/ Parish Council / 2015 Minutes / 8th June 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 8th June 2015
in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall. Present I Wright (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), Y Guest, L Gates, Simon W Harris, K. Hunt, S Hutchings, G Lucas (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). TDBCllr K Durdan and 3 members of the public attended.
15/115. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Wright began by welcoming everyone. He asked PCllrs when emailing each other be considerate of each other and to adhere to proper way of doing business.
15/116. Public Speaking. No members of the Public wished to address the PC.
15/117. Apologies. P Cllrs D Knight, K Reed, C Sampson and TDBCllr D Durdan had sent apologies. Reasons were accepted. SCClr D Fothergill apologised as he would need to leave at 7.45pm in order to attend another PC meeting.
Justin Robinson, County Executive Officer of the Somerset Association of Local Councils had also apologised. He was due to address the PC but his car had broken down enroute. Action. The Clerk to rearrange the presentation from SALC.
15/118. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Individual Members. No declarations of interest were made.
15/119. County & District Councillors’ Reports.
DF reported;
(1) North End Virtual Footway project. PCllrs advised DF that there are repeater signs and lights still missing.
(2) Hyde Lane. No update on provision of footway.
(3) Thurloxton/Adsborough. DF advised that a further serious accident had occurred and he had therefore asked SCC to the cutback the verges/sightlines.
(4) A38 Adsborough. DF advised he was attending a project meeting on Wednesday . The Clerk advised that SCC Highways had written refusing to meet the PC as requested and advising that the Bus Company preferred their buses to stop on the carriageway (rather than in a lay-by) as rejoining the carriageway was dangerous. There removal also mad the project affordable. DF advised that cars would have to stop behind the Bus as the central islands to be installed would prevent cars overtaking the waiting bus. The contents of the reply was accepted.
(5) 20mph zone and the speed limit from the new roundabout from A38 Langaller. The Clerk reported he had advised SCC Highways of the PCs decision to request to designate the entire village as a 20 mph zone and to reduce from 60mph to 40mph the speed limit from the new roundabout from A38 Langaller and then be further reduced to 20 mph on entering the village and that he was now awaiting a decision.
(6) Savings. DF advised that SCC had to make a further £22.5m of savings this year.
(7) Population profile changes. DF offered to do a presentation on the future changes in population of Somerset. This was welcomed. Action. DF to a presentation on population changes at the next PC meeting.
(8) Grass Verge Cutting. GL asked when the grass verge cutting would start as the crossroads at Cheats Corner had not been cut. DF confirmed that cutting had started as per the programme.
(9) Speed restriction sign by Langaller Farm. DF was informed that one of the signs was covered in foliage and the sign is in front of a 40 mph speed limit sign.
KD asked;
(1) Dogbin and a Litter bin in Leighton Drive. That the request she had made at the last meeting for a Dogbin and a Litter bin in Leighton Drive be considered as agreed. The Clerk explained that a Litter bin would cost £400 and a dogbin £500 (with £250 p.a of this annually to empty). Action. It was agreed to defer making a decision on the two bins for six months in line with a further request that had been made, no provision existed in the budget to fund these and that TDBC may have required the developer to provide these as part of their planning permission.
(2) Distraction Burglary. That residents be made aware of two individuals posing as RSPCA officers going around the village preying on the elderly and vulnerable. Action. The Clerk to inform the village agent and to put warnings on the Parish website and notice boards.
15/120. Minutes of the 11th May. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.
15/121. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 11th May 2015.
14/229 (5.3). Cox’s Hill, St Michaels Rd. The Clerk explained he had not heard from the owner of Hill Cottage so he had asked the caretaker to re-examine the path. SG advised the problem still persists. Action. The Clerk to write again to the owners asking them to take action to clear the footpath before refering the matter to SCC Highways.
15/84. Correspondence. The Clerk confirmed that Mr Wellman had now been given a reply to his letter.
15/86. Pension Scheme. The Clerk reminded the PC that UK legislation requires the PC, along with all employers, to ‘auto enrol’ all their qualifying employees in a pension scheme before the 1.6.16. The Clerk reported that he had made further enquiries of Peninsula Pensions who operate the LGPS scheme and he will report, initially, to the Chair once he had been able to assimilate the advice received.
15/96. Appointment of representatives and working party members. It had been agreed to determine the membership of the panels at a future meeting. This has been judged as too soon to agree. The existing arrangements will prevail.
15/101 (5) Planting. The Clerk suggested that it was too soon to plant the 100 whips donated by the Garden Centre in the Rec Park as until the PC was sure about the plans for and the replacement building the PC could not determine where to plant them. This was agreed. It was noted that they had been planted temporarily to protect them at SH farm.
