/ Parish Council / 2014 Minutes / 1st December 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 1st December 2014

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: K Hunt (Chairperson), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), S Greenhalgh, Y  Guest and G Hodge, G Lucas, K Reed, C Sampson and Ian Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCCllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan and TDBCllr K Durdan. 11 members of the public attended.   


14/231. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone and explained that the PC meeting are recorded. He explained that 10 mins are set aside for public questions before the meeting starts. The PC would not normally enter in discussion that night but would consider the points made and respond as appropriate shortly.


14/232. Public Speaking. 2 Parishioners spoke;

(1) Mr R Rooke. RR advised the PC that the Bus Shelter at Sycamore Walk was in poor condition. RR also highlighted the fly posting in the village and that community groups should not be putting them up and that they should be removing them timely.

Action.  Specific details of fly posts are to be notified to the Clerk who in turn will ask community groups to remove their posts.


(2) Mrs J Hodge. JB advised she had seen the item on the Parish Post on the Agenda. She explained that the post had been built up over the past two years to 48-56 pages with colour and was profit making to the benefit of the Parish. JH explained that there was a need for articles to be checked to ensure they were factually correct and not biased.


14/233. Apologies. PCllr D Knights apologies and his reason for absence was accepted.


14/234.  Election of Members Co-opted onto the Parish Council. The Clerk explained that there is a vacancy and that the PC could co-opt or hold vacant (pending the May election) as it chooses. The Chairperson asked if any one present was interested in the role. No one expressed interest so the vacancy remains.


14/235. Declarations of Interest.  KH had submitted a dispensation request to enable all Councillors to take part in the discussions on the precept.

Action. The PC granted the dispensation to enable all Councillors to participate in the precept determination discussions at this meeting and at the next meeting on 5th January. 


14/236. County & District Councillors’ Reports. 

KD advised that she had nothing to report.


DF advised that;

(1) DWH Site, Hyde Lane. DF advised he had spoken to Aggregates who had agreed to respect the school time ban on  lorries accessing the site. KD advised that they were not. DF asked for details so he could raise these.

(2) Langaller Access. GL asked when the access road would be reopened and questioned whether the roundabout being built was too large. DF explained that this would be the main road and was being built to accommodate future traffic flows.

(3) A38 Adsborough improvements. The Clerk informed DF that another accident had occurred the previous week. SG explained a car had pulled out incorrectly.


DD advised that;

(1) A358 Funding. TDBC is celebrating the Govt’s announcement to invest in improvements to the A358 between Taunton and the A303 near Ilminster. The improvements to the A303 at Sparkford and the A358 are expected to be the first to enter construction.

(2) Taunton’s poet Ian McMillan has immortalised in verse two Taunton streets. His poem has been judged winner in the Academy of Urbanism Awards 2015.

(3) Taunton’s new Town Wardens have started wef 1st Dec. This is a pilot scheme for Dec to provide extra reassurance for shoppers, residents and visitors during the busy festive season. They will focus on the Town centre, key routes, parks, public toilets and known trouble spots.

(4) TDBC has awarded £211,000 in Businesses rate relief to help businesses in premises with a RV of £50k or less. The relief is worth upto 1k per business.

(5) TDBC is backing a nationwide campaign by the Local Govt Association to rid the chewing gum menace from streets.


14/237.  Minutes of the 3rd November. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). No changes were requested and the minutes were agreed. They were then signed and dated by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


14/238.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd November.

14/205.(2) Mr Birch. The Chairperson had spoken to AB.

14/205.(3) Mr Chown. The Clerk confirmed he had informed DF of the two incidents that had occurred at North End.

14/208. Rec Park. The Clerk had written to Fields in Trust to inform it had aspirations to replace the pavilion.

14/165. Ham STW New Access Road. The Clerk reported he had written as requested to the MP Jeremy Brown and to Rebecca Pow. The later had acknowledged the letter. JB had written to Wessex Water who had replied advising him that the problem was with Tarmac. JB had then replied to the Clerk suggesting the residents send him a petition or letter of support for action and that the problem laid with Tarmac. The Clerk advised that the residents had decided to create a petition and the Clerk circulated it to PCllrs. The Clerk informed PCllrs that he had sent the MP a copy of Tarmac CEx’s latest reply.






