/ Parish Council / 2013 Minutes / September 2013

DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 2nd September 2013 in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.


Present: K Hunt (Chair from 13/172), G Hodge and S Hutchings (Vice Chairs), P Chetwynd, D Knight (from 13/175), G Lucas, J Middleton, K Reed, S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCC Cllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan and 5 members of the public.


13/170. Vice Chairs Welcome.
Cllr Hodge began by welcoming everyone.


13/171. Public Speaking.
No Parishoners asked to speak.


13/172. Election of Chairperson. Cllr K Hunt was unanimously appointed Chairperson and he then thanked the PC for their support and promised to do his best for the Parish as Chairperson.


13/173. The Chairman?s declaration of acceptance of office.
Cllr K Hunt signed the declaration of acceptance of Office as Chairperson.


13/174. Apologies. Cllrs Y Guest and C Sampson.


13/175. Vacancies on the Parish Council.
There is a vacancy to which the Council can co-opt an individual. A member of the public showed interest in being a Councillor and he explained why he was able to assist the Parish. Cllrs voted to co-opt and DK then completed his acceptance of Office. Resolved. That David Knight be appointed a Parish Councillor.


13/176.Declarations of Interest.
An interest was noted in respect of Cllr Wellman re the verge outside the rec park.


13/177. Matters arising from the 1st July 2013 meeting minutes.
(1) West View Park. The Clerk reported he had written to TDBC as requested to report the amount of dog mess in the park and requesting signing. He advised that the dog warden had contacted him to advise that they are regularly patrolling this park and that there are already signs along the park.
(2) Flooding. Meeting with 3 residents regarding flooding and West View/Cooks Close. Action. The Clerk to provide more details to the Flooding Panel.
(3) Damaged Fencing at North End. Further to the adjacent landowner advising that he did not own the land the fence was on the Clerk reported he had asked SCC if this was highways land. SCC had advised it was not and even if were SCC did not have the funds to remove the fencing. Concern was expressed that a child could fall into the brook if no fencing was in place. Action. The Clerk to identify ownership of the fence and seek advice as to the legality of what action the Council can take, if any, to have the fence repaired.


13/178. Matters arising from the 5th August 2013 meeting minutes.


13/179. Minutes of the 5th August meeting
had previously been circulated to Cllrs. One amendment was agreed. At 13/165 (3) Open Day the decision to spend the surplus on two benches was not made as GH was asked to look at alternatives. The minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting. GH reported that a local family had asked to donate and install a bench and this offer had been accepted. It was agreed that the PC would also buy a Phoenix model seat from Glasdon at a cost of ?373.85 (plus fitting). Action. Clerk to order the bench and the caretaker to then install.


13/180. To receive County & District Councillors? Reports.
(1) DF advised that the plans to bring high speed broadband to CSM in2013 where still on track and that GSCE results in the County have increased slightly ahead of National trends. DF reported that he had spoken to Wessex Water and had been reassured they were still intending to put in a relief road to the Ham sewerage works and where in negotiations with landowners. DF advised he had ?5,000 to allocate to Health and Well being projects within his ward and that he was also looking to receive a nomination for the SCC Chairman?s Award. DF informed the PC he had spoken to SCC Street Lighting about DWH suggested street lighting proposals for Hyde Lane but they are not suitable and therefore they were in discussions with DWH. DF also confirmed that design revision for the virtual footpath scheme for North End is being undertaken and that the scheme should start in December. Action. The Clerk to write to Network Rail and ask them to remove weeds growing on the railway bridge.
(2) DD highlighted that the river bank is in need of cutting between Bull St and Ham. Action. Clerk to ask the EA to cut. DD advised that the Community groups bidding to run the Brewhouse Theatre have been asked to submit their business plans before the 23rd September. DD passed two documents to the Clerk. The first was a copy of North Curry PC Plan and the second was a planning paper from Cllr Mark Edwards of TDBC. DD suggested they may be helpful to the PC to ease its future planning. Action. The Clerk to circulate the two planning documents to Parish Councillors.


