/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 24th Apr 2015 Annual Parish Mt


Minutes of the CREECH ST MICHAEL Annual Parish Meeting

held at 7.30pm on Friday 24th April 2015 at the Village Hall.

Present: PCllr K Hunt (Chairperson of the Parish Council chaired the meeting). S Hutchings (Vice Chair), S Greenhalgh,

Y Guest, G Lucas, K Reed, C Sampson and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). Also in attendance was SCC Cllr David Fothergill and 73 members of the public. 


Apologies were received from PCllrs G Hodge and D Knight, TDBCllr D Durdan, A Cooke, N Farrow, L Hitchin, C and F Vidler and G & J Winchester.


Minutes of the last Meeting. The Minutes of the meeting held on 9th May 2014 copies of which had been circulated, were agreed. The minutes were then signed by the Chairman as correct.


Matters arising from the previous meeting. None.


Chairman of the Parish Councils Report. Ken Hunt welcomed everyone and explained that Ian Wright and Steve Greenhalgh had joined the PC having lost Paul Chetwynd, John Middleton and Steve Wellman. KH explained the PC had sought to ameliorate the impact of the developments in Hyde Lane and had highlighted the need for a safe crossing and footpath. Improvements had been pursued on the A38 at Adsborough and North End and support provided to the Residents of Ham in order to help get a relief road for the sewage works/ to reduce the impact of the Lorries in the interim.


The planning panel has examined 40 applications in the Parish and made observations on each.


KH explained the developments in Hyde Lane will provide money to partially finance further improvements in the Rec Park and that whilst PCllrs had different views on how this should be done they all shared an ambition to get the very best for the Parish so would have to find a way to work together. The PC had also agreed in principal to take on Carey Grove Park.


A very successful Party in the Park had been held last July with 350 attending an evening event after a family day. KH advised he had enjoyed seeing so many Parishioners during the year use the PCs Rec park. A security company had been engaged and gates installed at the police suggestion to stop mopeds and cars whizzing around the carpark.


The PC applied for and obtained Asset of Community Value status on the Bell Inn and the fields and Copses adjacent to the Rec Park. Should the owners ever decide to sell these then they must now notify the PC so a decision can be made on how best to proceed. The PC has decided to sell Merlyn’s Copse and this would be marketed for sale shortly.


KH finished by paying tribute to the work undertaken by the PCllrs and the support given by the Clerk and the Caretaker.


Jeanette Keech Elected Public Governor for the Taunton Deane area (and also previously a Non- Executive Director) of the Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Musgrove Park Hospital explained how the Hospital meets the needs of the Parish. JK explained that the hospital had developed from a 1942 American established hospital to having 4000 staff,  30 wards, 13 Operating tables, a £250m budget dealing in an average week with 3000 outpatients, 4000 inpatients and 5000 A&E visits. The Hospital operates (since 2007) as a Foundation Trust and has earned and enjoys a good reputation and seeks to be an exemplar provider of health care,  24/7 across all stages of life. JK explained that there are 25,500 missed appts a year and that as each cost £100 the Hospital seeks to reduce them.


Recent enhancements included the Beacon Cancer Centre, the Helipad and Multi Storey Carpark and the Jubilee Building which provided 112 single rooms and 3 wards. JK praised work of the staff and league of friends who do superb work.  In answer to questions JK advised the number of treatments was increasing by 2/3% a year, that those missed Appts were often the same people who did not see the importance of the commitment in the same way most people do and that though the Hospital does not control the bus service it was aware that the changes to Bus Services had caused some issues.


PCSO Eamonn Lenniston 8466 of the Avon and Somerset Police introduced himself as he is new to the Beat Team of

Maria Jennings and Steve Chapman and later this year for a period Adrian Hooper. There had been changes due to budget

reductions to the Constabularies urban and rural policing and the beat now stretched from Churchstanton across the

Blackdowns through CSM to Burrowbridge, North Newton and Stoke St Mary. EL advised it takes an hour to get around but

that there was a rapid response car if required. EL explained about the problems in the Rec Car park and that the lads in

question had been caught and advised to stop and that some fish had been stolen from a back garden.