Action. The Clerk to put on the agenda for the July meeting.
15/102. Website Advertising. The Clerk advised that he had invoiced for 2015 website income.
15/103. (8) Hyde Lane sewer manhole cover (adj the bus stop). GL raised that this remains unrepaired.
Action. SH to take pictures and the Clerk to raise with SCC and Wessex Water again.
15/104. Footpaths and Rights of Way. The Clerk advised he had written to SCC RofW team but a response had been received advising that he had been given the wrong RofW ref nos. The Clerk has since obtained and advised the correct ones (footpath T 10/23 which runs to the side of the Primary School and T 10/26 which runs from Hyde Lane in a westerly direction towards the motorway) and now awaits a further reply from RofW. As the developers are still working adjacent to the footpaths it was noted that an extension of closure rather than their being reopened was likely but it was important to ensure the Rights of Way are closely monitored in order to be protected.
15/107 (1) CSM School. The Clerk confirmed he had spoken to the School about dangers of the Ash trees within the school grounds having ash die back and the need for these to be dealt with as an H&S issue.
15/109. Caretakers Annual Review. Action. IW to arrange this meeting.
15/122. Minutes of the 18th May. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.
15/123. Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 18th May 2015.
15/114. Merlyn’s Copse. The Clerk advised that the grass cutting in the Copse had been completed and cuttings removed. This had enabled Greenslade Taylor Hunt to take pictures and to complete their particulars of sale. This would now commence next week when sale boards will be placed on site. The Copse is for sale by fixed bid tender with the results to be reported by GFH to a PC meeting to be held on Weds 8th July. The Clerk reminded the PC that we were not permitted to sell under the valuations given. IW explained that decision on the Copse would be taken at that meeting. A decision was also taken to instruct the contractor to cut the vegetation again next month in order to ensure it remains under control.
Action. PCllrs to make a decision on Merlyn’s Copse at a meeting to be held on Weds 8th July at 7pm in the Lower Cttee room of the Village Hall.
15/124. Planning. (1) Applications received: The Panel reported on the application received and the PC decided;
To support.
(2) Permitted development. IW asked that the panel inform PCllrs when an application could have been dealt with under permitted development legislation.
15/125. Parish Council Planning.
(1) Neighbourhood Plan. Following TDBC Officers recent presentations on Community Infrastructure Levy and Neighbourhood Planning the Clerk highlighted that the PC cannot afford to lose the 10% C.I.L premium on the 3500 houses in the urban extension, that it takes 1-2 years to do a Neighbourhood Plan and until it's in place the Parish would not be paid any C.I.L premium. He suggested that the PC needed to start on the plan soon and that as the needs and expectations of the residents of the urban extension and the villages are different and the PC doesn't have the resources, people, skills or commitment to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan that a strategy of employing a planning consultant to prepare the plan for the urban extension (working with WM PC but to have separate plans) in partnership with the Parish Council be adopted. It was noted that TDBC Planners have asked for and been given considerable extra resources to make progress on the planning of the urban extension and developers so the PC needs to be influencing their thinking from the outset rather than responding to published plans. On completion it is envisaged a Parish plan would then be drawn up for the Villages. DF advised that WM PC had estimated their Neighbourhood Plan would cost £28, 000.00 but would given them £100,000.00 p.a for ten years. The proposal was agreed.
Action. The Clerk to make tentative enquiries of Planning Consultants with the aim of their making presentations to a future meeting.
(2) Parish Council Priorities. IW advised that the PC needed more direction and to lead events rather than being reactive. He asked PCllrs what they each wished to achieve. Suggestions made included replacement of the pavilion, to develop the community spirit beyond PIP, to improve bus services, to develop Carey Road Park and to develop a Neighbourhood plan.
Action. PCllrs to reflect further and to come to the next meeting with their preferences.
15/126. Party in the Park 11th July 2015. YG advised that the panel had met the previous Saturday and that preparations were in place. Tasks on the day remain to be undertaken and whilst more offers of help had been made more offers would be welcomed. TG advised tickets sales were going well.
15/127. Recreation Park
(1) Update report. YG advised that the North Taunton u16 team would no longer be playing their games in CSM and that more of the fencing had been damaged. Pitch lining had ceased for the summer.
(2) Damage to Equipment. A swing hanger is damaged.
Action. The Clerk to order a replacement at a cost of £48.30 plus VAT.
(3) Independent Play Equipment Inspection. The Clerk advised that the Play Inspection Co would be arranging the inspection at the beginning of June. He had asked to learn of the date so he could ask the Caretaker to attend. A discussion took place as to whether a sign was needed stating the ages equipment was designed for.
