/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 3rd August 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 3rd August 2015

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present I Wright (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), L Gates, S W Harris, S Hutchings and G Lucas (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). TDBCllrs D Durdan and K Durdan and 16 members of the public attended.


15/165. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Wright began by welcoming everyone.


15/166. Public Speaking. 9 individuals addressed the Parish Council;

(1) C Wood spoke against planning application (14/15/0020) submitted by Chipmunk SW at Walford Cross. He asked why the company had been allowed to operate for three months without having got planning permission, particularly as there had been dramatic changes to the buildings, with CH advising one had been knocked down and rebuilt as a warehouse. He spoke about the problems with the pepper dust being created, the difficulties of communicating with the applicant, that a similar plant had gone up in flames in Cheshire and that the claim that 10 jobs were being created is false as the company had simply relocated from Trull.


(2) P Chetwynd spoke about a missing white line in Worthy Lane, a redundant steel post by the roundabout which is forcing people to walk around it and he reported that the brambles where spilling over the pavement at Langaller. PC also asked why at the previous Council meeting had only one PCllr used the hearing system.


(3) Martine Gough also spoke against planning application (14/15/0020) submitted by Chipmunk SW at Walford Cross. MG highlighted the problems with smoke, smell and pollution and that there were two bio mass boilers being used. MG explained that the smells, soot were causing her eyes and throat to be made sore and she questioned whether the applicant could get a license to operate given this.


(4) Natterley Pepperrell spoke in support of her neighbours experiences on planning application 14/15/0020 (Chipmunk SW at Walford Cross). The company were operating 24/7 every day without regard for them with heavy machinery being operated at all times. NP questioned the validity of the acoustic report submitted by the applicants as it contradicted itself.


(5) Ann Bishop explained that Chipmunk SW was owned by a Mr Dunn and that he is in partnership with Alan Jenkinson who runs a haulage business. Chipping was currently taking place at Lyng and to bring this in and out requires the use of large articulated lorries that would have to cross the A38.


(6) Mr Tucker advised that he owned the field adjacent to the Chipmunks site and he spoke about the dust emanating from the site. He had to complain to Chipmunk SW about sewerage spilling onto his land as their reed bed system had not been maintained. Mr Tucker also raised his concern that if B2 planning was granted Chipmunk would then be able to transfer the chipping to the site. He also added that the proposed parking site was currently up for rent and access was blocked all day by parked cars.


(7) Nick Mallender spoke about the problems he was experiencing from teenagers in Carey Road Park at the rear of the Village Hall. His house is adjacent and has been egged. NM advised he was constantly getting leery loud teenagers in the park and that last week they had been ten there drug taking at 2.30am on Sunday morning. NM asked for the Park to be locked and to have a higher gate. Even during the day the teenagers were playing loud music. He has watched a person let their dog toilet there the previous week.


(8) Maggie Pavin agreed with Nick Mallender about the problems of Carey Road Park. SMP felt there needed to be a clearer sign making it clear that the park is only for upto ten year olds.


(9) Graham Hodge spoke on social housing. He is aware that the PC fought for many years to acquire such housing for local people. A new bill is being introduced by the Govt in the autumn to give the right to buy. As the housing associations wont have the funds to replenish them it will deprive local people of the social housing. GH asked the PC to press other Councils to encourage them not to support the right to buy.


15/167. Apologies. PCllrs Y Guest, K Hunt, D Knight, K Reed and C Sampson sent their apologies. Reasons were accepted. SCCllr David Fothergill sent his apologies.


15/168. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. No declarations of interest were made.


15/169. County & District Councillors’ Reports.

DD congratulated everyone for their endeavours with the Party in the Park.

DD explained that he and KD are trying to create a community transport for the area (similar to the Wivey link). A well attended meeting had been held and volunteers are now needed as the scheme can only run with community support.

KD explained that SCC will support 50% and corporate sponsorship will be sought. SG encouraged everyone to see the SCC website as they are presently consulting on public transport schemes.


GL advised that the company he was speaking to was still considering his request for a Bus Service. Ongoing.


15/170. Minutes of the 6th July. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


15/171. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 6th July 2015.

The Clerk advised on the following items;



15/117. SALC presentation on declaring Members interests had been rearranged for the September meeting.


14/229 (5.3). Cox’s Hill, St Michaels Rd. The Clerk explained he had written and spoken to the owners of Hill Cottage and that they had replied stating the footpath outside their property was clear. It had been decided to monitor the footpath following further inspection.


15/109. Caretakers Annual Review. Action. IW to arrange this meeting.


