/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 2nd March 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 2nd March 2015

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present: K. Hunt (Chair), S Hutchings (Vice Chair), S Greenhalgh, Y Guest, G Hodge, G Lucas, K Reed, and I Wright (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCCllr D Fothergill and TDBCllr D Durdan. 16 members of the public attended.   


15/41. Chairpersons Welcome. Cllr Hunt began by welcoming everyone and Rebecca Staddon TDBCs CIL Officer in particular. KH explained that he intended to finish the meeting at 9pm.


15/42. Public Speaking.  3 Parishioners addressed the Parish Council;

(1). Tom Insall expressed his view that the proposed revised Bus Service post changes are inadequate as they do not meet the needs of young people getting to College or older people that may need to access the Hospital. He also suggested that the Wells Bus must cost more than the existing service.


(2). Lynn Gates invited everyone to look at the model of the rec park sited at the rear of the Cttee room. LG advised she had started a petition in support of TME as she would like to see it continue to operate in the village.


(3). Christine Wincester also spoke on the Bus Service. CW asked if the new Bus Service would serve all the village on its way through to Ruishton or just North End and Hyde Lane turning at the Bus Stop. (Note from Clerk - DF has since confirmed that the Bus Service will go through Ruishton). 


15/43. Transport - Bus Service

DF read a statement regarding the proposed changes to the Creech bus service. “Following representations from the Parish Council I am now in a position to provide more information on the Number 26 bus service. The 26 route is a commercial route and receives no funding from SCC. So any change by the Operator has to be registered with the Transport Commissioner before it enters the public domain. This has now been provided by 'Buses of Somerset' who intend to withdraw the Number 26 route.

SCC have urgently looked at a contingency plan to maintain a service in the Creech Heathfield/Creech St. Michael area and have been able to agree some level of replacement by introducing a subsidy to the new service. You will appreciate that at such times of austerity and review of subsidy on other bus services this is a very positive step by the County Council.

SCC have agreed with Buses of Somerset that the number 29 service from Taunton to Wells be diverted via Creech Heathfield and Creech St Michael in both directions. This will provide four return journeys per day; one in each direction provided commercially by the operator and the other three funded by Somerset County Council.

Therefore the timetable which will come into operation on Monday 13th April are as follows:
Creech St Michael, West View to Taunton Bus Station 0754, 1059, 1359, 1659
Taunton Bus Station to Creech St. Michael, West View 0830, 1130, 1430, 1735

SCC have made it very clear to the Buses of Somerset that their actions in registering the Number 26 service commercially and then withdrawing it will have deprived the community of another service which was being provided without financial support (Webberbus 27) but the 1985 Transport Act allows them to both register and de-register services at 56 days' notice and there is nothing to prevent them from doing this. For their part they maintain that they have tried to provide this service on a commercial basis but this has not been possible due to the numbers of passengers that have used the service since they introduced it.

Electronic copies of the revised 29 timetable will be sent out this week so that everyone affected is aware of this change. 


GL advised that whilst he knew as much as anyone else he had heard that futures changes may be made and he explained why the stated times were not of real use.

Action. DF agreed to get guidance on how to set up and operate a Community Transport Scheme and to raise with SCC Transport the concerns raised to see if any further improvement to the proposed Bus Service can be made. DF also undertook to see if the bus would route via Ruishton or not (Note from Clerk DF has since confirmed that it will).


15/44. Election of Members Co-opted onto the Parish Council. The Chairperson explained that there is a vacancy and that the PC could co-opt and asked if any one present was interested in the role. The Clerk confirmed that no one had expressed an interest and as no one present asked to be co-opted a vacancy remains.


15/45. Apologies. PCllrs D Knight and C Sampson gave their apologies and their reasons were accepted.SG explained that Inspector Tim Powell-Gill from the Avon & Somerset Police who had asked to address the PC regarding road closures between Creech & Ruishton in cases of flooding had since advised he wished to delay his attendance. The Inspector is seeking to ensure the arrangements in Ruishton are embedded before he commences CSM.


15/46. Declarations of Interest.  

(1)  Declarations of Individual Members. SH declared an interest in respect of Merlyn’s Copse,A/c’s and Allotments.


