/ Parish Council / 2014 Minutes / 2nd June 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 2nd June 2014

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: K Hunt (Chairperson), G Hodge and S Hutchings (Vice Chairs), P Chetwynd, Y Guest, D Knight, G Lucas, K Reed, C Sampson and S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCCllr David Fothergill, TDBCllrs D Durdan and K Durdan. 12 members of the public attended.   


14/109. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone. KH explained that 15 mins where allotted to Public Questions and that the PC would not always comment on the points raised but would examine them and come back shortly.


14/110. Councillors responsibilities. The Chairperson advised that this agenda item would now be considered at its September meeting.


14/111. Public Speaking.  .

(1) Brenda Mitchell raised the overgrown hedges in Laburnum Terrace which are causing sightline problems to highway users. DF kindly agreed to report her concerns to SCC and raise with Network Rail.

(2) Adrian Birch asked what was happening on the sale of MC; he advised that he had put in an offer on the 14th April to the Council agents handling the sale. AB advised that he had a response saying the Parish Council had rejected his offer and were not prepared to accept it. As he was not prepared to go higher as he did not think it was worth more he advised that he had told the agents he would not be going any further only to find out a couple of weeks later the PC had accepted an offer lower than his. KH advised that the Council would discuss the matter and that he would respond to him. Mr Birch asked to be present when it was discussed as he wanted to hear what was being said. KH asked him to trust his Council. AB said to be honest he did not trust the Council. At this point the Chairperson moved to the next member of the public.

(3) Steve Greenolds said his question followed on from Mr Birch. He had spoken to AB and though he had no interest in the land expressed the view that it was now a mess. SG stated that the PC owed it to the parishioners to get the best possible price and asked if the PC had undersold had the PC not fallen in its duty to look after the parishioners? SG advised that he helped keep the ground outside mown but the copse inside could not be accessed as it was totally overgrown. SG then raised the overgrown hedge at Northend which is spilling over the pathway; the hedges in the private houses where causing problems.

Action. Clerk to write to householders asking them to cut their hedges.


14/112. Apologies. J Middleton (Parish Councillor).


14/113. Declarations of Interest.  No PCllrs declared any personal interests. 


14/114. S106 Monies. Debbie Arscott TDBC Community Leisure Officer and Josep Galicia from Open Spaces attended to explain S106 monies that will accrue to the Parish under the Town and Country Planning Act from the 3 developments given planning permission in Hyde Lane. Each had been asked to make contributions to benefit the residents. TDBC holds this money under ‘applied trust’ and TDBC has responsibility for the money on behalf of the developer not the residents or the PC. DA circulated a table to PCllrs which set out the sums that will accrue to be spent on outdoor rec, children’s play, allotments, village hall etc.

DA advised that from 1/4/14 S106 is being replaced by the Community Infrastructure Levy which is based on £ per sqm on each house (with the exception of Childrens play). When the S106 money is received TDBC asks the PC what they wish to spend the money as she had done with Hollingsworth Estate. In answer to specific questions DS advised;

  • That S106 money would be released once 30 dwellings had been built and must be spent within 5 years.
  • Outdoor Rec money can be used towards changing rooms; anything that provides for outside rec, including purchase of land that could be used as a footpath, cycle trail and not just pitches.
  • The first call on the village hall money is to the Village Hall, if not spent in full it would come back to the PC, it has to be spent on enhancement not maintenance projects. The Scouts can only have the money if they have a community used hall open to all and in any event the Scouts have third call.
  • As it was noted Linden Homes has applied for a change in planning on some of their homes it was clarified CIL would be payable on those now subject to the amendment whilst the others would be covered by S106.
  • S106 can potentially be spent in a neighbouring village, but before that happens the village would look at other needs. JG asked if the PC if their taking on Carey Grove plays area in perpetuity or a 99 year lease as either are on offer. He recommended a second exit be achieved and he also highlighted that the park will be taken on “as is” though TDBC may bear the legal costs and upto 2 years maintenance budget.
  • DA explained that new developments must provide play equipment for children u8 must have provision within 400 metres so this must be spent in rec ground. For children over 8 this must be provided within 1000 metres so could be spent in either Carey Grove or the Rec Park; the actual split of funds being determined by the PC.
  • The site next to Arundells Way in Hyde Lane will have its own Local Equipped Area for Play.