14/39. The shelf required for Comms equipment is still outstanding. Action. SH had acquired a quote and is getting further quotes.

13/224. Parish Plan. The Clerk advised that he was about to arrange a meeting of the panel for early in the New Year.

14/76. The need for the sewerage system in Hyde Lane to be replaced/improved is being queried with Wessex Water but a reply has yet to be received.

14/180.Verge Cutting. TDBC have yet to confirm to CSM PC whether it had reversed its verge cutting decision.

Action. The Clerk to take up with TDBC.

14/194 (8). Ditch behind Cooks Close. The Clerk reported he had informed TDBC that the work to clear the ditch had been reported as unsatisfactory as the rubbish that had been extracted had not been extracted high enough and was likely to be washed back in. A part (Steps in the ditch to the end of west view) had not been done. 

Action. Clerk to report again to TDBC that the work done is not good enough.

14/194 (10) Grit bins.  KR had highlighted in the Parish Post that parishioners can use the grit in the bins as weather conditions determine and SH had now collected grit bags from SCC and had agreed to drop a bag of grit at the two sites suggested (Tristram drive and at the bottom of the Hill adj Crufts Meadow).

14/195. Footpaths (2) Laburnum Terrace. The Clerk reported that he written to the two house holders at No 1 and 2 Anne’s Orchard asking them to prune to 7 feet the overhanging trees to enable people to walk underneath. A reply had been received from owners of No 1 and GH had visited the site and confirmed the problem trees were not theres.

Action. The Clerk to write to Highways to take action over hanging trees at No 2 Anne’s Orchard.

14/216 Footpath T10/7 Diversion. The Clerk confirmed he had replied to TDBC expressing the PC’s regret at the loss of this or any public footpath. He had asked that TDBC consult the neighbours of the proposed diversionary route and had highlighted that Vicarage Lane provided a good alternative. A reply had been received confirming that consultation would take place.


14/239.  Minutes of the 17th November. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). No changes were requested and the minutes were agreed. They were then signed and dated by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


14/240.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 17th November.

As the meeting had just taken place little progress had been made however the Clerk informed the PC;

14/224   Merlyn’s Copse. The Clerk advised he was negotiating with contractors over quotations.

14/229. 5.2 The pothole had been referred to SCC who had responded asking for more details of its location.

Action.  The Clerk to inform SCC.

14/229. 5.3 GL had inspected the path in Cox’s Hill, St Michaels Rd and found it slippery due to fallen leaves.

Action. The Chairperson to ask the Caretaker to sweep the path.


14/241. Planning. Applications received: The Panel reported on applications received and the PC decided;















14/242. Accounts.

(1) The following payments were approved; payment of the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC (Tax Due on Salaries) £241.53, the Clerks Nov Expense’s £109.59, Caretakers expenses reimbursed £74.31, British Gas  Electricity at Pavilion 7-10- 14 to 7-11-14 £29.65, Somerset Playing Fields’ Assoc. Subscription 14/15 £15.00,  SLCC Memb Fee 2015 £131.00,  Quality Service Printers (Parish Post Printing) £580.00


(2) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Creech Cougars FC (11.10 & 18 10 14 pitch fees) £80, Other income received and banked; Parish Post Advert Income for 2014; Home Instead £55.00.


(3) Taunton CAB.  The PC considered a grant request. 51 parishioners had made contact with CAB; 22 had been supported or sign posted by telephone and 29 had been supported in person. After some deliberation as to whether to award £250 the PC decided to make a grant of £500.


(4) Precept 2015/16. The Clerk circulated a draft precept and drew attention to the PC budget currently relying on using its balances and that it could not continue to do so to the same extent in future years; nor can it afford all the aspirations individuals Cllrs had expressed. He advised the PC it needed to make decisions over which projects to support and wether to raise income by raising the precept (after two years of a standstill which is a net reduction when allowing for inflation).

The Clerk offered to take questions and highlighted key projects that need to be considered.

Action. The PC to agree the Precept at its 5th Jan 2015 meeting and for the precept to be the key agenda item (nb. most other items are to be held over to february).