EL confirmed that the team still kept a list of problem areas and they make a point of calling into these and that beat

surgeries were being reduced as they were not being fully utilised.


Mrs Jo Humble and Karen Walker, Housing Enabling Leads, Taunton Deane Borough Council gave an update on

Affordable Housing. Of the three sites in Hyde Lane two had now appointed Housing Association (Linden-BCH Homes and

DWH-Aspen Homes) and one had yet to be determined.


A Community Event on how to access the new Social Housing in Hyde Lane had been held in CSM on 22nd April and 30

families had attended. It had been stressed the housing was for those with a local connection.


An affordable housing day is to be held at Somerset Cricket Ground on 3rd June 2015 which would be attended by Housing

Associations, Choices, CAB etc


Matt Mason, Taunton Risk Manager, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service provided an overview of the Fire

Services work. Devon and Somerset had merged its fire authorities together in 2007 and it was the largest outside of London

with 2500 staff, 88 fire stations, 3 Training centres and a control room in Exeter.


The Services aim is to ‘Act to Protect and Save' and this is achieved through a service that is adaptable in managing its

resources and committed to working in partnership delivering the provision of prevention, protection and emergency

response arrangements that reflect the local community risk. MM explained that Communities will see this change through

targeted prevention and protection activities and a change from traditional response arrangements. MM played a short video

highlighting how prevention and protection saves lives. He highlighted their work closely with Police and Ambulance Services

to try and reduce impact on A&E.


Georgina Marshall and Jo Williams from David Wilson Homes explained that they worked at the West View Gardens Development of 55 Houses in Hyde Lane. 14 Houses had been sold to Aspen Homes for shared ownership or to be rented to local people. They explained that these were family homes and would be available from June with the sales office opening the next day.


In answers to question the speakers advised that the builders started early on site so they can finish early and as they were trying to avoid the School start and finish times. Suppliers had been told not to deliver at these times or use Hyde Lane by the Rugby Club but accepted they did not always have control over their suppliers arrival times and routes. They reassured the meeting that the site will refuse deliveries if they do. The Manager of the Preschool expressed her concerns that people had nearly been run over, she had received lots of complaints and of a 8’ sign outside. When questioned why the PC had allowed the site access alongside the school rather than at the rear GL advised that the PC had asked TDBC to refuse planning permission and not to allow any building but TDBC had granted the permission regardless.


It was reconised that once the site was built and houses sold that residents will still come back and forwards. Everyone has to be aware of Childrens safety and to act accordingly.


A request was made for site names to be changed as it was causing confusion with West View. DWH advised that it would once the sales process was over and TDBC had allocated its official addresses. DWH also reassured residents that the Right of Way would reopen once work had been completed. The damage to verges was highlighted to DWH and DF advised that SCC would now have to put this right at taxpayers in the room’s expense. DF advised that there was a plan for a cycle /footway in Hyde Lane and that both developments will have to pay S106 to help finance these out to the urban extension past Hyde Lane cottages.


Steve Holden, Community First Responder for South West Ambulance Service Foundation Trust.

SH explained he lived in the village and was a trained volunteer who would respond to life threatening incidents, normally that had been called into the Ambulance Service. SH explained he was happy to discuss being a responder with anyone interested in learning more about the role.


Charlie Cudlip on Speed Calming. CC explained he lived in the Village and having been a PCllr had become aware of limited budgets. He suggested that the whole village be designated a 20mph zone. This would only a limited number of signs. CC highlighted traffic would only increase, there was no bypass and the School was a particular problem. CC advised that Peasdown St John Nr Bath had already done this.


DF highlighted that this was a great idea and suggested that it be adopted the next day by everyone driving at no more than 20mph. In answer to questions the Speeding Indicator Display programme was explained, SG suggested that the Police and the Somerset Road Safety Partnership would be happy to help set up a speed watch if there was sufficient volunteers. A suggestion was made to produce a 20mph in Creech car sticker. The need for a crossing in Hyde Lane was raised and a request for speed between Bathpool and Langaller to be limited to 40mph was made.


