/ Parish Council / 2016 Minutes / 11th April 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of the CSM PC held at 7pm on Monday 11th April 2016

in the Lower Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Present I Wright (Chair), S Greenhalgh (Vice Chair), L Gates, S W Harris, S Hutchings, D Knight, C Sampson (Parish Councillors). Steve Altria (Clerk). SCClr D Fothergill and TDBCllr D Durdan. Ten members of the public attended.   


16/63. Chairs Welcome. Cllr Wright began by welcoming everyone.


16/64. Public Speaking.  Eric Chown addressed the PC. EC informed the PC that he was researching the War Memorial and that he had identified 20 individuals had lost their life in the Great War and therefore suggested one had been omitted and possibly there was an error in one name. He was also looking at two graves in the church yard that may need war graves commissioning. EC was thanked by the PC for his ongoing work and asked to provide his findings in due course.


16/65. Apologies. PCllrs K Hunt, G Lucas, K Reed and Y Guest sent apologies.


16/66. Declarations of Interest. SH declared his interest in respect of the Rec Park Carpark item(though in the event this was not discussed) and DK declared an interest as a neighbour of planning application 14/16/0013 Ham Cottage item 16/76 (2) and did not participate.


16/67. To receive District Councillors’ Reports.

DF reported;

(1) Hyde Lane Crossing. The proposed crossing had been accepted by SCC onto its list of schemes and had passed onto the next stage.

(2) A38 Adsborough. The Scheme has been moved back a bit as it had been decided to light the crossing increasing the schemes cost from £40k to £90k. DF confirmed the scheme was still going to happen.

(3) West View. That debris had been allowed to fill the stream at the rear of these premises. DF had asked staff to clear.

(4) Ham STW Access Road. The scheme was 6-8 weeks behind plan as a landownership issue still needs to be resolved. The Clerk confirmed WW had confirmed in writing their verbal commitment at the last PC meeting that they would provide a programme of movements (noting that some slippage may occur) and to hold a monthly meeting with local residents. WW had also reported that they had taken back the question of ensuring the new access road would not flood but had concluded it was not possible as the cost to achieve that was prohibitive.


DD advised he had nothing to report on this occasion.


16/68.  Party in the Park 9th July 2016. DK advised that the panel was next meeting on weds 13th April. It had been decided to take a formal lottery License so tickets could be sold in advance of the event publically. Some donations had been received but this had not yet been finalised.SG asked for a £300 advance so that items could be purchased for PIP and this was agreed subject to receipts being obtained and accounting to the Clerk for the expenditure.


16/69. War Memorial. The Clerk reported that Historic England is to consider applying for the listing of the War Memorial as part of its response to the centenary of the First World War. He had spoken to representatives of the RBL and St Michaels PCC who have confirmed their support. As the body responsible for the War Memorial the PC discussed and then agreed to the proposed listing noting that any works would always have to be done very carefully.


16/70. Dog bin. A request for a dog bin for Mead Droveway was considered. The Clerk reminded the PC that two other requests were refused when considering the precept due to costs which are estimated at £250 to purchase and site and £250 annually to empty. It was agreed to defer a decision.

Action. DK to examine the possibility of obtaining and emptying dog bins through sponsorship.


16/71. Correspondence. PCllrs did not raise any items.


16/72. M. Heathfield Urban Extension. (1) Tim Burton, Asst Director Planning and Environment and Julie Moore Monkton Heathfield Project Team Leader of TDBC updated the PC on the project plans and proposals. JM advised that the southern part had almost all now been built; the key items remaining were the playing fields, the development of the employment land, the bus gate and the reminder of the relief road. Capacity funding had been received to set up a delivery team with the required skills to enable a master plan to be move on ahead of the developers. It was stated that the development once completed will be the size that Wellington is today. IW advised that if this is the case then it would no longer be a Village but a Town; a Town without the infrastructure such as transport and a High St and asked how that would be addressed. JM explained that all issues would need to be looked at but there was not funding for all or solutions identified yet. These would need to be looked at by the team over time. A discussion then took place on the merits of why TDBC were pursuing this scale of development and the impact this would have along with developments at Staplegrove, Comeytrowe and J25/M5 Employment Scheme when there were no additional roads planned beyond the Northern Inner Distributor Road currently under construction and possibly (subject to Govt funding) future bids to improve Creech Castle and the Motorway junctions. Community Infrastructure Levy funding was discussed but though welcomed was not enough; Schools, for example, are expensive and would leave little for other items such as Highways and other community facilities. IW suggested if there was not enough for infrastructure then the house building should not proceed. TB replied that there is no choice, TDBC has to have plans under the National Planning Policy Framework or we lose control and developers can build were they like, and people need to be more realistic. TB explained there is a national drive from all Parties to deliver housing and yes a Town of the developed size will have more congestion but at least the amount of house building Taunton has it is on the national listing to attract future infrastructure. The Govt will



