/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 2nd November 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 2nd November 2015

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), K Reed, L Gates, Y Guest, S W Harris, K Hunt, S Hutchings, D Knight, G Lucas and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill and TDBCllr D Durdan and 5 members of the public attended.   


15/227. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Greenhalgh advised that in the Chairs absence he would Chair the meeting. SG began by welcoming everyone.


15/228. Public Speaking.  Four people addressed the PC;


1.Roger Stoakley, Chairman of the A38 Adsborough Hill Working Party reminded the PC that accidents at this location were 60% higher than the Somerset standard. The decision by SCC to withdraw the consultants SLR recommended bus lay-bys in favour of stopping on the highway would lead to frustrated drivers and adj roads blocked. RS drew attention to there being four other sets of lay-bys on the road. RS suggested there needs to be a meeting and he hoped the PC would wish to be represented. SG confirmed that if informed of the date he would attend.  SG also advised that DF had regularly kept the PC upto date and that the reasoning is about the bus avoiding to have to negotiate itself back onto the highway rather than simply money saving. DF confirmed this and also offered to attend a meeting.  DF reminded the PC that he had recommended SLR and had submitted the improvement project. The difficult bit at the location was the lay-bys due to the poor visibility at this particular site and that’s why it had failed its first safety audit. DF confirmed the central refuges would be installed. CS highlighted the difficulties of turning right at the location and the children crossing the road after getting off the bus. CS suggested that the refuge is crucial but the children once dropped off have to walk along the grass verge which is knee high and therefore not acceptable. KH highlighted the speed of traffic using the road and it was noted the Police were regularly operating speed cameras at the site.


2. Shaun Fox, Larkfleet Homes. SF advised his company had purchased the development site behind the Health Centre and that they would commence building in the new year 44 houses in Hyde Lane. He explained that LH are new to the South West as they are a small private developer operating in the Rutland area. SF explained he was aware of some of the difficulties the Village had experienced from the three developments to date and that he would like to make proposals to the PC to overcome these at the next PC meeting, including access to the site, putting money into the main rec park for new equipment as an alternative to duplicating a limited range of basic equipment in a standard alone play area on the site and some small changes the company would like. DF asked that Larkfleet Homes fund a School crossing patrol for a year outside the School and KR suggested access be from the WM relief road.


3.Andy Lehner, West of England Developments. SL explained that he is working closely with AL as they would like to ‘round off’ the Larkfleet development with an additional 30/40 additional houses to the west of the development to include accommodation that the PC feels is required; suggesting Bungalows fitted to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.


4. Graham Hodge. As a local resident he highlighted that the existing sites had signs stating delivery times but in practice accepted goods when the lorries arrived and school opening and closing times were daily ignored.


15/229. Apologies. I Wright (Chair) sent his apologies; reason accepted.


15/230. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. No declarations of interest were made.


15/231. County & District Councillors’ Reports. 


DD provided a summary of discretionary powers of the Parish Council.  Action. Clerk to circulate to all PCllrs.


DF advised:
(1) Salt bags. That the letter sent annually notifying arrangements for availability is about to be sent out.

Action. SH offered to collect and distribute once received.

(2) SCC Health and Wellbeing grants That he had received three grant requests from CSM community groups.

(3) Hedge cutting in Hyde Lane. DF highlighted that there was likely to be an ongoing problems getting hedges cut in the footpath beside the rec park as fences erected had annexed the bushes from the homes that own them. The Clerk advised he had already asked DWH Homes to cut the bushes.

(4) Ham STW. The Compulsory purchase hearing  has been postponed to jan as Wessex Water purchase of access from Tarmac had been agreed and is progressing.

(5) Weight restriction sign in Mill Lane GL asked if the could be turned round so it facing the right way.

Action. Clerk to ask SCC Highways to correct.

(6) Street lights. GL asked why some columns by the slaughterhouse had been cut down. DF advised it was in preparation for there being replaced as part of a programme of 500 columns being replaced complete with l.e.d bulbs.


