/ Parish Council / 2014 Minutes / 6th January 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 6th January 2014

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: K Hunt (Chairperson), G Hodge and S Hutchings (Vice Chairs), P Chetwynd, Y Guest, G Lucas, C Sampson, S Wellman (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCC Cllr D Fothergill. No members of the public attended.   


14/1. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone. KH suggested there was a need to improve timings.

Action. Future meetings will cease at 9.30pm and a second meeting called to address any unfinished business; this will normally take place on the third Monday evening of the month.


14/2. Public Speaking. No members of the public asked to speak to the Parish Council.


14/3. Apologies D Knight, J Middleton and K Reed (Parish Councillors). Dave Durdan (TDBCllr).


14/4. Declarations of Interest.  The Clerk reminded the PC that it had granted a dispensation at its meeting of the 6th December 2013 to enable all Councillors to participate in the precept determination discussions at that meeting and at this meeting. No PCllrs declared any personal interests.  


14/5. Childrens Centre.  Robert Sampson, Strategic Project Manager – 0 to 19 Services, Learning & Achievement at

Somerset County Council explained the merits of Childrens Centre services and outlined the direction of

changes to Children’s Centres across Somerset and what the implications might be for CSM. RS explained SCC was under significant financial pressure and the £7.7m budget for its 41 Childrens Centres has to be reduced to under £4m.

The aim is to protect key services provided to struggling parents by reducing management, building and administrations costs. Decisions will be made by SCC in February but consultation will take place beforehand once the options to achieve savings and alternative use of buildings had been explored. The importance of early intervention to support young people and their families was recognised.


14/6.  County & District Councillors’ Reports.

(1) Flooding. DF highlighted the flooding that had taken place on the levels. It was noted that Ham was under control and the Children had therefore been able to attend School.


(2) Hyde Lane. DF advised that there had been three accidents at Hyde Lane Cottages and vehicles are travelling faster. He had asked Highway Safety to examine and consideration was being given to the need for a weight limit on the canal bridge. It was noted that an emergency vehicle had tried to access via Brittons Ash so he had arranged for them to be informed.


(3) North End. DF reported that Highways view finding a solution as very difficult. Uncertainty of outcome was leading to uncertainty on how to best address this particularly as we recognise the need to do something.GL highlighted a similar situation at Kingsteignton and the Clerk at Pyles Thorne at Wellington where schemes had been implemented.


(4) A38 Adsborough. No progress to report.


14/7. Minutes of the 2nd December 2013 meeting (these had been previously circulated to Cllrs). CS asked for the following amendments which were agreed. At 13/249 it was noted that the boat that would operate over a wider area next season would not be operated by DD. At 13/250 Website to add a restatement that the PC had agreed to add £200 to the existing £250 to create a £450 fund for improvements at North End. At13/252 (1) to add ‘TDBC building control’ after both so as to now reads “YG to speak to both TDBC building control and contractors”.  Also to add that Lightmain had provided replacement parts free as part of the warranty agreement. 13/254 (3). It was agreed the PC would meet the cost of it insuring the pump; not to ask for reimbursement. Finally it was noted YG had to leave at 10.05pm. Once the Clerk had made these changes the minutes were then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


14/8. Matters arising from the 2nd December 2013 meeting minutes.

13/250 Website. KH had signed the agreement and it is with Adrian Birch for signature.

13/251 Hyde Lane Waste bin. The Clerk was aware he had ordered this from the DLO they had yet to fit it.

13/254 3 A decision on the Insurance of the Ham residents Pump had yet to be taken by them.

13/255.The Sign for the Rec Park had been ordered from SCC.

13/259.The Hearing Loop system had been ordered as agreed. The Clerk reported he had negotiated a free £200 storage box and a second for £65 to store the system in as instructed.

13/260. Parish Post.  CS advised that invoices for the website and Parish post advertising will go out this week.