spend its highways money in ways that also ensure it delivers housing. DK raised the employment land and relationship

of its size with number of houses. TB advised that TDBC is keen that housing developments come with employment so there is land in the urban extension and that planned alongside J25 for employment which together make the proportion high. SWH added that the land allocated for employment was not yet developed but the housing was being built and along with the safe pedestrian and cycle access to the Secondary School along Hyde Lane which has not yet been delivered the Parish was not getting what had even been agreed. TB stated the sites are in private ownership, services have been put in and it was now for developers to bring them forward and that TDBC would encourage them to do so.

JM added a further 10 acres would also be employment and these are sited alongside Walford Cross Caravan site. When asked what was happening regarding getting access to the new WM relief road from Hyde Lane JM advised that it had not been forgotten but there is a commitment to look at this (subject to redoing traffic measurements) and its delivery is dependent on the employment land development. IW highlighted the need for greater engagement, consultation and delivery of the plans that are agreed in future as the PC has not had these to date. TB confirmed that consultation is fundamental to the development.


(2). SWH and the Clerk reported on the meeting held with Ian Clark of TDBC on Landscape matters on 16th March (report previously circulated). The Clerk encouraged all PCllrs to stand on the footpath bridge over the motorway and look toward WM as the urban extension site can be clearly viewed. IC had asked to learn were the PC wished to see the green space within the development and how best to link with CSM.

Action.  PCllrs to consider IC request and advise.


16/73. CSM Neighbourhood plan. Consultants Alex Bullock of WYG and Jane Birch of Community Council for Somerset attended the PC to update on the plans development and consultation proposals. AB highlighted that the plan will help influence and shape the development proposals for the urban extension. He had submitted the application for formal approval of the plan area and whilst in the public consultation stage was confident as it is for the whole Parish that this would be approved by TDBC next month. The next stage is public consultation and AB and JB will attend the Annual Parish Meeting on the 22nd May to explain the Plan process and to listen to Parishioners views. JB explained there would also be other consultation, for example she planned to work with the Secondary School and Employers using focus groups. JB also highlighted the house survey undertaken at Pitminster and LG advised that the website could also be used. IW stressed the need for the PC to have its own clear view of what is desired and then to consult with others.


16/74. Minutes of the 7th March Mtg. (These had been previously circulated to Cllrs). These were agreed without any amendments being made. The minutes were then signed and dated by the Chair as an accurate record of the meeting.


16/75. Matters arising from the Minutes of the 7th March Mtg. The Clerk reported;

16/52 That he had obtained clarification from SALC on its Standing Orders as requested and that SALC had confirmed that the advice from Bruce Lang, Assistant Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer, TDBC that a PCllr should leave the room whilst his planning application was considered was correct. CS asked the Clerk if he would examine the PC Standing Orders to see if they need changing.

Action. The Clerk to examine the PCs Standing Orders to see if they are in need of amendment.


15/239 (3) Hill House, St Michaels Road. A reply from the owners had been received and after an examination it was agreed that the overhanging tree was no longer in need of attention and the matter is closed.


16/21 Footpaths.  There is still a need for a volunteer footpath warden.


16/55 (1) Pitch Charges. He had yet to conduct a review of other Councils pitch fees.


16/58 Crufts Meadow. That as enquiries of the Canal Trust and Env Agency had confirmed neither owned the broken gatepost he had contacted TDBC DLO to see if it belonged to TDBC. In reply he had been advised that the land did not so the Clerk had requested a quotation for repairs and for cutting the brambles and he enquired whether there were others within TDBC that should be asked regarding ownership. A reply on these is now awaited.