15/232.  Minutes of the 5th October. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


15/233. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 5th October 2015.

The Clerk reported;







15/209 (1) Carey Road Park. The Clerk confirmed he had spoken to TDBC Debbie Arscott and had explained the PC intentions.


15/209(4) Hyde Lane. DF confirmed he had submitted the Hyde Lane crossing as the improvement scheme for CSM to SCC Highways and that it was still the intention to install a speed table by Rocketts Cottages.


15/13 Crufts Meadow. The Clerk advised that Wessex Water had now examined the broken post but had advised it was the Environment Agencies responsibility. As a result he had contacted the EA and requested that they repair and had also chased them as no reply beyond an acknowledgment had yet been received.


15/101 Rec Park planting. The Clerk reminded the PC that until a decision had been made on the rec park layout the whipps could not be planted.


15/147 (2) West Monkton relief road. The Clerk advised that no further reply had been received yet from SCC Highways despite his responding  twice to SCC as instructed to explain that the “Creech St” wording of the signs is wrong and is in need of correcting.


15/109 Caretakers Annual Review. The Clerk confirmed he arranged this meeting.


15/127 Recreation Park Septic tank. The Clerk advised he had arranged for the tank to be emptied that week.


15/129 (1) Canal Bridge. The Clerk advised that the River and Canal Trust had now confirmed the bridge was on its winter maintenance programme and that the foliage growing on the canal bridge would be cut mid November.


15/146 Recreation Park. Independent Play Equipment Inspection. The Clerk reported that he had asked Sutcliffe’s the manufacturer direct and had received an acknowledgment but no reply yet. He had also got quotes for the signs and these would be considered later (see minute 15.237 (2) below). 


15/151. Carey Road Park. The Clerk reported that though TDBC had replied apologising for not having progressed the transfer of the Park to CSM PC sooner they still had not taken any further action. He explained he had also spoken to TDBC Debbie Arscott about this and she had raised the matter with colleagues without success. Action. The Clerk will continue to make enquiries of TDBC.


15/198 Footpath T10/23 Hyde Lane. The Clerk confirmed he had asked DWH, the developer to turn by 90 degrees the fingerpost now footpath T10/23 is open on Hyde Lane.


15/218 (1) Footpath, St Michaels Road. DF confirmed he had reported to SCC Highways the missing post in the footpath outside of the Veterinary Surgery


15/218 (3) Rubbish Bin by Hyde Lane Bus Stop. The Clerk reported he had inform TDBC that the bin had been torn from its anchor and moved and now needed relocating back to the floor but they had asked to be paid. Action. The Clerk to get an alternative quote for this work and was given authority to proceed.


15/234. Parish Council Planning.

(1) Parish Council Priorities.  Postponed as IW not present.

(2) Neighbourhood Planning for the Urban Extension area of CSM Parish. SG advised that the Chair had some thoughts regarding this so he would postpone. The Clerk advised that the PC had just received its first Community Infrastructure Levy monies in the sum of £8414.06. The payment was in respect of 25 houses on the Linden Homes development and represented the first instalment with a second due in april 16 in the same amount. Assuming 3500 similar homes would be built in the urban development area and using the urban lower tariff of £75 rather than village tariff of £125  this would suggest the basic C.I.L payable to the PC over future years could be £2m and if an NH Plan where in place an additional 10% payable worth potentially £900,000.00. The Clerk restated the importance of this item.

Action. Clerk to ask TDBC if Linden Homes S106 money had been received.

(3) Applications received: The PC considered the application and whilst it noted all four neighbours had objected the PC is aware that it needs to give its observations based on planning reasons only however it formed the view that there are no such grounds it can make on this particular application. Having said this the PC recognised any buildings permitted should be of a quality, character and merit to sit aside existing.










15/235. Individual Parish Councillors responsibilities. This item was deferred to the next PC meeting. SG asked that PCllrs with specific requests should submit them in the meantime to the Chair and advised that the Chair was proposing to have fewer panels.


