/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 14th September 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 14th September 2015

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present I Wright (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), L Gates, S W Harris and G Lucas (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill and TDBCllr D Durdan and 1 member of the public attended.

15/184. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Wright began by welcoming everyone.

15/185. Public Speaking. No member of the public asked to address the Parish Council;

15/186. Apologies. PCllrs K Hunt, S Hutchings, D Knight, K Reed and C Sampson sent their apologies. Reasons were accepted. SCCllr David Fothergill advised he would need to leave early in order to also attend Stoke St Gregory PC.

15/187. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. No declarations of interest were made.

15/188. Stuart Lewis, Programme Manager - Treatment 1 of Wessex Engineering & Construction Services updated the Parish Council on Wessex Waters progress to complete the relief road and works at Ham. SL advised that WW had now agreed costs with Tarmac and Network Rail (who own the old branch line and canal bed) and the legal work was underway with the aim to complete by the end of Sept. At the same time the “backup” Compulsory Planning order is being progressed and DEFRA had advised a public hearing is to take place on 20th October (though this may yet move back if progress is made). WW have been out to tender for the road build and a proposed contractor will be recommended to the WW board at their Dec mtg. As the road will take 22 weeks to build, WW wish to avoid a winter build and the current planning permission expires at the end of March 2016 a start is envisaged just before then in order to ensure that does not expire and in earnest in the summer with completion envisaged in Sept 2016. SL advised that whilst planning was in place drainage and site lines had yet to be agreed by SCC. At this point DF confirmed that SCC welcomed the new road and advised that there was lot of goodwill within SCC for the scheme. SW then explained that the construction work on Ham STW would not stop in the interim but that with a few exceptions it would not be at the same intensity as previously. SL advised that their quality programme is still going, a digester plant is to be installed and an inverter is to be refurbished/replaced. SL confirmed WW were committed to restoring the verges along Ham Rd once the road was complete and explained that a regularity scheme required further wok to be completed by 2018 but that this too would be done largely once the new road was open. SL also advised that sludge was being converted onsite into methane and that this would be further increased once the new road was in place in order to justify the new road cost.

15/189. County & District Councillors’ Reports.

DF explained ;

(1) SCC budget setting process for next year had started with a £30m gap. This would be difficult to find.

(2) Somerset Rivers Authority had recommended being set up as a separate ‘precepting’ authority (similar to the Fire Service) in order to keep a focus on all forms of flooding (including Sea). To achieve this an act of Parliament would be required which would take until May 2017 to achieve. In the interim DEFRA and the Somerset Councils and others would be asked to keep going. It is envisaged all Somerset homes would have to contribute est £11p.a to meet the SRA costs.

(3) SCC Health and Wellbeing grants. DF appealed for applications for any local organisations that needed a H& W project funding in the sum of £250/£500.

(4) North End and Langaller pavements. GL asked if the vegetation could be cut back as pedestrians can’t walk by. Action. DF agreed to take up with SCC.

(5) C Heathfield to Walford Cross footpath. Similarly this needs of cutting back. Action. DF to take up with SCC.

(6) Railway bridge. GL suggested a footpath bridge be put in place alongside the existing bridge which is too narrow to allow two vehicles to pass pedestrians. DF highlighted the costs of this and that the current priority had been stated as a crossing in Hyde Lane. In response GL highlighted H&S issues. Action. DF agreed to pass the suggestion onto SCC.

(7) North End Virtual Footway project. The scheme appears to be working reasonably well but lights and repeater signs are still not in place. Action. DF to take up with SCC.

(8) Hyde Lane. DF advised that SCC had commissioned a survey on the proposed footpath from Hyde Lane to WM School. No update was given on the Impact of the Development sites or the condition of road and verges. Action. The Clerk to ask developers to turn the finger board at the junction with Hyde Lane 90 degrees.

(9) A38 Adsborough. DF envisaged the central island and bus stops being created early 2016. The Clerk advised that the Police had confirmed they were monitoring the A38 50 mph speed limit with speed cameras and would take action against any driver speeding.

