/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 6th July 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 6th July 2015

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present I Wright (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), Y Guest, L Gates, S W Harris, K. Hunt, S Hutchings, D Knight, G Lucas and K Reed (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCCllr D Fothergill, TDBCllr D Durdan and 5 members of the public attended.   


15/135. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Wright began by welcoming everyone.


15/136. Public Speaking.  2 individuals addressed the Parish Council;

(1) Christine Wincester advised that there is a large van regularly parking on the North End virtual footway.

Action. PCllrs to examine and then decide what action to take; possibly the Clerk to write a polite letter.


(2) Jan Linstone asked for an update in the bus services. The Chair advised that an update would be given later in the meeting.


15/137. Apologies. PCllr C Sampson sent her apologies. Her reason was accepted.


15/138. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. No declarations of interest were made.


15/139. County & District Councillors’ Reports. 

(1) DF gave a very informative detailed presentation on the County of Somerset’s Population Demographic Trends. Key messages are that Somerset has fewer younger people and more middle aged and older residents which is leading to a rapidly aging population; with 50% of its residents in 2033 not being of working age (either under 16 or over 64). Whilst this is comparable to other similar Counties it was noted that many young adults move away to attend Universities and don’t return until later in life and that younger families are choosing to reside in Towns and Cities rather than villages. The additional life expectancy for those living in villages over towns is 2 years for men and 3 years for women. Older people living in villages are not downsizing and are not releasing their (larger) houses. Together these will have an impact on economic prosperity, rapid demographic change and an unbalanced (and unsustainable?) rural community which has implications for the planning of future services, housing policy and the need for a sustainable public sector. If Somerset does nothing it will lead to the need to spend an additional £90m within ten years on elderly care.


(2) DD advised;

1. That Ruishton PC are against the development of the employment site at M5/J25 Henlade.

2. The uncut Willow Trees in Queensdown that are nearly touching the ground had been reported.

3. The sewer in Crufts Meadow has a concrete post broken and is in need of repair. The gate has been tied up.

Action. The Clerk to report to Wessex Water.


15/140.  Minutes of the 8th June. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


15/141. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2015.

The Clerk advised on the following items;


15/117 SALC presentation on declaring Members interests had been rearranged for the September meeting.


15/119 (2) Distraction Burglary warning. The village agent had been informed and warnings had been placed on the Parish website and notice boards about the two individuals posing as RSPCA officers going around the village preying on the elderly and vulnerable. 


14/229 (5.3) Cox’s Hill, St Michaels Rd. The Clerk explained he had written again to the owners of Hill Cottage and that they had replied stating the footpath outside their property was clear.

Action. The Chair to examine the footpath to see if it is a hazard and to instruct the Clerk accordingly.


15/86 Pension Scheme. The Clerk reminded the PC that UK legislation requires the PC, along with all employers, to ‘auto enrol’ all their qualifying employees in a pension scheme before the 1.6.16. The Clerk reported that he had briefed the Chair of the further enquiries he had made of Peninsula Pensions (who operate the LGPS scheme) and he had been tasked to report to the Parish Council at its august meeting.


15/101 (5) Planting. The Clerk suggested that it was still premature to plant the 100 whips donated by the Garden Centre in the Rec Park as until the PC was sure about the plans for and the replacement building the PC could not determine where to plant them. This was agreed. It was noted that they had been planted temporarily to protect them at SH farm. Action. The Clerk to put on a future meeting agenda (once the rec park plan had been agreed).


15/103 (8) Hyde Lane sewer manhole cover (adj the bus stop). SCC have now repaired.


15/109 Caretakers Annual Review. Action. IW to arrange this meeting.


15/114  Merlyn’s Copse.  PCllrs are to make a decision on the future of Merlyn’s Copse at a meeting to be held on Weds 8th July at 7pm in the Lower Cttee room of the Village Hall.


15/127 (2) Damage to Equipment at the Recreation Park. The Clerk reported that he had ordered a replacement swing hanger and the specialist tool required to fit it so the Caretaker could replace the damaged part and that they had arrived the previous day.




15/127 Septic tank at the Recreation Park emptying.  SPS have been instructed to empty the tank before the evening Party in the Park event. As problems were already being experienced it was agreed to additionally ask SPS to attend and examine as soon as possible and for the additional cost to be met from the PIP income.

Action. As three quotes had been obtained the Clerk was instructed to see if SPS would provide a termly emptying at below (or at) the quoted rate.