14/9. Minutes of the 16th December 2013 meeting these had been previously circulated to Cllrs). The minutes were signed without amendment by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


14/10. Matters arising from the 16th December 2013 meeting minutes.

There were no matters arising as the items discussed are on the agenda for the meeting of the 6th January.


14/11. Recreation Park

(1) Update report. YG reported she had spoken to TDBC building control and three contractors. It had been decided a fire door was required. Each of the contractors had been given an opportunity to retender for the work and two tenders to remove the three stumps, fit a seat (which has been purchased with the proceeds of the open day) and to install a door to be fitted inside the pavilion had been received.

Action. The Clerk to inform Ian Pike that he had been awarded the work.




(2) TME. KH paid tribute to the work SW had done in drawing up the agreement.

Action. The Clerk to circulate the following day the agreement for review by PCllrs and comment to the Chairman and SW before the 11th January. It was agreed that the agreement would then be signed by the Chairman if a majority are in favour.


(3) Adjacent Copse/s. SW reported that he had spoken to Marlon Jefferies and they are meeting the following week.


14/12. Planning.

(1) Strategic planning issues. 1.1 SW advised that the TDBC consultation on future development sites in the Parish which finished on 12-12-13 was aimed at individuals rather than the PC. Whilst TDBC would not put in writing that it would permit no more building in the village he had been reassured TDBC certainly would not be encouraging any.


1.2. Monkton Heathfield. An application 48/145/0001/VSC   APPLICATION FOR THE AMENDMENT OF SCHEDULE 1 AND CLAUSE OF THE SECTION 106 AGREEMENT FOR PLANNING APPLICATION 48/05/0072 REQUIRING 25% OF THE HOUSING SHALL BE AFFORDABLE AND NOT 35% CONCERNING LAND AT MONKTON HEATHFIELD had been received and the Clerk reported he had been asked to apply for an extension to the time period. This application was discussed.

Action. The Clerk to draft a letter to be agreed with SW seeking access to the new road in the development from CSM. 


(2) Hyde Lane Developments. SW reported that Linden homes are to submit a full application shortly for the site opp the Rec Park pavilion.


(3) Application withdrawn. The PC noted an application to fell one hornbeam tree with a tree preservation order at Brainstorm, Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield 14/13/0038t had been withdrawn.


(4) Applications received. The Council having considered the Planning Panels report decided;
















NOT TO COMMENT on this application as it felt it was beyond its scope to do so.






(5) Notification of a decision by SCC. Application No: 4/40/13/0008. The PC noted that SCC had refused Wessex Water a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Use or Development (CLOPUD) under Section 192 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for the Construction of a section of dedicated single lane access road widening to double lane width at Junction with Ham Lane, between Ham Lane Sewage Treatment Works and Ham Lane.  


14/13. Accounts:

(1) To approve payments. The Clerks and Caretakers Wages, the Clerks Expense’s £89.98, HMRC (Tax Due on Salaries) £194.45, Caretakers Expenses £91.03, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 1-11-13 to 1-12-13) £68.36,

Wybone (2 Grit bins) £356.11 and reimbursement of Caretakers Expenses £91.03 were authorised.


(2) Monies received and banked since the last meeting. Other income received and banked; Rec Park Pitch Hires Tone Youth (Nov) £80 and Dec (£40), Creech Cougars (Sept)£80 and (Oct) £120 and Western Power (Rec Park Wayleave) £7.10. Parish Post Advert Income for 2013;  Ms K E Davies £25 and County Cleaning £15.                 


(3) Precept 14/15. The Clerk had circulated a draft precept at the 2nd Dec meeting. The PC examined the draft in some detail. A decision was taken to maintain the Precept at the same level; a net decrease having allowed for inflation. This was the second year that the precept had been maintained unchanged. Once agreed the precept decision form was signed by the Chairperson.


(4) Quotations. SH and PC requested that individual jobs be individually priced when getting quotations in future.

Action.  It was agreed that before a decision to spend over £100 is taken at least two quotations be obtained, each are to be individually priced where more than one job is being priced.


