/ Parish Council / 2014 Minutes / 7th July 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 7th July 2014

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: K Hunt (Chairperson), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), P Chetwynd,  D Knight, G Lucas, K Reed, C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCCllr David Fothergill and Justin Robinson Chf Exec of Som Assoc of Loc Councils (SALC). 7 members of the public attended.   


14/129. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone and introducing Justin Robinson Chf Exec of Som Assoc of Local Councils (SALC). KH explained that 15 mins where allotted to Public Questions and that the PC would not always comment on the points raised but would examine them and come back shortly and that once the meeting had commenced the PC can only be addressed at the Chairpersons invitation.


14/130. Public Speaking.  Adrian Birch asked what was happening on the sale of MC; the Clerk advised that he the matter was on the agenda of the meeting and invited him to stay and listen to the PC meeting.


14/131. Apologies. Vice Chair G Hodge and Parish Councillors Y Guest, J Middleton and S Wellman.


14/132. Declarations of Interest.  C Sampson advised that she had received a planning notice in respect of planning application 14 14 0041 Adsborough despite being unable to see the house.   


14/133. County & District Councillors’ Reports. DF advised that ;


(1) A38 Adsborough. DF explained that the A38 50 mph Zone is to be extended to North Petherton. 


(2) St Michaels Road. The road is to be relaid necessitating it’s the closure on 11th and 12th August. It was noted that this may clash with the closure of North End Langaller.


(3) Taunton Railway Station. £4.5m had been secured to refurbish the station building and reorient the access towards the Town Centre.


(4) Highways Improvement priorities. DF suggested that the PC set up a panel to identify what are the key issues are for CSM and to prioritise them.


(5) High speed Broadband. A further £2.75m has been committed to extend 4G with Countywide 4G being available from 2016. The West Monkton exchange will shortly be upgraded to facilitate Creech Heathfield having 4G by Oct 2014.


(6) Pothole Repairs. SCC has been given a further £3.8m in order to undertake pothole repairs.


(7) Financial Savings. SCC has identified the need to make further savings of £30m in the financial year 15/16.


(8) North End Closure, Langaller. No further update available on when the developers contractor would close the road temporarily.


(9) Flood works. 1.8km of the 8km of planned dredging on the rivers Parrott and Tone has been undertaken and the project is ahead of schedule.


14/134.  Minutes of the 12th May meeting.  Two minutes of this meeting had been queried at the last meeting. The Clerk had checked his notes and having reviewed them stood by them. The minutes as written were then approved;  


(1) 14/97. TME. Action. The Parish Council authorised the Chairman and the Clerk to bring the matter to it an early conclusion.


(2) 14/107. Merlyn’s Copse.

It was agreed that the Clerk instruct Chesterton’s to get the best possible sale price for MC before the end of May.


14/135.  Minutes of the 2nd June. (these had been previously circulated to Cllrs). No changes were requested and the minutes were then signed and dated by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting


14/136.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd June 2014. The Clerk reported that the  outstanding actions are;


14/39. The shelf required for Comms equipment is still outstanding.

13/224. Parish Plan. The PCllrs have yet to be identified to join the two parishioners who wish to be part of panel to lead the compilation of a parish plan along with the Clerk.

14/77(2). A no dog fouling sign had been requested for the canal car park footpath but it had not been installed yet or a reply received from TDBC. Action. The Clerk to remind TDBC of the request.

14/76. The need for the sewerage system in Hyde Lane to be replaced/improved is being queried with Wessex Water but a reply has yet to be received.









14/137. Minutes of the 16th June. (these had been previously circulated to Cllrs). No changes were requested and the minutes were then signed and dated by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


14/138.  Merlyn’s Copse. The Chairman reminded the Council that the planned sale had been put on hold following receipt of a complaint. Advice had been sought from Justin Robinson of SALC and we had been made aware that under Sect 127 of the 1974 Loc Govt Act the PC could not sell the copse for less than the valuations obtained without the Sec of States agreement JR had advised the PC that if it still wished to sell it would need to rerun the sale and get higher bids, obtain a further (lower) valuation on the land or we would have to argue that the improvements undertaken to prevent flooding justified an exception being made. Action. It was agreed that the MC panel (KH,SW,GL) will examine what has happened to date and to make recommendations to the PC on how to go forward from here, seeking advice as required, in order for the full PC to make a decision on the future of the Copse at a future meeting.