15/127. Septic tank at the Recreation Park emptying. A response is awaited to see if SPS would provide a termly emptying at below (or at) the quoted rate.


15/128 (6). Accounts External Audit. The annual return, supporting documentation and explanations are still with Ext Auditor, Grant Thornton.


15/129 (1). Canal Bridge. The extent of the foliage growing on the canal bridge had been reported to SCC Highways. LG asked if a response had been received yet. The Clerk advised no.


15/144. Parish Council Planning. (2) Neighbourhood Plan for the Urban Extension. Following TDBC Officers recent presentations on Community Infrastructure Levy and Neighbourhood Planning the Clerk advised that as agreed by the PC he had arranged for the Consultancy ‘WYG’ to attend and present to the Parish Council at its October meeting.


15/144. Parish Council Planning. (3) Planning Applications. The Clerk had ask TDBC for a time extension until its august meeting for the applications No 14/15/0021 No 1 Curvalion House Gardens but this had been refused so was considered by the PC at its meeting on 8th July.


15/146. Recreation Park. (1) Independent Play Equipment Inspection. The Clerk reported he had yet to get quotes for works from Lightmain and to get quotes for the signs.


15/151. Carey Road Park. The Clerk had written to TDBC who had replied apologising for not having progressed the transfer of the Park to CSM PC sooner but that they would proceed with some urgency; but no further action had taken place. TDBC (DA) had however confirmed that Sect 106 money can be used to replace equipment in the Park. However this would be for junior aged children (not infants).


15/152 (1). Manciet, Hyde Lane. The Clerk referred to concerns that had been raised about the condition of a wall. The Clerk to ask Mr and Mr Cross asking them to effect repairs urgently.


15/152 (2). TME Fencing. The Clerk to write to TME acknowledging their concerns, advising that the PC is looking to make improvements in the park and until these were clear orange barrier tape would be put up.


15/154. Caretakers Holiday. The Caretaker is on leave between 3rd and 16th August. 3D security had been asked to open the rec park. The pavilion is to be kept cleaned and the bins emptied by Mrs Mockridge.


GL asked if SCC had replied on outstanding highways matters. The Clerk advised no. Action. The Clerk to remind SCC.


15/172. Minutes of the 8th July. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


15/173. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 8th July 2015.

The Clerk advised there were no subject matters arising that were not covered elsewhere on the agenda.


15/174. Parish Council Planning. (1) Applications received: The Panel reported on the application received and the PC decided;













To SUPPORT with a condition that the old highway access be closed off.






To SUPPORT the Environment Agencies comments highlighting the risk of flooding and that further work should be undertaken.






To STRONGLY OBJECT on numerous grounds. See detailed response on TDBC website.






To SUPPORT the application as the work appears in keeping with the buildings listed status.



(2) Parish Council Priorities. IW asked individual PCllrs to make suggestions/share aims for the future and for the PC. He asked PCllrs what they each wished to achieve. Suggestions made previously are the replacement of the pavilion, to develop the community spirit beyond PIP, to improve bus services, to develop Carey Road Park and to develop a Neighbourhood plan for the urban extension. To these were added a crossing in Hyde Lane and a safe route to West Monkton School (GL), to consider buying the green area adj to the Bell Inn, add play equipment to the Green Area [nr Alexandra Close] and traffic control measures [chicanes not humps] both in West View (LG), Tree planting alongside the M5 (SWH and SH), to have presentations by key people (SWH), speed ramps from North End to Langaller (SG) and a Parish Plan (SG).

Action. At the next meeting the PC is to agree its goals to be taken forward.


15/175. Accounts;

(1) Payments paid since the last meeting for (Party in the Park event) Parrot Entertainment Agency Disco Fee £120.00, Brandon Hire Ltd £517.62, Kingston’s Exotics £30.00, Exmoor Luxury Loos Ltd (bal) £624.00 (Other) British Gas Electricity at Pavilion 7-6- 15 to 7-7-15 £51.85.

(2) Payments approved for payment; Clerks Salary, Caretakers Salary, HMRC (Tax on Salaries)£257.76, Clerk July Exps £165.68, CPRE (Ann Memb to 19 8 16) £36.00, N Cridge (MC Grass cut 29 6 2015)£30.00, S P Services SW Ltd (PIP Unblock and empty of Septic Tank)£200.00, Trevor J Spurway Architects (Remaining 50% Fees for New Pavilion design) £2268.84, 3d Security Ltd (Security at the PIP 11 7 15) £201.60, Mrs Elizabeth A Mockridge (Cleaning at Rec Park 3.8 - 14.8 15) £130.00, AON (PC Insurance) £1616.29 N Cridge (MC Grass cut 1 8 2015)£50.00

(3) Payments approved for payment before the next meeting; British Gas for Electricity at Pavilion 7-7- 15 to 7-8-15 and Bibby Financial Services for Security at Rec Park 1-7-15 to 28-7-15 (as Factors for 3d Security Ltd)

(4) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Creech Heathfield Hair & Beauty (Website advertising) £50.00, County Hardwoods (PIP15 Sponsorship) £100.00, PIP15 (proceeds Net) £3090.15.

