/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 13th April 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 13th April 2015
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall. Present: K. Hunt (Chair), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), S Greenhalgh, G Hodge, G Lucas, D Knight, and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). TDBCllr D Durdan and 9 members of the public attended.
15/66. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone and Ann Rhodes, Policy Officer (Planning and Development), TDBC in particular.
15/67. Public Speaking. 2 individuals addressed the Parish Council;
(1). Mrs Helen Lazenby for Clive Miller Associates acting for Mr & Mrs Hunt advised that the applicants sought a change of use of the land adjoining North End Farm. HL explained that her clients used to live in the village and now wished to retire back to CSM. HL advised of the need for accessible accommodation and the lack of availability in CSM and the merits of the application 14/15/0008; which included an aged/local connection clause. HL asked the PC to support the application (see item 15/77 below).
(2). Eric Chown expressed his view that the new Virtual footpath at North End was not good and that the new sand coloured surface had been laid around the weeds. He highlighted that the work was not finished and that the path was causing confusion as warning signs were not in sight or repeated; with the result that drivers are not aware of pedestrians in the road and the 20mph speed limit being poorly observed. EC also raised his concerns that footpaths were in danger of being lost under new developments, that pavements in West View have worn out and that the access way for the new road to the Ham Sewage works was being held to ransom by one landowner.
15/68. Apologies. PCllrs Y Guest, K Reed and C Sampson gave their apologies and their reasons were accepted.
SCClr D Fothergill had also apologised. DD gave Kelly Durdans Apology.
15/69. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. No declarations of interest were made.
15/70. Neighbourhood Planning. Ann Rhodes, Policy Officer (Planning and Development) attended to explain the merits of Neighbourhood Plans. AR explained the first steps are to determine the area of the Plan and to understand that the plan is based on land use planning; though aspirations such as encouraging more sports could be included in a separate section. Two years should be allowed to produce the plan. During this time TDBC would provide support (which could be as small as agreeing the plan area and examing a final plan but greater involvement is preferred). AR advised that the plan once complete would then be subject to an external examination and a referendum (51% of the eligible parishioners that vote must support) so to allow further 6 months. Costs are estimated at £17k though there have been and may be some Gov grants available. Land allocated has to be subject to a land use assessment and sustainability has to be established by an environmental assessment done by TDBC. The benefit of having a plan is that C.I.L is payable at 25% rather than 15% once the plan is in place and it has to be taken into account when planning is being undertaken. AR advised that significant resources were required and suggested either a team of twelve plus (with a wide range of experiences and skills) in place as a panel reporting to the PC or a planning consultant (with their work signed off by the PC). Each person should be tasked to utilise their skills to provide the required inputs such as getting demographics, finding out what people want to see etc. There is a need to temper expectations as part of the process.AR suggested working with WMPC to influence design work, materials and land use in the urban area. AR advised that plans normally last for 5 years and then require a refresh.
15/71. County & District Councillors’ Reports.
DD provided details of TDBC Parish Play Area Grant Scheme and highlighted that the priority is presently older children and teenagers. Applications have to be in by 31st May and if successful, upto 50% of the project costs are available.
DF had provided the Clerk a written update report for the PC;
1. Community Transport scheme. DF had forwarded details on setting up a scheme (the Clerk had forwarded to PCllrs.)
2. Bus Service. DF advised he had not received any changes to the details that he reported to the last PC meeting.
3.North End Virtual footway. DF believes this is now complete other than small adjustments.
4.Hyde Lane and in particular the building of the footpath to the Cottages is still on-going.
5.Access to CSM from the WM relief road. DF advised that this is still on-going.
6.A38 improvements at Adsborough. DF reported that Phase 2 is currently at design stage and as such unfortunately no plans are yet available though consultation plans for Phase 2 are to be issued by the end of June, in the meantime the Street Lighting Team and the Road Safety Audit team have been asked to iron out any issues which are likely to arise in this instance as there are several departures from the standard design protocols.
Phase 2 involves the provision of improved pedestrian facilities at the bus stops adjacent to the Maypole Inn. However, it is requested by Transporting Somerset that there shouldn't be a detrimental impact on bus services and therefore the bus stops should be kept on carriageway. Phase 2 also includes the potential provision of a pedestrian refuge on the A38. As this is an area of contention due to the danger of providing a vertical traffic feature in the middle of a relatively high speed road, there will be a speed survey post construction of Phase 1 of this Adsborough scheme to assess the effect of the speed reduction measures. SCC Highways therefore cannot confirm the construction of said refuge/crossing until the results of this speed survey have been received.
DF had advised he had asked why if for the past couple of years we’ve been talking to local residents and the
Parish Council about land acquisition being the reason for the holdup why are we now saying that this is not necessary given Transporting Somerset’s views?