14/243. Parish Post.

(1) PC article. A proposal that the PC Chairperson has the right to publish in each edition of the PC Parish Post an article without the content being edited or shortened was considered; attention was drawn to other articles of a similar or longer length being published and it was asked who was responsible for deciding what goes in the Post. KR advised that the panel shared the responsibility and made decisions as a team. KR explained that readers were seeking more and varied articles and as a result not all items were published.

Action. After some debate it was agreed that in future the Clerk should write the PC article.





(2) Post Update. KR advised that the Christmas issue had just been published. KR then informed the PC that the panel had decided it was no longer prepared to publish the Post whilst the current Chairperson was in role and asked him to resign. KR asked for a vote of no confidence to be put. The Chairperson refused this as the required notice for any new item to be considered had not been given. KH also explained that the Chairperson was elected by the PC until next may and that should a vote be held and carried it would not be enforceable. The Clerk confirmed that seven days notice of any motion was required and that the elected Chairperson term of office is until May.

KD and CS left the meeting at 8.20pm.


14/244. Rec Park.

(1) Fencing. IW referred to a report he had circulated previously in which he explained that he had inspected the rec park fencing and had identified several areas as damaged or missing. He recommended quotations be obtained, to include a schedule for rates to permit further repairs to be undertaken as required. The Clerk advised no sum had been including in the draft precept and if expenditure was envisaged the likely sum should be identified quickly. A suggestion to finance the repairs using s106 monies was made.

Agreed. SH/DW/IW to get quotations, to consider them and advise the Clerk timely.

(2) Drain Covers. Action. SH and DW to get quotes for February meeting.

(3) Signage. Action. Rec Park panel to submit a signing proposal for consideration at the February meeting.


14/245. Public Transport.

GL expressed his view that the Bus Service when it runs is very good. He highlighted that the Bus service into Taunton ceased at 2.30pm and the return to CSM is at 3pm and then last at 5.30pm; both of which are too early for workers. DF highlighted it was a commercial service offered by First Bus and not a subsidised Bus Service commissioned by Transporting Somerset (Jon Parrott). The Clerk highlighted that the Bus did not go onto the Hospital and that charges, timings to Bridgwater College for students and the closure of the toilet at the Bus Station had been previously raised with the PC.

Action. GL to advise the Clerk who in turn will write to First Bus.


14/246. Highways.

(1) Hyde Lane. Parking (between the school and the entrance to the new medical centre) and impact of new Developments. It was noted that 9 Car parking places in the medical centre are being used temporary by the School and this was welcomed. Lorries are still having and creating difficulties, with their timings, parking on pavements and even using the School turning point all stated. Hyde Lane between Rugby Club and Cottages has also deteriorated with lorries destroying the grass verges and potholes on both sides.

Action. DF offered to make sure SC Engineers were aware of the damage to the Lane.

(2) North End virtual Footway project. On hold until after the Langaller Road is reopened.

(3) Updates on A38 Adsborough, Access to Creech St Michael from Monkton Heathfield. See update by DF at 14/236.


14/247. Footpaths and Rights of Way.

See item on Cox’s Hill, St Michaels Road at 14/240 (14/229) above at which it had been agreed that the Chairperson would ask the Caretaker to sweep the path.



14/248. Correspondence.

Mobile Library Consultation. The Clerk drew attention to the Consultation currently being undertaken by SCC which proposed to remove the mobile library stops from Creech Heathfield and CSM from summer 2015. The supporting documents suggested that no readers where registered at Creech Heathfield and seven where at CSM who made a total of 29 visits in the year. The suggestion was made by SCC that they could use Staplegrove Library some 2 miles away, though some queried if this was still open. SG asked if there was an emergency service on offer. There was recognition that SCC had to make difficult decisions to achieve the large savings being demanded of that Council and that these cuts should not be resisted as savings otherwise would have to be found elsewhere.

Action. The Clerk to advise SCC of its views.



14/249.  New Matters to be carried forward. None.


The meeting closed at 8.50pm.


Future Meetings; The next full Parish Council meetings will be held on Mondays 5th January and 2nd February 2015.

All meetings to take place at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room (beginning at 7pm).


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net