16/62 Merlyn’s Copse. A reply had been sent as requested to Corinne and Paul Giles and Adrian Birch in response to their enquiry.


16/76. Parish Council Planning.

(1) Appeal received: The Clerk reported that the APPEAL APP/D3315/C/15/3141203 –Langdon Industries site, Walford Cross by Chipmunk Ltd had been turned down by the  Planning Inspectorate as it had been submitted too late.

(2) Applications received. To consider the following applications received;




Observations agreed


14/16/ 0014

18 Ryesland Way, CSM Erection of a two storey extension to south elevation.

To support.




Larkfleet Dev on land to the south of Hyde Lane, CSM. Variation of Condition No 2 (approved plans) of application 14/15/0013 proposing minor revisions to house types and materials, revision of the footpath link through the site, revision to the affordable housing  configuration and layout, removal of shared surface to estate road, revision to the boundary landscaping and reserve and back garden treatments and relocation of the play area.

The play equipment is not suitable and the play and open space are in the wrong place. Support the better mix of housing.  Could not be certain from the plans if the proposed footpath proposed to run along the rear of the houses in Queensdown/Arundells Way (from field gate to canal on the site) has been removed but the PC would like to see removed. Wild life corridor not to be narrowed. Support the Scout Hut site provision with services. The PC would like all lorries to access the site via the Hyde Lane entrance with no lorry movements along Hyde Lane (motorway bridge to rugby club) or around the Village Schools start and finish times.















Driffield, Adsborough. Raising of the roof of the property to accommodate a first floor, construction of dormers to rear, erection of front porch and raising of roof of the garage.


To request a planning Officer inspect the site as the property levels are not clear from the plans and part of the proposed additional floor was felt to over look adj property.




Charlton Manor, Charlton Road, Creech Heathfield. Ext & Int Repairs and refurbishment of all floors and NE, SE and SW elevations.

To support.




Old Ham Wharf Farm, Ham, CSM. Repair of section of external barn wall.

To support.




Ham Cottage, Ham. Erection of alterations to approved extension, increase in size of the garage and balcony, erection of carport and provision of raised decking and boat seating to the rear.

No observations.


16/77. Accounts

(1) Payments authorised. Clerks and Caretakers Salaries, HMRC (Tax due on Salaries) £261.49, SCC Pension Fund Acc £212.30, Clerks March Expenses £96.54, K Signs (SW) Ltd (Safety signs in Rec Park and 2xAPM mtg banners updated) £453.60,  Bibby Factors Ltd Security (3d Security 29-2-16 to 27.3.16) £228.00, TDBC (Planning Application Fee for Repl Pavilion/Comm Bdg) £3,080.00, WYG Group (Neighbourhood Plan Consultancy Fee) £600.00, Trevor Spurway (Architects  Fees) £4,074.48, J Bates (Restain 4 notice boards) £200.00, Nigel Window Cleaning Co (Bus shelters 7.4.16) £45.00,

TDBC (2015 Rec Park Grass Cutting) £2,749.01, S Greenhalgh (PIP16 float) £300 and N Cridge (M Copse grass cut) £50.

(2) Monies Received and banked since the last meeting; Tone Youth (use of Rec Field) Feb 16 £40 and Mar 16 £40.00 and TME (Use of Rec Park 1.4.16-30.9.16) £550.00.

(3) Authorisation to make payment before the next meeting.  The bill from British Gas for Electricity at the Pavilion for March had yet to be received and approval to pay this on receipt of an invoice (subject to 2 PCllrs signatures) was agreed.

(4) Request for Financial Information. Clerk reported on requests from PCllr S Greenhalgh (Merlyn’s Copse) and Parishioners M Clark and Mr & Mrs Fletcher (Council Tax). SG asked for time to be allocated at the next meeting to review planned expenditure 16/17 in detail.

Action. The next PC meeting to include a review of planned expenditure.

(5) Accounting Statements and Annual Governance Statement. The Clerk outlined the Councils financial position and its responsibilities which it provides to the External Auditor Grant Thornton each year. The PC reviewed each responsibility in turn confirming it had undertaken each during the year. These documents were then agreed and the Chairperson signed them.

