57p and for an Parish Magazine advert Jim Davey Const Services ?60.?
10.3 Dog bins. Action Cllrs approved the purchase and installation of an additional dog bin to be sited at North End if it would cost less than ?160 and Cllrs approved a contract for dog bin emptying @ ?2.49 + vat per empty with TDBC DLO. Action Clerk to arrange bin purchase
10.4 Governance statement. The annual governance statement was reviewed and the PC processes where in accordance with the requirements confirmed. The Chairman then signed the annual statement


13/127. Highways.
(1) Traffic calming in Hyde Lane. Cllrs discussed. Action. SW to check if installing was part of planning requirements upon David Wilson Homes.
(2) Damaged Fence North End. As there was no reply from the landowner regarding the damaged Fence at Langaller Cllrs asked that the Clerk write again. Action Clerk to write to the landowner giving 28 days to repair/replace the broken fencing, failing this the PC will arrange and invoice landowner for costs.
(3) A38 Adsborough. DF reported that preliminary work is ongoing regarding the A38, improvements for pedestrians and a reduction in the speed limit are achievable
(4) North End. ?Revisions to the original designs for the proposed footpath scheme at North End had been made to include a 20mph speed limit.
(5) Hyde Lane drains. DF advised that he had reported the block drains in Hyde Lane to SCC.
(6) Hyde Lane to the A38. There was no further update on a new route from CSM via Hyde Lane and onto the A38.
(7) Hyde Lane CSM Sign. A form is with the Clerk for a new CSM sign.? Action SW to follow up with Clerk.


13/127. Footpaths and Pavements. ?
(1) Worthy Lane. PC advised he had walked the footpath at top of Worthy Lane T10-10 (behind Mrs Careys), it had been redirected but walkers could use the verge or walk between the rows of potatoes and that foot path 10-12 had holes through the hedges but could still be used.
(2) Langaller. KH was concerned that footpath T10-21 needed a marker and that it should be monitored to ensure it remains in existence.? A discussion took place on whether this footpath is definitive or permissive. GL advised it's definitive on map. Action. PC to ask SCC Footpaths Officer Sally Vickery to install a marker and SW to obtain planning consent to see if alterations were requested to the footpath.


13/128. Chairpersons Charity.?
DD advised that when he is Mayor he will implement the Mayor's Activity Challenge, he hopes businesses and communities will raise money for local good causes such as the 'Pop-In' in CSM. Action. SW advised he would give a Chairperson's charity further consideration.


13/129. Flooding. ?
(1) SCC flood mitigation fund.SCC have set up a fund of ?200 000 which Parish Councils across the County could bid for funds. The PC considered how best to submit a successful application given that flooding had occurred across the Parish. Action. PC and GL to investigate advise and progress an application at North End. ?
(2) Medical Centre attenuation pond. It was reported that this in breach of planning as no water drains during flooding.? DD reported that this is by design, that the pond would only fill in the case of blocked pipes and that since the further Planning applications in Hyde Lane it has been requested that this pond be enlarged.?


13/130 Website. CS advised that 6 months notice of termination of the current arrangement with Somerset Web services had been given by Nigel Finch. Adrian Birch from North End Farm offered to assist with hosting and continuing a CSM Parish Website. Action CS to progress discussions.


13/131. Merlyn’s Copse. PC advised he had cut the grass and confirmed the bridge is satisfactory. Adrian Birch advised pond on his land adjacent to the Copse will be dredged and the outlet will be moved. ?Action. ?KR to progress investigations into locating deeds in order the PC can consider selling the copse.


13/132. Noticeboard at North End.
The Clerk had reported further deterioration. Action. SH to examine and take action as required.


13/133. Parish Post.
Copy had been sent to printer on 30th May with distribution of the latest edition to be around the weekend of 8th/9th June.


13/134. Correspondence. ?
Action.? No correspondence was raised for discussion. Action. Clerk to inform the returning officer of the resignation of a Cllr.


13/135. Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting.
Appointment of representatives and working party members.


The meeting ended at 10pm.


Future Meetings;
The next parish council meetings will take place on Monday, 1st July 2013 and then (Planning mtg) on 5th August 2013 (both at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room; beginning at 7pm).?


E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net