SCC Highways had responded explaining that as the design of this element has progressed and following the discussions with Transporting Somerset, we are now clear on the extents of the scheme and the impact on highway and non-highway land, which initially may have been an issue. We have previously been unable to obtain the adequate information for a topographical survey due to the Maypole Inn being located on private land. However, the design team have been able to progress things to the stage whereby we now know that no non-highway land will be required. The road markings included in phase 1 will be completed shortly and so the speed survey on this section of road will be undertaken following that to assess the effects of this phase.
DF - from other activities it does seem that these Transport Improvement Projects are being rapidly progressed so I am hopeful that we will start to see plans etc in June
Action. The Clerk to write to SCC Highways to reinforce the original recommendations of the consultants SLR and to highlight the inadequacies in the North End virtual footpath.
15/72. Minutes of the 2nd March. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). No changes were requested and the amended minutes were therefore agreed. They were then signed and dated by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.
15/73. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd March.
The Clerk highlighted ; 14/195. Footpaths (2) Laburnum Terrace. The Clerk reported that having written to the house holder at No 2 Anne’s Orchard twice asking them to prune to 7 feet the overhanging trees to enable people to walk underneath. As no reply had been received the Clerk reported he had written to SCC Highways asking them to take action and an outcome is still not known.
14/229 (5.3). Hill Cottage, Cox’s Hill, St Michaels Rd. The Chairman explained the caretaker had been asked to sweep/clear the path but on visiting the site he had found that the problem stems from the adjacent house. The Clerk advised that he had written to the owners asking them to take action to clear the footpath.
15/15. Assets of Community Value. The Clerk confirmed he had received four confirmations from TDBC that they had agreed that the two fields and copses to the side and rear of the Rec Park met the requirements for ACV status. TDBC will now have notified the owners but no further response had yet been received.
15/16.The Clerk advised he had written to David Wilson Homes asking when the car park would become available to the school. Whilst a reply has still not been received DWH had confirmed that they were attending the Annual Parish Meeting and the Clerk suggested they be asked then.
15/74. Annual Parish Mtg Friday 24th April 2015. The Clerk updated the PC on the speakers that had confirmed they wished to take part in this years APM and arrangements were agreed. The event is to be held in the Village Hall with a 7pm for 7.30pm start.
Action. SH to complete the flyer delivery to each house he had offered to do, to arrange for the APM banner to be put up opposite Hyde Lane and to organise the teas, coffees etc. The Rec Park Panel to undertake the consultation on the evening on the future use of the Rec Park.
15/75. Party in the Park 11th July 2015. DK highlighted the need for further support/volunteers required for the day. DK requested a facility to pay invoices between meetings could be put in place to cover deposits/sums due.
Action. It was agreed invoices to the value of £2,346.00 could be paid by the Clerk. The organising panel is to provide the Clerk a budget for the event.
15/76. Recreation Park. (1) Annual Independent Safety Inspection for 2015. DK advised he was in the process of obtaining quotes for a 5 year contract. The Clerk has already been given authority to approve the contractor’s selection in due course. The need for the Inspection to take place soon was known.
Action. DK to get quotes for Independent Play Equipment Inspection for a 5 years period.
(2) Grass Cutting. The Clerk updated the PC on the invoicing problems he had experienced for 2014 and that he had now recommended invoices to be paid. The Clerk has already been instructed to appoint the DLO for grass cutting in the Rec Park 2015 season.
(3) Development. The Clerk reported he had received written confirmation from the Architect that he had received the topographical survey of the Rec Park at Easter, that he had since been working on plans and that they would be available for the consultation event at the APM. The Architect had now asked for a meeting. SG/IW highlighted the need for each PCllr to be clear how they felt about TME in due course.
Action. The Clerk to ask the Architects for proposed dates and to invite all PC to attend. The Rec Park Panel to assist/work with the Architect at the APM with the consultation on the future use of the Park.
15/77. Planning. (1) Applications received: The Panel reported on the applications received and the PC decided;
Decision 22/2/15
To SUPPORT 18/3/15
To SUPPORT 24/3/2015
(2) Planning Enforcement. SH advised of a company that had recently moved to Walford Cross from Trull. Wood chippings are being dried and bagged indoors. There was no significant noise or dust evident on his visit. IW advised he had a couple of parishioners complain and that they had been to see their MP. Their concern is that the company will start chipping on the site.
Action. The Clerk to write to TDBC and make the Parishioners concerns known that chipping at this site is not supported and to ask for clarification of the companies intentions and for Env Health to monitor.
15/78. Accounts.
