/ Parish Council / 2014 Minutes / 3rd March 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 3rd March 2014

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: K Hunt (Chairperson), G Hodge and S Hutchings (Vice Chairs), P Chetwynd, D Knight, Y Guest, G Lucas, K Reed,

C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCCllr David Fothergill and TDBCllrs Dave and Kelly Durdan. Six members of the public attended.   


14/46. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone. He explained that meetings are recorded.   KH explained that the meeting would be finished before 9.30pm.


14/47. Public Speaking. (1) Eric Chown drew attention to the poor state of many of the Parishes pavements and roads, particularly towards the A38 and the section from Hyde Lane to the railway bridge. (2) Roger Stoakley raised a concern over a planning application for a Barn at West Newton Farm.

Action. The Chairman advised that the Council will take these up as requested and respond as soon as it can.    


14/48. Apologies. J Middleton and S Wellman (Parish Councillor).


14/49. Declarations of Interest.  No PCllrs declared any personal interests.  


14/50.  S106 monies. The Chairperson welcomed Nigel Farrow chairperson of the Village Hall Cttee. The Clerk  explained that the PC had aspirations to enhance the rec park and the pavilion and other community facilities in the parish. The Chairperson explained he hoped that the PC and the VH could work together in an open and transparent way in order to ensure the maximum benefit to the Parish accrues.


The Clerk informed the PC that Debbie Arscott of TDBC had very helpfully clarified the position regarding S106 monies accruing from the further three developments in Hyde Lane asUnder terms of Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 contributions are sought from TDBC community Leisure for both on-site and off-site provision for children’s play, outdoor recreation, community hall and allotments. These contributions whether on-site obligations and/or off-site contributions are secured under a Section 106 Agreement between the developer and Taunton Deane Borough Council.   As the Agreement is between the developer and Taunton Deane Borough Council any off-site contributions paid are subsequently in the gift of Taunton Deane Borough Council and must be spent as detailed within each individual Agreement.  For example a contribution paid for children’s play equipment can only be spent on children’s play equipment and could not be used for allotments. Where within a parish there is more than one facility where a contribution could be gifted by TDBC then TDBC will ask the advice of the Parish Council but is not legally bound by that advice.  Any application for Section 106 funding from a facility is made to TDBC under the terms and conditions of the TDBC Capital Grant Scheme in order for TDBC to fulfil its requirement to the developer that his contributions are spent within the terms of the S106 Agreement”.


NF explained that as it is very early days, that the VH Cttee was in the process of clarifying the situation and that no firm plans had yet been developed. NF informed the PC that the acquisition of the Carey Road play ground was one thought. He welcomed the Chairpersons offer to work in partnership and highlighted that the Village Hall was a facility of pride in the community which the VH Cttee would like to improve.


14/51. County & District Councillors’ Reports.

(1) Hyde Lane Parking. KD advised that she had attended the meeting held at the School organised by the PC to improve safety and access along Hyde Lane. She advised that TDBC had since agreed to place a sign at the front of Rockett’s Cottages stating parking was for residents use only.


(2) Ham road. DD reported that a hedge in Ham Road on the right hand side is leaning out into the road and that cars were having their paint work scratched.

Action. The Clerk to write to the house owner and ask them to cut their hedge back.


(3) TDBC Council Tax. DD explained that the TDBC had decided to increase their proportion of the Council Tax by 1.99%; an increase at band D of 5p per week.


(4) SCC Council Tax. DF explained that SCC was not increasing its precept for a fifth consecutive year. A further £10m of budget savings had been identified from the Councils £320m budget.


(5) Flooding. DF explained that much of the County resources had been occupied for the past six weeks addressing this. The flood waters are now dropping, Muchelney is no longer an island and some residents are beginning to be able to access their homes. DF advised that the  Glastonbury Road will be shut off for some weeks yet, he encouraged everyone to patronise the Public Houses in the flooded villages as their takings are down by 75% and he advised that he was aware of some flooding in Charlton Road.