(2) Responsibilities of Members to Declare. The Clerk advised PCllrs that SALC had accepted their invitation to attend the June meeting in order to give a presentation to PCllrs on their responsibility to declare interest. As requested this was timed immediately following the May elections so any new PCllrs can attend. 



15/47. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  

Rebecca Staddon, TDBC CIL Officer attended to explain how CIL operates. RS explained that TDBC is one of the first Councils to have implemented CIL (wef 1.4.14) as it wished all and not just large developers to contribute to infrastructure improvements. Anyone who builds a house, a large extension or retail unit (but not commercial premises) is required to pay CIL based on the square metre floor area at the current rate £ which is determined by the sites charging zone (there are four Zones; Taunton Town Centre/Wellington/Rest of Taunton (incl urban extension)/Rural (includes rest of CSM Parish) all of which are at different rates. CIL is not part of the planning application process as the CIL Officer does not contact the developers until after planning permission has been granted. RS explained that CIL replaces many of the S106 strands but that S106 still remains in place for affordable housing and children’s play. CIL is payable when work starts so can be payable years after planning permission is granted (each grant of planning permission determines the number of years within which building has to start) and CIL is paid 50% on commencement of build and the remaining 50% within 120 days. Developers can claim relief upon application in certain circumstances eg for self build, social housing etc providing the set criteria (which must be evidenced and has to remain in the same ownership for at least three years) as long as the application is made before building starts. RS advised that CIL does not accrue automatically to the area which the build takes place in. To benefit from CIL beyond a ‘Parish proportion’ an application has to be made to the TDBC CIL Governance Board who allocates money for Education, Strategic Transport, Comm Dev (Sports and Comm Halls), Firepool, Strategic Works for flooding and Town Centre Dev. The Parish Proportion is set at 25% if a Neighbourhood Plan is in place or 15% if not but is currently set at an annual limit of £111,000 (based on current no of houses 1116 (revised on 1st April each year) payable on 28th Oct and 28th April and is to be spent within 5 years). Each PC has to publish a report annually setting out the sums received, held and how spent. RS advised no CIL has been paid yet for CSM but some is due on May 2015 from the Development in Hyde Lane and that money once paid over by a developer is no longer the Developers (unlike S106).


SH asked if a developer obtained a planning consent for a development but then sold to self builders who used the developers builders and then occupied their house who would pay CIL? RS explained if the self build criteria was evidenced and they stayed in residence then no CIL was payable.


Eric Chown suggested that CIL would further encourage smaller houses and highlighted that the UKs houses are on average already only 70% of those in Europe.


GL asked why Wellington did not attract CIL. RS advised this had been recommended by 3 dragon consultants.


15/48. County & District Councillors’ Reports. 

DF updated the PC;


North End Virtual Footway. DF explained that the footway was now in and that installing the signage was the next step. He suggested the PC request the Police to enforce the 20 mph zone. KH advised he had seen someone parking on the footway and asked if this was permitted. DF replied that pedestrians have priority and cars can only use the footway when pedestrians are not there.


Hyde Lane. DF expressed his view that Hyde Lane is still a major problem. DF explained that he had asked if money could be brought forward to build the footpath down Hyde Lane and he had spoken to Persimmon Homes to see if they would create the footpath behind Hyde Lane Cottages.


Access to CSM. DF confirmed that he had not lost sight of a road access to the relief road across the employment land allocated in the urban extension but reminded the PC that it needed to be sure that it does want this access. 


Adult and Community Care. DF advised that the new Care Act had been introduced effective from April 2015. The Act introduces a national assessment for the level of care, a right for carers to be assessed, a cap on care of £72,000 and a requirement to offer deferred payment agreements. DF highlighted that this was a major change and would have a wide impact. GH asked why staffing was reduced by SCC if the elderly population was increasing. DF advised that there had been no reduction of officers and explained they were being asked to do things differently.


DD advised;


TDBC had agreed to freeze their part of the Council Tax for a further year. A number of initiatives have been approved including £102,000 for improved street cleaning, extra grass cutting and weed spraying. £55,000 for community safety measures focussed on cleaner public areas and informing users on how to break the cycle of addiction and for young people of the dangers of legal highs. £10,000 towards the enforcement and removal of waste after events. £88,000 to keep toilets open and £25,000 for Taunton’s Christmas Lights. £9m is to be invested on capital projects including £1m on new housing, £6.7m on improving existing council Housing, £0.8m on disabled facilities and adaptations in Homes and Services and £2.8m to support growth and regeneration.