(10) 20mph zone. It was noted SCC had yet to respond to the suggestion that the entire village be designated as a 20 mph zone. Action. DF to take up with SCC.

(11) Access from WMonkton relief road. The Clerk reported an exchange he had with SCC in which he had again pressed for the provision of an access road into CSM. DF advised the new road should be open in Oct/Nov.

(12) Motorway bridge to Hyde lane Cottagesto extend 30mph. DF thought this would be considered as part of the new footway scheme.

(13) Improvement Scheme - crossing in Hyde Lane. No update was given.

(14) Bus Service. GL advised that he was now making enquiries of Webbers buses to see if they would operate a route to the village and would report back in due course.

(15) M5 Screening. SWH suggested more screening be put in place, ahead of further housing being put up.

Action. DF to request Highways England to improve screening of the M5.

DD advised ;

(1) Buses. That Stagecoach may be buying out First Bus in some areas and that an additional bus (8.30am from the village and at 4.30 return) had been introduced in order to access the local college. DD advised he was still looking to see if a community transport scheme could be introduced.

(2) Local Development Orders. TDBC Community Scrutiny Ctte have received a briefing on these. The aim is to create a means for bringing forward land for development without the need for individual planning permission to be issued.

Instead development within the order would be automatically be allowed. LDO’s are being seen as an important planning tool which will be particularly useful in the redevelopment of complex brownfield sites and as a catalyst to development.

15/190. Minutes of the 3rd August. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

15/191. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd August 2015.

The Clerk advised on the following items;

15/139. Crufts Meadow. The Clerk confirmed he had reported the broken post to Wessex Water for repair.

15/101. Rec Park planting. The Clerk reminded the PCthat until a decision had been made on rec park layout the whipps could not be planted.

15/145. Defibulator. The Clerk advised that SG had replaced the pads.

15/147 (2) .The Clerk advised that he had responded again to SCC as instructed explaining that the “Creech St” wording of the signs on the West Monkton relief road were wrong and in of need correcting. No further reply had been received.

15/109. Caretakers Annual Review. Action. IW to arrange this meeting.

15/127. Septic tank at the Recreation Park emptying. A response is still awaited to see if SPS would provide a termly emptying at below (or at) the quoted rate. Action. If not forthcoming the Clerk is to arrange for the tank to be emptied termly.

15/129 (1). Canal Bridge. The extent of the foliage growing on the canal bridge had been reported to SCC Highways. The Clerk advised no response had been received yet.

15/146. Recreation Park. Independent Play Equipment Inspection. The Clerk reported that he could not get quotes for the works from Lightmain as the company had ceased trading. He had got quotes for the signs; these were reviewed

but as no member of the Rec Park panel was present a decision on wording was deferred. Action. To consider Rec Park signing at the Oct meeting and for the Clerk to seek alternative companies quotations to repair the equipment/site.

15/151. Carey Road Park. The Clerk had previously written to TDBC who had then replied apologising for not having progressed the transfer of the Park to CSM PC sooner but that they would proceed with some urgency; but no further action has still taken place.

15/166 (7). Carey Road Park. The Clerk had reported the problems being experienced to the Police only to find they had already been made aware, to TDBC who had replied saying they were in no position to gate or lock their Park and to the dog warden.

15/152 (1). Manciet, Hyde Lane. The Clerk referred to concerns that had been raised about the condition of a wall. TDBC Bdg Control had also visited. Clerk had spoken to Mr and Mr Cross who will put the matter in hand in due course.

15/152 (2). Rec Park Fencing. Action. The Clerk is to write to TME advising that the PC is looking to make improvements in the park and until these were clear orange barrier tape should be put up.

15/166 (2) Highways Maint. The Clerk advised that he had reported to SCC Highways the missing white line in Worthy Lane, a redundant steel post by the roundabout (that is forcing people to walk around it) and he had reported the brambles spilling over the pavement at Langaller.