15/128 (6) Accounts External Audit. The annual return, supporting documentation and explanations have been sent to the Ext Auditor, Grant Thornton.


15/128 (7) Assets. The PC’s Computer has been returned as agreed and is being held by the Clerk for safe keeping.


15/129 (1) Canal Bridge. The extent of the foliage growing on the canal bridge had been reported to SCC Highways.


15/132 (1) Freedom of Information request. The Clerk had replied giving names of PCllrs, details of the old Council structure and an explanation that all the panels and working parties are currently under review following the new Council. A response had not been received.


15/142.  Minutes of the 11th June. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


15/143. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 11th June 2015.

The Clerk advised there were no specific actions from this item other than the Architect is to provide new plans.


15/144. Parish Council Planning.

(1) Parish Council Priorities. IW advised that the PC needed more direction and to lead events rather than being reactive. He asked PCllrs what they each wished to achieve. Suggestions made to date include the replacement of the pavilion, to develop the community spirit beyond PIP, to improve bus services, to develop Carey Road Park and to develop a Neighbourhood plan for the urban extension.

Action. At the next meeting the PC is to agree its goals to be taken forward.


(2) Neighbourhood Plan for the Urban Extension. Following TDBC Officers recent presentations on Community Infrastructure Levy and Neighbourhood Planning the Clerk advised that as agreed by the PC he had arranged for the Consultancy ‘WYG’ to attend and present to the Parish Council at its October meeting.


(3) Planning Applications. The Clerk explained no planning applications had been received when the agenda was issued. However two applications had since been posted.

Action. The Clerk to ask TDBC for a time extension until its august meeting for the two applications (No 14/15/0022 at Horseys Cottage and No 14/15/0021 No 1 Curvalion House Gardens).


15/145. Party in the Park 11th July 2015.  DK advised that the preparations were in place, that the day programme is huge and that all the tickets had been sold. More help with tasks on the evening before, on the day and on the Sunday morning would be welcomed.


It was noted that the pads on the AED were in need of replacement.

Action. SG to bring a defibulator to the PIP event. The Clerk to order replacement pads (and battery if required) for the CSM AED once KR had identified the make and model.


It was noted that a fundraiser organised for CLIC the previous week by the football team in aid of a member that is poorly had attracted a good turnout.


15/146. Recreation Park.

(1) Independent Play Equipment Inspection. KR advised that the Play Inspection Co had undertaken their inspection. The Play equipment had passed but with some concerns e.g matting, soil washing away and creating a trip hazard and signage (MUGA safety sign/Toddler equipment age and weight limit sign and an emergency contact sign).

Action. Clerk to get quotes for works from Lightmain, to circulate the report and to get quotes for the signs.


(2) Development. Further plans had been received earlier that day from the Architect and these were examined and discussed in some detail. Some issues where noted (but no decisions were taken); that the design appeared to be fine, that there was no second MUGA, no additional play equipment, no rugby post not shown and more storage was required.


IW explained written advice had now been received from the Solicitor regarding TME. IW suggested it was clear we should be working with TME. DK suggested a compromise with TME being asked to route “out and back” and release the loop.

KH advised that he was concerned the PC was in danger of over developing the park. IW advised the car parking requirement would be set by the Architect and TDBC. A general view was expressed that the existing pavilion should be demolished rather than used for storage as the Architect had suggested.


Action. All PCllrs to reflect on the plans and for decisions to be taken at the meeting to be held on 8th July.






15/147. Accounts.

(1) Bills paid since last meeting; (For Party in the Park event) Parrot Entertainment Agency Disco Fee £120.00, Brandon Hire Ltd £517.62, Kingston’s Exotics £30.00, Exmoor Luxury Loos Ltd (bal) £624.00, Other - B Gas Electricity at Pavilion 7-5- 15 to 7-6-15 £51.96.

(2) Invoices approved for payment; Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC (Tax Due on Salaries), the Clerks June Expense’s £72.66, Bibby Financial Services (Factors for 3d Security at Rec Park 1-6-15 to 28-6-15) £216.00 , B Howe (Internal Audit Fees) £233.40, Play Inspection Co (Annual Safety Inspection) £150.00, Nigel’s Window Cleaning (Bus Shelters Cleaning 18 6 15) £45.00, SR Altria (Caretakers Expenses Reimb of Invoices) £51.30.

(3) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting;  Nigel’s Window Cleaning and Way Ahead Comm Services  (both £50 for Website advertising), HMRC (Vat refund for 2014-15) £2641.33, Creech Cougars (Pitch Fees) £200.00.