14/115. County & District Councillors’ Reports.

(1) KD advised that Taunton Pool had reopened the previous Saturday.


(2) A38 Adsborough. DF explained that the A38 Traffic orders were out for consultation which ends on 13th June. No objections had yet been received. CS advised that Adsborough residents were delighted. 


(3) Highways Improvement priorities. DF suggested that the PC set up a panel to identify what are the key issues are for CSM and to prioritise them.


(4)  North End Closure, Langaller.  DF advised that the road would not be closed for another two weeks before its temporary closure.



(5) New West Monkton Primary School. DF advised that the new school will be built before the 400 hundredth house is occupied (presently there are 157 occupied).This will take the pressure of CSM School. It will be a 14 classroom school part funded by the developers and part by SCC.


(6)  Temporary closure of the footpath at one side of CSM School. The Clerk highlighted he had been advised that evening; this is being put in place from July to enable the development at the rear of the school to commence.


(7) DD advised of some of more than the 30 engagements he had undertaken since becoming Taunton Mayor.


14/116.  Minutes of the 12th May meeting (these had been previously circulated to Cllrs). Two amendments were requested.

(1) 14/97. GL advised that decision had been taken on a deadline which had been set for the lease to be signed by TME within 14 days and that this had not been recorded. The Chairman advised he had spoken to TME and had received a letter from them asking for a lease not a license again and raising that further unspecified issues remain; to which a reply had just been sent explaining why, asking to learn what the issues are and setting a deadline for the end of June. General discussion took place and frustration expressed on the need to make urgent progress on this matter and it was agreed to set a deadline of 16th June.

Action. The Clerk to double check his notes and to inform the PC and to also notify TME of the deadline of 16th June to sign the lease or to serve notice to leave the Rec Park.

(2) 14/107. Refering to the confidential minute on the sale of Merlyn’s Copse CS stated she felt that the minute was incorrect.

I don’t recall that was agreed-we would go back to the only interested party, which at that time was Adrian Birch asking him to submit his best and final offer.

Action.  The Clerk to double check his notes and to inform the PC.

It was then agreed to accept the rest of the minutes and the Chairman then signed them as an accurate record of the meeting with the Clerk first having annotated the two exceptions as stated.


14/117. Matter arising from the meeting of the 12th May. The Clerk reported that as the previous meeting was held recently there are more outstanding actions than usual. These are;

14/39. The shelf required for Comms equipment is still outstanding.

13/224. Parish Plan. The PCllrs have yet to be identified to join the two parishioners who wish to be part of panel to lead the compilation of a parish plan along with the Clerk.

14/77(2). A no dog fouling sign had been requested for the canal car park footpath but it had not been installed yet or a reply received from TDBC.

14/76. The need for the sewerage system in Hyde Lane to be replaced/improved is being queried with Wessex Water but a reply has yet to be received.

14/97. Play Equipment Safety Inspection.KR reported she had followed these up and the zip wires had been repaired the previous Friday.  Another inspection was due this month. Repairs to the MUGA surface are in hand.

14/97. Pavilion. PC had arranged for the repairs to be done to the outside toilet door handle. KR raised security of the gates at the Rec Park and the need for improvement. Action. PC asked to examine and sort a solution.

14/101(1). North End Fence repairs. The Clerk advised that the repair had yet been repaired despite the car driver having proactively chased the contractor to undertake the work. The PC expressed its frustration in the delay of getting the repairs done. Action. Clerk to write to the contact the car driver to get the repair done.

14/103. Ham Sewerage Treatment Works alternative access. The Clerk explained that as it appeared from the answer from Tarmac and Wessex Water were both expecting each other to contact the other with a revised offer he had highlighted the difficulties parishioners suffered in the meanwhile and asked that each contact the other and now awaits their response. Against this background Wessex Water had issued its Compulsory Purchase Order.


14/118. Recreation Park.