15/236. Accounts.

(1) Invoice paid since last meeting. The Clerk advised that B Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-9- 15 to 7-10-15) £56.73 had been paid as had been agreed.

(2) Invoices authorised for payment. Clerks Salary, Caretakers Salary, HMRC (Tax) £257.76, Clerks October Expenses £101.02, N Cridge (MC Grass cut) £50.00, N Robertson (Repairs to pavilion toilet) £74.60, Nigel’s Window Cleaning (Bus shelters 20 10 15)  £45.00, CSM Village Hall (Use of Village Hall Jan-Sep 15) £206.50.



(3) Invoices authorised to be paid before the next meeting. Bibby Financial Services (Factors for 3d Security at Rec Park 1-10-15 to 28-10-15) and B Gas Electricity at Pavilion 7-10-15 to 7-11-15).

(4) Grant. A Grant to St Michaels Parish Church £630.00 for the maintenance of the burial ground was agreed.

(5) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Creech Cougars £20, Tone Youth £80 and Ruishton FC £20 (All for use of Rec Field Sep 15) and from TDBC (CIL from Linden Homes 1 instalment) £8414.06.

(6) Accounts. The Clerk had circulated a bank reconciliation report for the period 1/4/15 to 30/9/15 prior to the meeting. The Council’s receipts for the period 1st April 2015 to 30th Sept 2015 are £40,382.35 and the expenditure for the same period is £23,730.33. The Clerk advised that the anticipated uncommitted yearend balance is currently estimated to be £21,000. The report was accepted and signed by the Chair as an accurate record.

(7) Annual Review of PC Assets. The Clerk advised that all of the assets had now been allocated for review and that some of the reviews had been conducted. As some remained to be concluded the findings of the review will be reported to the Dec meeting.

(8) TDBC Consultation on Council Tax Support Scheme. The PC discussed the consultation received from TDBC and agreed to make representations that this grant, an important part of its funding, should continue to be paid to the PC and not phased out or stopped. The Clerk advised whatever the outcome the PC should no longer rely on it.

Action. The Clerk to write to TDBC making the case for the grant to continue to be paid.


15/237. Recreation Park

(1) Update report. YG advised that both the goalposts are damaged and that the football teams have requested that they be repaired or replaced.

Action. It was agreed that YG would ask the footballers to get quotations to repair.

The footballers have reported that that they had found drug equipment at the park.

Action. The Clerk to report to the Police and to 3d Security (with a request to thoroughly check the site).

The Clerk reported that the further repair work authorised on the pavilion following the attempted break in has been commissioned.

Action. The Clerk to get a quote for reconcreting one of the bicycle racks and was given authority to proceed.

(2) Signage. The Clerk reported that 3d Security had agreed that the PC could use their telephone number and services on the planned ‘in an emergency’ signing at a cost of £5 per call. This, the purchase of three signs and their installation from KSigns was agreed. Acton. The Clerk to order 3 signs from KSigns as quoted.

(3) Surfacing. The Clerk reported TDBC had suggested the PC use Technix to undertake the surfacing repairs works identified in the independent safety examination. As the PC had experience of using Parsons Landscapes it was agreed to ask both companies to quote for the works.

Action The Clerk to get quote for repairs to the under equipment surfacing in the rec park.

(4) Development. Trevor Spurway, Architect had just advised he had now met with TDBC in order to understand what s106 money may be available to the project. Action. As the Architects reply confused CS and the Clerk as it appears contradictory to previous advices the Clerk was asked to clarify the sums and reply with the Architect and TDBC.

It was noted the next step is public consultation but the plan for siting additional play equipment in the rec park is not yet available so an additional single focus meeting was suggested in order to examine and agree the siting of play equipment.


15/238. Highways.

(1) North End Virtual Footway project. SG reported that the lighting had now been done and that once the repeater signs are installed the project was complete.

