/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 7th December 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 7th December 2015

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present I Wright (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), K Reed, , Y Guest, S W Harris, K Hunt, S Hutchings, D Knight, G Lucas and C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill and TDBCllr D Durdan and

3 members of the public attended.

15/254. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Wright began by welcoming everyone.

15/255. Public Speaking. No member of the public asked to address the Parish Council.

15/256. Apologies. PCllr L Gates sent her apologies; reason accepted.

15/257. Declarations of Interest.

(1) Declarations of Individual Members. CS (Larkfleet) and YG (PIP) declared their interests in respect of Items

15/263 and 15/264 below.

(2) IW had submitted a dispensation request to enable all Councillors to take part in the discussions on the precept.

Action. The PC granted the dispensation to enable all Councillors to participate in the precept determination discussions at this meeting and at the next meeting on 4th January.

15/258. County & District Councillors’ Reports.

DF advised that;

(1) Walford Cross Chipmunk SW Ltd’s Planning application 14/15/0020 has been rejected by TDBC. It is not known yet whether an appeal will be submitted (Note from Clerk; TDBC has since served a Planning Enforcement Notice on Walford Cross Ltd, Poundminster Ltd and Chipmunk SW Ltd to cease the unauthorised use of the site for wood processing and assoc storage and to remove all associated equipment and materials).

(2) At Langaller he had been contacted by local residents regarding Planning application 14/15/0027 to develop 4 houses in the rear garden of Somersby Lodge and noted that the PC had already responded to TDBC.

(3) Ham STW. Wessex Water have now reached agreement with Tarmac, British Rail has withdrawn their objections and work is clear to start in March on building the access road from the A358.

(4) Hyde Lane will be partially closed on the 12/13th December in order to install a speed calming table at the junction of the West View Gdns development with Hyde Lane. The Clerk queried why the speed calming required as part of the same developers planning permission for the earlier Hollingsworth Park Estate was not being installed at the same time.

(5) A38 Adsborough. SCC is currently consulting on their proposed scheme. CS advised that the plans are being received positively. DF asked that those views whether for or against are put in writing to SCC Highways.

(6) Proposed Crossing in Hyde Lane. Score carding on the scheme is to take place tomorrow. Several PCllrs expressed views on where the crossing should be. SCC have yet to decide.

(7) PIP15. Congratulated all those involved on the award of the FIT Award.

DD passed on a letter received from Parishioner Peter Austin concerning dog waste being left in bags along footpaths and his suggestion that the dog bin at North End be relocated.

Action. The Clerk to advise the Dog Warden and ask her to diligent in monitoring this footpath and to reply to PA.

15/259. Minutes of the 2nd November Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

15/260. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd November 2015.

The Clerk reported;

15/231(1) Salt bags. SH had reported at the previous PC meeting that he was unable to collect at such short notice and suggested that the grit bins can be used.

15/231(5) Weight restriction sign in Mill Lane At GL suggestion the Clerk had asked SCC Highways to turn the sign around so it faces the right way and GL confirmed that the sign had now been turned around.

15/13 Crufts Meadow. The Clerk advised that Wessex Water and the Environment Agency had now examined the broken post but it was not theirs. A local resident had helpfully advised it was the River and Canal Trusts so he had advised them and requested that they repair.

15/101 Rec Park planting. The Clerk reminded the PC that until a decision had been made on the rec park layout the whipps could not be replanted.

15/109 Caretakers Annual Review. The Chair confirmed that he had completed the review.

15/127 Recreation Park Septic tank. The tank has been emptied.

15/129 (1) Canal Bridge. The River and Canal Trust have now cut back the foliage growing on the canal bridge.

15/146 Recreation Park. Independent Play Equipment Inspection. The Clerk reported that he had asked Sutcliffe’s the manufacturer direct to repair their equipment and had received an acknowledgment but no meaningful reply yet beyond a promise to inspect next week.

15/151. Carey Grove Park. The Chair reported that he and the Clerk had met Mark Vaughan from TDBC on 4th December. MV had offered a 20 year lease to the PC as long as the existing play equipment was maintained over that period in return for a one off £350 maintenance sum. This offer had been rejected.

15/198 Footpath T10/23 Hyde Lane. The Clerk confirmed he had asked DWH, the developer to turn by 90 degrees the fingerpost now footpath T10/23 is open on Hyde Lane.

Action. GL to check and advise the Clerk if not pointing in the right direction.