14/139. TME. KH advised that the TME had been advised of the PC deadline and had replied explaining that under their constitution they are required to undertake specific processes with defined timescales and this had prevented them from responding as quickly as the PC may have wished. Having consulted the membership TM had provided the required Risk Assessment and had reassured the Chairperson that it wished to proceed but the membership had identified three areas which needed resolving; legal fees, reinstatement of the ground on leaving and maintenance and cost responsibilities of the car-park. Discussion also took place on the suggestion by TME that the MUGA fencing be heightened and that missing fencing at the rear of the park be replaced. The PC decided that the MUGA height was appropriate and that the missing fencing had been removed to access land beyond and that if replaced it too would be removed and therefore alternative solutions lay in the hands of TME to find. Action.  TME panel (KH,SW,GL) to have agreed the tenancy agreement before the September meeting.


14/140. Planning. (1). Street names for the three Hyde Lane Developments. The Clerk had previously asked PCllrs to identify names for these three new roads. Many names were considered before three were chosen;


Tacker Sweeting - local farmer in the Village (family farmed for several generations) who served for 50 years on the PC.

Stan Derham - a Willow grower and author with a huge history of the levels. Also an advisor to the Env Agency and supplier to Don Cameron.

William Charles Hopkins. Engineer who joined the Navy who died aged 26 on HM defence in the Battle of Jutland 1916 (chosen to remember all of those who died in the WW1 that commenced 100 years ago).


(2) Applications received: The Council having considered the Planning Panel’s report decided;





27 06 14




11 6 14




11 6 14




6 6 14




19 5 14




20 6 14



To  SUPPORT this long awaited and much needed access.


14/141.  Accounts  (1) Payment of the following invoices were authorised ; Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC (Tax Due on Salaries), the Clerks June Expense’s £128.54, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 1-5-14 to 1-6-14) £27.76, Wessex Water (Pavilion 14 12 13 to 12 6 14) £11.90, Mrs C Sampson (Rec Party in the Park balance of Band Fee) £800, Universal Marques (Rec Party in the Park balance of Marque hire fee) £180.00,  Brandon Hire (Party in the Park Lighting, generator and toilets hire) £493.20, D Knight (reimb for chains and padlocks for rec ground) £63.61 and A Birch (Reimbursed expenses for verge cutting at North End) £198.10.


(2) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Other income received and banked; Creech Cougars (Hire of pitch March) £120.00. Parish Post 2014 Adverts; County Cleaning £60.00 and Butterfields Home Services Ltd £100.00


(3) Parish Caretaker. Following a discussion on the workload of the Caretaker and the need for him to undertake work around the Parish as well as at the rec park it was agreed to increase his hours from 5 upto 10 hours a week. Action. Clerk to inform the Caretaker, establish any training or equipment needs and issue an amended Contract.


(4) Insurance. The Clerk advised that the PC Insurance was due to expire on 18th July. He had obtained 4 quotes for I year cover and 4 for three years of cover. Details had been circulated to PCllrs prior to the meeting. Action. Clerk to place cover with AON UK Ltd for three years period at a premium of £1616.29.











(5) Internal Auditors Report. The Parish Council Internal Auditor Bryan Howe whilst happy with the PC Accounts had raised 8 points in his audit letter of 28th May (circulated to all PCllrs on receipt). The clerk addressed each and explained that;

1. Precept. As TDBC had paid early the 2014/15 precept the net sums received should not be shown as precept but as other income. This has been corrected.

2. Insurance. The auditor did not examine the Ins Policy as part of his audit but recommends that on renewal three quotes are obtained. This was in hand and has been done.

3. VAT.  A difference of £10.87 between the VAT Claimed and the cashbook relates to the caretakers Imprest. The sum claimed is correct and the cash book will be amended to reflect that £10.87 of the caretakers expenditure include a VAT item that is recoverable.

4. Clerks hours. The auditor had asked if the Clerks contract had been amended as a result of the additional hours he was requested to work from 2012/13. These were.

5.Minutes. As all minutes should be dated as well as being signed once approved this has been done since June.

6.Balances. He recommends the PC create earmarked reserves for the future projects envisaged. We will do so.

7.Caretakers Imprest. He highlighted the PC ability to recover VAT (see 5.3 above) and that the Imprest should be shown as balance in the 2014/15 accounts when they are prepared next year. We will do that then.

8.Notes to the Accounts. In 2014/15 accounts we should show the caretakers Imprest as a creditor. We will do so then.

The Parish Council noted its Accounts were sent to the External Auditor Grant Thornton on the 13th June 2014 and it awaits the conclusion of their audit. The Chairperson thanked the Clerk for his financial management of the PC finances throughout the year.


14/142. Party in the Park 12th July. CS reported that all the tickets are now sold for the evening event. 28 stands have been taken and there’s a full afternoon schedule including two brass bands. A plea was made for help unloading the supplies, transporting tables and chairs, loading straw bales erecting some small marquees etc. Help is also needed litter picking on Sunday commencing 10am. CS thanked the whole team (YG,DK,Jo Morrison,Abbie Peebles and James Lowe) for their work. CS explained a full statement of expenditure and income will be provided to the Clerk shortly and that a full budget, invoices and the sponsorship money was already in the PC accounts. As this was likely to be one off support to the PC CS suggested any surplus on the event be used to support future years events in the Park. This was agreed.