15/49. Minutes of the 2nd February. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). No changes were requested and the amended minutes were therefore agreed. They were then signed and dated by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


15/50.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd February.

The Clerk highlighted ;

14/195. Footpaths (2) Laburnum Terrace. The Clerk reported that having written to the house holder at No 2 Anne’s Orchard twice asking them to prune to 7 feet the overhanging trees to enable people to walk underneath. As no reply





had been received the Clerk reported he had written to SCC Highways asking them to take action and an outcome is still not known.

14/229 (5.3). Cox’s Hill, St Michaels Rd. The Chairman explained the caretaker had been asked to sweep/clear the path  but on visiting the site he had found that the problem stems from the adjacent house.

Action. The Chairperson and Caretaker to inform the Clerk of the householder and the Clerk to then write asking them to take action to clear the footpath.

14/245. Public Transport. GL had previously advised the Clerk he would identify the points to make to TDBC re First Bus following the Bus Panel meeting in March but that this had now been overtaken (see item 15/43 above).

15/15. Assets of Community Value. The Clerk confirmed he had received four confirmations from TDBC that they had agreed that the two fields and copses to the side and rear of the Rec Park met the requirements for ACV status. The Council will now notify the owners.

15/16.The Clerk advised he had written to David Wilson Homes asking when the car park would become available to the school. A reply has still not been received.

15/20. Automatic Pension Enrolment (Vesting Date 1.6.16) The Clerk explained he had written to Peninsula Pensions (who provide the SCC Pension Service) asking what they could offer CSM PC, if anything. A reply is awaited.


13/15. SG asked the Chairperson if he would issue the statement that he had said at the last meeting he would do shortly and asked for an explanation why this had not been issued? KH replied that he felt it very disturbing that some PCllrs had decided when he was ill after Christmas to call a vote of no confidence and he felt it unfair that he was put in a position where he did not first have a right of reply. KH explained that he had prepared a statement but given that it was now nearly May he had decided not to stoop as low and to ignore it.


15/51. Minutes of the 16th February. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). A change had been requested. CS had advised that at item 15/40( 3) Rec Park Plan the Architect had been asked to create 2 drawings, 1 with and one without TME in place as the PC planned to use these at the Annual Parish Meeting to demonstrate the different ways the land could be used. This was agreed and the change made. The amended minutes were then agreed, signed and dated by the Chairperson as an accurate record of the meeting.


15/52.  Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 16th February.

The Clerk highlighted;


15/40. The Clerk confirmed he had commissioned the Architect through to the Planning stage and had ask him as a first step to produce a plan for the building taking account of the features identified.

15/40 Rec Park Panel to consult Parishioners at Annual Parish Mtg on the leisure Plan.

15/40 The Clerk confirmed he had asked the Architect to produce a plan for the Rec Park taking account of the building plan and the existing uses of the Rec Park and the above aspirations for the Rec Park.

15/40 The Clerk confirmed he had invited TME to speak at and to have a stand at the Annual Parish Meeting.


15/53. Parish Mtg Friday April 24th. SG and the Clerk updated the PC on the speakers invited to take part in this year APM and its promotion was discussed. The event is to be held in the Village Hall with a 7pm for 7.30pm start.

Action. The Clerk to arrange for the APM banner to be amended to reflect this year’s date and to get two further banners made and to arrange to have flyers printed for distribution (to be organised by PCllrs). 


15/54. Parish Post. The Clerk asked for an update on what was happening with the Councils Parish Post as he was aware that the PC had not made any decisions, that the PC had recently purchased a laptop computer which remains its asset and that he was not aware how any new arrangements would be of benefit to the Parishioners or would help the PC improve its communications. KH advised he had not been informed of the new arrangements in place either. KH learnt that new arrangements were in place when an advertiser had asked him and he had subsequently met YG in passing who did not know either. KH advised that any PCllr involved in the new arrangements had an interest which should have been declared and whilst they can take part in the  discussion they could not vote on a decision. GH referred to the minutes of the December meeting in which KR had informed the PC that the panel had decided it was no longer prepared to publish the Post whilst the current Chairperson was in role. IW suggested that it was too late to do anything this year now. KH made it clear that the Post had been produced by the Parish Council for the past 33 years and that the Post was a matter for the PC to make a decision not a panel. He called for it to be returned in house. SH whilst paying tribute to the production expressed his disappointment too and asked that the computer be returned to its owner the PC. SG proposed that the best way forward was to await the new PC in May and to make a decision then, with the status quo remaining until then. This was agreed.