15/218 (1) Footpath, St Michaels Road. DF had reported to SCC Highways the missing post in the footpath outside of the Veterinary Surgery and this had been replaced.

15/218 (3) Rubbish Bin by Hyde Lane Bus Stop. The Clerk reported he had instructed a contractor to refix the bin to the floor.

15/237 (1) Recreation Park. YG advised that the footballers had yet to provide quotations for the repair of the damaged goalposts for consideration.

15/237 (1) Recreation Park. The Clerk confirmed he had reported the drug use to the Police and to 3d Security (with a request to thoroughly check the site) and that he had authorised repair work on the pavilion following the attempted break-in and had one of the bicycle racks re-concreted after it had been vandalised.

15/237 (2) Signage. The Clerk reported that 3d Security had agreed that the PC could use their telephone number and services on the planned ‘in an emergency’ signing at a cost of £5 per call. The purchase of three signs and their installation from KSigns has already been agreed but the final wording remains to be agreed.

Acton. The Clerk to order 3 signs from KSigns as quoted once wording agreed.

15/237 (3) Surfacing. The Clerk reported he had asked Technix and Parsons Landscapes to quote for the surfacing repairs works identified in the independent safety examination.

Action. The Clerk to get quote for repairs to the under equipment surfacing in the rec park.

15/239 (1) West View Footpath. In response to the Clerk asking SCC Highways to resurface the right hand pavement between Hyde Lane and Homefield Close a response had been received that suggested an inspection of Hyde Lane would be undertaken. However the repair request relates to West View.

Action. The Clerk to ask SCC to resurface the right hand pavement of West View between Hyde Lane and Homefield Close again.

15/239 (2) Cheats Road to the Aquaduct Footpath. The Clerk confirmed he had reported to SCC Highways details of the adj landowner.

15/239 (3) Hill House, St Michaels Road. The Clerk advised that he had yet to request the overhanging tree in need of attention by the owner be cut but would do so shortly.

Action. The Clerk to write requesting the owner to cut back their tree.

West View. The Clerk confirmed that the ditch at the rear West View of had been cleared out over the weekend of 29th November following his request to the DLO to do this.

15/261. Minutes of the 16th November Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.

15/262. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 16th November 2015.

The Clerk reported that the four items on this agenda were also substantive agenda items for this meeting.

KH asked what was happening about the proposed purchase of the copse at the rear of the Rec Park. IW advised that

the owner had recently died and when the estate was settled the matter would be pursued.

15/263. Parish Council Planning.

(1) Parish Council Priorities. PCllrs made suggestions and then agreed those aims the PC will proceed with and determined who would lead on each priority;

Aim suggested



Enhancing the land at West View /add play equipment to the Green Area [nr Alexandra Close] (as an alternative to Carey Grove Park

Not accepted as TDBC have determined both are too small for play equipment and that neither would qualify for S106 money.

The replacement of the pavilion


Clerk to instruct the Architect to apply for planning permission.

To develop the community spirit beyond PIP

PIP group were asked if they wish to include in their proposed charter.

To improve bus services


To develop Carey Grove Park



To develop a Neighbourhood plan for the urban extension.



A crossing in Hyde Lane and a safe route to West Monkton School


To consider buying the green area adj to the Bell Inn

Not accepted as now understood to be in private ownership

Traffic control measures [chicanes not humps] in West View


Tree planting alongside the M5


To have presentations from key people


Speed ramps from North End to Langaller


A Parish Leisure Plan


Agree/implement a leisure / recreation plan and prep tenders for new play equipment – particularly with the S106 David Wilson money that is pending spend and for equipment for disabled as requested


Purchase of land – copse adj rec or/and other? in order to increase recreation land in the parish


(2) Neighbourhood Planning.

IW posed the question are we representing the Village or CSM and it was agreed the whole Parish. That being the case IW suggested a Neighbourhood Plan should be developed for CSM. To take this forward IW advised that he had started writing a plan which he had asked the Clerk to circulate a first draft of earlier in the day and he then invited comments. He also felt that the plan should be for CSM alone and not in partnership with other Parishes. This was agreed. DF highlighted the extent of the work required not only in writing a NP plan but in complying with the associated tasks/process; he recommended examing Trull PC’s NP. KH suggested consultants be employed to do the work. SG suggested that the Community Council be asked to do the consultation. The Clerk highlighted the value of having a plan, that it was possible to have a NP plan for the urban extension area and a Parish Plan for the Villages as an alternative.

Action. The Clerk to get quotes from consultants and the Community Council and to notify TDBC of the decision to develop a NP for the CSM Parish.