(6) Final Year End A/cs. The Clerk had previously circulated the accounts for the period 1st April 2105 to 31st March 2016 and explained them in detail at the meeting. The Accounts including the Asset listing and Bank Reconciliation were unanimously accepted and Chairperson signed them once approved. SH asked if the laptop use could now be agreed.

Action. The Clerk to add Rec Park and Merlyn’s Copse to the Asset listing and at the next meeting the PC would consider the future of the laptop.


16/78. Annual Parish Meeting 22nd April 2016. The Clerk gave an update on speakers invited. These include Andy Marsh the New Chief Constable, Consultants Alex Bullock of WYG and Jane Birch of Community Council for Somerset on the Neighbourhood Plan and Trevor Spurway (Architect) with replacement pavilion plans as well as the PC Chair. Apologies had been received from Wessex Water and Canal Trust. The PC Banners had been updated and put up at the Rec Park and Merlyn’s Copse. Notices had been put on the notice boards. The Village facebook and websites would be used. The Clerk asked for volunteers to help on the evening and explained the tasks required.

Action. The Clerk to circulate a poster for local printing off by PCllrs for placing in Village hotspots, details of the task required to be undertaken on the evening and to meet with the Chair.


16/79. Boundary Commission. Electoral Review of TDBC. The Clerk reported the process (paper previously circulated) being adopted in order to achieve a better balance of representation on TDBC. The initial step is to determine how many TDBCllrs are required. An article in the County Gazette had suggested all party support for a reduction in Cllrs so this was likely to be the TDBC recommendation to the BC. Once the number was determined (to be announced on 28th June) a better appreciation of how CSM may be represented could be established so it was appropriate for the PC to submit its views between the 28th June and 5th Sept to the BC. Any changes would be effective from 2017.

Action. The Clerk to schedule further discussion on this item at its July meeting.


16/80. ACV Garage site, St Michaels Road. The Clerk advised that the response to the application for ACV Status from TDBC had been positive and ACV status had now been obtained.


16/81. Highways

(1) A303/A358 Duelling. The Clerk report he had attended the Highway England consultation event (debrief previously

circulated) held on 26th Feb and suggested to PCllrs that the implications for CSM be communicated to the SCC and HE Engineers before the plans are developed. Work on the A358 is scheduled for around 2020.

Action. Parish Cllrs to consider and to discuss and agree at the next PC Meeting.


(2) Hyde Lane. The PC considered SCC Highways proposal to change junction priority by HL Cottages and whilst agreeing to the suggestion wished to highlight the need for a safe route to School and the desired link to the Relief Road.





16/82.  Recreation Park

(1) Update report. The safety signage has now been installed. It was agreed that the Clerk arrange for the septic tank to be emptied and to commission independent inspection of the rec park play equipment.

Action. Clerk to arrange septic tank emptying and to commission independent inspection of the play equipment.


(2) Inclusive Play Equipment/Maintenance update/Goalposts. CS and the Clerk reported that completed form and associated quotations and supporting information have been submitted to TDBC and questions arising had been received and answered and that they are now awaiting a decision from TDBC Accountants. If granted this would provide funding for a Thunder Roundabout and a Velocity Basket Swing (and associated pathways) and new goalposts.


(3) Development. The Clerk reported the Architect had request information on the PC meetings at which the replacement pavilion had been considered and this had been sent to him. Once the cheque authorised earlier in the meeting was with the Architect he had confirmed he would immediately submit the Planning Application to TDBC.


16/83. New Matters to be carried forward.

Agenda items postponed to the next PC meeting (Rec Park Maint Update, Footpaths and Rights of Way defects and Transport update).


The meeting closed at 9.25pm.


Future Meetings; The next Parish Council meeting will be the PC AGM which is to be held on Monday 9th May 2016 in the Lower Cttee Room at the CSM Village Hall (beginning at 7pm). The following meeting will be on June 6th also at 7pm.


The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Friday 22nd April in the Village Hall at 7pm (for 7.30pm)


Steve Altria, Clerk to Creech St Michael Parish Council. Tel 01823 666295. Email clerk@creechstmichael.net