15/55. Parish Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk had already circulated a briefing paper and introductory guidance on Parish Neighbourhood Planning. IW suggested that it was beyond the PC to produce a Neighbourhood plan. He had calculated that the additional CIL that would accrue was likely to be worth at least £125,000.00 so he suggested that the PC appoint a consultant to develop the plan on its behalf. SH expressed his view that the key was to keep it as simple as possible. DF suggested that TDBCs Ann Rhodes could help with the development of a Neighbourhood Plan. DD added that Wiveliscombe, Bishops Lydeard and Trull PCs had started the process and he suggested the PC contact them to learn of their experiences.

Action. The Clerk to invite TDBCs Ann Rhodes to a future Parish Council meeting to explain Neighbourhood Planning.


15/56. Allotments. No update on Creech Allotment Societies request for a lease extension and to make additional use of land was given.






15/57. Highways.

(1) North End Virtual Footway project. See update given on installation progress at 15.48 above.

(2) Hyde Lane. See update given at 15.48 above.

(3) A38 Adsborough. No Update given.

(4) Defects. None reported.   


15/58 Footpaths and Rights of Way.

None reported.           


15/59. Planning. Applications received: The Panel reported on application received and the PC decided;













The Clerk explained from the planning list that an application 14/15/0007 had just been received by TDBC but despite it not having yet been passed to CSM PC he asked if the PC wished for him to apply for extension so that it can be considered at the April meeting. This was agreed. Action. The Clerk to apply for an extension in respect of planning application 14/15/0007 Extension at Applegarth, Ham.


15/60. Accounts.

(1) The following payments were approved; payment of the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC (Tax Due on wages) £249.64, Clerks February Expenses £107.07, British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-1- 15 to 7-2-15) £100.26, Taunton Deane DLO (Verge x2 cutting in the village 2014) £259.20, J & J Miller plant hire (Removal of brush from MC) £90.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning (Bus Shelters Cleaning 5 2 15)£45.00, J & J Miller plant hire (Removal of tree stumps from MC) £450.00.


(2) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Tone Youth FC (Jan 14 pitch fees) £100.00. The Clerk advised that he had received a CAF Voucher from Wessex Water as a donation to this years Party in the Park and that he had sent this to CAF in order that they can make £150.00payment into the PC bank.


15/61. Recreation Park.

(1) Update report and to authorise annual independent safety inspection/grass cutting for 2015.

Action. DK to liaise with SH and to get quotes for Independent Play Equipment Inspection for a 5 years period. Clerk authorised to instruct company from quotations and to appoint the DLO for grass cutting in the Rec Park 2015 season.


(2) Development. The Clerk reported he had written to the Architect on what the PC wants from the building

and on the site and had offered a meeting. The Architect had responded thanking the PC for his appointment and that he wanted to reflect on the requirements before proceeding with a meeting


15/62.  Party in the Park 11th July 2015.  YG advised that progress was being made as expected.


15/63.  Merlyn’s Copse.  The Clerk advised that the had been informed that the contractor had removed the stumps and brush as requested from Merlyn’s Copse. He also confirmed he had written to Chesterton Humberts in order to give them the required three weeks’ notice and as this had passed the PC had now terminated its arrangements with them. He explained he had now received written details of Stags proposed charges which were higher than expected so he had asked Greenslade Taylor Hunt for their fees.

Action. PC to decide what to do at the April meeting once the quotation had been obtained by the Clerk. SG to remove danger signs from MC.


15/64.  Correspondence. There was no correspondence received that Cllrs raised.


15/65. New Matters to be carried forward. None.


The meeting closed at 9.30pm.


Future Meetings; The next full Parish Council meetings will be held on Mondays 13th April and Monday May 11th 2015.

All meetings to take place at the CSM Village Hall Lower Cttee Room (beginning at 7pm).


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net