(4) Bills authorised to be paid before the next meeting; Party in the Park and BG Gas (Rec Park Electricity July).               

15/148. Highways.

(1) Signage. Correspondence had been received from a resident about the new signs in West Monkton showing Creech St with Michael appearing below. The Clerk had referred the letter to SCC who had replied advising that an audit had been undertaken prior to the developer commissioning them and that they are acceptable. Action. The Clerk to inform SCC Highways that the signs are wrong, that they should be corrected and to request their replacement.


(2) A38 50 mph limit (Walford Cross to North Petherton). KH raised that no one was adhering to the new speed limit.

Action. The Clerk to write to the Avon and Somerset Police speed enforcement unit and request their support to reduce speeding on this stretch of road.


(3) North End Virtual Footway project. DF advised that the project was not finished yet and some finishing operations have yet to take place.


(4) Hyde Lane Crossing. Action. The Clerk to write to DF formally requesting and advising that a crossing in Hyde Lane (in order to safely access the school) was the PC’s Highway priority.


(5) Hyde Lanes general condition. Action. The Clerk to write to DF raising the poor state of the road and in particular the stretches beyond the motor way bridge and the top end (down to the School).


(6) Various Highways Matters. The Clerk had written to SCC restating the PC’s desire to have an access road into CSM from the WM relief road. It was noted that SCC had yet to reply to the PC on the following outstanding requests; Hyde Lane provision of safe route to School (footpath/cycleway) from the Motorway bridge to West Monkton and the extension of the 30 mph limit from Motorway bridge to Hyde Lane Cottages; the 20mph zone for the whole village and the reduction from 60mph to 40 mph in the speed limit from the new roundabout from A38 Langaller. KH highlighted the need to improve the Creech Castle Lights or the Village will be adversely impacted.

Action. The Clerk to write to SCC Highways cc DF asking for a response to all these requested improvements.


(7) A38 Adsborough. No update.


(8) Defects. It was noted that the damaged drain in Hyde Lane had been repaired by SCC Highways and that SCC Property Services had arranged to fill in the pothole in the access track over the railway bridge by the canal carpark.


15/149. Footpaths and Rights of Way.

SCC RofW team have responded advising footpath T 10/23 (which runs to the side of the Primary School) and T 10/26 (which runs from Hyde Lane in a westerly direction towards the motorway) had been subjected to further closure orders as the developers are still working adjacent to the paths. RofW hope that the path by the School will reopen shortly.


15/150. Transport - Bus Service.

GL advised that the company he was speaking to was still considering his request. Ongoing.


15/151. Carey Road Park.

The Clerk had written to TDBC who had replied apologising for not having progressed the transfer of the Park to CSM PC sooner but that they would proceed with some urgency.

Action. The Clerk to reconfirm with TDBC (DA) that Sect 106 money can be used to replace equipment in the Park.


15/152. Correspondence.  

(1) Manciet, Hyde Lane. The Clerk referred to concerns that had been raised about the condition of a wall.

Action. The Clerk to write to Mr and Mr Cross asking them to effect repairs urgently.


(2) TME Fencing. Action. The Clerk to write to TME acknowledging their concerns, advising that the PC is looking to make improvements in the park and until these were clear orange barrier tape would be put up.


(3) Mrs Manual. KH reported that Mrs Manual had died recently and that she had been the first female elected to the PC.


15/153. New Matters to be carried forward.

Merlyn’s Copse and the Architects plans for the replacement pavilion will be considered at a meeting on 8th July.


15/154. Caretakers Holiday. The Caretaker is on leave between 3rd and 16th August. 3D security had been asked to open the rec park. The need for the toilet to be cleaned and bins emptied was considered.



Action. A budget of upto £250 was authorised to the Clerk to spend on engaging cover. YG to recommend individuals to the Clerk.


15/155. Meetings dates.  An additional meeting will take place on Weds 8th July at 7pm. A Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 3rd August and the September meeting rearranged to be held on Monday 14th September all in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall Lower (beginning at 7pm).                                       


The meeting closed at 9.20pm.


Future Meetings; An additional meeting will take place on Weds 8th July at 7pm in the Lower Cttee room of the Village Hall to determine the future of Merlyn’s Copse and the Rec Park plan’s.  Parish Council meetings will be held on Monday 3rd August and 14th September in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall Lower (beginning at 7pm).


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net