/ Parish Council / 2013 Minutes / March 2013

DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 4th March 2013

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd, Y Guest, G Hodge, G Lucas, ?K Reed and S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance were SCC Cllr D Fothergill, and 5 members of the public.? ??


13/57. Chairpersons Welcome.
Cllr Hutchings chaired the meeting In the absence of Cllr Sampson and began by welcoming everyone to the meeting.


13/58. Public Speaking.
2 members of the public asked to address the Council.
(1) Iris Chown congratulated the PC on the latest edition of the Parish Post Magazine.
(2) Eric Chown enquired what the? play surface would be under the new play equipment at the rec field as a lady had asked on the village website. GH advised that the surface was Grass.


13/59. Apologies.
Cllrs C Sampson (Chairperson), S Creighton, K Hunt and J Middleton.


13/60. Declarations of Interest.
GH declared an interest in the Planning item.


13/61. Minutes of the 18th February meeting
had previously been circulated to Cllrs. Resolved. The minutes of the meeting were agreed with the following amendments; at item 13/43 planning compliance JW should be JH (twice), 13/45 salt bins (it was agreed that some of next year’s salt bags rather than the salt bags), 13/46 YG had reported to the Clerk (as she was absent) that the trees had been removed and the reference to Coxes Bungalow should be Coxes Hill. Resolved. The minutes then were signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting and it was agreed that all Councillors who were ‘on line’ would see the first draft minutes in future for comment within 48hours before issue to all Cllrs by the Clerk.


13/62. Matter arising from the meeting of the 18th February.
(1) Refering to item 13/41(6) GH advised that the pitch at the rec field had been moved 20 metres back and the posts have been put in sleeves to facilitate movement.
(2) Regarding item 13/43(8) the Planning panel had now agreed to meet with TDBC Council Leader John Williams over planning enforcement rather than write
(3) Regarding item 13/45(2) the fallen tree has been cleared from the bus lay by at Adsborough.(4) CS had asked that her thanks to all those who had helped produce the Parish Posts Spring Edition which has just been published and being distributed (agenda item 13/49) be acknowledged.


13/63. Recreation Field.
(1) Installation of play equipment and a MUGA. SW advised that the play equipment installation was close to completion by the contractors Lightmain, only the fencing and surfacing have yet to be completed and these are due to be finished by weds. The formal handover is due the following day and a ROSPA safety inspection is scheduled to take place on Friday. On the recommendation of Lightmain the security barrier will remain in place for a further two weeks in order to protect the grass turfs. Discussion turned to the car park. SW suggested a completely open car park will cause problems so suggested a fence be erected from the gate straight across the site removing the small entrance so as to create a second small car park on the right that would take approx 10 cars. SW had acquired estimates from two local companies, the cheapest of which was from NC fencing for ?357. Resolved to accept the quotation from NC fencing to install fencing in the car park to create a second car park for users of the playground.
(2) Caretaker.? The Personnel panel reported that Don Sweeting had been appointed as Parish Caretaker following interviews. As DS is the caretaker at the School he would bring a wealth of experience with him. SW had met with DS and his early tasks included clearing weeds and tidying the pavilion.GH advised that he had asked DS to maintain a task list so that when the role is reviewed in 5 months time this was available. Resolved. That SW act as the “single point of contact” for DS and that any Cllr who wishes to suggest tasks for DS makes SW aware of them.
(3) Opening event. KR suggested a large event be held in May. KR asked if we wished to publicise the opening, suggesting perhaps the School children be invited to play. Resolved that the Rec Field panel make arrangements for the opening and publicity.
(4) Reinstatement of former site office/Verge. The Clerk advised that he had not heard further from either DWH regarding the various reinstatement works requested to be undertaken or from the Highways Agency.
(5) Flytipping. PC advised that he had reported the Flytipping by the motorway bridge embankment to TDBC. KR advised that there were also concrete posts further along with posts on. Resolved. The Clerk was asked to identify who had been tasked with asking TDBC to erect a ‘no flytipping’ sign at the last meeting.
(6) Donation. CS had advised SH she had spoken to Mrs Rice who was secretary of youth football team and had arranged to collect a cheque from her.


13/64. To receive County & District Councillors’ Reports.
As no District Cllr was present no District Council report was given. DF advised that he had been at the CSM School Governors meeting immediately prior to the PC. ?DF advised that SCC budget had been agreed with a further reduction for 2013/14 year of ?21m making a total saving of ?94m on the budget of ?300m, a third. The Council has been given an extra ?700,000 than expected and had decided to allocate ?200,000 to address local flooding. DF advised that SCC had withdrawn it ?27,000 pa grant to the Brewhouse Theatre two years after the Art Council ceased its funding. The Brewhouse had been given a ?125,000 grant by TDBC each year. DF informed the PC that despite the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil being half as big again as the Brewhouse it had 12 paid staff whilst the Brewhouse had 55 staff. DF informed the PC that SCC had frozen its Council Tax for the fourth year running and suggested that average households are ?400 a year better off than if inflation increases had been implemented.


13/65. Planning.
(1) ?Developer Applications. SW reported that Developers had submitted amended drainage plans for application 14/12/0043 (site behind the medical centre). It was noted the attenuation pond would be adjacent to the planned picnic spot and that Wessex Water had agreed to allow the water off the estate to feed into the canal. The proposals had been considered by the planning working party. As the PC had already voted against further development it was Resolved that SW would reply to TDBC setting out the PC objections.
(2)? Planning Compliance. SH advised that TDBC Cllr John Williams had agreed to meet with the planning working party to discuss recent compliance referrals.
(3) TDBC Planning consultation response. SW highlighted that TDBC had indentified eight potential sites in CSM. SW explained that 3 in North End and one in Mill Lane were not favoured by TDBC as they were poorly serviced. One further site was in the flood plain and this left three in Hyde Lane, one of which TDBC had already granted permission leaving two sites being considered. SW advised he had written two statements for the PC on these and suggested that these be made more widely available. SW advised that the PC planning working party had met with a planning consultant the previous week and he had learnt that experts held sway for example the environment agencies views on flooding where given greater weight than the PC’s view. Resolved to put the PC Statements on the village’s larger notice boards and website and GH to speak to DD in order to ensure all TDBC Cllrs are aware of the PC views.
(4) Adsborough, Lapthorne.
CS had asked that the PC be informed that this application is likely to go before the TDBC planning committee on the 20th March.
(5) Applications received:








OUTLINE APPLICATION FOR THE RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT OF 44 NO DWELLING HOUSES, SCOUT HUT AND RECREATIONAL OPEN SPACE, DRAINAGE WORKS AND ASSOCIATED ACCESS AT LAND TO SOUTH OF HYDE LANE, CREECH ST MICHAEL This is an amendment to the???? drainage arrangements of this planning application which was submitted to TDBC in dec but is still to be decided by TDBC.

?The PC has already voted to ??object to this application.




?PC voted to SUPPORT this application as the site is not overlooked and there being no objections submitted.


13/66. Accounts.
(1) Invoices to be paid. Clerks Salary, ?598.48,? HMRC Tax on Clerks Salary ?149.62, Clerks February Expenses ?81.70,? Caretakers Salary ?173.33, HMRC Tax on Caretakers Salary ?43.33,? Came & Co Insurance for new Play Equip 21/2/13-18/7/13? ?348.78,? TDBC Deane DLO for Dog Bin emptying 2012 ?604.03 and British Gas Pavilion Gas Standing Charges ?163.20 (for period 22/5/11-3/4/12 [4/4/12-4/7/12 still uninvoiced and o/s] 5/7/12-4/10/12).(5/10/12-4/1/13 paid in feb13).
(2) Invoices not to be paid. Resolved. The Clerk to write and advise SALC that the PC has decided not to renew its membership of SALC ?598.22.
(3). Monies received and banked since the last meeting;? Parish Post Advert Income for 2013;Parish Magazine adverts ?60 from Farmers Arms, ?110 from S Harman t/a Heathfield Hair and Beauty and R Ward ?60.00.
(4) Accounts. Report to the end of Dec 2012. The Clerk had circulated copies of the reconciliation previously to each Cllr. Income between 1/4/12 and 31/12/12 is ?32 989.91 and Income ?22,460.41. Resolved. The reconciliation of the accounts to 31/12/12 where accepted without amendment.


13/67. Flooding.
(1) Somerset Flood Summit. Resolved that PC would attend the all day summit being held on the 15th March at the County Cricket Ground (with Jeremy Browne MP in attendance).
(2) Ham Road Field Hedges - from the junction at the Creech river bridge next to the abattoir, right down through to Lane End. The PC considered a request to ask owners to clear ditches. Resolved. DF to establish who the owners are in order that they can then be asked to clear the ditches.


13/68. Highways.
(1). North End. DF advised that he along with PC reps had met with SCC Engineers in order to consider all suggestions submitted through consultation. Unfortunately many can’t be taken forwarded but some are being looked at further. in particular a 20mph zone and the removal of white lines in order to move cars into the new road. The Amber footpath is still being proposed the full length and the speed humps are likely to stay. It was noted that SCC still had funding in place for this project.
(2) A38 Adsborough. DF advised that SCC are likely to get plans out in the next few weeks and is starting to discuss with landowners acquisition in order to start work in august.
(3) Update of issues reported/identified incl pot holes in Dillions Road and Cooks Way. It was noted that? though these had been ringed so were known of and would be repaired in due course the paint was wearing off already. DF advised that once logged the 28 teams dealing with pot holes will be made aware of them and they will get repaired in due course. ?
(4) Speed Indicator Devices. The Clerk explained he had been advised by SCC Highways on the 20th February that the speed tests that underpin the decisions as to which communities are to have a S.I.D had been completed and that traffic was just inside the 30 and 40 mph limits. This meant CSM did not meet the criteria for a SID. However SCC had recognised that these test where snapshots tests and had offered to fit provisionally a temporary SID for the weeks commencing 7th Oct at Creech Heathfield and w/c 21st Oct in St Michaels Road in order to better assess the traffic speeds. It was noted that the dates may change as resources determine and SCC would advise of their decision in due course.
(5) Hyde Lane. DF advised he had, as agreed, raised the access onto the new roundabout on the new A38.He had since been contacted by the residents of Hyde Lanes Cottages who were against this proposal. The land behind the cottages was deemed for industrial development by TDBC is owned by Persimmon and it had been suggested the road be routed behind the cottages onto the A38. GL highlighted that was what the PC had requested in its letter of the 9th Feb 2010. Discussion took place on whether this should be one or two way traffic but no decision was made. DF advised that the new SLP development in Hyde Lane would provide ?35,000 for footpaths however further footpaths would be required and TDBC are currently examining this. Resolved. DF agreed to raise with SCC the speed humps requested for Hyde Lane.
(6) Vicarage Lawns. DF informed the PC that SCC Engineers had asked for this sign to be removed.


13/69. Footpaths and Pavements. ?
The Clerk advised that SCC had advised that they had treated the slippery paths in St Michaels Road and Charlton Road with salt and that PCSO Lynsey Gamblin had spoken to the owner of the car who has been regularly parking in Charlton Road the wrong way around.


13/70. Correspondence.
The Clerk had previously circulated all correspondence received. No additional items of correspondence where requested to be discussed by Cllrs.


13/71. Merlyn’s Copse.
KR highlighted three trees had been identified as having the potential for causing problems in the future and that she had got a quotation to undertake the work. GL added two further trees were creating a weir in times of flooding and suggested they would need removing. It was acknowledged that in the Parish Post this edition the PC was asking Parishoners what they future they wanted for the Copse and in the interim there is a reluctance to spend money, particularly as the risk of flooding has now reduced. Resolved. To consider the Parishioners responses to the current consultation and the need to undertake tree works at the next PC meeting.


13/72. Parish Meeting.
The Clerk reminded the Parish Council that the Parish Meeting would take place on 26th April 2013 in the Village Hall (Doors Open 7pm for 7.30pm start). Cllrs made a number of suggestions for speakers and stall holders. Resolved. The Clerk to write and invite the speakers to attend and KR offered to organise the teas.


13/73. No Cold Calling Zone.
KR advised that the stickers had been distributed along with the Parish Post. She also advised she was still establishing where to site the signs. KR confirmed that is a caller does not carry an identity card this should be reported to the Police via their 101 telephone number.


13/74. Noticeboards.
GL advised that he had been to inspect the North End board again and it needs reglazing.? PC advised he had obtained a quotation from ST Carpentry to replace the panes. SH offered to examine the locks. The Clerk drew attention to the wood frames needing attention. PC advised the Council of the process for moving a notice board; this required SCC Highways agreement and checking for utilities. Resolved. To consider the matter again at the PC Sept meeting .


13/75. Matters to be carried forward to the next Parish Council Meeting.
GH suggested that the field be consider for registering as a village green. DF offered to get more information on this if required.


The meeting ended at 8.57pm.


Future Meetings;
The next parish council meeting will take place on Monday, 8th April 2013 at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room; beginning at 7pm.?



On Friday 26th April 2013 the Annual Parish Meeting will take place in the Village Hall (Doors Open 7pm for 7.30pm start).


The Annual Parish Council Meeting will take place on Monday 13th May at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room; beginning at 7pm. ?


E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net