(6) A38 Adsborough. DF explained that the project had now been split into two elements. The first involves relining and redesigning the carriageway and the implementation of a 50mph limit and the second element is the bus stop and central refuge. DF anticipated the first element should be out for public consultation in April.


(7) North End virtual Footway project. DF reported that SCC had received a dozen, mostly positive, responses as part of their consultation on their proposals and that these are being examined.


(8) Travel to School. DF explained he too had met with YG at the school regarding the parking in Hyde Lane. In order to assist the incentivisation of its pupils to walk to School he had acquired a £250 SCC Health and Wellbeing grant which he passed onto to the Parish Council. The scheme had started this week and YG is monitoring its success.




14/52. Minutes of the 3rd February 2014 meeting (these had been previously circulated to Cllrs). No changes were requested and the minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


14/53. Matters arising from the 3rd February 2014 meeting minutes.

14/6. Hyde Lane Cottages. The Clerk asked DF if the SCC safety survey DF had requested has been received yet. DF advised it had not.

13/254  Ham Road Flood Pump insurance. The Clerk advised that he is awaiting the resident’s instructions but is aware that they had applied for planning permission to build a home for it before they take delivery.

13/255.The Sign for the Rec Park and the new village sign for Hyde Lane are on order from SCC.

14/17. Assets of Community Value.  The written request to give The Bell PH ACV status had been submitted to TDBC by the Clerk last month so TDBC had a further four weeks to process the application.

14/39. Shelf for Communciations Equipment. SH has this in hand.


14/54. Minutes of the 17th February 2014 meeting (these had been previously circulated to Cllrs). No changes were requested and the minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


14/55. Matters arising from the 17th February 2014 meeting minutes.

None. The Clerk highlighted that whilst the minute at item 14/45 S106 was accurate as stated that the advice had since been clarified as reported tonight at item 14/50.


14/56. Recreation Park.


(1) Update report. CS distributed a written report from the rec park panel. CS explained that the panel’s leadership would be rotated on a four monthly cycle. Some initial discussion had taken place on how S106 monies might be utilised at the rec park. A priority that had been identified was fully accessible play equipment for young people with disabilities. A free initial meeting had been arranged with TJS Architects for 7th March in order that might assist the panel to understand how the could assist the PC with a project to enhance the pavilions community and sports use.


(2) Grass cutting. CS reminded the PC that an annual grant of £1840 is given annually by TDBC for grass cutting.

A quotation had been obtained from the DLO for 15 cuts,20 lining overmarks and 4 weeds kills of the car park. This includes strimming the perimeters and over the mound. A further quotation has been requested and is awaited from another contractor. CS asked if the panel could be delegated to make a decision once this further quotation is received.


(3) Other tasks.  Each of the panel members responsibilities for the rec park management were outlined.

Particular mention was made of the arrangements for the forthcoming annual independent ROSPA inspection of the play equipment, arrangement for a repair to the zip wire, the need for a child protection policy and the implementation of a no alcohol park. A new toilet sign at an estimate cost of £10 was approved and that the caretaker had been asked to fix a door closer.


In response to interruptions by NF expressing his concern that there could be competing developments of community facilities the Chair person explained that CS was simply reporting on the panels meeting and that he had given an undertaking that the PC would work with the Village Hall Cttee  in an open and transparent manner.


(4) Seating. The Panel is still seeking further benches for the Park.

Action. The Clerk was asked to acknowledge a donation from Mr Shah and to reassure him it would be used to help finance a bench in due course.


(5) TME. In the absence of SW the Chair person undertook to ascertain whether any further changes to the document were required.

Action. The Chairperson to liaise with TME in order to get the agreement signed.


(6) Adjacent Copse/s. In the absence of SW there was no progress reported.


14/57. Village Day 2014. CS explained a meeting had been scheduled for 12th March to confirm the date and make initial arrangements for a Village Day. Volunteers are required.  



14/58. Planning

(1) Applications received: The Panel reported on the following applications and the PC agreed;

























(2). Planning.

12.1 Planning. Strategic/developer planning issues. The PC has received the following application which SH reported that the planning panel had yet to meet to examine. The response to 48/14/0007 APPLICATION FOR THE APPROVAL OF RESERVED MATTERS FOLLOWING OUTLINE APPLICATION 48/05/0072 IN REGARDS TO LAND PARCELS P4 AND P5 FOR THE ERECTION OF 109 DWELLINGS, ASSOCIATED HIGHWAYS, LANDSCAPING INCLUDING PUBLIC OPEN SPACE ON LAND OFF BRIDGWATER ROAD, WEST MONKTON would therefore follow.


14/59. Accounts

(1) Payments approved; The Clerks and Caretakers Salaries, the Clerks Feb Expense’s £88.85, HMRC (Tax Due on Salaries) £194.45, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 1-1-14 to 1- 2-14) £33.82 and Quality Services Printing (Feb Parish Post) £620.


(2) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Other income received and banked; Tone Youth (Hire of Pitch Jan) £40.00, Parish Post Advert Income; Butterfields Home Services £100.00, Clive Antony Design £80.00, J Felthauser Wooden Garden Carpentry £60.00, Groves Electrical Services £110.00, Jane Scott Pilates £60.00, Isle Valley Vets £110.00, Ashculme Ltd £200.00, D G Electrical Services £60.00, Way ahead Comm Services £110.00,  R A Wicks £60.00, Monkton Elm Garden Centre £110.00, Heathfield Health & Beauty £110.00, M Lockton £60.00, Y Shah £60.00, Tone Leisure ltd £100.00, Neil Robertson P&H £200.00, Ms K E Davies£60.00, Mrs A M Davies £60.00, Happy at Home/Home Instead £55.00, Lillys Florists £60.00, Butterfields Home Services £100.00,  Dr B Maughan £60.00, Mr&Mr Winns, Riverside Butchers £110.00, J&H Odgers Stream Farm £60.00, Jim Pike Electrical Contractor £125.00, R Shirley-Smith £60.00, Mill Auto            £110.00, Corbet Hall/Creech Auto £110.00 Parish Website Advert Income; Groves Electrical Services £50.00, Jane Scott Pilates £50.00, Way ahead Comm Services £50.00, Monkton Elm Garden Centre £50.00, Heathfield Health & Beauty £50.00. 


A vote of thanks was given to Ruth White for managing the advertising and to Bob Scott for his editorial input to the Parish Post.


(3) Internal Financial Controls. The Clerk had previously circulated IFQ’s he had drafted. These were agreed. A discussion then took part on the merits of electronic payments and the present highly valued procedures.


(4) Grant. A grant of £250 was approved for Creech School in order to encourage the pupils and their parents to walk to school.


14/60. Highways


(1) North End virtual Footway project. This was covered by DF at item 14/51 (7) above. It was highlighted that a car for sale was being parked inappropriately. It was also noted that a vehicle at Creech Heathfield for sale is being parked on the grass verge there.

Action. YG to ask the PCSO to ask the car owners not to park their vehicles at these two sites.


(2) Langaller. PC highlighted the poor condition of the road and footpaths down to Langaller and that gulley’s were damaged in Charlton Road. He had and would continue to raise these issues with SCC. PC paid to tribute to Graham Warnecke of SCC and informed the Council of Grahams imminent retirement. DF highlighted that Government directed budget cuts made it more difficult for SCC to do repairs but that despite this SCC are doing 800 pothole repairs a week.

Action. PC to raise with SCC.


(3) Sewer replacement (Hyde Lane and St Michaels Road). GL explained that he had understood that the present system needed to be replaced in advance of the further development in Hyde Lane taking place. The Clerk advised he had made enquiries of Wessex Water but had been advised that no works where planned in either road. The sewer connection points had been agreed for each site so he suspected that the need for replacement had not been given sufficient priority to proceed. GL advised that he believed that SCC had not resurfaced St Michael Road in order to allow the replacement of the sewer to proceed first.

Action. PC to raise with SCC, liaising with GL as required.


(4) St Michaels Road. GL drew attention to the badly broken pavement by the new gate. As work is currently being undertaken it is anticipated that the developers will make repairs.


(5) North End Fencing. Action. The Clerk to write again to the car owner whose vehicle had damaged the fence in order that she gets the fence repaired.


(6) Parking in Hyde Lane (between the school and the entrance to the new medical centre). See item 14/51 (1) and (8) above. YG explained that multi agency meetings focus is to develop a scheme to stop people from wanting to park and that the panel now wished to see if this works. Much of the car parking is to enable pupils to be dropped off and this takes place at two time per day. The School is helping. GL and SH highlighted that when the building starts the lorries will still have problems accessing their sites and if the highway is blocked these cars will be creating an offence.


KD and DF left at 8.30pm


(7) A38 Adsborough. This was covered by DF at item 14/51 (6) above


(8) Hyde Lane Lighting. GH reported that he held an electronic meeting between SCC Lighting, David Wilson Homes and himself. DWH are in touch with Southern Electricity regarding the missing pole.



(9) Ham Sewerage Treatment Works alternative access. Wessex Water had advised that they are still talking to Tarmac over access via their site. Jane Withey reported that she had submitted formal complaints over the lack of management of the project and the need for the road to go ahead. JW advised that WW have advised that they are going ahead with a CPO but JW stated this will take time and there’s a need for WW to negotiate but they are not.

The Clerk advised that WW had stated on 24/2/14 that they are taking a dual approach of proceeding with the CPO and keeping a fully negotiated option open with all affected landowners.

Action. The Clerk to write to the Chairpersons of WW and Tarmac highlighting the importance of having this road at the earliest possible time.


14/61. Footpaths and Rights of Way.

(1) Langaller. SH advised of the trees that had been felled in the Green Lane last week. He had reported these to TDBC who had referred him to a planning application that had been submitted in 2005, more than five years previously.SH advised he was not able to find the application on line yet but understood this to be an outline application.

Action. SH to continue raising this concern with TDBC.


14/62. Merlyn’s Copse.  The Clerk had previously circulated Chesterton Humbert’s draft particulars of sale to PCllrs for review and had asked if their professional recommendation of the insertion of a 25 year uplift clause on the land at 25% was acceptable to the Parish Council. Both were agreed along with an extension to the sale period.


14/63. Correspondence. GH responded to a letter from Adrian Birch regarding the donation to Taunton CAB. GH advsied that 66 enquiries had been made by Parishioners (some making several visits) to the CAB and that the grant equated to £7.77 per enquiry. 


14/64. New Matters to be carried forward.

(1) Ruishton Park. DD highlighted a new fully accessible gate had been installed and recommended that rec panel members visit to see it.


(2) Somerset Assoc of Local Councils.  The Clerk rose that he would be recommending at the next meeting that the PC rejoin SALC now that the TDBC Parish Liaison Service had been ceased. He reminded the CP that a budget to fund devolved services from the principal councils had been established and that the subscription estimated of £620 could be met from this if agreed.


(3). Annual Parish Meeting. The Clerk reminded PCllrs that this year’s APM would take place on 9th May in the Village Hall and that Mrs Sue Mountstevens the Somerset and Avon Police and Crime Commissioner had agreed to speak. He asked PCllrs for their suggestions of any additional speakers that they may wish to invite.


The meeting ended at 8.57pm.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meetings will take place on Monday, 7th April and on Monday May 12th (Annual Council Meeting) at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room; beginning at 7pm). 


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net