13/181. Recreation Park.
(1) Update report. The Clerk advised that the caretaker had advised he is willing to install the cycle racks a quotation had been obtained as requested by the PC. This was for ?330 and covered the installation of the cycle rack, the moving of a gatepost (so the new gate will open onto the post) and the repair of the Adsborough bus shelter/trimming of hedgerow behind the shelter. It was noted that this would avoid the hire of a kango drill and would enable the caretaker within his limited hours to focus on ensuring the park and pavilion remained clean at a busy time and when time permitted, install the bench (see item13/179 above which would need excavation and securing in concrete). It was noted that with the park is being well used and that a lot of rubbish is being generated which the caretaker is having to deal with. During his recent holiday this had accumulated in his absence and coupled with both birds pulling rubbish from the bins and the rubbish not being collected one week this had reached an unacceptable level that had highlighted the need for cover arrangements be put in place during future absences. It was highlighted that this included nappies and a plea for these not to be left in the bins was issued. The caretaker had spotted three faults with the play equipment and these have been immediately reported to the equipment provider who had confirmed he would attend to rectify. A further football team was showing interest in hiring the pitch. Action. The Rec Panel to ensure repairs to equipment were made safe, to consider and put forward proposals for cover of the caretaker during his holidays and to consider the need to purchase additional lidded bins. The Clerk to accept the Contractors quotation.
(2) TME. GH advised that he had arranged for TME to sign the Fields in Trust documentation. SW reported a meeting was planned in two weeks time to complete the negotiations on the PC lease with TME and that TME had not run steam trains since the open day whilst the ground was so dry in order to ensure no fires were started. Action. SW to hold a meeting with TME.
(3) Adj Copses. SW reported he was in discussion with owners of the two copses in order to secure access. Action. SW to make proposals to the next PC meeting.
(4) Reinstatement of former site office. GL, PC, SW and the Clerk reported they had met that day with Mark Clynshaw of DWH. MC had advised that work was to commence the following week on the old Hyde Lane laying a cycle/footpath, installing a new farm gate and lighting, replacing the bollards with lockable ones and repairing/replacing missing sections of hedgerow. Other works would include illuminating the 30 mph sign, installing a road dead end sign, clearing land of any debris by the rec fence and later would plant bulbs to replace those their previously on the verge alongside the rec park. It is noted that the lighting columns throughout the estate are still being dealt with by Craig Erskine of DWH and SCC Street lighting as a separate issue, that Hyde Lane had not yet been adopted by SCC and that DWH believed no speed calming had been requested by SCC as the estate had been designed not to require them. Action. DF offered to liaise with SCC Highways that traffic calming had not been requested (note from Clerk; DF has since confirmed that SCC had not requested.
(5) Verge outside of Rec Park. The Clerk advised he had received correspondence from SCC. It was now clear that to facilitate parking on the verge a scheme would need to be designed, planning and highways permission obtained and the scheme constructed. Whilst he had not costed this it was evident that this would cost a significant sum, costing several thousands. It was noted that the new car parking arrangements were working well in the rec park even during the summer. It was decided therefore not to proceed with acquiring the verge for additional parking.
(6) Donation to the Recreation Ground. Action. CS to continue to pursue.
(7) Fields in Trust (GH). GH reported this was now complete and the security of the Parish Rec has been enhanced as a result.


13/182. Planning.
(1) Lapthorne, Adsborough. It was noted that an appeal had been submitted and that local residents are still strongly against this application.
(2) 5 Rural Minor Centres. SW/SH reported they had attended two meetings. One had been attended by Cllr Mark Edwards of TDBC and that he is now unhappy at how the developers are getting in first before TDBC plans are formed. Prematurity is now being accepted as an issue and the test will be how the two applications are dealt with in North Curry shortly. DF suggested that TDBC had been awoken by what had happened in CSM and suggested that the village could feel hard done by.
(3) Applications received: (1). The Council considered the following applications.


Date Ref Application Outcome
2/8/2013 14/13/0032 Notification to remove 10 metres of hedgerow (in 2 x 5m sections) at Ham Rd, CSM The PC noted this. (nb refusal cannot be given).
15/8/2013 14/13/0052 Erection of two storey extension at the Cottage, Coombe Lane, West Monkton. See also 48/13/0022 permission given 9th April 2013 PC decided to support this application.


13/183. Accounts.
(1) Clerk?s Salary. It was noted that the Clerks contract conditions are negotiated nationally by Nat Assoc of Loc Councils who had written advising they had agreed and recommended a 1% increase for Clerks wef 1/4/13. This is the first increase recommended in 4 years. This was agreed to be paid wef 1/4/13.
(2) Invoices agreed for payment. Clerks and Clarks Wages, HMRC (Tax due on Salaries), the Clerks Expense?s ?86.61, B Gas (Pavilion electricity 31 5 13 ? 1 8 13) ?114.68 and to Reimburse the Parish Caretakers Imprest ?77.80. It was noted that a replacement cheque to Somerset Scouts for ?200.00 for use of their marquee on the open day had been requested and that the original had not been banked.
(3) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Parish Post Advert Income for 2013; Taunton Funeral Services ?80.00, Clive Anthony Design ?10, Farmers Arms, West Hatch ?10. Way Ahead Comm Services ?15.00, Fitness League S Bly ?50.00 Other income received and banked; Taunton Town Ladies ?30 Pitch hire.
(4) Accounts. The Clerk had circulated a bank reconciliation report for the period 1/4/12 to 30/6/13 prior to the meeting. The Council?s receipts for the period 1st April 2013 to 30 June 2013 are ?68,534.05 and its expenditure for the same period is ?4,686.35 .The report was then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record.
(5) Risk Assessment of Assets. The Council agreed its approach to the annual RA of the Councils Assets. Action. Cllrs and the Clerk to inspect each asset during the month so a report can be presented at the next PC meeting.


13/184. Highways
(1) Damaged Fencing at North End. See item 13/177 (3) above.
(2) Verges. A discussion took place on whether to pay for additional grass cutting of verges. Adrian Birch asked if he and his neighbours at North End could be reimbursed their reasonable expenses in cutting the verge and inside of Merlyn?s Copse. Action. The Clerk to obtain an estimate of the costs of additional cuts and details of the verges cut, that reasonable receipted expenditure is to be reimbursed for a period of 12 months upto ?250 and providing the PC Insurers confirm to the Clerk that local grass cutting is covered by the PC Insurance.
(3) S.I.D Speed checks. Earlier in the year SCC had undertaken Speed Indication Tests at four sites within CSM which had shown on the day the tests were performed that the average speed was just under the speed limit at each site. As SCC had offered to redo the tests the Clerk had written to them in order to ensure that these tests were still to take place as programmed. SCC had confirmed that the tests would take place w/c 7th Oct at Creech Heathfield (near the old Police House and the Crown Inn) and w/c St Michaels Road (near the Old Railway Bridge and the Baptist Church).
(4) Village sign. PC had arranged for SCC to provide a quotation for the installation of an additional village sign in Hyde Lane. It was agreed to proceed with a simple CSM sign at a cost of ?270.38 plus fitting to be sited at the foot of the motorway bridge on the Monkton Heathfield side of Hyde Lane. Action. The Clerk to order the sign from SCC.


13/185. Footpaths and Rights of Way.
Nothing to report.


13/186. Flooding.
No decision had been received from SCC to the PC?s bid and 2 resident groups bids to the SCC flooding mitigation fund. It as anticipated this will be heard later in the month so that work can be undertaken before the winter.


13/187. Website. Nigel Finch of Somerset Web Services, advised in summary, that he had not been able to find a ?buyer? for the 900 page website and had now offered a 30% discount rewriting and hosting of the site going forward. He advised that annual revenue from advertising is circa ?600. The Clerk advised that CS suggested that she spend some time talking with Adrian Birch to fully understand his offer with a view to her making a recommendation to the Council in October. It was noted that though this leaves little time it was enough time for a rewrite with either Somerset Web Services or Adrian Birch before the end of Nov deadline. Action. CS to investigate the opportunities for Web Hosting and to make a proposal at the next meeting.


13/188. Merlyn?s Copse.
The Clerk advised he had sought advice on the process required to be undertaken prior to making a decision on the future of the Copse; this has three elements. Firstly an advert needed to be placed for two weeks in a local paper inviting representations from anyone who wishes to be heard by the PC before a decision to sell is made, secondarily that a form of tender be undertaken (i.e. sealed bids to be received by the Clerk by a stated date or similar) and then a legal element to undertake the actual sale. Action. The Clerk to place a suitably worded notice in the SCG for two weeks.


13/189. Dog bin at North End. The Clerk advised that TDBC had now informed him that they did not have a second hand bin. Given the Councillors budget of ?150 the Clerk reported he had indentified that a Fido 25 bin from Glasdon complete with pole could be obtained for ?137.75 . PC highlighted the requirement to obtain highways agreement before installation. Action. The Clerk to purchase the dogbin and DK to identify an appropriate site.


13/190. West View Park. See item 13/177 (1) above.


13/191. Parish Post.
The parish post autumn edition had just been published and was judged as superb. KH paid tribute to the team who had both done the editorial and the delivery. Requests were made when refering to dog walking to use the term Parish rather than just CSM and that the Post restate the Villages that make up CSM.


13/192. Correspondence.
(1) Contacts. Action. The Clerk to circulate a list of contacts.
(2) Hearing Loop. KR suggested the need for a mobile loop at a cost of upto ?400. Action. KR to submit a detailed proposal to the next meeting.
(3) Chairman?s Access. KH advised he would set aside one evening and day a week to deal with ordinary PC issues and that emails could be sent at anytime.


12/193. Matters to carry forward to the next meeting: GL suggested consideration be given by the rec park panel to laying scalping or base tarmacing the rec park car park.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.55pm to the Public and Press in order to discuss nomination for the SCC Chairman?s Award.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meetings will take place on Monday, 7nd October and on Monday 4th November 2013 (both at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room; beginning at 7pm).


E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net