(3) Larkfleet Homes Development (applicant for 44 Homes behind Health Centre), Hyde Lane.

The PC considered the suggestions made by Shaun Fox of Larkfleet Homes at the PC’s 2nd November meeting

and decided;

A robust traffic plan should be mandatory and it should be obligatory that vehicles using the site follow the plan.

That the traffic plan should provide for vehicles not to use Hyde Lane at the period the School starts and ends each day -so not before 9.30 or after 3pm,

The site access should be via Hyde Lane and not Arundells Way.

That the additional adjacent planning application 14/15/0034 is not welcome and cannot be described as a "rounding off” of the site. A separate objection has been submitted to that application.

Not to accept the proposal to forgo onsite play ground with an inadequate cash alternative.

To retain the wildlife corridor and agreed to the suggestion that Larkfleet set up a management company to manage it in perpetuity.

The PC agreed with the suggestion to remove the footpath beyond Arundells Way to the canal.

Action. The Clerk to reply to Shaun Fox of Larkfleet Homes cc TDBC Planners.

(4) Applications received: The PC examined the applications received and determined their observations;







Conservatory at the Rear of the Lawns, Charlton Road

To support.



35 Homes to south west of Hyde Lane

[Adj to Larkfleet Homes Est]

To object.

Action. The Clerk and Chair to write explaining in detail to Planners explaining the PC many reasons for objecting.

15/264. Accounts.

(1) Invoice paid since last meeting. The Clerk advised that Bibby Financial Services (3d Security at Rec Park 29-9-15 to 1-11-15) £270.00 and B Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-10- 15 to 7-11-15) £64.59 had been paid as had been agreed.

(2) Invoices authorised for payment. Clerks Salary, Caretakers Salary, HMRC (Tax) £257.76, Clerks November Expenses £109.54, TDBC (Uncontested Parish Election Fee)£100.00, S P Services (SW) Ltd (Empty Septic Tank) £140.00, Jim Pike (Attend to Pavilion electrics) £50.00, Som Playing Fields Assoc (Memb Sub 15/16)£15.00,

Soc of Local Council Clerks (Memb Sub 2016) £149.00, Bibby Financial Services (3d Security at Rec Park 2-11-15 to 29-11-15) £216.00, J Morrison (FIT PIP15 Awards Exps) £201.42 and Y Guest (FIT PIP15) Awards Exps £24.49.

(3) Invoices authorised to be paid before the next meeting. B Gas Electricity at Pavilion (7-11-15 to 7-12-15).

(4) Asset Review. The PC considered the Clerks previously circulated report on the review of Assets. Inspections were undertaken throughout November by PCllrs, the Caretaker and himself. Agreed maintenance and repairs are in hand were required and the Church had agreed to trim a branch close to the War Memorial. Agreement was given to Clerk authorising a contractor to repair the locks on the Creech Heathfield Noticeboard. The report was signed off as an accurate record of the PC assets. The future use of the Councils computer was queried by SH but no decision was made beyond the Clerk retaining it for safekeeping.

(5) Precept 2016/2017. The Clerk had previously circulated a report on the review of the PC’s future finances. Revenue Expenditure for the year is estimated at £46,035 (down £6,000 on 15/16 estimate despite additional costs) with a gap of £11,183 p.a above the current level of precept. PCllrs are invited to consider whether to increase the precept, reduce planned expenditure, increase its charges/income, draw on its uncommitted balance or a combination of these. A decision must be made at the 4th January meeting on how to balance the books. The Clerk offered to answer any questions individual PCllrs may have to facilitate their decision making in the interim. It was noted capital expenditure will need to be funded by s106 or other funds.

(6) Taunton CAB Grant. PCllrs considered a grant request and in recognition of the large number of local people using their services agreed to grant £250.00

(7) S106 Clarification. The Clerk had previously circulated a report on the scope of use of S106 monies.

15/265. Party in the Park.

IW explained that following the success of PIP he had discussed with DK the way forward. The aim was to retain under the PC’s banner but to allow the organisers greater autonomy. DK shared that PIP15 had won the Fields in Trust Best Have a Field Day Award and that the organisers would like to put forward a proposal. It was agreed that the proposal would be put to the PC’s 4th Jan Mtg.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm. The remaining agenda items 11-21 were not taken and will be carried forward.

Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 4th January 2016 in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall (beginning at 7pm). The following meeting will be on Monday 1st February again at 7pm.

Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net