14/143. Recreation Park. (1) Meeting with West Monkton PC and Community Council. KR and the Clerk reported that they had met with members of the WM PC as they will have two pitches and a pavilion provided by the developer Redrow in Hyde Lane opp the Cottages. Elsewhere in WM the existing cricket pitch had been purchased by the developer from the previous private owner and it will be given to the PC and an additional pitch will be given to the School. The land being given is much larger though as it extends the length of the development down to the underground tanks and is situated behind the bund the developers have already constructed, In due course, it was likely that further facilities could and would be added.  Mindful that CSM will have further development beyond WM the Clerk suggested that an early clear view of what the PC wanted as part of the development and at the Rec Park needed to be indentified and agreed as the alternative is to be given what the developers decide. The meeting had been joined by members of the Community Council for Somerset at WM PC request to suggest management models for their pitches and an offer from WM PC to work together with CSM PC was discussed at some length. Action. It was agreed for the rec park panel (SH,CS,SW,KR,YG,DK) to develop a plan for the sports/play provision across the Parish including the rec park and carey grove parks. 

(2) Architects Quotations. DK confirmed that he was seeking a third architect to quote on the same basis as the two that had been obtained so far.

Justin Robinson of SALC left 8.50pm

(3) Rec Park Security. The Clear reported that the police had requested that the rec park gates be locked when not in use as the car parks where being used inappropriately and other sites locally had been entered.DK had obtained three quotes. Action. It was agreed that DK would get further quotes to have a bristol gate (which provides a pedestrian gate within the gate) fitted across the small car park and that the Clerk would then commission that work. That YG would engage 3d security and the Clerk confirm contractually a locking and unlocking service for both gates at times (to include toilets and other checks)to be determined by the Rec Park panel.

(4) Adjacent Copse. The Clerk advised he had not had a reply from Marlon Jefferies so has now written to Mrs Duddridge. Action. The Clerk to continue to Progress the possible purchase.


14/144. Carey Grove Park. The Clerk reminded the PC that it had decided to take on the Park from TDBC and that this had been accepted. At the last meeting Debbie Arscott of TDBC had asked if it wished to accept the freehold or it wanted a leasehold. Action. The Clerk to inform TDBC that it wished to take on the freehold of carey grove park.


14/145. Highways.

(1) North End virtual Footway project. DF had no progress to report.

(2) Parking in Hyde Lane. It was noted that SCC had put in place a temp width restriction in preparation for the developments in Hyde Lane to commence.

(3) A38 Adsborough. See item 14/133 (1) above.

(4) Road Closure-North End Langaller/ Access to Creech St Michael from Monkton Heathfield. Nothing to report.

(5) Hyde Lane. Installation of lighting and speed calming. Nothing further to report.

(6) North End Damaged to Fencing. The clerk explained that the driver of the car that had caused the damaged had proactively reassured him that she remained committed to paying for the restoration of the fence but that the contractor had not progressed the work. The clerk had then provided her with other contractors details. Action. The Clerk to obtain her insurance details, to advise and inform her of a deadline and that a small claims court claim will be pursued if repairs are not then completed.



(7) Village Highway Priorities. DF confirmed that each Nov he is asked to nominate two schemes to SCC Highways to consider and that if CSM wished to have a scheme considered it needed to determine and agree its priorities. Action. GH,GL,KR to meet with DF in order to determine and recommend its priorities to the full PC at a future meeting.

(8) Defects. A Wessex Water sewer cover in Hyde Lane (opp bus stop) is sinking. Action. Clerk to report.


14/146. Footpaths and Rights of Way.  (1) Footpath between the canal bridge and rocketts cottages is overgrown. Action. The Clerk to inform TDBC DLO. (2) Tree in West View had been reported by Eric Chown as being in need of attention. EC confirmed that the DLO had since inspected the tree and had agreed to take action.


  14/147. Correspondence. A letter from Mr Lockey concerning speeding at Creech Heathfield and Mr and Mrs Bartlett

  concerning speeding between the Tone bridge and the shop had been received and forwarded onto to SCC Highways.


  14/148. New Matters to be carried forward. (1)The seats and notice boards need some attention.(2) to ensure all

  PCllrs are fully participating, to report what they had been working on if they cannot attend a meeting and for the PC to

  be more rigorous before accepting apologies.


The meeting ended at 9.30pm.


Future Meetings; The next full Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 24th July 2014. If required a planning only meeting will be held on 11th August. The following full Parish Council meeting will be held on the 1st September 2014. All meeting are held at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room (beginning at 7pm).


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net