(4) Development. IW re-circulated a plan he had drawn up and previously circulated having invited comments. The detailed comments received had asked for a changing room, disabled access to 2nd floor, some storage (under the veranda), a kitchen downstairs and an outside toilet but overall as the concept design had not had any objections he suggested that the plan be accepted. KH highlighted his view that the PC should focus on youth football, to keep TME, to use more space for play, picnic and more organised events. To consider a second MUGA, to repair the fencing and to consider the increasing use. KH added that the PC should not leave a legacy of debt for Parishioners.
IW explained he was committed to employing an architect and that costs would need to be met by S106 and grants. He acknowledged there may be a need for a manager but there would also be increased income and he wished to ensure running costs were kept to a minimum through the use of voltaic cells and to ensure maintenance is as free as possible.
A discussion took place on whether to remove the old pavilion or not. It was agreed to in principle. YG expressed her view that we should be telling the Architect what the PC wanted and then hearing his views. IW asked that as the PC is meeting the Architect on 11th June (at 7pm in the Lower Ctte Room of the Village Hall) his plan (revised for the above points) be accepted as what the PC required. This was agreed. YG asked that the Architect also be reminded of the need to provide a site plan showing the desired activities.
The Clerk reported he had been in correspondence with the Charity Commission with the aim of terminating the former Rec Field Man Ctte Charity. This has been accepted and the Clerk circulated a copy of the Charity Commissions Register stating this.
(5) Septic tank emptying. The Clerk advised that DK had got quotes for the emptying of the sceptic tank.
Action. It was agreed the Clerk instruct SPServices in the sum of £140.00.
15/128. Accounts
(1) Payments approved; Payment of the Clerks and Caretakers Wages, HMRC (Tax Due on wages) £267.03, Clerks May Expenses £87.44, Bibby Financial Services (Factors for 3d Security at Rec Park 4-5-15 to 31-5-15) £264.00,
Sutcliffe Play (Parts for Rec Park Equip) £4.38.
(2) Payment held; Trevor Spurway (Arch) Ltd (50% of Stage ABC Architects Fees for Rec Park) £2453.92 pending the meeting.
(3) Invoices paid between meetings and reported on; British Gas (Electricity at Pavilion 7-4- 15 to 7-5-15) £48.09. Authority was also given to pay the June Electricity bill when it arrived from British Gas.
(4) Monies received and banked since the last meeting; Masterplumb (Website advertising) £50.00
(5) Invoice under query. Grass Cutting 2014 Inv from TDBC DLO (part paid).
(6) Internal Audit. The Clerk had circulated the IA letter. The accounts are in good order and a short list of detailed questions had been made and these where explained along with answers by the Clerk. The Clerk will meet the Internal Auditor to go through these and after that the annual return, supporting documentation and explanations would be sent to the Ext Auditor.
(7) Assets. In March the PC had decided to make a decision on the future of the PC’s Computer once the new council was in place in May. IW suggested that as the matter of Creech News will take some time to resolve then the Computer should be returned. This was agreed.
Action. The Clerk to write asking for the return of the PC giving 28 days notice from the date of sending.
15/129. Highways.
[Also see items 15/119(1-4) above]
(1) Access to CSM from the WM relief road. The PC reconfirmed it desire to have a link to the WM relief road from Hyde Lane and a safe route to School (footpath/cycleway) to Monkton Heathfield School.
Action. The Clerk to write and reconfirm these requests with SCC Highways.
(2) Defect. SH advised he had reported to the Clerk a pothole in Charlton Road. This had then been reported onto SCC.
(3) Canal Bridge. Action. The Clerk to report the significant amount of vegetation growing out of the Canal Bridge and to request its removal.
15/130. Footpaths and Rights of Way.
No further defects reported.
15/131. Transport - Bus Service
GL advised that the company he was speaking to was still considering his request. Ongoing.
15/132. Correspondence.
(1) The Clerk referred to a Freedom of Information request that had been received requesting the structure of the PC.
Action. The Clerk to reply giving names of PCllrs, details of the old Council structure and an explanation that all the panels and working parties are currently under review following the new Council.
(2) There had been a further update report from Wessex Water on the progress of the access road and upgrade to the Sewerage Treatment Works at Ham.
15/133. New Matters to be carried forward.
Reports on Merlyn’s Copse, the Architects plans for the replacement pavilion and on Carey Road Park.
The meeting closed at 9.10pm.
Future Meetings; The next full Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday July 6th 2015 and 3rd August in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall Lower (beginning at 7pm). An additional meeting will take place on Weds 8th July at 7pm in the Lower Cttee room of the Village Hall to determine the future of Merlyn’s Copse.
Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net