(1) The following payments were approved; payment of the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC (Tax Due on wages) £249.64, Clerks March Expenses £83.44, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 8-2- 15 to 7-3-15) £123.00, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-3- 15 to 7-4-15) £75.45, K Signs SW Ltd (2 new APM Banners and update existing one.)£147.60, Philip Reader Surveys Limited (Topographical Survey of Rec Park)£460.00, Courtney’s Mobile Petting Farm (Party in the Park appearance fee) £300.00, Q S Printers (Annual Parish Mtg flyers) £30.00, Bibby Financial Services (Factors for 3d Security Ltd - Security at Rec Park 5-3- 15 to 29-3-15) £216.00, Bibby Financial Services (Factors for 3d Security Ltd - Security at Rec Park 2-2- 15 to 1-3-15) £246.00, Exmoor Luxury Loos (Party in the Park Toilets deposit) £156.00, TDBC (DLO Rec Park Grass Cutting 2014) £572.72.
(2) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Taunton Model Engineers (For use of Rec Park April- Sept 2015) £550.00, Tone Youth FC (Feb 15 pitch fees) £40.00 and Tone Youth FC (Mar 15 pitch fees) £100.00.
(3) Internal Audit. It was agreed to reappoint B Howe as Internal Auditor on the same terms as last year.
(4) Final Year End A/cs 14/15. The Clerk had previously circulated the accounts for the period 1st April 2104 to 31st March 2015 and explained them in detail at the meeting. The Accounts including the Asset listing and Ban Reconciliation were unanimously accepted and Chairperson signed them once approved. The Clerk was thanked for his work.
(5) Accounting Statements and Annual Governance Statement. The Clerk outlined the Councils financial position and its responsibilities which it provides to the External Auditor Grant Thornton each year. The PC reviewed each responsibility in turn confirming it had undertaken each during the year. These documents were then agreed and the Chairperson signed them.
(6) Dog Bins. The TBC DLO quote was accepted for emptying the dog bins in 2015 year. The need for a dog bin at Langaller was suggested.
Action The Clerk to get a quote for a dog bin and for emptying (and if the PC then agrees to seek SCC Highways approval to siting and procurement to obtain quotes for installation).
15/79. Highways.
(1) North End Virtual Footway project. See update given on installation progress at 15/71 above.
(2) Hyde Lane. See update given at 15/71 above. SCC had also notified its intention to extend the 30mph limit to the motorway bridge from Leighton Drive.
Action. The Clerk to request that the 30mph limit be extended to the junction beyond Hyde Lane Cottages.
(3) Access to CSM from the WM relief road. See update given at 25/71 above
(4) A38 Adsborough. See update given at 25/71 above.
(5) Defects. None reported.
(6) Signage. GH raised the proliferation of Linden Homes sales signage.
Action. The Clerk to ask SCC Highways to take action.
15/80. Footpaths and Rights of Way.
GL asked when the footpath will reopen from West View to North End. The temporary diverted route is in place for 18 months from July 2014 whilst the houses behind the school are built.
15/81. Transport - Bus Service
Bus Service T See update given at 25/71 above.
15/82. Merlyn’s Copse. The Clerk advised of the quotations received from Messrs Stags and Greenslade Taylor Hunt, that both had advised similar valuations on the Copse and that both wished to sell by a sealed bid tender process. The Clerk reminded the PC that it is not able to sell the Copse for less than the (three) valuations obtained.
Action. The Clerk to instruct GTH to market the Copse for sale by fixed bid tender with the results to be reported by GFH to a future PC meeting.
15/83. Allotments. No progress has been possible on Creech Allotment Societies request for a lease extension and to make additional use of land as an issue over paying for water used was outstanding.
Action. The Clerk to write and ask CAS to resolve the payment of water bills.
15/84. Correspondence.
1. TME. IW reflected on the letter of support received for TME. He expressed his view that the Rec Park is for all Parishoners and that the TME will be taken into account.
2. SW had asked KH when he will receive a reply from the Rec Park Panel to his letter.
Action. The Rec Park Panel to reply to SW.
15/85. Summons to Meetings. The Clerk proposed that as the Department of Communities and Local Government had laid a legislative reform order on 12th January in Parliament to allow Parish Councils to solely use electronic communications to send monthly agendas that he cease the sending of paper summons to PCllrs (other than to those that do not use Email.) Action. The Clerk to email the Summons to PCllrs in future (with the exception of two PCllrs who asked to retain paper copies).
15/86. Pension Scheme. The Clerk reminded the PC that UK legislation requires the PC, along with all employers, to ‘auto enrol’ all their qualifying employees in a pension scheme before the 1.6.16. As he had been previously tasked to put in place arrangements to ensure the PC met that responsibility the Clerk reported that the Somerset Loc Govt Pension Scheme had indicated that it would welcome an application from CSM PC and he therefore proposed that the Council examine becoming an “admitted body”. This was agreed in principle.
Action. The Clerk to make further enquiries of Peninsula Pensions who operate the LGPS scheme and to report further to a future meeting.
15/87. New Matters to be carried forward. None.
15/88. Staff Matters. The PC decided to exclude the Public and Press for this item.
The meeting closed at 10pm.
Future Meetings; The next full Parish Council meetings will be held on Mondays May 11th and June 8th 2015.
All meetings to take place at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room (beginning at 7pm).
Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net