(5) Internal Financial Controls. The Clerk had previously issued a statement of IFC and he explained that he had prepared them at the request of the external Auditor who had advised the Council to prepare an IFC statement.

Action. Councillors to review the IFC and the Clerk to circulate the Councils Fin Regs before the next meeting in order for the PC to consider the IFC statement at its next meeting.  


14/14. Highways.

(1) Updates. The A38 Adsborough and North End projects had been discussed at item 14/6 above. No further information was known regarding the Access to Creech St Michael from Monkton Heathfield. A copy of the minutes of a meeting held on the 11th Nov 2013 had been received on the Wessex Water (Ham) Sewerage Works project at which WW had restated its commitment to the provision of an alternative access road.





(2) Hyde Lane. The Clerk reported that he had spoken to SCC Lighting. He had been advised that DWH had not contracted with Western Power but had chosen an independent distribution network operator, GTC. As a result if there are supply problems residents would have to notify them in order to get repairs, which would have to be done within

20 days. SCC had advised they were not aware of an issue regarding street lighting column sizes and missing columns. They agreed to send an inspector and requested site details of the missing columns to facilitate this. No further information on the planned speed calming or the uncompleted planning defects reported.

Action. GH undertook to arrange a meeting with DWH, SCC Lighting and TDBC Planning. SW to also attend. The Clerk to provide GH contact details of all three.

(3) Parking in Hyde Lane (between the school and the entrance to the new medical centre). YG advised that a meeting had been arranged for 8.1.14 at 3pm at CSM School. YG suggested that the PC make available the rec park car park to the School staff during term time to help ease congestion. This was agreed.

(4) Culvert. PC reported that SCC had spent a day jetting the culvert under the road that was blocked. He had rung SCC to thank them for their hard work.

(5) North End Fencing. It was noted that a car had hit the newly repaired fencing at North End. The Clerk had spoken to the owner who had admitted liability. The Clerk had obtained a quotation for the repairs which he would send to the owner to settle. It was agreed she must arrange and pay for repairs.


14/15. Footpaths and Rights of Way. 

(1) PC advised he had reported an unsafe stile at Cathill Park (by Foxhole canal bridge). He also advised that he had spoken to SCC ROW about some defects on the footpath between down house and the Motorway. The County had visited but had decided they were not particularly concerned.

Action. The Clerk to write to SCC to highlight the Councils safety concerns.

(2) GL reported that brambles needed cutting back off the pavement at Hill House, St Michaels Road.

Action. The Clerk to write to owner asking them to clear the footpath of brambles.




14/16. Merlyn’s Copse. SW reported he had spoken to Greenslade Taylor Hunt and Chesterton Humbert’s to understand their prices and approach to sale of the Copse. These were considered.

Action. The Clerk to instruct Chesterton Humbert’s to market the Copse.


14/17. Assets of Community Value. The Clerk reported that five request had been received to date asking for the Bell Inn PH to be designated as an ACV.

Action. The Clerk to register the Bell Inn PH as an ACV.



14/18. Potential to devolve TDBC Services. The Clerk reported that TDBC had written asking the PC if it wished to accept responsibility for particular Services. A suggestion was made to consider asking for transfer of the Park behind the village hall providing the park would qualify for S106 funding in due course.

Action. Parish Councillors to consider the request and specifically to consider taking on the Village Hall Park at its February meeting.


14/19. Correspondence. The Council consider a request from victim support for a grant but recognised that its grant budget was spent for 13/14 so decided not to make a grant.

Action. The Clerk to write to victim support explaining the PC grant budget had been spent for the year.


14/20. New Matters to be carried forward.

(1) GL. Sewer replacement between Hyde Lane and Ham Works by Wessex Water

(2) YG. Gate at Queens Down.


The meeting ended at 9.30pm.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meetings will take place on Monday, 3rd February 2014 and on Monday 3rd  March 2014 (both at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room; beginning at 7pm). 


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net