15/192. Parish Council Planning. (1) Applications received: The Clerk reported that the application 14/15/0025 received had appeared on the TDBC Website after the last PC meeting but is showing as having been listed prior. To compound the situation TDBC had since passed it thereby not giving the PC an opportunity to comment upon it. The PC also decided all written correspondence, including Planning Applications for comment, should revert to coming to the Clerk in future. Action. The Clerk was asked to query the application 14/15/0025 with TDBC and to request an explanation when they had not agreed with the PC comments.

(2) Parish Council Priorities. IW again asked individual PCllrs to make suggestions/share aims for the future and for the PC. He asked PCllrs what they each wished to achieve. Additional ideas included enhancing the land at West View (as an alternative to Carey Road Park). Some suggestions made previously were restated. The suggestions made to date are; the replacement of the pavilion, to develop the community spirit beyond PIP, to improve bus services, to develop Carey Road Park and to develop a Neighbourhood plan for the urban extension, a crossing in Hyde Lane and a safe route to West Monkton School, to consider buying the green area adj to the Bell Inn, add play equipment to the Green Area [nr Alexandra Close] and traffic control measures [chicanes not humps] both in West View, Tree planting alongside the M5, to have presentations from key people, speed ramps from North End to Langaller and a Parish Plan. Action. At the next meeting the PC is to agree its goals to be taken forward.

15/193. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. It was decided to agree these at the October meeting.

15/194. Accounts;

(1) Payments paid since the last meeting British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-7- 15 to 7-8-15) £64.14 and

Bibby Financial Services (Factors for 3d Security Ltd Security at Rec Park 29-6-15 to 2-7-15) £270.00

(2) Payments approved for payment; Clerks Salary, Caretakers Salary, HMRC (Tax on Salaries)£257.76, Clerk August Exps £68.99, Bibby Financial Services (Factors for 3d Security Ltd Security at Rec Park 3-8-15 to 30-8-15)

£276.00, N Cridge (MC Grass cut) £50.00, J Miller (Allotment Field Rent 2015-16) £500.00, Nigels Window Cleaning

(3 Bus Shelters 20 8 15) £45.00, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-8- 15 to 7-9-15) £48.19, Kompan (Play equipment Tool to tighten parts) £7.53, Grant Thornton UK LLP (Ext Audit Fee 2015) £360.00, Wessex Water (Pavilion Water Supply 22 1 15-30 7 15) £12.79, Devon & Som Fire Prot Ltd (Pavilion Extinguisher Service)£16.50, TDBC (Planning mtg fee re Pavilion) £871.20.

(3) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; TDBC Grant (Playing Field and Burial grounds) £2,155.00,

PIP15 Donation (from Wellington Bouncy Castles) £230.00, Phoenix Allstars (Use of pitch august 2015) £120.00.

(4) Accounts. The Clerk had circulated a bank reconciliation report for the period 1/4/15 to 30/6/15 prior to the meeting. The Council’s receipts for the period 1st April 2015 to 30th June 2015 were £ 34,288.95 and the expenditure for the same period £12,346.09. The Clerk advised that the anticipated year end balance is currently estimated to be £17,000 and in answer to SG, advised that spending was £10,000 p.a above the income received and that would need to be addressed in due course. The report was accepted and then signed by the Chairperson as an accurate record.

(5) Ext Audit. The Clerk had circulated a copy of the Ext Auditor Grant Thornton audit letter in advance of the meeting. The Auditor had accepted and signed the accounts for 2014-2015 as correct. In doing so he had raised one minor point advising the grant element of the precept should appear in a different column to the precept itself. The Clerk was thanked.

(6) Internal Financial Controls. The Clerk had circulated a copy of the Councils IFC’s in advance of the meeting.

These were reviewed and agreed with one additional control; that all requests for financial information be reported to the PC and a record kept.

(7) Risk Assessment of Assets. The PC considered and agreed the approach to the annual Risk Assessment of the Councils Assets. The Clerk having previously circulated a listing of the PC Assets in advance of the meeting. The Council discussed these and agreed its approach to the annual RA of the Councils Assets would be to ask each PCllr, the Caretaker and the Clerk to volunteer to examine some of the assets.

Action. The Clerk to coordinate PCllrs reports on the condition of each asset so a report can be presented at the Nov PC meeting. The Clerk to ask the Int Auditor for his advices on the correct basis of the monetary value for each asset.

(8) Bank Account Signatories. The PC decided to add two more PCllrs to the pool of PCllrs who can sign cheques. Three signatories on each cheque will remain required. Action. Clerk to make arrangement with HSBC.

15/195. Recreation Park.

(1) Update report. See 15/191 (15/146) above.

(2) Development The Chair reported that the Architect had tried to meet with TDBC planners to explore any requirements they may have but had been informed that there was a fee payable. He had therefore deferred his meeting pending CSM PC agreement to meeting the fee £871.20. This was agreed to. It was noted that a 50% reduction would be given by TDBC on any planning application submitted. Action. SH is reviewing the Rec Site plan to see how best any additional equipment/facilities could be laid out. As the PC had agreed to issue TME a new lease IW and the Clerk are to re-examine the draft lease to ensure its complete; this will need some further negotiation on yet with TME.

15/196. Merlyn’s Copse.

The Chair reported he had met with the prospective purchaser at his request and his questions had been discussed. A subsequent email had been received by the Clerk and this was discussed at the meeting and responses agreed. It was decided to provide these to the PC Solicitor and to request her to respond on the PC behalf. To summarise it is understood the purchaser wishes to use the land in conjunction with his horticultural business. It was agreed to also highlight that he should make his own enquiries of TDBC to see if he needed planning permission for a change of use. In response to SG the Clerk confirmed the PC had already agreed to keep the Copse grass cut on a monthly basis during the growing season.

Action. The Clerk to further instruct its Solicitors in order to achieve the sale of MC.

15/197. Highways.

See 15/189 (4 -15) above.

15/198. Footpaths and Rights of Way

GL highlighted that now footpath T10/23 is open the fingerpost on Hyde Lane needs to be turned by 90 degrees.

Action. The Clerk to contact the developer and to ask for the fingerpost to be turned.


See 15/189 (DF 14 and DD 1) above.

15/200. Asset of Community Value: The Bell Inn.

The Chair and Clerk reported on enquiries they had made at the Land Registry. It appears that a strip of the land within the Bell Inn site had transferred ownership since the ACV status had been granted without the Solicitors involved or the owners enacting the requirements of the ACV. The Clerk has raised this with TDBC who have instructed their Solicitors.

15/201. Maintenance. The Clerk reported in his absence that DK was in the process of obtaining quotes to undertake maintenance to the Noticeboards at Ham, Arundells, St Michaels and Charlton Road (all need washing and restaining), the Bus Shelter at Adsborough (the seat needed repainting) and also to see how much the badly scratched Perspex would cost to replace in the Bus Shelters at Adsborough and CSM Sycamore.

15/202. Correspondence.

(1) A letter received from Neil and Carolyn Grout advised that the residents of Worthy Lane are becoming increasingly concerned by the action of the new owners at the house previously called Barnoaks, Worthy Lane was considered. It was noted that the premises had been allowed to get overgrown and that work was required. It was felt that the concerns should be raised directly by the neighbours with the owners in the first instance in order to get the best outcome, particularly as the PC had little jurisdiction as the road was a private road.

(2) The Clerk advised a letter had been received from TDBC offering Planning training. The Clerk to pass to SH.

15/203. New Matters to be carried forward.

The PC to consider at its October meeting the Urban Development Neighbourhood plan, Website, developing West View Park as an alternative to Carey Road Park, to consider requesting ACV Status for the Garage St Michaels Road site, to agree PCllrs responsibilities and determine the PC’s priorities.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 5th October in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall Lower (beginning at 7pm). The following meeting will be on Monday 3rd November again at 7pm.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net