/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 16th November 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 16th November 2015

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present I Wright (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), K Reed, L Gates, Y Guest, S W Harris, K Hunt, S Hutchings, D Knight, G Lucas and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). No members of the public attended.   


15/249. Apologies. SCCllr D Fothergill sent his apologies.


15/250. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. YG declared an interest in relation to the item Party in the Park 12/253 and did not vote.


15/251. Recreation Park.  SH advised that he has done some initial work examing the possibility of accommodating  additional play equipment at the Rec Park but had found limited room for additional equipment. A wide ranging discussion took place on the options for creating additional space for play equipment and it was agreed the priority is to install play equipment for children with disabilities.


Actions agreed;

1) A planning application for the new pavilion is to be submitted.

2) The Clerk is to clarify the procurement process required for the purchase of 2 pieces of playground equipment designed for use by children with disability.

3) A ‘Task and Finish’ Group (SH, CS, YG) was created to take forward the purchase of equipment for use by children with disability.

4) IW to make enquiries to purchase part of the adjacent field.

5) The Clerk to obtain a valuation on the adjacent field.

6) The Clerk to ask TDBC Planners to designate the adj field for recreation in their future plans.

7) The building of a new pavilion and installation of further play equipment (beyond that for children with a disability) to

    not proceed until what land is available is known.

8) The Clerk has written seeking to procure the Copse to the rear of the Rec Park.

9) Clerk to get greater clarity on what S106 play and sport money can be used for.



15/252. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. To discuss and agree panels membership.


IW explained his proposal that all decisions be made within the full Council meetings as the panels are not working in their present form and that there were too many. It was noted that statutory panels such as complaints could be formed as required and that new business may trigger the need to create specific panels or task and finish groups. IW suggested the PIP panel be kept (though more detailed reports were requested) and that greater use should be made of the website. These were agreed. CS highlighted the problem with the website is a lack of contributions rather than the site itself.  The Clerk suggested and it was agreed that planning application numbers and basic details are circulated to all PCllrs as applications are received so PCllrs can examine the TDBC planning website.

Action. Clerk to put the Website on the next meeting agenda so more contributions can be sought.


15/253. Party in the Park 2015.

DK advised that PIP15 had been shortlisted by the Fields in Trust organisation for the “Best Have a Field Day” Award at their Awards Dinner to be on Wednesday 2nd December 2015 at Lord’s Cricket Ground. This was welcomed and the panel praised for its efforts. It was noted a £1777 profit had been made at PIP15 and that no recommendations had yet come forward from the panel on how it should be used. The Clerk highlighted that the PIP was started by the PC, takes place in the Councils Park and it is financed, insured and the risks underwritten by the Parish Council. PIP is a panel of the PC and as such all sums would need to be authorised in line with the Parish Councils financial regulations. It was recognised that not all panel members may understand this. 

Action. It was agreed 2 people (YG and JM) attend the FiT awards dinner at an expense of £250.


The meeting closed at 8.50pm.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 7th December in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall (beginning at 7pm). The following meeting will be on Monday 4th January 2016 again at 7pm.  


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net