(2) Hyde Lane. DF advised most of the repairs required had now been done but that no update report was available on the provision of footway and proposal to extend 30mph from motorway bridge out to Hyde lane cottages.

(3) Hyde Lane crossing Improvement Scheme. See item 15/233 above.

(4) A38 Adsborough. See item 15/228 (1)  

(5) Access from WMonkton relief road. DF advised that the WM relief road would open during the week of 16th November. DF also explained that the ransom strip to access the land was owned by the developer and the route runs through land identified for industry.

(6) Defects. None.


15/239. Footpaths and Rights of Way

(1) West View. GL advised that the right hand pavement between Hyde Lane and Homefield Close is in need of resurfacing.

Action.  The Clerk to ask SCC Highways to relay.

(2) Cheats Road to the Aquaduct. The Clerk advised that he had reported to SCC Highways that the footpath is overgrown but they did not know the landowner is and asked to be informed.

Action. The Clerk to advise SCC Highways that Richard House of Thornfalcon is believed to own the land in question.

(3) St Michaels Road. KR advised that there is a overhanging tree in need of attention by the owner.

Action. SG to notify the Clerk so he can write requesting they cut back their tree.


15/240. Transport.

Buses. GL advised that he had spoken to Mark Pedler of Webberbus but all proposals are on hold. A timetable for Nov was in place but it was not clear what would happen beyond the 5th December. It was thought likely that another timetable would be issued. GL wondered if Stagecoach are influencing things.


15/241. Asset of Community Value:

(1) The Bell Inn. The Clerk reported that he had not yet heard from TDBC Solicitors on the change of ownership of a strip of the land within the Bell Inn site that had transferred contrary to its ACV status without the Solicitors involved or the owners enacting the requirements of the ACV.

Action. The Clerk to continue to pursue with TDBC Solicitors.


(2) Garage Site in St Michaels Road. The PC considered the importance to the community of this site and the PC having agreed to request ACV Status for this area highlighted their reasons for this site and the Bell Inn opposite being protected by ACV status.  

Action. The Clerk to submit an application for ACV Status for the Garage (incl Hairdressers) site in St Michaels Road.


15/242.  Maintenance. The Clerk reported that to replace the badly scratched Polycarbonate would cost £1400 in the Bus Shelters at Adsborough and CSM Sycamore and he could not recommend spending such a sum, particularly as it had not allowed for in the budget. This was agreed.


15/243. Website. SG deferred this item until the next meeting.


15/244. West View Park. LG suggested development of West View Park as an alternative to Carey Road Park.

CS highlighted that S106 monies can’t be used in West View Park as it was too far from developments.

Action. The Clerk to get clarity from Debbie Arscott of TDBC on the use of S106 money in the three parks in CSM.


15/245. Dog Bins. (previous considered as item 15/102 (6)). The request for two bins for sites at Langaller and/or Leighton Drive had been considered earlier in the year when it was decided to examine again at the November meeting. After due consideration the PC decided not to purchase the bins at this time but to reconsider as part of next years precept discussions. The costs of a dog bin is £84, a post to site upon costs £60, installation £75 (plus mats) and annual emptying of each bin costs £250 per year (ongoing).


15/246. Correspondence.

The Clerk referred to a request from TME that they be permitted to hold a open day on the rec field on 26th July to mark the 70th anniversary of TME. This was agreed


15/247.  New Matters to be carried forward.

The PC to consider at its December meeting the determination of the PC’s priorities, PCllrs individual responsibilities, the Website, the Precept and the main speakers for the Annual Parish Meeting. A separate meeting is required for the rec park equipment layout planning.


15/248.  Parish Council excluded Public and Press for these items. An update was given on sale of Merlyn’s Copse and the proposal to buy the Copse at the rear of the Rec Park. Decisions were taken to proceed with both.


The meeting closed at 9.20pm.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 7th December in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall (beginning at 7pm). The following meeting will be on Monday 4th January 2016 again at 7pm.  


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael