/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 11th June 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Thursday 11th June 2015
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.
Present I Wright (Chair), L Gates, Simon W Harris and G Lucas (Parish Councillors).Steve Altria (Clerk). No members of the public attended.
15/134. Meeting with Trevor Spurway, Architect regarding replacement building for Rec Park Pavilion.
The Clerk gave apologies from P Cllrs Y Guest, K. Hunt, D Knight, K Reed, C Sampson.
IW thanked TJS for the plans he had provided and explained that whilst they had many positive features they were not what the PC wanted. IW referred to the brief that had been provided highlighting that the PC wished to see sports and community use within the building not just a replacement pavilion.
IW explained that to try and focus decision making he had drawn a sketch building layout that had been shared with PCllrs and with some minor amendment had been agreed. IW passed the plan over to TJS.
IW noted where TJS had chosen to site the building on his plan and confirmed that appeared acceptable. IW stressed the importance of the buildings siting within the rec park in order to achieve all the uses and aims the PC has for the Park. In particular the PC wished to keep running and capital costs down by looking to include solar thermal to heat water and solar voltaic to provide power. IW also asked that solutions be in the roof not bolted onto the roof.
A discussion took place on the merits of retaining or demolishing the existing pavilion. TJS recommended retention as that was the lowest cost option and would provide storage; whilst demolition and making services safe would cost. A suggestion to site the new building on the pavilion site in order to make use of existing services did not find favour with TJS as the new building would have a different footprint and demolition costs. TJS also highlighted the merits of air/ground sources for heating. It was decided to include retaining the old pavilion at this stage, until the PC can pass comment on the final design.
Discussion turned to the merits of the building being in part two storey. TJS advised that if a second floor was required £15/30k would be required for an access lift. He also highlighted that this would cause issues; such as fire escape (with additional fire engineering required). The benefits of a smaller footprint were acknowledged.
The likely need for a centre manager was discussed; to be funded from additional income from building use.
The Clerk referred to the brief (copy attached) and the need to include all the items and asked TJS if these could be accommodated along with TME within the site? TJS thought so but it may need compromise on the pitch size. A discussion took place around TME noting they were land hungry, enthusiastic, well supported and the land they used was in large part marginal.
TJS explained that the plan he had provided was to stimulate thinking and discussion. He would now refresh the plan and then share it again. It was likely a further reiteration would be required too. TJS highlighted the need to meet all the sport gov bodies minimum requirements (which would require a full height room) and that it may require a full size pitch to access Football Foundation funding. TJS explained that as 60metres is their minimum size pitch we could compromise the current pitch which is oversize and still meet their requirements.
It was noted that mains drainage was preferred and TJS demonstrated some of the challenges with this but agreed to look at achieving that if possible.
It was agreed TJS would provide a revised plan for the building AND a site plan showing all the requirements from the “brief” taking account of the discussion held in the meeting before the 23rd July. In future all plans would either be presented to Council following being sent to the Clerk or would be accompanied by a briefing report and sent to the Clerk. Once the PC was content these would then be used for consultation with Parishioners.
The meeting ended at 8.05pm
Future Meetings; The next full Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday July 6th 2015 and 3rd August in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall Lower (beginning at 7pm).
An additional meeting will take place on Weds 8th July at 7pm in the Lower Cttee room of the Village Hall to determine the future of Merlyn’s Copse and provide another opportunity for the PC to discuss Rec Park development.
Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net
(1) Pavilion ‘wish list’;
• Large Community Room
(With the ability to partition into 2 rooms, one for meetings, other suitable to accommodate youth play equipment, ping pong tables etc & socialising area – to be sited at one end of building to permit future expansion, if required). Possibly Upstairs.
• Lockable Meeting Room/Office (for use for meetings and where Parish Council can work/store Parish papers.)
• Changing Rooms & shower facilities (incl separate for referee (suitable for use by either sex), FA Standard)
• Toilets inside
• Externally accessed Toilet suitable spec so that we can be left open for Park users.
• Kitchen – flexible so can also be used as a coffee shop counter accessible from outside (possibly ground floor)
• Bar onto the Large Community Room
• Caretakers Store
• Sports Equipment Store (single garage size, external access, for nets, folding goal posts etc)
• A large covered veranda area with seating overlooking the play equipment- with pull down shutters or similar to ensure area secure when not in use.
• Boiler/Plant Room
• Building to be over one or two floors and Architects to recommend site.
• Car park to be of a size (and surface) commensurate with building and rec field use; Architect to advise and recommend siting.
• Mains drainage.
• Must be completely accessible for people with Disabilities.
• Eco Friendly Solar Panels etc
• Meeting rooms to be sufficiently soundproofed from other room uses.
• Siting of new building to facilitate best use of the Building and the Rec Park site (and their security).
2) Leisure plan for Rec Park
The aim is to ask the Architect to plan the future use of the rec field and to accommodate the identified aims. It is recognised that the area occupied by TME may need to be considered once consultation with Parishioners has been undertaken and having had the Architects advices. The merits of retaining the existing pavilion as a store and the siting and scale of car parking will also be considered by the Architect. It was noted some drainage may be needed to the far side of the field and the merit of acquiring the Adj Copse was discussed.
Draft Leisure plan for Rec Park;
Est Cost
Repair Fence
Achieve Planning Permission
Build (includes provision of Mains Drainage)
Tarmac Car Park (s) consider reconfiguration
Review / Reconfigure Park Layout (make best use of space/allow for new facilities)
Move Rugby Post & Provision of Net
Mark out Football Pitches (Improve Football facilities - addition of pitch)
Mark out Lining for Running Tracks
Mark out Lining for Hockey Pitch
Basketball Practice Hoops (attach to outside of MUGA?)
Table Tennis - External
MUGA - (marked for Tennis with net / Netball)
Cricket Nets x 2
Weights/Exercise Equipment
Purchase/Install additional bins
Purchase/Install additional tables/chairs
Play Equipment suitable for disabled children (Basket Swing/Roundabout)
Sand/Water Play Area
Teenage Area (Spider Nest/Hamster Wheel/Climbing Boulders)
Purchase Adjacent Copse
Move/Remove TME Railway
Woodland Play Equipment
Woodland Walk/Picnic Area
BMX/Cycle Track
Play Equipment