The Clerk explained that he had been asked at the last meeting to organise at this meeting an exercise to help identify the PC’s initial requirements and aspirations for the Rec Park in the short/medium/long term. The PCllrs then spent time indentifying these and the Clerk was tasked with compiling these into an initial listing that could be consulted upon and form part of a plan for the Rec Park.

CS raised the need to make progress and asked if the architect could be appointed. A discussion then ensued about the need for a third quotation; particularly as the existing quotes are so disparate. CS offered to get a third architects quote  and KH advised that he had already asked PC to get a quote. KH explained that we don’t know if we can afford it. GH suggested in order to get indicative pricing the PC uses the money in the precept to employ an architect to make progress. YG explained that everything on the architects brief came from the villagers consultation and the football teams and were not the preferences of the panel, who were guided by one of the architects as he had done work for local teams. KH suggested the need to have a new panel to identify what we want in the new building, as the only thing he had seen so far was a plan which showed the PC office as smaller than a changing room. KH we need to get a third architects quote and to discuss further at an early future meeting.

Action. The Clerk to produce an initial listing of the aspirations and requirements of the PC for the Rec Park and to thank the two architects to have helped to date and to advise them the PC is now considering how it wishes to proceed.


14/119. ‘Party in the Park’ 12th July 2014.

It was clarified that CS, YG, DK (rather than KR) along with other residents are the organising panel. CS reported that tickets are now on sale for the evening event and are selling well; banners are going up shortly. Take up of stands is good. Pleas were made for some transport for straw bales from Kingston st Mary and return and any help to get improved lighting.DK offered to talk to a transport company. Another meeting is to be held next Thursday. CS advised all is going well.




14/120. Planning


(1). Street names for the three Hyde Lane Developments. The Clerk asked PCllrs to identify names for these three new roads for a decision to be made at the July PC meeting. Several names were stated.


(2). Monkton Heathfield development. The Clerk advised that a meeting had been set up by MH PC to examine the recreation facilities within the development and an invitation for CSM PCllrs to join them had been issued. This would take place on 19th June at 2.30pm at the WM Redrow Office.  The Clerk further advised that he had invited Tim Burton and Julie Moore of TDBC planning to update both PCs on the WM development and he was liaising with them over a suitable date (Note from Clerk - since agreed as 24th July 7pm at CSM VH).


(3) Applications received: The Council having considered the Planning Panel’s report decided;





8 5 14

14 14 0037



(GH,SW and SH to draft a detailed reply of the objections).


14/121. Accounts

(1)  Payments approved; Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC (Tax Due on Salaries), the Clerks May Expense’s

      £100.61, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 1-4-14 to 1-5-14) £29.29, Mrs C Sampson Rec Party in the Park

      (Reimb of Marque dep booking) £180.00, Quality Service Printers (Taunton) Ltd, Parish Post (June ed) £580.00,

      Classic Windows and Int Ltd (Repairs to Pavilion) £74.38 and B Howe (Int Audit Fee) £248.10.


(2)  Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Other income received and banked;  

      Creech Cougars – Hire of Pitch Jan- April £120.00. Parish Magazine adverts 2014.  County Cleaning          60.00

      and Butterfields Home Services Ltd £100.00.


(3). Internal Audit. The Clerk explained that the Int Audit had been signed off earlier this evening and the Audit letter

      had been received. The Clerk advised the PC he would add this to the July meeting agenda for consideration.


(4)  Precept. The Clerk informed the PC that TDBC had agreed to reimburse all Parish Councils that incurred additional

      audit fees as a result of the early payment of the annual precept but that they would pay future years precept mid

      April in future.


14/122. Correspondence.

The Clerk raised a letter received from Mr and Mrs Bartlett concerning speeding vehicles between the village shop and the River Tone Bridge.   


14/123. New Matters to be carried forward.



The meeting was then closed to the Public and Press in order to discuss the sale of Merlyn’s Copse and the lease with TME (as both commercially sensitive).


Future Meetings; The next Parish Councils meetings will be held on Monday 16th June 2014, Monday 7th July 2014 and a planning meeting on 11th August all at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room (beginning at 7pm).


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net