   Mike Johns Chairman and Colleagues from the Taunton Model Engineers spoke of the benefit to the Village of the

   Railway that runs three sides of the Rec Park. David Hartland gave a presentation explaining that TME had been set up in

   1946 and now had 120 members, most of whom were local with 6 living in the Parish. Cttee Mtgs are usually held in Stoke

   St Mary but occasionally in CSM. TME aims to promote interest in Model Engines, produce tools and provide fun and good

   fellowship.TME had set up in Vivary Park in 1981 on track leased from TDBC. 92,000 passengers had been carried.


   DH explained that some members enjoy building larger models and that as TME had nowhere to run them TME was invited

   In 2002 by the then Rec Park Cttee to build on unused land. The PC had supported them through planning permission

   process, the Rec Park Cttee agreed terms and by 2003 were setup with public use from 2006 using entirely community

   volunteer effort and with £45k raised by TME through volunteers effort. The trains run 18 days a year but also 10 days

   private running and events such as that for the School, Pre School etc. 19 working parties were held so that on 140 days a

   year someone from TME is on site. 1747 passengers were carried in 2014 and 8127 to date. In addition TME has done art

   classes and taken their engines into the school and encouraged the Youngsters. An example of a young person who is now

  an apprentice having had his interest triggered by TME was given. A representative of the Pre School thanked TME.


  DH highlighted that TME was paying to be on site and that there costs exceeded income from passengers so had to be found

  by its members. A passenger survey in 2014 had shown of 262 people surveyed 81 lived in CSM, 139 from Taunton and only  

  42 were outside the area. 42 people who may have used the shop or public house.  All 262 had enjoyed themselves, thought

  the railway was good and would like to return. DH explained that the future of the railway is dependent on getting the

  agreement in place as TME needed security to operate, would like to have a second station and to work with local

  organisations. Wide spread support for TME was demonstrated through widespread clapping and cheering when the

  Chairperson asked for a show of hands. KH explained that some PCllrs have different views on the best use of the Rec Park.

  YG highlighted that if the Parish wanted more play equipment or facilities it may need some changes. One resident

  Highlighted that he had not express an opinion as he did not know what the options are. A Parishioner advised she was

  Involved with Wokingham Railway, that had grown and grown and when the Council wished it to move they had helped find

  another better site and assisted with the move; she highlighted that youngsters learnt a skill from their experiences. Another

  highlighted that three petitions were going around the village to support TME and preferably to expand the railway.SG

  advised he having joined the PC he was aware it had agreed to review the best use of the field.


 Open Questions;

 Planning. A Parishioner asked if there was any truth in the rumour that the owners of the former Taunton Vale Golf Course  

 were considering residential rather than agricultural use. SH advised that whilst an application was in to convert the former

 club house to an agricultural workers dwelling he was not aware of any such application and as the PC had objected to all the

 major developments in the Parish he felt sure it would reject any such application if submitted.


 Bus service. A Student asked if any improvements were planned and suggested that the current timings where not helpful to

 those going into Town, College etc. DF explained that the old Webber service had been replaced by First Bus having forced   

 Webbers off the route. It had been run as a commercial route which received no subsidy from SCC. Now First Bus have

 decided, having given the required 56 days notice, to stop the route presumably as they are not making money. SCC are

 having to make savings and to reduce subsidies. SCC had been looking to cut the Wells Service subsidy but had decided

 to retain the subsidy at current levels providing First Bus diverted the Wells Bus via CSM four times a day each way. GL asked

 why the times had been chosen. DF appreciated they were not ideal but at least provided a service. DF suggested the

 community looked at developing a community transport scheme. It was noted that a petition had been sent recently into SCC

 Transporting Somerset.


 Council Tax. A Parishioner asked why PC Council Tax element had increased by 7.4%. The Clerk advised that a £2 p.a per

 band D house increase had been agreed after period of no increases. The PC had been relying on reserves to balance its

 budget and needed to move towards a balanced budget as reserves reduced. Ruth Farrow highlighted the impact of increases.


 West View Pavements. A Parishioner felt they were very poor.  DF explained SCC had 40% budget cuts and needed to protect

 vulnerable people such as Elderly and Children in Care as the priority and pavements have been one area that the budget had

 been reduced. DF advised if they are a safety concern they will be repaired.


 Meeting finished 10.08 p.m


 Steve Altria