(5) Invoice received under query. TDBC DLO grass cutting 2014 as a response to query is still awaited.


15/176. Party in the Park 11th July 2015. IW praised everyone who had helped to make it such a successful event. SH felt it important that we build community spirit and voice as we needed to stand as a village making the distinction not to respond only when directly affected and to feel part of their community.


The Clerk explained he had been given detailed accounts and receipts for the event which had made a £2010.41 profit. He reminded PCllrs that a sum of £2246.67 had been made in 2014 which it had been decided would be held to underpin the financing of this and future years PIP events.


15/177. Recreation Park.

(1) Update report. No report.

(2) Development IW and the Clerk explained that they had met with the Architect and a further iteration of plans had now been received. These took account of the need for more storage, the removal of the old pavilion, a slightly repositioned site (further from the play equipment) and to show solar energy were examined and discussed in some depth before being signed off. Action. The Architect will now be asked to sound out Planners and SASP for support.

IW explained that the FIT lease signed jointly by the PC and TME in 2013 had strengthened TME position as a tenant. The Clerk confirmed that the Solicitor had said it strengthened their arguments. This was discussed and given the Solicitors previous advices and that both parties had already signed the FIT agreement it was agreed that TME is to stay at the Rec Park and be offered the new lease.

Action. IW and the Clerk are to examine the draft lease which may need some further negotiation on yet with TME.

SH to look at how best the remaining land can be used for play/play equipment.


15/178. Merlyn’s Copse. The meeting was closed to the public and press for a short time during which the Clerk reported that an offer for sale had been received for MC. On reopening PCllrs discussed this bid and a decision was taken to sell MC. The Clerk advised that the Solicitor had advised that it would cost £1000 to insert an overage Clause so it was decided not to proceed with such a clause.

Action. The Clerk to instruct its Agent GTH and Solicitors in order to achieve the sale of MC and for the PC to continue to maintain MC until the sale is achieved.


15/179. Pensions Auto enrolment. The Clerk declared his personal interest in this item. He had previously circulated a report explaining that the options open to CSM PC following the introduction of the Pensions Act 2008 which had introduced new rules for workplace pensions in the UK. All Employers including Councils are required to have a qualifying pension scheme in place and automatic enrolment makes it compulsory for employers to have to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a pension scheme. The employer must also contribute into the scheme. In order to meet its responsibility it was agreed that CSM PC apply to participate in the Loc Govt Pension Scheme (administered by Peninsula Pensions based in Exeter [formerly SCC Pensions]) effective from 1/4/16. This decision is to specifically cover the Clerk but is extendable on authorisation of the Chair to any other current or future employee in agreement with them.


15/180. Transport. (GL). See also item 15/169 above. The Clerk advised he just had from SCC some details of a new bus service including a link to Bridgwater College. Action. The Clerk to circulate.


15/181. Maintenance. The Clerk explained that the annual asset inspection had highlighted the need to consider the maintenance of the Noticeboards at Ham, St Michaels Rd (garage) and Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield (as all need washing and restaining), the Bus Shelter at Adsborough (the seat needed repainting) and also to take a view on how bad the badly scratched Perspex be allowed to get before it is replaced in the Bus Shelters at Adsborough and CSM Sycamore. Action. The Clerk to get three itemised quotes for these.






15/182. Correspondence. The Clerk mentioned that an offer to be a volunteer footpaths officer had been made and that he was awaiting formal application/notification.


15/183. New Matters to be carried forward.

Panel’s membership, Website, Wessex Water (Re Ham Works/access) are to be on the September meeting agenda.


SH advised that WM PC thought the developers plans for the urban extension upto Walford Cross would be submitted by summer 2016. The Clerk confirmed he had already booked consultants WYG to attend in October but he intended to invite Community Council for Somerset too. IW added the PC would wish to work with WM PC too.


The meeting closed at 9.20pm.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 14th September in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall Lower (beginning at 7pm). The following meeting would be on Monday 5th October, again at 7pm.