/ Parish Council / 2014 Minutes / 3rd November 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 3rd November 2014

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: K Hunt (Chairperson), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), S Greenhalgh (from item 14/209), G Hodge, D Knight, G Lucas,

K Reed, G Warburton (from item 14/209) and Ian Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). 10 members of the public attended.   


14/204. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone and explained that the PC meeting are recorded. He explained that 10 mins are set aside for public questions before the meeting starts. The PC would not normally enter in discussion that night but would consider the points made and respond as appropriate shortly.

KH explained that in order to give appropriate time to all the councils business a second meeting would take place on 17th November with half of the agenda items being carried over to that meeting.    


14/205. Public Speaking. 4 Parishioners spoke;

(1) Mr S Greenhalgh. SG advised that at the PC meeting on 6th Oct he had made a statement not an allegation.

SG advised that he had now sent his complaint to the Information Commissioner.


(2) Mr A Birch. AB advised that he had asked the PC several questions but had yet to have an answer.

Action. KH advised he would look into these (1 and 2 above) and respond.


(3) Mr E Chown. EC advised that there had been two vehicular incidents recently, including one last week, where the virtual footway is to be installed at North End.SC requested we pass this information on. The Clerk explained that he understood that the virtual footway project had been stalled pending reopening of the Langaller road.

Action. The Clerk to inform DF  two incidents had occurred.


(4) Miss J Wyatt. JW explained that she was pleased to see lots of children using the park so had been surprised about some of the comments made at the last PC meeting about TME particularly if they be asked to leave after approx 19 years.  


14/206. Apologies. PCllrs Y Guest and C Sampson apologies were accepted and SCCllr D Fothergill and TDBCllr D Durdan apologies were noted. PCllr Charlie Cudlip has resigned and the Clerk informed the PC that a second secondment could now be made later in the meeting if the PC so decided.


14/207. Declarations of Interest.  None made.


14/208. Rec Park Plan.

Trevor Spurway, Architect introduced himself and explained he had practised in Taunton for 25 years and that he has undertaken a wide range of works including Community buildings and Sports facilities. These include commissions for Somerset County Cricket Club (new pavilion), Wellington Rugby Club (Redesigned changing and a new stand),

B Lydeard FC (revamped changing facilities using s106 and Parish money and Football foundation (Woolavington Changing facilities).


As a first step TS suggested the PC identify all its sources of funding, to plot a future cash flow, to identify size and costs of building and any funding shortfall. TS advised that the next step would then be to appoint an architect to get to planning incl Building Reg approval as many funders require these to be in place before they will consider funding. The Clerk highlighted that the Lottery had schemes to fund such costs as the first step in a two step bid process.


To acquire funding TJ explained he could recommend a professional fundraiser. This is important as grant bidding is a specialist skill as they know funding availability, sources, what the funders are looking for, when they have funds available etc and it is a time consuming role. Their first action would be to hold a development day (a needs assessment) – a day when any potential Park User would come along and express their views on what their future requirements are. This would cost £1200 and would be used to inform bids they would then produce.


A discussion then took place on the various calls on s106 money arising from the developments in Hyde Lane and time limit on their being used which extended into the impact of not using precept money.


KH informed the PC is to be the “single point of contact” between the PC and the Architect as it was important that the PC wishes are clear.


The Clerk outlined that Stoke St Gregory PC are in a similar position to CSM and that SALC had suggested that CSM PC join The Community Council for Somerset, as we would then be able to receive specialist funding advice and some further support from their community buildings advisor. Membership cost £35 a year and they have a superb database of potential funding sources, as well as years of experience with similar projects.


The Clerk suggested that the next step is to obtain, make contact with and visit the projects identified above in order to understand their experiences and broaden thinking.

Action. The Clerk to write to Fields in Trust and advise of the intention to replace the pavilion building.


14/209.  Election of Members Co-opted onto the Parish Council. The Clerk explained that there are two vacancies following the resignation of PCllrs J Middleton and C Cudlip. As the requisite number of Parishoners had not asked for an election the PC now had the ability to make 2 cooption’s. The Chairperson asked if any one present was interested in the roles. Graham Warburton and Steve Greenhalgh showed an interest and each were invited to and gave an explanation of how they could help the Parish and responded to questions. A vote then took place, managed by the Clerk with the count observed by Mr Pengally (a member of the public).



The outcome was that both were co-opted as PCllrs. GW and SG duly signed their declaration of acceptance of office and the public register of members’ interests and took up office as PCllrs.


14/210.  Minutes of the 6th October. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs).

The Clerk reported that CS had requested that the paragraph at minute 14/193 (1) says she was advised to get procurement to deal with septic tank, but went ahead anyway should be amended as the contractors had done the work a day earlier than arranged. CS had explained she had rang them to cancel but the work had already gone ahead. This amendment was not accepted and the minutes were then signed and dated by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


14/211.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 6th October.

14/165. Ham STW New Access Road. GH advised he had attended a meeting with Wessex Water. Tarmac had asked WW for £1m for 30 yards access strip via their works. WW had offered £1/2m for the site that had been valued at £50,000.00. Three other landowners have now agreed terms to sell with WW. The Clerk reported he had received a reply from Tarmac in which they had simply said they had presented terms to WW that would allow a satisfactory conclusion without having to go through the compulsory purchase order process but had not expressed a value.

Action. The Clerk to brief the MP Jeremy Browne and Rebecca Pow on the need for the road and this situation and enlist their support. 

14/39. The shelf required for Comms equipment is still outstanding. Action. SH had acquired a quote and is getting further quotes.

13/224. Parish Plan. The PCllrs have yet to be identified to join the two parishioners who wish to be part of panel to lead the compilation of a parish plan along with the Clerk. A discussion took place and it was agreed that KH and IW would join the panel. Action. The Clerk to now arrange a meeting of the panel.

14/77(2). A no dog fouling sign had been requested for the canal car park footpath but it had not been installed yet or a reply received from TDBC. Action. The Clerk reported a no dog mess sign at the carpark.

14/76. The need for the sewerage system in Hyde Lane to be replaced/improved is being queried with Wessex Water but a reply has yet to be received.

14/178.Arundels Way road sign. The Clerk confirmed he had reported to TDBC that a stay of the Arundells Way is broken and it was confirmed that the sign has now been repaired.

14/180.Verge Cutting. TDBC have yet to confirm to CSM PC whether it had reversed its verge cutting decision.

Action. The Clerk to take up with TDBC.

14/191. Rec Park Fencing. It was noted that as CC had resigned the need to inspect the fencing to establish it is safe this needed reallocating. Action. DK and IW to conduct the fencing inspection.

14/194 (8). Ditch behind Cooks Close. The Clerk reported that TDBC had been on site the two previous weeks to clear the ditch.GL reported that the rubbish that had been extracted had not been extracted high enough and was likely to be washed back in. A part (Steps in the ditch to the end of west view) had not been done.  SG advised he had spent the day on Sunday clearing the other side of the road. Action. Clerk to report to TDBC that the work done is not good enough.

14/194 (10) Grit bins.  Whilst the Clerk had responded to the parishioner it had been decided not to proceed with purchasing additional bins Action. KR is to highlight in the next Post that parishioners can use the grit in the bins as weather conditions determine. SH is also to drop a bag of grit at the two sites suggested (Tristram drive and at the bottom of the Hill adj Crufts Meadow).

14/195. Footpaths (2) Laburnum Terrace. The Clerk reported that he written to the two house holders at No 1 and 2 Anne’s Orchard asking them to prune to 7 feet the overhanging trees to enable people people to walk underneath Action. GH to visit site and check if theve been cut if not to inform the Clerk so he can write to the occupiers again before it is referred to Highways to take action.


14/212.  Minutes of the 20th October. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs).

The minutes were signed and dated by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


14/213.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 20th October.

The Clerk reported that he had written to Mrs Lock as requested explaining that the Parish Council was looking to enhance its Rec Park and enquiring whether she was prepared to gift or sell the adjacent field she owns. Mrs Lock had replied advising she was not prepared to gift, sell or enter into discussion on the matter.


14/214. Planning. Applications received: The Panel reported on applications received and the PC decided









To Support.




To Support.




To express concern that there is not enough parking left.




To Support.








14/215. Accounts.

(1) The following payments were approved; the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC (Tax Due on Salaries), the Clerks October Expense’s £141.76, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-9-14 to 7-10-14) £6.36, 3D Security (1-28.9.14 at Rec Park) £216.00. (2) Monies received and banked since he last meeting; Tone Youth (Sept pitch fees) £120.00, Creech Cougars FC (13.9 & 27 9 14 pitch fees) £80.00, Other income received and banked; Parish Post

Advert Income for 2014; Butterfields Home Services £100.00 (3) CSM Parish Church. The PC agreed to make a grant of £1,000.00. (4) PAT Testing. The inspection had identified the need to repair two extension leads and a quotation of £75 obtained. Action. It was agreed that Jim Pike be asked to repair the leads.


14/216. Footpaths and Rights of Way.

  Footpath T10/7 Diversion. SH reported that this former footpath close to the Parish Church had been built over

  some year ago. TDBC had now submitted proposals for an alternative path but he felt this was not needed as Vicarage

  Lane provides a better alternative; particularly as the new route would not be surfaced or lit. Several parishoners

  advised they recalled the old footpath which as principally an access from Charlton to the church. A concern was

  expressed that if the PC did not support the proposal it could lose one and then other footpaths as a result. SG

  highlighted that it would create a security risk running behind three houses. The Clerk advised that one neighbour had

  already been in touch with him expressing their dissatisfaction and advising she was objecting to TDBC and he was

  expecting others to do so.  Action. The Chairperson to consult and take advice and inform the Clerk of the response

  (within 21 day limit from 23.10.14)



14/217.  New Matters to be carried forward. First Bus to be placed on December agenda.


The meeting closed at 8.50pm.


Future Meetings; The next full Parish Council meeting will be held on Mondays 17th November and 1st December 2014. All meetings to take place at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room (beginning at 7pm).


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net